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Cat: EMKCD 05. Rel: 13 Feb 20
  1. Dilo 21
  2. Dilo 22
  3. Dilo 23
  4. Dilo 24
  5. Dilo 25
  6. Dilo 26
  7. Dilo 27
  8. Dilo 28
  9. Dilo 29
  10. Dilo 30
  11. Dilo 31
  12. Dilo 32
  13. Dilo 33
  14. Dilo 34
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Absolute Garbage
Cat: B 000933702.
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Cat: PHRCD 22648. Rel: 14 Feb 20
Psy/Goa Trance
  1. DNA - "Break Out"
  2. Melicia - "Discoteque" (remix)
  3. Injection - "In Su Lin"
  4. Twina - "Touch The Sky"
  5. Melicia - "Suenos"
  6. DNA - "Discodelic"
  7. Syn Sun & Kamasutratrance - "The Key"
  8. Gataka - "King Of The Hill"
  9. Injection - "Sound Blaster" (remix)
  10. Melicia - "Magic Stick"
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Cat: 405053 8549041. Rel: 14 Feb 20
  1. A Life Less Ordinary
  2. Arcadia
  3. Darkest Hour Of The Night
  4. Kung Fu
  5. Cocoon
  6. You Can't Have It All
  7. Girl From Mars
  8. All That I Have Left
  9. Wildsurf
  10. Binary
  11. Uncle Pat
  12. Shining Light
  13. Starcrossed
  14. Buzzkill
  15. Return Of White Rabbit
  16. Goldfinger
  17. Envy
  18. Sometimes
  19. Coming Around Again
  20. Burn Baby Burn
  21. Dare To Dream
  22. Annabel
  23. Clones
  24. Projects
  25. Oh Yeah
  26. Projects
  27. Confessions In The Pool
  28. True Love 1980
  29. Angel Interceptor
  30. Jesus Says
  31. Petrol
  32. End Of The World
  33. Orpheus
  34. Walking Barefoot
  35. Jack Names The Planets
  36. Twilight Of The Innocents
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200V (CD)
Cat: PRZCD 52375. Rel: 13 Feb 20
Uplifting Trance
  1. False Light
  2. Second Bite
  3. New Dawn
  4. No Place For Silence
  5. Calling The Shots
  6. More Than A Life Away
  7. Red Blue Purple
  8. Stronger Now
  9. Toys For Humanoids
  10. Automanual
  11. A Great Escape
  12. Terminal 18!!
  13. C:\del.*mp3 (bonus track)
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My Life At 45
Cat: JAL 321CD.
  1. Boom! (feat John Turrell)
  2. Pressure Cooker
  3. A Matter Of Time (feat Izo FitzRoy)
  4. How Beautiful
  5. Canvas Cathedral (feat Ben Castle)
  6. With Love (feat Stephanie Whitelock)
  7. Slim's Mood
  8. Hey!
  9. A Little Blahzay (feat Izo FitzRoy)
  10. Steppin' In
  11. Laid Bare (feat Stephanie Whitelock)
  12. Longshore Drift
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White Ladder (remastered)
Cat: IHTCD 1909.
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Harmonic Resonance System 432 Hz
Cat: OUTPV 08.
  1. The Art Of Listening (feat Flora Paar)
  2. Balancing Your Emotions (feat Tea Baldini Anastasio)
  3. 528 Hz - Theta Brainwaves Entrainment
  4. The Golden Ratio: Genetic Music
  5. Four Seasons: Inner Transformation
  6. Delta State: Access To The Unconscious Mind
  7. Wakefulness/Isochronic Tones
  8. Default Mode Network
  9. Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu Mantra (feat Merialma Colucci)
  10. Chakra Tune Up
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Golden Hits
Cat: SIS 12492.
coming soon $9.77
The Jazz Collector Edition
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Texas Sun (CD single)
Cat: DOC 214CD. Rel: 07 Feb 20
Psych/Garage Rock
  1. Texas Sun
  2. Midnight
  3. C-Side
  4. Conversion
Review: If you've caught either Khruangbin or Leon Bridges live before, or indeed listened to anything by either band or producer-singer-songwriter, you'll know where this 20-minute EP is heading. The sleeve art, which gives more than a nod to the 1960s hippy movement, also offers a major clue.

Tripped out, smoked out, lackadaisical, bliss-infused overtures, honied and syrupy, easing you in so far that you don't quite realise how hard it is to crawl back out of the sugar-coated opiate haze. A collection of heady, hallucinogenic work for 21st Century high plains drifters, it's jazzy, psychy, lush soulful fare you'll be wanting to hear again and again, capturing the heat and slow pace of America's southern states with heartfelt songwriting from genuine masters. The result is something very special indeed.
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Evolve (CD with obi-strip)
Cat: OMNICDLP 10. Rel: 20 Dec 19
  1. Metal Butterfly
  2. Theme From Joe Smoke
  3. Flying Colours
  4. Mind Of Jacob
  5. Around The Sun
  6. Kiyoshi
  7. Closer To Mars
  8. Off Line
Review: Way back in the early 90s, 4Hero legends Marc Mac and Dego took a trip to Detroit and came back inspired to try their hand at techno. The resulting 1994 album "Beyond Gravity" heralded the start of Nu Era, a project since taken on solo by Mac as he continues to explore the sweet spot between hi-tech soul of all tempos and rhythms. "Evolve" follows in that footpath and in some ways goes back to an earlier techno sound. There are splashes of electro and house, and a seriously liberal pouring of Mac's broken beat tendencies in the mix here, but like all the greatest machine music, this new album from Nu Era is more than any list of reference points. It's uplifting, spiritually charged music that seeks to scrape the stratosphere in search of new expressions.
