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Goin' 50 (limited 5xLP box set + booklet)
Cat: 603497 851607. Rel: 16 Aug 19
  1. La Grange (3:47)
  2. Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers (3:22)
  3. Tush (2:17)
  4. Salt Lick (2:45)
  5. Miller's Farm (2:36)
  6. (Somebody Else Been) Shaking Your Tree (2:29)
  7. Francine (3:32)
  8. Heard It On The X (2:23)
  9. It's Only Love (4:24)
  10. Arrested For Driving While Blind (3:04)
  11. Enjoy & Get It On (3:23)
  12. I Thank You (3:24)
  13. Cheap Sunglasses (4:50)
  14. I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide (4:45)
  15. Leila (3:15)
  16. Tube Snake Boogie (3:03)
  17. Pearl Necklace (4:06)
  18. Gimme All Your Lovin' (4:00)
  19. Got Me Under Pressure (3:58)
  20. Sharp Dressed Man (4:12)
  21. TV Dinners (3:52)
  22. Legs (4:34)
  23. Sleeping Bag (4:03)
  24. Can't Stop Rockin' (3:03)
  25. Stages (3:31)
  26. Rough Boy (4:50)
  27. Delirious (3:41)
  28. Woke Up With Wood (3:45)
  29. Velcro Fly (3:29)
  30. Doubleback (3:57)
  31. Concrete & Steel (3:42)
  32. My Head's In Mississippi (4:15)
  33. Give It Up (3:24)
  34. Decision Or Collision (4:00)
  35. Viva Las Vegas (4:41)
  36. Gun Love (3:36)
  37. Pincushion (4:27)
  38. Breakaway (4:55)
  39. Girl In A T-Shirt (4:06)
  40. Fuzzbox Voodoo (4:36)
  41. She's Just Killing Me (4:57)
  42. What's Up With That (5:16)
  43. Bang Bang (4:26)
  44. Rhythmeen (3:56)
  45. Fearless Boogie (3:58)
  46. 36-22-36 (2:34)
  47. Piece (4:20)
  48. I Gotsta Get Paid (4:05)
  49. Waitin For The Bus (live From Nashville) (2:13)
  50. Jesus Just Left Chicago (live From Nashville) (5:25)
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Electric On The Eel: August 10th 1991 (180 gram vinyl 4xLP (side 8 etched) + MP3 download code)
Cat: 880882 363710. Rel: 16 Aug 19
  1. The Way You Do The Things You Do (10:39)
  2. And It Stoned Me (8:19)
  3. You Never Can Tell (C'est La Vie) (7:09)
  4. Waiting For A Miracle (5:33)
  5. Struggling Man (6:30)
  6. My Sisters & Brothers (4:40)
  7. Deal (8:37)
  8. Shining Star (11:16)
  9. Think (7:02)
  10. Lay Down Sally (7:51)
  11. Twilight (9:14)
  12. See What Love Can Do (6:37)
  13. Lazy Bones (6:27)
  14. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (10:26)
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Rode Lavalier GO Microphone (clip-on microphone)
Cat: 742132 Rel: 16 Aug 19 • View all Lavalier microphones
Professional-grade wearable microphone
Notes: Lavalier GO is a professional-grade wearable microphone designed for use in a wide range of applications. The 3.5mm TRS connector is designed to pair perfectly with the RODE Wireless GO and most recording devices with a 3.5mm TRS microphone input.

Lavalier GO is designed to perform excellently in any broadcast application. Featuring a discreet 4.5mm omnidirectional microphone, it delivers crystal clear audio in all environments and is incredibly forgiving when it comes to placement on talent, allowing for greater flexibility in fast-paced situations.

A foam pop shield is supplied to minimise wind noise and vocal plosives (hard 'b', 't' and 'p' sounds), as well as a durable mounting clip with in-built cable management for quick and easy rigging. It also features a hard-wearing Kevlarr reinforced cable, designed to withstand the rigours of any shoot.
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Castlevania: Rondo Of Blood/Dracula X (gatefold splattered vinyl LP with obi-strip)
Cat: MDO 126. Rel: 16 Aug 19
  1. Overture (1:08)
  2. Requiem (1:36)
  3. Divine Bloodlines (3:01)
  4. Vampire Killer (1:44)
  5. Cross A Fear (2:43)
  6. Bloody Tears (1:43)
  7. Cemetary (2:32)
  8. Beginning (2:29)
  9. Slash (3:43)
  10. Ghost Ship Painting (2:27)
  11. Op 13 (1:26)
  12. Former Room (1:27)
  13. Dance Of Phantasms (1:31)
  14. Stage Clear (0:09)
  15. Den (3:17)
  16. Poison Mind (0:21)
  17. Dance Of Illusions (1:45)
  18. All Clear (0:07)
  19. Gone Of The Darkness (1:56)
  20. Mary Samba (1:51)
  21. Player Out (0:03)
  22. Game Over (0:08)
  23. Cross Your Heart (3:03)
  24. Overture (1:26)
  25. Map (1:02)
  26. Divine Bloodlines (3:10)
  27. Vampire Killer (1:20)
  28. Bloody Tears (2:22)
  29. Cemetary (1:52)
  30. Rescued (0:17)
  31. Op 13 (2:09)
  32. Ghost Ship Painting (2:41)
  33. Beginning (2:32)
  34. Den (3:08)
  35. Cerberus (1:16)
  36. Dance Of Phantasms (1:28)
  37. Stage Clear (0:09)
  38. Dance Of Illusions (1:38)
  39. Ending (0:20)
  40. Staff Roll (1:53)
  41. Player Out (0:03)
  42. Game Over (0:10)
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Cursed In Eternity (4xLP box + booklet)
Cat: EBVILE 021. Rel: 14 Aug 19
  1. Deathcrush (live In Jessheim Norway 3/2/90) (4:05)
  2. Necrolust (3:57)
  3. Funeral Fog (6:07)
  4. Freezing Moon (7:38)
  5. Carnage (4:56)
  6. Buried By Time & Dust (5:41)
  7. Chainsaw Gutsfuck (4:25)
  8. Pure Fucking Armageddon (4:04)
  9. Deathcrush (live In Sarpsborg Norway 28/2/90) (5:15)
  10. Necrolust (4:40)
  11. Funeral Fog (5:32)
  12. Freezing Moon (6:07)
  13. Carnage (4:12)
  14. Buried By Time & Dust (5:22)
  15. Chainsaw Gutsfuck (4:32)
  16. Pure Fucking Armageddon (2:43)
  17. Deathcrush (live In Zeitz East Germany 24/11/90) (5:58)
  18. Necrolust (3:34)
  19. Funeral Fog (6:26)
  20. The Freezing Moon (6:37)
  21. Carnage (4:45)
  22. Buried By Time & Dust (5:02)
  23. Chainsaw Gutsfuck (4:24)
  24. Pagan Fears (7:09)
  25. Deathcrush (live In Leipzig East Germany 26/11/90) (4:37)
  26. Necrolust (3:47)
  27. Funeral Fog (6:25)
  28. The Freezing Moon (7:07)
  29. Carnage (4:18)
  30. Buried By Time & Dust (5:22)
  31. Pagan Fears (6:56)
  32. Chainsaw Gutsfuck (5:11)
  33. Pure Fucking Armageddon (3:16)
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Cat: 743793 Rel: 15 Aug 19 • View all Laptop stands
Tripod laptop stand
Notes: - Free-standing tripod laptop holder
- All-steel construction
- Can accommodate virtually any size laptop. Four stoppers, adjustable in width and depth, will securely anchor any size laptop, without interfering with input/output ports, expansion slots, CD-RW/DVD drivers, A/C adapter sockets placed on either side of the laptop
- The laptop tray is height and tilt adjustable, and swivels at 360- to allow for ideal positioning of the laptop
- Equipped with pull-out mouse tray, that can be positioned on either the left or right side of the laptop, and is retractable for easy storage and transport

