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Miss Anthropocene (limited translucent pink vinyl LP + booklet)
Cat: 4AD 0211LPE. Rel: 21 Feb 20
  1. So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth (3:52)
  2. Darkseid (feat Pan Wei-Ju) (3:43)
  3. Delete Forever (3:59)
  4. Violence (feat I_o) (3:38)
  5. 4AEM (4:35)
  6. New Gods (3:14)
  7. My Name Is Dark (4:03)
  8. You'll Miss Me When I'm Not Around (2:42)
  9. Before The Fever (3:31)
  10. IDORU (4:47)
Review: It's hard not to be impressed by everything Grimes touches. From the moment this album's trippy downtempo titular opener emerges from submerged depths of sound you know the latest from the Canadian is going to be a special moment in pop. As if to accentuate our point, "Delete Forever", two tracks later, introduces acoustic guitar tips while still retaining deep timbre and utilising effects to hypnotic ends on those hummed vocal loops. "IDORU", which closes out the record, feels far more playful, simple keyboard and whispered choral lyricism introduced with a backing track of bird song, before broken club beats fall in. It might be most fitting to finish a write up on the aptly-titled "You'll Miss Me When I'm Not Around", its guttural bass guitars and EDM-leaning vocal stabs not the only things reminding us the world would be weaker without this one.
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 in stock $16.48
Aqueduct (limited double 12" + postcard)
Cat: PRESS 11. Rel: 21 Feb 20
  1. 697 (11:35)
  2. 463 (7:33)
  3. 548 (10:12)
  4. 653 (11:47)
  5. 414 (6:51)
  6. 410 (7:53)
Review: While some of the hype surrounding Acting Press may have cooled in recent times, the Berlin-based label remains in rude health. That much is proved by this album-length double vinyl excursion from Intera, an all-star collaboration between PLO Man, Hashman Deejay, C3D-E. The trio starts in stunning fashion with the spaced-out, far-sighted dub techno/ambient fusion of "697", before brilliantly wrapping huggable, ultra-deep chords around a skittish techno beat on "463". They pay tribute to the glory years of Detroit techno on the all-action bustle of "548", while "653" sees them place bouncy, glassy-eyed riffs and Modem-style electronic sounds atop another retro-futurist techno groove. "414" is techno-funk after an extra-strong dose of shrooms and "410" is a superb ambient techno excursion.
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 in stock $16.75
Deep Core (140 gram vinyl double 12")
Cat: AMR 40L. Rel: 17 Feb 20
Deep House
  1. Three Sides & The Truth
  2. Everydaelife
  3. Own The Nite (90s House Rescrub)
  4. Hot 4 Me (For U)
  5. Faithful, Fearful
  6. Lunchtime Gaze
  7. Rodalies R1
  8. Enllac (Luvfatuated Micx)
  9. Purple Hindu
  10. While You Slept (Despres De L'Enllac)
  11. Regrets (Think About It) (instrumental)
  12. We'll Find Each Other Again
Review: Minneapolis deep house veteran Malcolm Moore returns to his own label Altered Moods with another blissful excursion into the farthest realms of smoked-out expression. It takes but a moment to sink into "Everydaelife" and place this sound - the kind of pattering rhythm sections and powerfully melancholic chords that you'd expect from the likes of Dubbyman, Anton Zap or Ron Trent. Moore has his own take on things though, bringing a blown out jack to the table on "Own The Nite (90s House Rescrub)"and creating a moving, downtempo funk on "Lunchtime Gaze". The more forthright grooves are impeccable too though - "Rodalies R1" hits every sweet spot a deep house lover could wish for.