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Cat: ALNCD 50. Rel: 26 Jan 18
Psych/Garage Rock
  1. Como Me Quieres
  2. Lady & Man
  3. Maria Tambien
  4. August 10
  5. Como Te Quiero
  6. Shades Of Man
  7. Evan Finds The Third Room
  8. A Hymn
  9. Rules
  10. Friday Morning
Review: In 2015, Texas & London-based trio Khruangbin's debut album 'The Universe Smiles Upon You' garnered wide critical acclaim and captured attention for its seamless genre-blending and internationally shaped sound - one that evidently has deep roots in Thai-funk cassette culture. Similarly to their debut, sophomore record 'Con Todo El Mundo' is a cocktail of largely instrumental surf-rock, afro-funk, middle-eastern and far-eastern influences, mixed with warmth and soul. As if their pallette wasn't diverse enough, the additions of the pared back boogie on 'Evan Finds The Third Room', the widescreen dream-pop of 'A Hymn' and deeply intricate writing of closer 'Friday Morning', are illustrative of a band who have worked hard to broaden their horizons while keeping their roots in mind and, despite transatlantic bases, clearly remain a stunningly cohesive and well-matched outfit.
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The Moon Years (CD + magazine)
Cat: MLMCD 004. Rel: 11 Dec 19
  1. I Can't Explain (The Tanglewood music Center, Lenox 7th July 1970)
  2. Pinball Wizard (The Tanglewood music Center, Lenox 7th July 1970)
  3. My Generation (The Tanglewood music Center, Lenox 7th July 1970)
  4. Won't Get Fooled Again (The Spectrum, Philadelphia 4th December 1973)
  5. See Me, Feel Me/Listening To You (The Spectrum, Philadelphia 4th December 1973)
  6. Behind Blue Eyes (Watch Tower, Houston 20th November 1975)
  7. Substitute (Watch Tower, Houston 20th November 1975)
  8. Baba O'Riley (Watch Tower, Houston 20th November 1975)
  9. Summertime Blues (Watch Tower, Houston 20th November 1975)
  10. Naked Eye (The Spectrum, Philadelphia 4th December 1973)
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30 Years Of Rage (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: RAGECD 1. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. Leftfield - "Not Forgotten" (dub mix)
  2. Lennie De Ice - "We Are IE"
  3. Zero B - "Lock Up" (2012 Remaster)
  4. Wots My Code - "Dubplate"
  5. Foul Play - "Being With You"
  6. Fallout - "The Morning After" (Sunrise mix)
  7. Rhythim Is Rhythim - "Emanon"
  8. Cybersonik - "Technarchy"
  9. Frankie Bones - "Just As Long As I Got You"
  10. Ecstasy Club - "Jesus Loves The Acid"
  11. Nightmares On Wax - "Aftermath"
  12. Juno - "Soul Thunder"
  13. 33 1/3 Queen - "Searchin'"
  14. Q-Project - "Champion Sound" (Alliance remix)
  15. Tronikhouse - "Straight Outta Hell" (Hellbound mix)
  16. Yennek - "Serena X" (Innerzone mix)
  17. Richie Rich - "Salsa House"
  18. Debbie Malone - "Rescue Me" (club mix)
  19. Neon - "Don't Mess With This Beat" (instrumental mix)
  20. The Future Sound Of London - "Papua New Guinea"
  21. De-Lite - "Wild Times" (Mayday mix)
  22. D-Mob - "That's The Way Of The World" (feat Cathy Dennis)
  23. Top Buzz - "Living In Darkness"
  24. Brainkillers - "Screwface"
  25. Tic Tac Toe - "Ephemerol"
  26. Ability II - "Pressure Dub"
  27. Awesome 3 - "Don't Go"
Review: To mark the passing of three decades since they became resident DJs at weekly club night Rage, Fabio and Grooverider have put together this killer collection of tunes that not only rocked the party, but also laid the foundations for the jungle revolution that followed. It's a fine collection, with the veteran D&B duo serving up deep early progressive house (Leftfield), weighty bleep and bass (Ability II's peerless "Pressure Dub" and Juno's "Soul Thunder"), breakbeat-driven hardcore smashers (Zero B, Frankie Bones), early jungle (Wots My Code, Foul Play), slamming techno (Rhythim Is Rhythim, Cybersonik), UK acid house (Ecstasy Club) and rush-inducing rave anthems (Awesome 3, Lennie De Ice). A nostalgic trip down memory lone that boasts just as many underground selections as it does chart-bothering classics.
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Played by: Secretsundaze
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Cat: MOCCD 13890. Rel: 29 Jan 20
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. KRS-One Attacks
  2. Outta Here
  3. Black Cop
  4. Mortal Thought
  5. I Can't Wake Up
  6. Slap Them Up
  7. Sound Of Da Police
  8. Mad Crew
  9. Uh Oh
  10. Brown Skin Woman
  11. Return Of The Boom Bap
  12. "P" Is Still Free
  13. Stop Frontin'
  14. Higher Level
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Cat: SHOCK 12CD. Rel: 04 Feb 20
  1. Poor Elijah
  2. I Don't Know Why
  3. Where There's A Will There's A Way
  4. My Baby Specializes
  5. I Don't Want To Discuss It
  6. That's What My Man Is For
  7. Comin' Home
  8. Tutti Frutti Medley
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Crush (CD)
Cat: ZENCD 259. Rel: 18 Oct 19
  1. Falaise
  2. Last Bloom
  3. Anasickmodular
  4. Requiem For CS70 & Strings
  5. Karakul
  6. LesAlpx
  7. Bias
  8. Environments
  9. Birth
  10. Sea-watch
  11. Apoptose (part 1)
  12. Apoptose (part 2)
Review: A new album from Sam Shepherd AKA Floating Points is always cause for celebration, but even by his standards "Crush" is rather special. Largely eschewing the ambient jazz soundscape shuffle of 2017's "Reflections - Mojave Desert", it sees the Shepherd showcase his musical dexterity in stunning fashion via cuts that wrap shimmering neo-classical strings around what sound like modular electronics and rhythms that variously touch on broken beat, off-kilter experimental D&B and Autechre-style IDM. Of course there are ambient and experimental soundscapes showcased, but it's the fact that the album contains a swathe of formidably dancefloor-focused cuts in the style that first made him standout that pleases us most. Highlights include recent single "LesAlpx", the dreamy "Anasickmodular" and the "People's Potential" style deep house intricacy of "Last Bloom".