Height adjustment: from 29.5" to 50.8" / 75 to 129 cm
Laptop tray dimensions: 10" x 10" / 25 x 25 cm
Mouse tray dimensions: 5.3" x 5.3" / 13.5 x 13.5 cm
Laptop stoppers width range: from 10.2" to 16.5" / from 26 to 42 cm
Laptop stoppers depth range: from 10.2" to 16.5" / from 26 to 42 cm
Weight: 9.8 lb - 4.4 kg
Colour: Black
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OSC meets BMC
Freak Out In The Fjord (hand-numbered trifold 3xLP limited to184 copies)
Cat: SRP 59. Rel: 15 Aug 19
Psych/Garage Rock
  1. Rendezvous In The Nebula (23:39)
  2. Afterglow In The Sea Of Sirens (23:55)
  3. Dinner With Gregg A & Jerry G (part 1) (17:21)
  4. Dinner With Gregg A & Jerry G (part 2) (17:28)
  5. Freak Out In The Fjord (part 1) (19:11)
  6. Freak Out In The Fjord (part 2) (17:15)
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ANIMA (Deluxe) (limited 180 gram orange vinyl 2xLP box set + MP3 download code in hard-back book sleeve)
Cat: XL 987LPX. Rel: 02 Aug 19
  1. Traffic (5:18)
  2. Last I Heard (He Was Circling The Drain) (5:10)
  3. Twist (7:02)
  4. Dawn Chorus (5:35)
  5. I Am A Very Rude Person (3:51)
  6. Not The News (4:01)
  7. The Axe (6:56)
  8. Impossible Knots (4:22)
  9. Runwayaway (5:56)
  10. (Ladies & Gentlemen, Thank You For Coming) (5:05)
Review: It's taken a while, but finally Thom Yorke's impressive third solo album, "ANIMA", is available on wax (and in a fetching shade of orange, too). A future classic that continues the legacy he started with XL Recordings back in 2006 (with his solo debut The Eraser), ANIMA is well worth picking up, as Yorke and co-producer Nigel Godrich offer up evocative, off-kilter songs built around the twin attractions of the Radiohead man's distinctive vocals and skewed backing tracks rich in layered electronic noise, body-bending sub-bass, discordant synthesizer parts and intriguingly jaunty drum loops. Highlights are plentiful throughout, from the creepy, lo-fi ambient swirl of "Last I Heard (...He Was Circling the Drain)" and "Dawn Chorus" (a blissfully dewy-eyed early morning soundscape), to the low-slung, post-trip-hop hum of "I Am A Very Rude Person" and the fizzing, jazz-fired thrust of "Impossible Knots". Melancholic, yes. Deep and self-effacing, of course. Nihilistic, not really. Percussive futurist sub-pop is back.
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Cat: 710866 Rel: 13 Nov 18 • View all Record stabilisers
Premium quality, limited edition turntable weight in hand-numbered box, developed for club & home use
Notes: MasterSounds turntable weights are carefully designed to reduce a turntable's noise floor and thus improve the musical soundstage. Users enjoy improved bass response, tighter mids and controlled highs as the turntable weight reduces unwanted resonance when placed via the spindle on top of a record. These weights are just over 400 grams (+/- 14oz), light enough to not cause damage to a turntable's bearing system, but heavy enough to give sonic improvement.

The weights have been tested on a large variety of non-suspended belt drive and direct drive turntables with great success. Pressing plants try to achieve quality control on every record made, however there are intrinsic issues such as dished and warped records. MasterSounds turntable weights help to combat this too. DJ's love this, as it aids cueing a problematic a record prior to mixing and eliminates needle skip.