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 in stock $15.93
  1. Special Tribute (Broken Home) (part 1) (0:40)
  2. I'm New Here (4:10)
  3. Running (2:08)
  4. Blessed Parents (1:06)
  5. New York Is Killing Me (5:16)
  6. The Patch (Broken Home) (part 2) (1:13)
  7. People Of The Light (2:53)
  8. Being Blessed (0:16)
  9. Where Did The Night Go (2:35)
  10. Lily Scott (Broken Home) (part 3) (1:02)
  11. I'll Take Care Of You (3:25)
  12. I've Been Me (0:38)
  13. This Can't Be Real (1:26)
  14. Piano Player (0:35)
  15. The Crutch (2:32)
  16. Guided (Broken Home) (part 4) (1:57)
  17. Certain Bad Things (0:14)
  18. Me & The Devil (4:52)
Review: February 2020 marks the tenth anniversary of the release of Gil Scott-Heron's final studio album "I'm New Here", a set that was later brilliantly reworked by Jamie XX in 2011 ("We're New Here"). To celebrate the album's tenth birthday, XL Recordings has decided to offer up "We're New Again", a fresh "reinterpretation" of the Richard Russell produced set by contemporary jazz hero and beat-maker Maya McCraven. His vision is loose, languid, deep and jazzy, with languid jazz drumming, tight hip-hop beats, soft-touch instrumentation, liquid jazz solos and funk-fuelled basslines combining beneath Scott-Heron's gravelly spoken word vocals. It's an inspired re-invention all told and one fully in keeping with the essence of Scott-Heron's own work. In other words, it's a must-have.
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 in stock $16.48
Into Dark Water (140 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: ERC 080. Rel: 10 Feb 20
  1. Ascension (5:56)
  2. Rite Of Passage (2:30)
  3. Raindance (7:11)
  4. Ba-makala (4:41)
  5. Cloud Cover (5:54)
  6. Musica Ficta (3:31)
  7. Out Of Nothing (6:14)
  8. Steppe Land (6:42)
Review: Following on from the excellent "Scene In Mirage" reissue that broke O Yuki Conjugate to a whole new crowd, Emotional Rescue return to the archives of the over-looked Nottingham "dirty ambient" outfit. Their second LP "Into Dark Water", originally released in 1987, is just as powerful as the first - a hypnagogic journey fuelled by a global stew of sound, feeding into elegant, evocative pieces. Fans of classic Jon Hassell will find much to enjoy here, but equally those appreciating the exotic post punk undercurrents of 23 Skidoo et al will easily find themselves drawn to the likes of "Ba-makala". Stunning, borderless musings from a hidden treasure of the UK's post-industrial heritage.
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Played by: Jane FItz
 in stock $18.06
Cat: PROA 1047. Rel: 20 Jan 20
  1. Fela's Riff (5:20)
  2. Unison (4:50)
  3. Double Groove (4:29)
  4. Right Start (4:09)
 in stock $17.00
You Want (CD)
Cat: AOS 9000CD. Rel: 05 Feb 20
Deep House
  1. You Want The Best
  2. A Toast To Momma Rose (Crowd Claps Jacked By Norm Talley)
  3. That's Lil'Boy (feat Ian Finkelstein)
  4. Second Life (feat John FM)
  5. The Sound Of Neptune
  6. Don't Get In My Way
  7. This Love Is 4 Real
  8. Oops
  9. Hear Me Out (feat John FM)
  10. Ambiance (feat John Cloud & L'Renee)
  11. Coming Home Hum
  12. 1993
Review: Those who've been paying close attention will know that Alex 'Omar' Smith has been mixing things up musically of late, veering away from the deep Detroit house he's famed for in order to explore a wider range of influences. New album "You Want" doesn't exactly reverse this trend, but it is far more rooted in his particular brand of seductive, off-kilter deepness and techno-tinged hypnotism than recent singles. That's undeniably a good thing, because nobody does crunchy, machine driven club jams better than the Motor City producer. There are nods towards Italian style piano house, disco, broken beat, jazz funk, Masters at Work and - more surprisingly - industrial techno (see the filthy closing cut) - but the resultant cuts don't sound like anything other than tried-and-tested Omar-S club jams.
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Played by: Wes Baggaley
 in stock $19.12
Cat (reissue) (green vinyl LP)
Cat: MJJ 404LP. Rel: 11 Nov 19
  1. Shrimp Dance (7:01)
  2. Kuro To Shiro (11:40)
  3. Walk Tall (10:11)
  4. Cat (5:21)
  5. Romance (5:47)
 in stock $17.81
Alive & Feeling Fine
Alive & Feeling Fine (limited LP)
Cat: AL 310916.
Uplifting Trance
  1. Sun Is Shining
  2. Truth Never Lies (feat Aloe Blacc)
  3. Crazy (feat Zonderling)
  4. Beat Of My Heart (feat Love Harder)
  5. Black & Blue (feat Mokita)
  6. Recognise (feat Flynn)
  7. Sweet Dreams
  8. Like I Love You (feat The NGHBRS)
  9. Lost Like Us (feat Throttle, Kyla La Grange)
  10. Melody (feat James Blunt)
  11. Before Today (feat Natalie Slade)
  12. Siente Me (feat Calavera & Manya)
coming soon $17.00
A Love Letter To You 4
Cat: 121210 8.