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Cat: ZENCD 255. Rel: 01 Nov 19
  1. Our Lord Debussy
  2. Sullen Sonata
  3. The Haunted Victorian Pencil
  4. The Slow Descent Has Begun
  5. Aqualung, Motherfucker
  6. A Minor Fifth Is Made Of Phantoms
  7. Adios, Florida
  8. The Rhythm Of A Dividing Pair
  9. Keep It Dark, Deutschland
Review: Since the dawn of the decade, A Winged Victory For The Sullen has delivered occasional albums for Erased Tapes that effortlessly blur the boundaries between ambient, electronic experimentalism and emotion-stirring neo-classical music. "The Undivided Five" marks their first appearance on mighty British independent Ninja Tune, and seems a little more grandiose in scale and ambition than some of their earlier outings. It was recorded in eight different studios around Europe, with the pair combining atmospheric orchestration and traditional instrumentation with occasional glimpses of modular electronics. It feels like a stunning soundtrack to a movie we've not yet seen - unsurprising given that they have previously composed a number of scores - and genuinely gets better with each successive spin.
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Cat: WARPCD 307. Rel: 22 Nov 19
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Change Up
  2. Theme Song
  3. Dirty Laundry
  4. 3 Tearz (feat Run The Jewels)
  5. Belly Of The Beast (feat Obongjayar)
  6. Savage Nomad
  7. Best Life
  8. Uknowhatimsayin? (feat Obongjayar)
  9. Negro Spiritual (feat JPEGMAFIA)
  10. Shine (feat Blood Orange)
  11. Combat
Review: Danny Brown has long been an underground hip hop superstar. Now up to his fifth studio album he has pretty much achieved it all so decides to drill down and make a supremely focussed record that says a lot in just 11 tracks. His flow is reined in and superbly controlled throughout, it's hip hop laced with a sense of psychedelia but also strongly informed by classic, golden era boom-bap - no doubt thanks to the legendary producer behind it all, namely Mr Q-Tip. Featuring raw energy, spiritual thoughtfulness, guest spots from Run The Jewels and Blood Orange, this is an accomplished record from an accomplished artist.
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Cat: AOTNCD 029. Rel: 06 Feb 20
  1. All In Your Mind
  2. Right On Time
  3. You're The Best (alternate version)
  4. U R The 1
  5. The Ultimate
  6. Sweet Sensation (feat Kia Hamm)
  7. In The Light
  8. Spread My Wings
  9. Love Will Make It Better
  10. Train Of Thought
  11. You're The Best
  12. Somewhere Someone
Played by: Dynamite Cuts
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Cat: ALNCD 40. Rel: 03 Nov 15
Psych/Garage Rock
  1. Mr White
  2. Two Fish & An Elephant
  3. Dern Kala
  4. Little Joe & Many
  5. White Gloves
  6. People Everywhere (Still Alive)
  7. The Man Who Took My Sunglasses
  8. August Twelve
  9. Balls & Pins
  10. Timsville
Review: Inspired by the slightly unlikely collision of the Thai music of the '70s and The Shadows, Khruangbin - the name means 'aeroplane' in Thailand - are purveyors of a deliriously mellow and beguiling form of jammed-out power-trio guitar music - far removed from standard notions of psych and dreampop, partly owing to its pan-global influences, its nonetheless both psychedelic and dreamy, not to mention possessed of an unhurried, reflective and spacious lilt that renders this Texan-London outfit a rare treat in an information-saturated age, taking on delicate soul and funk with exotic atmospheres and making the journey feel both blissful and effortless.
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Cat: FABRIC 201. Rel: 22 Feb 19
Deep House
  1. Bonobo - "Flicker"
  2. Bonobo - "Boston Common"
  3. Pote - "Jacquot (Waters Of Praslin)"
  4. Alex Kassian - "Hidden Tropics"
  5. Ame - "Nia"
  6. Durante - "Maia"
  7. Dark Sky & Afriquoi - "Cold Harbour"
  8. Bonobo - "Ibrik"
  9. Olsen - "Femenine"
  10. O'Flynn - "TKOTN"
  11. TSHA - "Sacred"
  12. Will Saul - "By Your Side"
  13. Titeknots - "Buzzard Walk"
  14. Dan Kye - "Focus"
  15. Barkas - "Roach"
  16. R Lyle - "Perpetrator"
  17. Ronw - "Mirapolis" (Laurent Garnier remix)
  18. Throwing Snow - "Rheged"
  19. Nepa Allstar - "The Way"
  20. DJ Seinfeld - "Stargard"
  21. Earth Trax & Newborn Jr - "If You" (feat Annjet - club mix)
  22. John Beltran - "Collage Of Dreams"
Review: For their first foray into the mix market following the conclusion of their original, 100-volume series, London superclub Fabric has decided to offer up a rare DJ mix from genre-defying producer Simon Green AKA Bonobo. It's his first mix of any sort since 2013 and it is really rather good. Beautiful, picturesque, melodious and fluid, the mix not only includes heaps of previously unheard material from the man himself, but also touches on a dizzying number of styles (most notably ambient, loved-up deep house, African and South American drum music, IDM, electronica, techno, electro-soul, broken beat and dreamy breaks). That it all hangs together brilliantly is testament to Green's impeccable DJing and production skills.