The weights have an anti-slip base, and thus each turntable weight has been designed to grip the record, which is fantastic for DJ'ing as it really stabilises records in the mix. Try using MasterSounds turntable weights for a couple of weeks, then remove to realise what a difference they make!
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Kankyo Ongaku: Japanese Ambient Environmental & New Age Music 1980-1990 (blue vinyl 3xLP box set + booklet in slipcase)
Cat: LITA 167LPB. Rel: 15 Jun 19
  1. Satoshi Ashikawa - "Still Space" (3:53)
  2. Yoshio Ojima - "Glass Chattering" (5:58)
  3. Hideki Matsutake - "Nemureru Yoru" (Karaoke version) (6:27)
  4. Ayuo Takahashi - "Nagareru" (2:54)
  5. Joe Hisaishi - "Islander" (5:01)
  6. Yoshiaki Ochi - "Ear Dreamin'" (4:43)
  7. Masashi Kitamura & Phonogenix - "Variation III" (3:14)
  8. Interior - "Park" (3:47)
  9. Yoichiro Yoshikawa - "Nube" (1:49)
  10. Yoshio Suzuki - "Meet Me In The Sheep Meadow" (3:21)
  11. Ryuichi Sakamoto - "Dolphins" (3:18)
  12. Toshi Tsuchitori - "Ishiura" (Abridged) (5:07)
  13. Shiho Yabuki - "Tomoshibi" (Abridged) (2:44)
  14. Toshifumi Hinata - "Chaconne" (4:18)
  15. Yasuaki Shimizu - "Seiko 3" (1:11)
  16. Inoyama Land - "Apple Star" (5:58)
  17. Hiroshi Yoshimura - "Blink" (Abridged) (4:41)
  18. Fumio Miyashita - "See The Light" (6:30)
  19. Akira Ito - "Praying For Mother / Earth" (part 1) (4:01)
  20. Jun Fukamachi - "Breathing New Life" (4:49)
  21. Takashi Toyoda - "Snow" (4:49)
  22. Yellow Magic Orchestra - "Loom" (4:38)
  23. Takashi Kokubo - "A Dream Sails Out To Sea - Scene 3" (6:42)
  24. Masahiro Sugaya - "Umi No Sunatsubu" (1:13)
  25. Haruomi Hosono - "Original BGM" (15:51)
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Cat: 709311 Rel: 27 Nov 18 • View all Earphones
Wired premium in-ear headset
Notes: Soul BYRD is the perfect all-rounder. With its extra flat in-ear design, its ease of use and its unbelievable sound spectrum, it is your multidimensional companion each day.

Powerful Sound:

Balanced sound and outstanding resolution - the Soul BYRD knows just how to bring out the very best in your favourite songs. When you take it along, you have your music at your fingertips any time and any place.

Extremely Comfortable:

Ergonomically shaped housing ensures a secure and particularly snug fit in the ear. Furthermore, thanks to the flat shape of the housing, the in-ear does not protrude from the ear and is therefore ideal when relaxing or sleeping - nothing pinches when you recline your head or lie on your side.

Individual Fit:

Five pairs of eartips in the sizes XS, S, M, L and XL ensure the perfect fit for your ear. The silicone used to make the eartips is soft, silky and adapts perfectly to the auditory canal, thus allowing you to enjoy the best possible sound reproduction.

What's more, optionally available Comply eartips (400 series) can also be used across the entire BYRD series to suit requirements.

Perfect For Your Life:

The universal three-button remote with microphone provides you with complete functionality on both Android and iOS playback devices. As a result, you can flexibly manage your media playback, phone calls and virtual assistants (Google, Siri, etc.).

And if you decide to give your Soul BYRD a break, you can pack it safely and compactly in its small, practical hardcase.

Sophisticated Design:

Designers and hearing specialists worked closely together to create our BYRD series. The result: simple elegance, a pleasant feel and impressive wearing comfort.

High-Quality Materials:

Soul BYRD's elegant housing is made of anodised aluminium. The beautifully shaped cables are extremely flexible and have a soft surface, which prevents them from creating annoying tangles. Thanks to their special qualities, cable noise is kept to a minimum.

True Reliability:

Robust and durable - these properties were especially important when designing our BYRD series. Therefore, we opted for the use of exclusive high-quality components.

Extremely Sustainable:

Simply practical: Eartips and protective grilles can be easily cleaned or replaced. You will find spare parts for all replaceable components in our online shop. And no matter how intensively the headphones are used, you are assured lasting enjoyment - day after day.
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Chapter I (4xLP)
Cat: PLAYEDBY 004. Rel: 08 Aug 19
Minimal/Tech House
  1. The Mission (7:35)
  2. Contrix (7:37)
  3. In Echo (7:34)
  4. Feel This Way (7:36)
  5. Shmiles (10:34)
  6. Terrified (8:05)
  7. Exrotica (7:43)
  8. Fast Trust (9:40)
  9. Words (9:34)
  10. Capture The Sound (7:38)
  11. Coke Back To Love (7:50)
  12. Funky Monkey (7:35)
  13. Rise Again (7:51)
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Cat: 718920 Rel: 23 Apr 19 • View all Synth modules
Expansion module for Zadar - 3HP
Notes: An expander for Zadar, adding one more assignable input for each Zadar channel and manual triggers.
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In Between Dreams Live (tri-coloured vinyl 2xLP + sticker + MP3 download code)
Cat: SR 15. Rel: 26 Jul 19
Psych/Garage Rock
  1. Jelly Jack, The Boneless Boy (7:41)
  2. Mickey The Mumbling Midget (4:17)
  3. Baby Sister (5:44)
  4. The Black Behind (5:03)
  5. Monkey Man (7:24)
  6. It's A Man's World (5:40)
  7. Rushing Like A Banshee (2:15)
  8. Train vs Elephant (4:40)
  9. Plains To Mexico (7:06)
  10. Africa Tree (3:09)
  11. Hungry Hound (2:18)
  12. Tell Me (2:40)
  13. Die! Die! Die! (4:05)
  14. Teddy Bear (4:05)
  15. Tourniquet Of Roses (4:51)
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Cat: 730208 Rel: 30 Apr 19 • View all MIDI keyboards
Compact & portable 25 note velocity-sensitive slim keyboard with software suite - deep black edition
Notes: MiniLab MkII is a high quality, feature-packed controller which gives you hands-on access to the sounds in your virtual studio. Breathe new life into your sounds by playing, tweaking, tapping and twisting its rugged controls. This powerful controller also comes with several critically acclaimed software titles that will have you creating professional recordings in no time. Analog Lab Lite lets you perform using hundreds of legendary synth, piano, organ & string machine sounds. Ableton Live Lite lets you record, arrange, and cultivate your musical ideas into a finished product. UVI Grand is a recreation of the Steinway Model D piano.

Thanks to the constructive feedback from Arturia's family of product owners - people just like you - we have refined the original MiniLab into something new and exciting:

Created with the mobile musician in mind, MiniLab MkII has a slim, compact profile which makes it perfect for transporting to and from gigs, and for keeping you creating when you're travelling. With its rugged, durable construction, the revitalized MiniLab can take the strain of life on the road, ready to perform night after night.