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Who Needs Love
  2. Love Sick
  3. Love Me More
  4. Real Feel
  5. This Ain't That (feat Lil Mosey)
  6. 6 Kiss (feat Juice Wrld & YNW Melly)
  7. Till The End Of Time
  8. Heart Broke Again (feat Pierre Bourne)
  9. U Deserve It (feat Chris King & Quan'ta)
  10. Hate Me (feat NBA Youngboy)
  11. All For Me (feat Smokepurpp)
  12. Sickening (feat Tory Lanez)
  13. The Grinch
  14. Death (feat Dababy)
  15. RMP
  16. M's (feat Lil Yatchy & Pierre Bourne)
  17. Bust Down Deux (feat Youv Dee)
  18. The Jungle Book (feat Lil Wop)
  19. Chosen
  20. Abandoned
  21. Can You Rap Like Me (feat Chris King - part 2)
coming soon $15.15
Cat: CPT 5651.
  1. The Upper (part 1 & 2)
  2. Two Faces Lost
  3. Warlock
  4. Free AM (part 1)
  5. Paranormal Question
  6. What You Give
  7. Free AM (part 2)
  8. Inner Revolution
  9. Enchanted Realm
  10. Mystic Flowers
  11. The Nonconformist
  12. Unremarkableness
  13. Free AM (part 3)
coming soon $18.34
California Black Vows
California Black Vows (splatter vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: HOS 631.
coming soon $16.48
The Difficulty In Crossing A Field
Cat: HOS-MH.
coming soon $16.48
Suddenly (LP)
Cat: MRG 708.
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Sister
  2. You & I
  3. Sunny's Time
  4. New Jade
  5. Home
  6. Lime
  7. Never Come Back
  8. Filtered Grand Piano
  9. Like I Loved You
  10. Magpie
  11. Ravi
  12. Cloud Song
Review: It's quite shocking it's been six years since the last Caribou album, 2014's knockout "Our Love". Dan Snaith has never felt the need to rush his music out, and there was an interim Daphni album in 2017 to be fair to the guy, but here we are with a new set that sees Snaith returning to a little of the delicate songwriting and winsome electronica he forged his reputation on in the early days. There's a lot going on in here, from smooth as silk yacht rock-isms to deliriously modernist cut ups and more than a few wild pitch shifts to keep listeners on their toes. It's playful and heartfelt, and rarely lingers in one place for too long while still retaining a sense of calm. It may be not at all what you expected from Caribou's return, but we'd wager it's even better than you hoped.
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coming soon $17.81
American Flesh For Violence
Cat: HOS 611.
coming soon $17.81
The Deaths Of Summer
coming soon $17.00
Shadows Of Death & Desire
Shadows Of Death & Desire (clear vinyl LP)
Cat: HOS 613C.
coming soon $16.48
Cybertrance (limited transparent blue vinyl 7")
Cat: BCV 2020007.
Uplifting Trance
  1. Cybertrance
  2. Quixotism
coming soon $19.12
The Colour Of My Heart
Cat: BS 219LP.
  1. The Colour Of My Heart
  2. Never Before (feat Mobyvay)
  3. The Window
  4. Human
  5. You're In My Soul
  6. Girl Like You (feat Lisa & Lisa)
  7. Connected
  8. Remember December
  9. The Perfect Bug
coming soon $17.27
Spectres From The Old World
coming soon $17.00
Pompette (LP)
Cat: JAKARTA 1471.