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Cat: RS 028CD. Rel: 01 Nov 19
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Brunswick Hustle
  2. Addicted
  3. Fluid Motion
  4. NYP
  5. Tempted
  6. Reprise
  7. True Love
  8. Echoplex
  9. Backfoot
  10. Crystal Hills
  11. Impermanence
  12. Push & Pull
  13. Flowers
Review: Two years have passed since Melbourne collective 30/70 released "Elevation", a superb mini album on Rhythm Section International that showcased their unique and hard-to-pigeonhole fusions of neo-soul, hip-hop, jazz, spoken word and broken beat. Here they return to Bradley Zero's much-admired imprint with arguably their most expansive release to date. It's another wonderfully creative, loose-limbed and hard to pin-down affair, with highlights including the wild contemporary jazz-meets-bruk brilliance of "Reprise", the slick jazz-funk/hip-hop fusion of "Echoplex", the fizzing live drum and bass dreaminess of "Crystal Hills" and the heady soul righteousness of "NYP".
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Cat: PIKESCD 002. Rel: 03 Oct 19
  1. Rheinzand - "Mr Mercury"
  2. Mandy Smith - "I Just Can't Wait" (instrumental)
  3. Marta Acuna - "Dance, Dance, Dance" (Disco version)
  4. System Olympia - "Close To My Nebula"
  5. Mildlife - "Magnificent Moon"
  6. Das Komplex - "Slap"
  7. Nu Guinea - "Je Vulesse"
  8. Forgotten Corner & Khidja - "Tatooine Moons"
  9. Pamela Nivens - "It's You I Love" (instrumental)
  10. Hugh Mane - "Real Sucker For Your Love"
  11. Switchdance - "Arabian Ride"
  12. Land Of Light - "A Stange Attractor" (Peaking Lights Rmx)
  13. Mr Marvin - "Entity" (Jazzy mix)
Review: Almost two years on from the release of his brilliant "The Sound of Mercury Rising" compilation, DJ Harvey returns with another brilliant selection of tracks he's championed at Pikes in Ibiza. As with its predecessor, volume two offers a giddy skip through the dustier corners of his notoriously eclectic and off-kilter record selection. Along the way, he offers up chiming, synth-heavy Balearic classics (Mandy Smith, Hugh Mane), weirdo European disco (Marta Acuna), evocative electronic soundscapes (System Olympia), blue-eyed synth-pop (Pamela Nivens), drum machine-powered Middle Eastern madness (Switchdance's sublime "Arabian Ride") and a swathe of tasty contemporary cuts (the jaunty jazz-funk of Midlife, Das Komplex's ace "Slap", Nu Guinea's splendid "Je Vulesse" and Peaking Lights remix of Land of Light being the highlights).
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Played by: I Love Disco!
 in stock $8.90
Cat: KSCOPE 650. Rel: 22 Jan 20
  1. Sensing Elements
  2. Roll The Seven Twice
  3. Granular Blankets
  4. It Is Time To Leave When Everyone Is Dancing
  5. Identity Proven Matrix
  6. Non-Locality Destination
  7. Proton Bonfire
  8. Tear Down The Grey Skies
  9. Genesis Of Precious Thoughts
 in stock $8.69
Cages (CD)
Cat: WAHCD 037. Rel: 23 Jan 20
  1. Broken Sky
  2. Colours
  3. Wild Chained Man
  4. Feels So Good
  5. Knock Me Out For Ten
  6. Never Come Down
  7. Time Don't Cost Enough
  8. Sunlight
  9. You Make Me Love
  10. The Great Sorrow
  11. Cages
 in stock $8.43
Cat: SUICIDECD 020. Rel: 24 Oct 19
Drum And Bass
  1. Broadside
  2. Centre Of The Crystal
  3. Flesh Eaters
  4. Feeding To 5000
  5. It's Enough To Make You Lose Your Mind
  6. Parasomniac
  7. Cerulean Blue
  8. Pop Will Eat You
  9. Highly Addictive
  10. Ghost Writer
  11. Handosme Boy Business School
  12. ORD/BWI
  13. Endless Seduction
  14. Have A Wonderful Life
Review: Since releasing his debut single in 1994, Tom Withers AKA Klute has been one of the most prolific and reliable artists in drum and bass, releasing well over half a century of single releases in the process. "Whatever It Takes" is his ninth LP in total and lands 21 years after his first. There's much to enjoy throughout, with the Ipswich-based artist giddily skipping between elastic, funk-fuelled workouts, soaring liquid anthems, marginally darker and moodier fare, acid-fired rollers and, as the album progresses, tech-house and techno-influenced four-to-the-floor cuts. Throw in a handful of melodious, IDM-flecked downtempo numbers and you have an ear-pleasing set of expertly produced electronic gems.