Not everyone has the luxury of a spacious studio, and this is where our reinvented controller really shines. MiniLab MkII has a tiny footprint allowing you to place it virtually anywhere within your set-up, even if the only space available is on your lap. The quality of every component has seen an improvement over the original model, from the keybed to the controller knobs, the touch sensors to the outer casing. Despite the hardware upgrade, MiniLab MkII is still one of the most affordable dedicated controllers on the market.

Portable, yet fully featured. Lightweight but rugged. MiniLab MkII is the new go-to small controller for producers in the know.

Time is precious, and you need simple, effective control. MiniLab MkII gives you unadulterated access to your software sounds:

Helping you make the most of your virtual instruments and recording software, MiniLab MkII features a great-feeling keybed with 25 slim-keys, 16 knobs, 8 pads, and touch controls in a space-saving package. Whether you want to experiment with a bass line, tap out a solid drum beat, or tweak the parameters of your favorite synth patch, our new controller gives you the freedom to totally control your music any way you like.

To help transform your musical ideas into fully-fledged, pro-sounding recordings, MiniLab MkII includes a powerful music production platform, Ableton Live Lite. Every single one of MiniLab's controls is automatically assigned thanks to dedicated pre-mapping, letting you spend less time in the settings menu and more time making music. Adjust your track levels, tweak filters and effects using the knobs; launch clips, capture drum performance, or control playback with the pads. MiniLab is here to make your musical life easier.

From inception to completion, MiniLab MkII keeps you in control every step of the way.

MiniLab MkII comes loaded with some of the best software around:

Our new MiniLab is a pure controller which - while containing no onboard sounds - lets you play, tweak, and manipulate software instruments via MIDI. To get your virtual recording studio up and running, we have included a wealth of professional quality instruments and production software to take your music to exciting new places.
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Social Part 2 (180 gram vinyl 5x12" box)
Cat: SCLBOX 2. Rel: 09 Jul 19
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Track 1 (7:46)
  2. Track 2 (7:15)
  3. Track 3 (7:01)
  4. Track 4 (8:16)
  5. Track 5 (8:12)
  6. Track 6 (7:45)
  7. Track 7 (7:46)
  8. Track 8 (7:59)
  9. Track 9 (8:17)
  10. Track 10 (7:46)
  11. Track 11 (7:47)
  12. Track 12 (5:22)
  13. Track 13 (8:58)
  14. Track 14 (7:14)
  15. Track 15 (8:10)
Review: Last year, East End Dubs ended his Social series after releasing 10 sought-after EPs in just under three years. "Social Part 2" is the second boxed retrospective of this work; while the first edition gathered together EPs one to five, this sequel boasts numbers six to ten. The 15 included tracks are all up to the prolific producer's high standards, offering an attractive late night blend of swinging tech-house rhythms, rich bass, spacey pads, intergalactic melodies and atmospheric aural textures. There's little filler or fluff, just quality peak-time grooves, occasional warm-up workouts and a sprinkling of loved-up anthems-in-waiting (see the delicious "Track 6" and glassy-eyed "Track 8").
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Live From The Artists Den (180 gram audiophile vinyl 4xLP box set in slip case)
Cat: 060257 7632068. Rel: 26 Jul 19
  1. Incessant Mace (8:09)
  2. My Wave (5:12)
  3. Been Away Too Long (3:45)
  4. Worse Dreams (3:58)
  5. Jesus Christ Pose (5:10)
  6. Flower (3:33)
  7. Taree (4:29)
  8. Spoonman (3:55)
  9. By Crooked Steps (4:06)
  10. Blind Dogs (5:13)
  11. Rowing (5:45)
  12. Non-State Actor (4:04)
  13. Drawing Flies (2:37)
  14. Hunted Down (2:45)
  15. Black Saturday (4:19)
  16. Bones Of Birds (4:41)
  17. Blow Up The Outside World (5:44)
  18. Fell On Black Days (4:38)
  19. Burden In My Hand (6:05)
  20. A Thousand Days Before (4:51)
  21. Blood On The Valley Floor (4:01)
  22. Rusty Cage (4:54)
  23. New Damage (6:46)
  24. A Thousand Days Before (7:02)
  25. Outshined (7:07)
  26. Black Hole Sun (6:09)
  27. Ty Cobb (2:52)
  28. Slaves & Bulldozers (10:55)
  29. Feedbacchanal (4:24)
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Cat: 719457 Rel: 31 Jan 19 • View all DJ equipment cases
Carrying case, suitable for Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3
Notes: The new CTRL Case S2 MK3 a super lightweight and compact hard shell case, offering a safe and comfortable way to carry (incl. shoulder-strap) your NI Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3 controller. Made of lightweight and rigid Durashock moulded EVA shell, the inside lid is lined with high density egg-crate foam to protect the displays, jog wheels, and controls. Whether you are driving or flying to your next gig, the MAGMA CTRL Case S2 MK3 will be by your side throughout the journey.
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Cat: 717747 Rel: 21 Jan 19 • View all DJ equipment cases
Lightweight & compact hard shell case, suitable for NI Traktor Control S4 MK3, NI Traktor Control S4 MK2 & NI Traktor Control S5
Notes: The new CTRL Case S4 MK3 is a super lightweight and compact hard shell case, offering a safe and comfortable way to carry (incl. shoulder-strap) your NI Traktor Kontrol S4 MK3 controller. Made of lightweight and rigid Durashock moulded EVA shell, the inside lid is lined with high density egg-crate foam to protect the displays, jog wheels, and controls. Whether you are driving or flying to your next gig, the MAGMA CTRL Case S4 MK3 will be by your side throughout the journey.


- NI Traktor Kontrol S4 MK3
- NI Traktor Kontrol S4 MK2
- NI Traktor Kontrol S5
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quote 717747
Cat: 731938 Rel: 10 Jun 19 • View all Synth modules
Noise/random generator - 4HP
Notes: Module A-118-2 is the slim version of module A-118-1 and offers essentially the same features as the A-118-1. But the distances between the controls are smaller and rubberized small-sized knobs are used. In return the front panel has 4 HP only which is half the width of the A-118-1. The module is primarily planned for applications where only limited space is available. The functional difference between A-118-1 and A-118-2 is the additional T&H/S&H unit which is not included in the A-118-1.

The module generates the signals white noise, coloured noise, continuous random voltage and stepped random voltage (derived from the continuous random voltage by means of a S&H/T&H unit).