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Pompette (intro)
  2. Diamond Dreams (feat Kadeshia)
  3. Goldteeth
  4. Rainin Down (feat Illa J)
  5. Supa Suff Kato
  6. Club Bob Needed More Sex Drugs
  7. Lamborarri
  8. Angry Ashtray Brothers (feat The Lunchbirds)
  9. My World (feat JuJu Rogers)
  10. Safe Distance Interlude (feat Kadeshia & Oliviyeah)
  11. Piece OF Sunshine (feat part Time Cooks & Horim)
  12. Feels Good To Say (feat Illa J & Guilty Simpson)
  13. Probably Broccoli (feat S Fidelity)
  14. Too Much (feat Torky Tork)
coming soon $18.34
Rock & Roll: Tribute To Kiss
Cat: MB 136LP.
coming soon $19.12
The Exclusive Track
  1. The Exclusive Track
  2. The Exclusive Track (Ryuhei The Man 45 edit)
coming soon $19.12
Never Did I Stop Loving You
  1. Never Did I Stop Loving You (The Man 2020 Re edit)
  2. Never Did I Stop Dubbing You (The Man 2020 Re edit)
coming soon $18.06
NO Hits At All Vol 666
coming soon $16.21
Leoniden (limited 180 gram gold vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: TPS 004LP3.
coming soon $18.34
Billion Dollar Babies: Live At The Sports Arena San Diego April 9th 1979
coming soon $15.68
Lollapalooza June 22 1992
coming soon $15.68
Rose Golden Doorways
Cat: GBLP 088.
  1. Nowhere Nothing
  2. Slow Shrouded Aisle
  3. Breath That Sparks
  4. Those Among Us
  5. The Immortal Fire
  6. Cold Regime People Die
  7. Within
  8. The Moon Of Oduglin
  9. Invite Them In (album version)
coming soon $17.27
Country Boy
Country Boy (7" limited to 350 copies)
Cat: DTWS 002.
  1. Jonny De Ambassador - "Country Boy"
  2. Krabah Aka Daniele Cesarotti - "Country Dub"
coming soon $15.68
Lowlands (12" limited to 150 copies)
Cat: WTN 62.
  1. Arctic Eden
  2. Don't Fuck With The Dragon
  3. Buildbase
  4. Storegga Slide
  5. High Tide
  6. Lowlands
coming soon $15.93
Here (LP)
Cat: ALE 011.
  1. Pregnant Dream
  2. Points
  3. So What
  4. Sum
  5. I Come Out Of Your Sleep
coming soon $15.68
La Busqueda
La Busqueda (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: PSMLP 002.
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Dando Vueltas
  2. Se Tu Mismo
  3. Lo Unico Que Quiero
  4. Constelaciones
  5. Cerca Del Mar
  6. Instantes
  7. Se A La Vida
  8. Bailando Con La Luna
  9. La Busqueda
  10. Lagrimas De Esperanza
coming soon $17.54
Full Hand
Full Hand (LP)
Cat: BR 029LP.
coming soon $18.34
Full Hand
Full Hand (transparent yellow vinyl LP)
Cat: BR 029LPC2.
coming soon $19.67
Crestless (LP)
Cat: LR 005LP.
  1. Limping Through The Garden
  2. Crestless
  3. Something Masked
  4. Boardwalkers
  5. Variation On A Mask
  6. Slanted Blue
  7. Dissipating
  8. Dry Pot Dream
coming soon $17.27
Le Dolci Signore
Cat: CDDM 305.
coming soon $15.68
Sbirro, La Tua Legge E' Lenta... La Mia No!
coming soon $15.68
Church Of Reverb
Cat: TWLP 36.
coming soon $18.86
The Incredible Crocotiger
Cat: TWLP 37.
coming soon $18.86
Laced With Tragedy
Cat: SPCWX 016.
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Laced With Tragedy
  2. Laced With Tragedy (instrumental)
coming soon $17.54
You Want It Real
Cat: MRL 189.
  1. Digging In The Desert
  2. All Night Long
  3. Bugs
  4. Good Boy
  5. You Got It
  6. Drowning In Piss
  7. Fantasy Of Destructive Force
  8. LSD
coming soon $17.54
Private Line
Cat: AG SP 001.
  1. Private Line
  2. Love Affair
coming soon $16.21
Limbo (35th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)
coming soon $16.48
Aeons (LP)
Cat: CRC 018LP.
Psych/Garage Rock
coming soon $19.67
The Chronicles Of Wode
Cat: BWR 060CD.
coming soon $19.12
We Were Trying To Make It Out
coming soon $19.67
Saturn Return
Cat: NW 5366LP.
coming soon $16.48
The Weird & Wonderful World Of The Globs
coming soon $16.75
Monument (black & blue vinyl LP)
Cat: THECO 011LP.
Psych/Garage Rock
coming soon $18.06
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