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 in stock $9.51
Cat: 774390 9. Rel: 04 Oct 19
  1. Electricity
  2. Red Frame/White Light
  3. Messages
  4. Enola Gay
  5. Souvenir
  6. Joan Of Arc
  7. Maid Of Orleans
  8. Genetic Engineering
  9. Telegraph
  10. Locomotion
  11. Talking Loud & Clear
  12. Telsa Girls
  13. Never Turn Away
  14. So In Love
  15. Secret
  16. La Femme Accident
  17. If You Leave
  18. (Forever) Live & Die
  19. We Love You
  20. Shame
  21. Dreaming
  22. Sailing On The Seven Seas
  23. Pandora's Box (It's A Long, Long Way)
  24. Then You Turn Away
  25. Call My Name
  26. Stand Above Me
  27. Dream Of Me
  28. Everyday
  29. Walking On The Mily Way
  30. Universal
  31. If You Want It
  32. Sister Marie Says
  33. History Of Modern (part 1)
  34. Metroland
  35. Dresden
  36. Night Cafe
  37. Isotype
  38. The Punishment Of Luxury
  39. What Have We Done
  40. Don't Go
 in stock $8.43
Cat: XL 987CD. Rel: 19 Jul 19
  1. Traffic
  2. Last I Heard (...He Was Circling The Drain)
  3. Twist
  4. Dawn Chorus
  5. I Am A Very Rude Person
  6. Not The News
  7. The Axe
  8. Impossible Knots
  9. Runwayaway
Review: It's taken a while, but finally Thom Yorke's impressive third solo album, "ANIMA", is available on wax (and in a fetching shade of orange, too). A future classic that continues the legacy he started with XL Recordings back in 2006 (with his solo debut The Eraser), ANIMA is well worth picking up, as Yorke and co-producer Nigel Godrich offer up evocative, off-kilter songs built around the twin attractions of the Radiohead man's distinctive vocals and skewed backing tracks rich in layered electronic noise, body-bending sub-bass, discordant synthesizer parts and intriguingly jaunty drum loops. Highlights are plentiful throughout, from the creepy, lo-fi ambient swirl of "Last I Heard (...He Was Circling the Drain)" and "Dawn Chorus" (a blissfully dewy-eyed early morning soundscape), to the low-slung, post-trip-hop hum of "I Am A Very Rude Person" and the fizzing, jazz-fired thrust of "Impossible Knots". Melancholic, yes. Deep and self-effacing, of course. Nihilistic, not really. Percussive futurist sub-pop is back.
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 in stock $8.98
Cat: 776924 1. Rel: 22 Nov 19
  1. Hyperlife
  2. Uneventful Days
  3. Saw Lightning
  4. Die Waiting
  5. Chemical
  6. See Through
  7. Hyperspace
  8. Stratosphere
  9. Dark Places
  10. Star
  11. Everlasting Nothing
Review: "Hyperspace" sees Beck venture further down the pop road, drafting in a wealth of high profile, stadium-filling collaborators to realise what's arguably his most synthesised work to date. Full marks to anyone who, upon blind taste test, immediately jumped to the conclusion this was indeed Beck. Fear not, that's less a result of his iconic and infinitely listenable voice not shining through, and more down to what else is in these arrangements. Working with legendary studio genius Pharrell Williams (who co-produced and co-wrote), you'll also find Coldplay's Chris Martin and Georgia, US rapper and drummer Terrell Hines involved here, amongst others. Together with these names we're taken into a soaring, immersive and glittering world of sophisticated but chart-friendly anthems, from clap-a-long number "Die Waiting", to the epic space-rock closer "Everlasting Nothing".
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 in stock $9.89
DJ Kicks (mixed CD)
Cat: K7 375CD. Rel: 22 Mar 19
  1. Laurel Halo - "Public Art"
  2. Stallone The Reducer - "Always Hate"
  3. Red Axes - "5 Min" (feat CAR)
  4. Parris - "Puro Rosaceae"
  5. Rrose - "Cricoid Pressure"
  6. Machinewoman - "Just Made Some Jazz Music"
  7. WCC - "Ana"
  8. FIT Siegel - "Pennyrut"
  9. Yamaoka - "Plastic PQ"
  10. Siete Catorce - "Canto"
  11. Facta - "Poliwhirl"
  12. Laurel Halo & Hodge - "The Light Within You"
  13. Ikonika - "Bodied"
  14. Griffit Vigo - "ACID" (Electronic Gqom mix)
  15. Panda Lassow - "Lachowa"
  16. Dario Zenker - "Koraimer Bro"
  17. Final Cut - "Temptation"
  18. Aos - "Violent Light"
  19. Geoffrey Landers - "Brian's Having A Party"
  20. Via Maris - "Side Effects"
  21. Laurel Halo - "Oneiroi"
  22. Nick Leon - "Pelican Dub"
  23. Stefan Ringer - "Lust"
  24. Kirk The Flirt - "Loser"
  25. Laurel Halo - "Sweetie"
  26. Blake Baxter - "Funky World" (Blake Baxter remix)
  27. Kiki Kudo - "Freakey Ke Ke"
  28. Group A - "Ketabali"
  29. Whitefield Brothers - "Ntu"
Review: Although she's offered up plenty of high-grade DJ mixes in the past, this volume in the "DJ Kicks" series marks Laurel Halo's first commercially available mix-up. The sometime Hyperdub producer has dutifully delivered something rather special, somehow joining the dots between 29 diverse and disparate cuts in the manner of a true turntable maestro. Beginning with the melodious experimentalism of her own "Public Art", Halo giddily charges between mutant industrial funk (Stallone The Reducer, Final Cut), thrusting electronic disco (Red Axes), deep techno (Parris), mind-altering acid-style intensity (Rrose), stomping, sweat-soaked peak-time techno (Machinewoman, FIT Siegel), polyrhythmic bass music (Facta, one of her Livity Sound collabs with Hodge) and an impressive array of cuts that defy easy categorization. The resultant all-action mix is nothing less than stunning.