The noise signal is generated 100% analogue by amplification of the noise of a transistor. White and coloured noise are usually used as audio sources. The random voltages are normally used as control voltages (e.g. for filter frequency or any other voltage controlled parameter).

The A-118-2 gives you the ability to mix the relative amounts of Red (low frequency component) and Blue noise (high frequency component) in the coloured noise output.

For the continuous random voltage the rate of change (Rate) and amplitude (Level) of the random voltage can be adjusted. The continuous random voltage is derived from the coloured noise signal by low pass filtering. Consequently the settings of the controls for the coloured noise (Blue, Red) affect the behaviour of the random voltage! A dual colour LED (red = positive / yellow = negative output voltage) indicates the continuous random voltage.

The continuous random voltage is used as source for the S&H/T&H unit. The type of operation can be set to S&H (sample and hold) or T&H (track and hold). When T&H is chosen the output signal follows the input signal (= continuous random voltage) as long as the Clock input is "high". As soon as the clock signal changes to "low" the last voltage is stored. When S&H is chosen the input signal (= continuous random voltage) is sampled at the rising edge of the Clock signal.

For the Clock signal a "digital" signal (e.g. Clock, Gate, rectangle output of an LFO) is required. It does not work with slowly changing continuous CV signals. Another dual colour LED (red = positive / yellow = negative output voltage) indicates the stepped random voltage.
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Cat: 731947 Rel: 10 Jun 19 • View all Synth modules
Compact 4-channel mixer - 4HP
Notes: Module A-138n is a simple four channel mixer, which can be used with either control voltages or audio signals. Each of the four inputs has an attenuator available. The output is twice available (two sockets, hard-wired like a multiple).

The module is the slim version of module A-138a and offers nearly the same features. But the distances between the controls are smaller and rubberized small-sized knobs are used. In return the front panel has 4 HP only which is half the width of the A-138a. The module is primarily planned for applications where only limited space is available. The only functional difference compared to the A-138a is the missing attenuator for the (dual) output.
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Live! 1969 (11xCD box set + book in slip case)
Cat: 190759 40642. Rel: 09 Aug 19
  1. Blue Suede Shoes
  2. I Got A Woman
  3. All Shook Up
  4. Love Me Tender
  5. Jailhouse Rock/Don't Be Cruel
  6. Heartbreak Hotel
  7. Hound Dog
  8. Memories
  9. Mystery Man/Tiger Man
  10. Monologue
  11. Baby, What You Want Me To Do
  12. Runaway
  13. Are You Lonesome Tonight
  14. Yesterday/Hey Jude
  15. Introductions
  16. In The Ghetto
  17. Suspicious Minds
  18. What'd I Say
  19. Can't Help Falling In Love
  20. Blue Suede Shoes
  21. I Got A Woman
  22. All Shook Up
  23. Love Me Tender
  24. Jailhouse Rock/Don't Be Cruel
  25. Heartbreak Hotel
  26. Hound Dog
  27. Memories
  28. Mystery Man/Tiger Man
  29. Monologue
  30. Baby, What You Want Me To Do
  31. Runaway
  32. Are You Lonesome Tonight
  33. Yesterday/Hey Jude
  34. Introductions
  35. In The Ghetto
  36. Suspicious Minds
  37. What'd I Say
  38. Can't Help Falling In Love
  39. Blue Suede Shoes
  40. I Got A Woman
  41. All Shook Up
  42. Love Me Tender
  43. Jailhouse Rock/Don't Be Cruel
  44. Heartbreak Hotel
  45. Hound Dog
  46. Memories
  47. My Babe
  48. Mystery Man/Tiger Man
  49. Monologue
  50. Baby, What You Want Me To Do
  51. Funny How Time Slips Away
  52. Runaway
  53. Are You Lonesome Tonight
  54. Yesterday/Hey Jude
  55. Introductions
  56. In The Ghetto
  57. Suspicious Minds
  58. What'd I Say
  59. Can't Help Falling In Love
  60. Blue Suede Shoes
  61. I Got A Woman
  62. All Shook Up
  63. Love Me Tender
  64. Jailhouse Rock/Don't Be Cruel
  65. Heartbreak Hotel
  66. Hound Dog
  67. Memories
  68. Mystery Man/Tiger Man
  69. Monologue
  70. Baby, What You Want Me To Do
  71. Runaway
  72. Are You Lonesome Tonight
  73. Yesterday/Hey Jude
  74. Introductions
  75. In The Ghetto
  76. Suspicious Minds
  77. What'd I Say
  78. Can't Help Falling In Love
  79. Blue Suede Shoes
  80. I Got A Woman
  81. All Shook Up
  82. Love Me Tender
  83. Jailhouse Rock/Don't Be Cruel
  84. Heartbreak Hotel
  85. Hound Dog
  86. Memories
  87. Mystery Man/Tiger Man
  88. Monologue
  89. Baby, What You Want Me To Do
  90. Runaway
  91. Reconsider Baby
  92. Are You Lonesome Tonight?
  93. Yesterday/Hey Jude
  94. Introductions
  95. In The Ghetto
  96. Suspicious Minds
  97. What'd I Say
  98. Can't Help Falling In Love
  99. Blue Suede Shoes
  100. I Got A Woman
  101. All Shook Up
  102. Love Me Tender
  103. Jailhouse Rock/Don't Be Cruel
  104. Heartbreak Hotel
  105. Hound Dog
  106. I Can't Stop Loving You
  107. Johnny B Goode
  108. Monologue
  109. Baby, What You Want Me To Do
  110. Runaway
  111. Are You Lonesome Tonight?
  112. Yesterday/Hey Jude
  113. Introductions
  114. In The Ghetto
  115. Suspicious Minds
  116. What'd I Say
  117. Can't Help Falling In Love
  118. Blue Suede Shoes
  119. I Got A Woman
  120. All Shook Up
  121. Love Me Tender
  122. Jailhouse Rock/Don't Be Cruel
  123. Heartbreak Hotel
  124. Hound Dog
  125. I Can't Stop Loving You
  126. Johnny B Goode
  127. Monologue
  128. Baby, What You Want Me To Do
  129. Runaway
  130. Are You Lonesome Tonight?
  131. Words
  132. Yesterday/Hey Jude
  133. Introductions
  134. In The Ghetto
  135. Suspicious Minds
  136. Can't Help Falling In Love
  137. Blue Suede Shoes
  138. I Got A Woman
  139. All Shook Up
  140. Love Me Tender
  141. Jailhouse Rock/Don't Be Cruel
  142. Heartbreak Hotel
  143. Hound Dog
  144. Memories
  145. Mystery Man/Tiger Man
  146. Monologue
  147. Baby, What You Want Me To Do
  148. Funny How Time Slips Away
  149. Runaway
  150. Words
  151. Yesterday/Hey Jude
  152. Introductions
  153. In The Ghetto
  154. Suspicious Minds
  155. What'd I Say
  156. Can't Help Falling In Love
  157. Blue Suede Shoes
  158. I Got A Woman
  159. All Shook Up
  160. Love Me Tender
  161. Jailhouse Rock/Don't Be Cruel
  162. Heartbreak Hotel
  163. Hound Dog
  164. I Can't Stop Loving You
  165. My Babe
  166. Mystery Man/Tiger Man
  167. Monologue
  168. Baby, What You Want Me To Do
  169. Runaway
  170. Are You Lonesome Tonight?
  171. Words
  172. Yesterday/Hey Jude
  173. Introductions
  174. In The Ghetto
  175. Suspicious Minds
  176. What'd I Say
  177. Can't Help Falling In Love
  178. Blue Suede Shoes
  179. I Got A Woman
  180. All Shook Up
  181. Love Me Tender
  182. Jailhouse Rock/Don't Be Cruel
  183. Heartbreak Hotel
  184. Hound Dog
  185. Memories
  186. My Babe
  187. Mystery Train/Tiger Man
  188. Monologue
  189. Baby, What You Want Me To Do
  190. Runaway
  191. Inherit The Wind
  192. Yesterday/Hey Jude
  193. Introductions
  194. In The Ghetto
  195. Suspicious Minds
  196. Can't Help Falling In Love
  197. Blue Suede Shoes
  198. I Got A Woman
  199. All Shook Up
  200. Love Me Tender
  201. Jailhouse Rock/Don't Be
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Breaking Bad (Soundtrack) (limited numbered coloured vinyl 5x10" LP box + poster + badge + booklet + MP3 download code)
Cat: MOVATM 235. Rel: 26 Nov 18
  1. Dave Porter - "Breaking Bad Main Title Theme" (extended - First Season) (1:13)
  2. Rodrigo Y Gabriela - "Tamacun" (3:25)
  3. Working For A Nuclear Free City - "Dead Fingers Talking" (3:35)
  4. Glen Phillips - "The Hole" (3:25)
  5. Darondo - "Didn't I" (3:32)
  6. Mick Harvey - "Out Of Time Man" (2:55)
  7. The In Crowd - "Mango Walk" (3:23)
  8. Ticklah - "Nine Years" (3:28)
  9. Fujiya & Miyagi - "Uh" (3:14)
  10. The Silver Seas - "Catch Yer Own Train" (2:59)
  11. The Walkmen - "Red Moon" (Second Season) (3:57)
  12. The Be Good Tanyas - "Waiting Around To Die" (5:20)
  13. Los Cuates De Sinaloa - "Negro Y Azul: The Ballad Of Heisenberg" (3:57)
  14. Calexico - "Banderilla" (3:38)
  15. Far East Movement - "Holla Hey" (3:15)
  16. The Black Seeds - "One By One" (3:51)
  17. Blue Mink - "Good Morning Freedom" (2:50)
  18. Yellowman - "Zungguzungguguzungguzeng" (4:07)
  19. Chuy Flores - "Pollos Hermanos Veneno" (Third Season) (2:28)
  20. Los Zafiros - "He Venido" (3:15)
  21. Vince Guaraldi & Bola Sete - "Ginza Samba" (5:26)
  22. Teddybears Q - "Rocket Scientist" (feat Eve) (3:04)
  23. Prince Fatty - "Shimmy Shimmy Ya" (feat Horseman) (2:57)
  24. Son Of Dave - "Shake A Bone" (3:05)
  25. The Association - "Windy" (2:55)
  26. Quartetto Cetra - "Crapa Pelada" (2:42)
  27. America - "A Horse With No Name" (4:07)
  28. Alexander - "Truth" (4:20)
  29. Ana Tijoux - "1977" (3:30)
  30. Bang Data - "Bang Data" (3:01)
  31. Dever Ray - "If I Had A Heart" (3:48)
  32. Apparat - "Goodbye" (4:16)
  33. Thee Oh Sees - "Tidal Wave" (3:46)
  34. Taalbi Brothers - "Freestyle" (3:42)
  35. Whitey - "Stay On The Outside" (5:11)
  36. The Peddlers - "On A Clear Day You Can See Forever" (3:38)
  37. Knife Party - "Bonfire" (4:34)
  38. Tommy James & The Shondels - "Crystal Blue Persuasion" (3:47)
  39. The Limeliters - "Take My True Love By The Hand" (2:58)
  40. Marty Robbins - "El Paso" (4:30)
  41. Badfinger - "Baby Blue" (3:39)
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New Age 1982-84 (mispress) (5xLP box set + booklet limited to 300 copies (mispress: disc 1 contains New Age Transmission: & disc 2 contains New Age: Transformation. No returns accepted))
Cat: DE 250. Rel: 25 Jul 19
  1. Attunement (LP1: Transformation) (2:25)
  2. The Neverending Path (8:27)
  3. Transformation (9:53)
  4. Drop Out (4:47)
  5. Cosmic Consciousness (8:38)
  6. Love (6:58)
  7. Good Friday (LP2: Transmission) (9:34)
  8. Shiva's Dance (9:26)
  9. Moonlight (6:23)
  10. Transmission (12:37)
  11. Rising (LP3: Reflecting Light Vol I) (8:31)
  12. Spiral Dance (6:05)
  13. Seacliff (6:03)
  14. Diving (2:07)
  15. Turning Point (4:43)
  16. Koan (13:24)
  17. Reflecting Light (4:14)
  18. 9 Roses (0:18)
  19. Forever (LP4: Reflecting Light Vol II) (26:02)
  20. And Here (26:22)
  21. Rose Skies (LP5: Brilliance) (6:59)
  22. Brilliance (6:32)
  23. Eternal Dreams (5:42)
  24. Blue Wind (7:30)
  25. Crystal Flight (8:06)
  26. Starglider
Review: We are honored to release a 5-LP Vinyl Box Set from one of the key figures of New Age music, Suzanne Doucet from her incredible run of cassette only albums from 1982-84. Suzanne was born in Tuebingen, Germany where as a three year old, Doucet discovered her innate artistic gifts. Instinctively, she was always drawing, playing music, singing, and writing. By the age of 18, Suzanne was an established pop star in Germany with several #1 hits. She also made her mark as a composer, actress, TV moderator, director, engineer, and producer. At age 25. she took a sabbatical from the music business to go on a spiritual odyssey. In 1970 she released a triple album of field recordings and mind-expanding psychedelia under the name Zweistein. For the next ten years, she developed her own style of New Age music while exploring many areas of metaphysics and spiritual practices, including astrology, music therapy, tarot, yoga and the Kabbalah.