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Cat: 862373. Rel: 24 Jan 20
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Growth
  2. Pee Pee
  3. Huncho For Mayor
  4. Eagles
  5. Head Huncho (feat Headie One)
  6. Hit & Miss (interlude)
  7. Thumb (feat Nafe Smallz)
  8. Dishonourable
  9. Blow Off My Cover
  10. Indulge (feat D-block Europe)
  11. Bando Ballads
  12. True Colours
  13. Wait Til' I Finish
 in stock $9.51
Cat: ANJCD 075. Rel: 13 Jan 20
  1. Matt Fax - "Collide" (intro mix)
  2. Genix & Judah - "Noir"
  3. EchoFly - "Blazing Sun"
  4. Grum - "Altered State"
  5. Genix & Sue McLaren - "Free Love"
  6. Above & Beyond Pres Tranquility Base - "Surrender" (Genix remix)
  7. Mat Zo - "The Next Chapter" (feat GQ)
  8. Above & Beyond - "Another Angel"
  9. Grum - "Stay" (Genix remix)
  10. Genix - "Giant Steps"
  11. Slusnik Luna - "Sun 2011" (Genix Techno Update)
  12. Golden Girls - "Kinetic" (Genix remix)
  13. Above & Beyond - "Love Is Not Enough" (feat Zoe Johnston - Fatum remix)
  14. Fatum, Genix, Jaytech & Judah - "All In" (Sunny Lax remix)
  15. Genix - "Rave Daze"
  16. Genix - "Zuul"
  17. Genix - "Ba55 Camp "
 in stock $9.51
Cat: ALNCD 50DUB. Rel: 12 Jul 19
Psych/Garage Rock
  1. With All The World
  2. Sisters & Brothers
  3. Mary Always
  4. Four Of Five
  5. How I Love
  6. Sunny's Vision
  7. A La Sala
  8. The Red Book
  9. Order Of Operations
  10. Hasta El Cielo
  11. Rules (Scientist dub mix)
  12. Como Te Quiero (Scientist dub mix)
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Cat: 007567 8650550. Rel: 22 Nov 19
  1. The Kids Are Coming
  2. Dance Monkey
  3. Colourblind
  4. Johnny Run Away
  5. Jimmy
  6. Never Seen The Rain
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Cat: 019029 5403034. Rel: 13 Dec 19
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
  1. Big Michael
  2. Audacity (feat Headie One)
  3. Crown
  4. Rainfall (feat Tiana Major9)
  5. Rachael's Little Brother
  6. Handsome
  7. Do Better
  8. Don't Forget To Breathe (feat YEBBA - interlude)
  9. One Second (feat HER)
  10. Pop Boy (feat Aitch)
  11. Own It (feat Ed Sheeran & Burna Boy)
  12. Wiley Flow
  13. Bronze
  14. Superheroes
  15. Lessons
  16. Vossi Bop
Review: It may have arrived right at the very end of 2019, but it would be fair to say that Stormzy's much-trumpeted second album, "Heavy Is The Head", is one of the most significant releases of the year. Made with a gigantic cast list of producers and guest vocalists - Aitch, Burna Boy, Headie One, H.E.R, Tiana Major9, Yebba, Fred Gibson and MJ Cole included - the set includes some of his most thoughtful and incisive lyrics to date, as well as some particularly ear-catching mutations of grime that will further solidify his place as one of Britain's most important artists of the 21st century. Yes, it does include more nods towards pop music - he's a Glastonbury headliner after all - but the beats remain tough.
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Magdalene (CD)
Cat: YT191 CD. Rel: 08 Nov 19
  1. Thousand Eyes
  2. Home With You
  3. Sad Day
  4. Holy Terrain
  5. Mary Magdalene
  6. Fallen Alien
  7. Mirrored Heart
  8. Daybed
  9. Cellophane
Review: It has taken five years for FKA Twigs to follow up her astonishing first album, "LP1". With that kind of timeframe, you can't help but have high expectations for the finished product, expectations "Magdalene" more than meets from the off. An artist in the truest sense - with every step and stage in the recording process controlled by her - it's an accomplished comeback for a woman who in the last half decade has experienced both personal loss and major physical challenges. Don't expect more of the same, then, but instead a talent finding new purpose and new confidence following difficult times. With the ever-impressive Nicolas Jaar giving a helping hand, the result is a raw, honest record that's deeply personal, full of self-reflection and, ultimately, accepting and positive. Not to mention destined to be on repeat. Her position as one of the UK's most vital and compelling acts re-confirmed.
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Cat: MLMCD 001. Rel: 14 Nov 19
  1. Hotel California - "Eagles"
  2. Bowie - "The Jean Genie"
  3. The Beatles - "Love Me Do"
  4. Kansas - "Dust In The Wind"
  5. Fleetwood Mac - "The Chain"
  6. Queen - "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"
  7. Guns N' Roses - "Sweet Child O' Mine"
  8. Bruce Springsteen - "Born To Run"
  9. AC/DC - "Highway To Hell"
  10. Rush - "The Spirit Of Radio"
  11. The Rolling Stones - "Not Fade Away"
  12. Free - "All Right Now"
  13. Deep Purple - "Highway Star"
  14. Lynyrd Skynyrd - "Freebird"
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Cat: DOC 177CD. Rel: 01 Mar 19
  1. Morning In America
  2. Don't You Know
  3. Circles
  4. Court Of Love
  5. Long Way Home
  6. Too Many Tears
  7. Walk Away
  8. What I Know About You
  9. Listen To Your Heart
  10. Sea Gets Hotter
  11. How Can I Be Sure
  12. True Love
Review: Durand Jones & The Indications earned lavish praise for their eponymous 2016 debut album, with critics comparing it favourably to conscious soul sets of the 1970s from the likes of Curtis Mayfield and Marvin Gaye. This belated follow up is, if anything, even better, with the group's core offering - tight instrumentation and super-smooth vocals from the hugely talented Jones and drummer Aaron Frazer - being complemented by silky string arrangements, warm brass and lyrics that flit between social commentary and glassy-eyed, loved-up bliss. Highlights include "Morning In America" - a kind of 2019 update to Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" - the super-sweet vocal harmonies of "Don't You Know" and "Long Way Home", a lilting look at homesickness blessed with the twin attractions of swooping strings and a killer bassline.
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Played by: Rebel Soul
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Cat: NHS 362CD. Rel: 22 Jan 20
Drum And Bass
  1. Illuminate (feat Degs)
  2. Shine On Through (feat Mountain & Karina Ramage)
  3. Kosa (feat Keeno)
  4. The Encounter (feat Bop)
  5. Miles Ahead (feat DJ Marky)
  6. Morning Sunrise (feat Danny Wheeler/G Force/Blu James)
  7. Tokyo '96 (feat SPY)
  8. Show Me How You Feel (feat Lorna King)
  9. Dive (feat Polaris)
  10. Liberta (feat Urbandawn)
  11. Living For (feat Paul T/Edward Oberon)
  12. Transparent (feat Whiney)
  13. Mystic Crystals (feat Technimatic)
  14. Nexus (feat Pola/Bryson)
  15. Merchant Blessing (feat MC Conrad)
Review: Makato is often cited as one of the pioneering founders of Japan's drum & bass scene. He's now up to his sixth studio album and it finds his airy, rolling, sweet flowing beats all present and correct. "Tomodachi Sessions" derived from a series of collaborations with close friends who have all played a part in his 25 year career. DJ Marky, S.P.Y, Bop and MC Conrad all feature and lend their own personalities to an album that offers celebratory hands in the air tracks like "Shine On Through" next to more late night dancers like "Transparent" and melodic explorations like "Show Me How You Feel".
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The Soundgarden (limited mixed CD)
Cat: BAL 027CD. Rel: 15 Oct 19
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Aarp - "Gemma III"
  2. Rigooni - "Dreamed Numbers"
  3. Bigasti & Balad - "With You"
  4. Synkro & Arovane - "Aspen"
  5. Scippo - "Rumy"
  6. Kamilo Sanclemente - "Urania" (Balance mix)
  7. Nick Warren & Nicolas Rada - "Balance"
  8. Darper - "Crystal Voyager"
  9. Wean Rill & K Loveski - "Omega Torra"
  10. Emi Galvan - "Embrace"
  11. Ben Archbold - "SF" (intro mix)
  12. Baunder - "38 & 46"
  13. Nico Szabo - "Soledad" (Day mix)
  14. Yoni Yarchi & Daneil Van Der Zwaag - "From Tel Aviv To Amsterdam"
  15. Yoni Yarchi & Daniel Van Der Zwaag - "Into The Wild" (Balance version)
  16. Six - "Berlin"
  17. Scippo - "Harry"
  18. Black 8 - "Black Tiger"
  19. Dmitry Molosh - "Note"
  20. Lerr - "Moments"
  21. Armen Miran - "Last Chance"
  22. Nick Warren & Black 8 - "Dreamcatcher"
  23. Nichols - "Magnificent Creatures"
  24. No-No & Nobilis - "Diagonal 77"
  25. Eli Nissan - "Restricted Delusions"
  26. Stillhead - "Neu Kobenhavn" (Hernan Cattaneo & Audio Junkies remix)
  27. Oliver & Tom - "Luly"
Review: Progressive house hero Nick Warren has enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with Australian imprint Balance, delivering his first contribution to their ongoing mix series way back in 2011. His latest two-disc selection is subtitled "The Soundgarden" and is every bit as colourful, healthy, green and calming you'd expect. It's rooted in the dancefloor of course, but his choices of tunes tend towards the atmospheric, highly melodious and ear pleasing end of the tech-house, progressive house and deep house genres. It makes for a hugely entertaining and easygoing listen, with even the album's occasional darker diversions failing to interrupt the blissful and tuneful flow.
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Cat: UWR 00085. Rel: 01 Nov 19
Progressive House
  1. Appleshine
  2. This Must Be Drum Street
  3. Listen To Their No
  4. Border Country
  5. Mile Bush Pride
  6. Schiphol Test
  7. Brilliant Yes That Would Be?
  8. STAR (Rebel Tech version)
  9. Imagine A Box
  10. Custard Speedtalk
 in stock $9.77
Cat: 676826 6. Rel: 13 Jul 18
  1. Abysse
  2. Aqualand
  3. Canopee
  4. Arc En Ciel
  5. Zoom Zoom
  6. Nana
  7. Bakara
  8. Dorothy
  9. Jacquadi
  10. Kirghiz
  11. Mexicali
  12. Coeur D'artichaut
  13. Plage Isolee (Soleil Levant)
  14. Coeur Croise
  15. Chasseur D'ivoire (Polo & Pan reprise)
  16. Pays Imaginaire
  17. Canopee (Superorganism remix)
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Nonlin (CD)
Cat: GI 346CD. Rel: 15 Nov 19
  1. Cloudloss
  2. Subtractive Skies
  3. A Planet Left Behind
  4. Attractor B
  5. The Nature Remaining
  6. Nonlin
  7. Reverse Culture Music
  8. The Spring In Chartreuse
  9. American Spiral
Review: Steve Hauschildt's profile has been on a steady rise since he moved from his long time home of Kranky to Ghostly International. It was a logical move to partner up with the Ann Arbor label as it encouraged the emotional side of his regal ambient pieces to shine through in line with the sensitive tones of other Ghostly alumni (Tycho, Telefon Tel Aviv, Shigeto, for example). On his second album for the label, Hauschildt sounds more moving than ever, his winsome compositions reaching towards bigger spaces especially on rhythmically charged tracks like "Subtractive Skies". This is no drastic departure from his established identity, but rather a considered evolution towards a new space in which his muse can reside.