In 1979, Doucet launched a record label in West Germany named Isis, after the Egyptian goddess of feminine divinity. She formed the duo New Age with her musical partner Christian Buhner, and released the 1982 cassette album 'Transformation', which was inspired by a visit to Findhorn, Scottland. Suzanne and Christian recorded acoustic sounds such as waterdrops and vocals using sophisticated sound manipulation devices and muli-track recording techniques. The only electronic instruments used were the Jupiter 8 and the Roland TR-808 drum machine. The next year the duo began work on the follow-up 'Transmission', which released on cassette in 1983. After this release, Buhner and Doucet moved to Los Angeles, hoping to find more kindred spirits in the burgeoning New Age scene there. Doucet met Tajalli (William Wichman) whom with she would collaborate with on the 1984 cassette 'Brilliance'. That same year Doucet married Video Artist and Yoga instructor James Bell. Together they recorded two albums, 'Reflecting Light Vol. 1' and 'Reflecting Light Vol. 2', using a Roland JX-3P, TR-909 and a Steinway Grand Piano. Both cassettes had mirrored covers, a reference to the Zweistein jacket 14 years prior.

For the first time Suzanne's cassette music is available on vinyl, in a limited run of 300 box sets. Each is stamped with a rainbow foil of the goddess Isis and includes an 8-page full color magazine designed by Eloise Leigh with liner notes, photos and reflections by Suzanne. We also have a small amount of stand alone albums available housed in jackets using the original cassette artwork. All albums have been remastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios. Doucet's career placed her at the forefront of blossoming New Age Music movement. "People all over the world become more and more inner directed", she says, "New Age Music is the music of the new millennium. We are all pioneers, our work is on the vibrational level, which is the essence of all being. Our inner environment and the outer environment are co-dependent. This is the reason why music is so important for our lives. Whatever I can do to bring consciousness expanding music to as many people as possible, I'll do... and I'll devote my total being to whatever I am doing!"
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Simulation Theory: Super Deluxe Edition (clear vinyl 2xLP + 2xCD in hard-back book sleeve)
Cat: 019029 5578824. Rel: 16 Nov 18
  1. Algorithm (3:45)
  2. The Dark Side (3:45)
  3. Pressure (3:56)
  4. Propaganda (3:01)
  5. Break It To Me (3:38)
  6. Something Human (3:47)
  7. Thought Contagion (3:26)
  8. Get Up & Fight (4:05)
  9. Blockades (3:51)
  10. Dig Down (3:48)
  11. The Void (4:40)
  12. Algorithm (alternate Reality version)
  13. The Dark Side (alternate Reality version)
  14. Pressure (feat Ucla Bruin Marching Band)
  15. Propaganda (acoustic version)
  16. Break It To Me (Sam De Kong remix)
  17. Something Human (acoustic version)
  18. Thought Contagion (live)
  19. Dig Down (acoustic Gospel version)
  20. The Void (acoustic version)
  21. The Dark Side (alternate Reality instrumental)
  22. Algorithm (3:45)
  23. The Dark Side (3:45)
  24. Pressure (3:56)
  25. Propaganda (3:01)
  26. Break It To Me (3:38)
  27. Something Human (3:47)
  28. Thought Contagion (3:26)
  29. Get Up & Fight (4:05)
  30. Blockades (3:51)
  31. Dig Down (3:48)
  32. The Void (4:40)
  33. Algorithm (alternate Reality version)
  34. The Dark Side (alternate Reality version)
  35. Pressure (feat UCLA Bruin Marching Band)
  36. Propaganda (acoustic version)
  37. Break It To Me (Sam De Jong remix)
  38. Something Human (acoustic version)
  39. Thought Contagion (live)
  40. Dig Down (acoustic gospel version)
  41. The Void (acoustic)
  42. The Dark Side (alternate Reality instrumental)
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Cat: 702243 Rel: 28 Sep 18 • View all Earphones
Comfortable in ear monitoring headphones with stage-proof cable
Notes: Monitor your performances on stage with clarity. The Sennheiser IE 40 Pro in-ear monitors have an innovative dynamic single-driver design that produces well-rounded sound across an extended frequency range.

Audio is faithfully reproduced with no distortion and complete phase linearity, regardless of sound level. You're able to hear every detail, from incredibly deep lows to well-defined mids and crystal-clear highs.

The IE 40 Pro in-ear monitors are the perfect way for musicians and sound engineers to monitor live performances. Enhance your performance by being able to clearly hear backing tracks and personalised mixes.

The Sennheiser IE 40 Pros come supplied with silicone and foam earbuds, a cleaning tool and a soft carry pouch.
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The Scene Changes: The Amazing Bud Powell (remastered) (limited gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: MMLLP 84009. Rel: 06 Aug 19
  1. Cleopatra's Dream (4:24)
  2. Duid Deed (5:09)
  3. Down With It (4:02)
  4. Danceland (3:45)
  5. Borderick (2:03)
  6. Crossin' The Channel (3:32)
  7. Comin' Up (7:59)
  8. Gettin' There (5:06)
  9. The Scene Changes (4:05)
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Cat: 739057 Rel: 19 Jul 19 • View all Synth modules
Two channel, +4dBu balanced line level outputs
Notes: This module has 1/8" jacks to accept either mono or stereo audio signals from your modular gear.
It features input level indicator LEDs, and contains all the gain control circuitry necessary to drive external audio gear at the proper levels.