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Fongola (CD)
Cat: TRANS 417CD. Rel: 05 Jul 19
  1. Likolo
  2. Azo Toke
  3. Buka Dansa
  4. Identite
  5. Malembe
  6. LOVE
  7. Tongos'a
  8. Zala Mayele
  9. Singa
  10. Kitoko
  11. Tokoliana
Review: It would be fair to say that Kokoko! are not just dragging the music of the Democratic Republic of Congo into the 21st century, but also pushing it forwards towards the future. That much is proved by this essential debut album, a set full to bursting with thrilling fusions of Kuduro style electronics beats, lo-fi analogue electronics, traditional Congolese instrumentation, hand-played percussion polyrhythms and basslines so weighty they could crush an average-sized person. It's an arresting audio blueprint that guarantees thrills from start to finish. Highlights include the hot-stepping dancefloor sleaze of "Azo Toke", the foreboding, polyrhythmic 21st century punk-funk of "Malembe" and the intergalactic brilliance of "L.O.V.E.".
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Cat: SHREDS 015. Rel: 10 Jan 20
  1. It's Easy Then
  2. Your Light
  3. Dog Eat Dog
  4. Why
  5. Don't Think
  6. Waves
  7. Holy Roller
  8. Take A Piece
  9. Barcelona
  10. A Hundred Ways To Land
  11. ADHD
Review: It's likely "Your Light" has crossed your path by now. The track has garnered regular airplay and - even among playlists on some of the UK's more discerning stations - stands out from the crowd. The good news is the other songs on The Big Moon's difficult second are also strong, moving away from the grunginess of debut "Love In The 4th Dimension" to deliver what might be remembered as the first great pop album of the roaring 20s. And that's pop with real bite. Frontman Juliette Jackson seems capable of greater levels of poetry than many of her peers. At its most poignant taking aim at the hollowness of modern womanhood, the terror of growing up without reaching "real adulthood" (see, or rather hear: "Barcelona") and being left behind by friends and their successes. That this stuff comes with rowdy choruses (opener "It's Easy Then") and hugely emotive anti-balladry ("Waves") elevates the package to future classic status.
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Cat: MOCCD 13791. Rel: 02 May 19
  1. Loser Two Times
  2. Momma Don'tcha Cry
  3. Born Under A Bad Sign
  4. I Could Not Ask For More
  5. Baby When The Sun Goes Down
  6. Walkin' The Road
  7. One Woman Love
  8. Cryin' Won't Bring You Back
  9. Little Dreamer
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Cat: BBKS 015CD. Rel: 29 May 19
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
  1. Bullet From A Gun
  2. Greaze Mode (feat Nafe Smallz)
  3. Redrum (feat Key!)
  4. No Sleep
  5. What Do You Mean? (feat J Hus)
  6. Going Through It
  7. Same Old Story
  8. Love Me Not (feat Cheb Rabi & B-live)
  9. Animal Instinct (feat Lancey Foux)
  10. Glow In The Dark (feat Lay Z & Wizkid)
  11. You Wish
  12. Gangsta? (feat Bbk)
  13. Pure Water
Review: Three years on from his last album, Skepta's profile has never been higher. Whereas he was once an underground hero railing against anti-grime sentiments and the misunderstanding of his art, he's now an international star with a string of guest spots on gargantuan US hip-hop hits to his name. Expectancy is high, then, for "Ignorance Is Bliss". Happily, we can confirm it's another strong set. His lyrics continue to bristle with intensity, while his flow and vocal delivery remain as distinctive as ever. As for the beats, they're heavy and punchy, variously doffing a cap to chart-bothering hip-hop, sleazy trip and distorted, sub-heavy grime. In other words, he may be a star, but Skepta's records remain as real as ever.
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Cat: OLE1488 CD. Rel: 25 Oct 19
  1. Move Together
  2. Noses in Roses, Forever
  3. Far East For the Trees
  4. If You Run
  5. Crucifire
  6. Chic Tweetz
  7. Something You Can't See
  8. Easier Said Than Done
Review: If you're unfamiliar with what the Desert Sessions are, or were, then a little back story probably won't go amiss. It's 1997 and Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) debunks to the remote desert enclave of Joshua Tree, California. He takes a handful of friends with him, and this being music that handful of friends are all suitably talented and - in many cases - pretty renowned. The results have been enshrined in the pantheons of music folklore, recorded and gradually released in sequential volumes. Here we have "Vol. 11 & 12" then, which features a host of notable characters. From Scissor Sisters' Jake Shears to ZZ Top man Billy Gibbons and Warpaint's Stella Mozgawa. Spanning the gamut from the cartoonish nod to Tom Tom Club or B52s ("Chic Tweetz") to the head-nodding, scuzzy rock 'n' roll goodness of "Noses In Roses, Forever", it's exploratory, beguiling and very much worthy of your time.
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