A ribbon cable is included for connecting it to either the Stereo Out Jacks 1U module, or a compatible Intellijel case with 1/4" jacks (e.g. 7U x 104HP, 7U x 84HP, or Palette 62).
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quote 739057
Cat: 718729 Rel: 26 Feb 19 • View all MIDI keyboards
32-key micro-sized keyboard for intuitive control over virtual instruments & effects
Notes: KOMPLETE KONTROL M32 has everything you could ask for when making music. Its 32 great-feeling keys not only give you great playability, but also a compact way to express your creativity. Combined with innovative software, Smart Play features, and seamless integration, you get intuitive control over all your instruments, effects, loops and samples - directly from your keyboard.


Inspiration can happen at any moment, so you need to get your ideas down quickly, wherever you are. KOMPLETE KONTROL M32 is perfect to plug in and play anywhere. Easy to set up, easy to pack away - it doesn't just fit your workflow, but your lifestyle, too. If you want to make tracks on the go, or create a compact studio setup - you now have the perfect keys to fit your needs. Lightweight and road trip ready, where will your music take you?


There's no right or wrong path to follow when making music - that's the beauty of it. Whatever works for you, KOMPLETE KONTROL M32 has the tools you need to go from first note to finished track, every step of the way.


The KOMPLETE KONTROL software makes browsing easier by organizing and tagging all your KOMPLETE and NKS instruments and effects, allowing you to hear each preset as you scroll. Thanks to Sounds.com, you now have over a million loops and samples to discover, too. Using KOMPLETE KONTROL, everything is collected into a single browser - making flicking through folders and searching for sounds a thing of the past.


You've found that elusive sound, now you want to adjust its parameters to suit your style, straight from your keyboard. You're in luck. You can use the OLED display and touch-sensitive knobs to tweak your sound's essential parameters in real-time. All of your KOMPLETE and NKS instruments and effects are pre-mapped to the KOMPLETE KONTROL hardware by the people who designed them - so you know you're in good hands.


Smart Play can help express yourself with techniques that you may not have mastered yet - such as chords, scales, and arpeggios. Map your keyboard to a number of different scales, or play chord progressions and arpeggios easily with single keys. For more experienced producers, Smart Play lets you play around outside of your comfort zone, taking your music in a new direction. Either way, it's a whole lot of fun.


Capture your ideas directly from the keyboard with immediate access to play, pause, record, quantize, loop, and more in a number of leading DAWs - keeping your focus on the music, rather than your screen. KOMPLETE KONTROL M32 gives you intuitive control over Logic Pro X, GarageBand, and Ableton Live. Cubase and Nuendo integration coming soon after initial release. Ableton Live 10 Lite is included with the keyboard, so you can start producing right out of the box.


With more than 6100 sounds and 10 GB of content included, KOMPLETE KONTROL M32 comes with everything you need to start making music. Register your hardware and get dynamic synths, meticulously sampled pianos, pounding drums, powerful production software, and more.
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Cat: 706868 Rel: 15 Oct 18 • View all Synth modules
Voltage controlled multi mode filter
Notes: MMF is an analogue, multimode filter with a 12dB per octave slope. Its sonic character swings all the way from classic low pass to squelchy acid lines. Simultaneous outputs of low pass, high pass, and band pass filter types are provided allowing for many variations of the input signal. Whether you're looking for smooth and creamy, or resonant and wild, MMF can go there.
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Cat: 714255 Rel: 17 Dec 18 • View all Synth modules
Speech synthesiser/formant oscillator with speech & FOF synthesis algorithms - 2HP
Notes: Vowel is a speech synthesis and formant oscillator. It synthesizes and approximates the human voice by generating vowel sounds. These can be manipulated to provide deep low baritones, or high pitched squeaks. Two unique algorithms provide separate takes on this exciting synthesis method and allow for a multitude of talking synth sounds.
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In The Beginning (180 gram coloured vinyl 5xLP box set)
Cat: DEMRECBOX 32. Rel: 20 Feb 19
Psych/Garage Rock
  1. Road Runner (2:07)
  2. Summertime (2:17)
  3. I Can't Make Up My Mind (2:33)
  4. The Way I Feel Inside (1:31)
  5. Ork 'n' Play (2:04)
  6. You Really Got A Hold On Me/Bring It On Home To Me (3:42)
  7. She's Not There (2:24)
  8. Sticks & Stones (2:57)
  9. Can't Nobody Love You (2:16)
  10. Woman (2:27)
  11. I Don't Want To Know (2:07)
  12. I Remember When I Loved Her (2:01)
  13. What More Can I Do (1:39)
  14. I Got My Mojo Working (3:37)
  15. Whenever You're Ready (2:44)
  16. Don't Go Away (2:34)
  17. She's Not There (2:25)
  18. I Love You (3:43)
  19. Leave Me Be (2:08)
  20. Indication (3:02)
  21. She Does Everything For Me (2:17)
  22. You Make Me Feel Good (2:39)
  23. Tell Her No (2:08)
  24. I Want You Back Again (2:11)
  25. Kind Of Girl (2:10)
  26. I Must Move (1:57)
  27. Sometimes (2:06)
  28. It's Alright With Me (1:53)
  29. She's Coming Home (2:38)
  30. I Want You Back Again (2:15)
  31. Nothing's Changed (2:32)
  32. Is This The Dream? (2:45)
  33. Remember You (2:00)
  34. Just Out Of Reach (2:09)
  35. Remember You (2:11)
  36. How We Were Before (2:06)
  37. Gotta Get Hold Of Myself (2:28)
  38. Goin' Out Of My Head (3:03)
  39. I'll Call You Mine (2:35)
  40. She Loves The Way They Love Her (3:00)
  41. Imagine The Swan (3:11)
  42. Smoke6y Day (2:24)
  43. Girl Help Me (2:22)
  44. I Could Spend The Day (2:32)
  45. Conversation Off Floral Street (2:41)
  46. If It Don't Work Out (2:28)
  47. I'll Call You Mine (2:38)
  48. I'll Keep Trying (2:28)
  49. I Know She Will (2:33)
  50. Don't Cry For Me (2:16)
  51. Walking In The Sun (2:37)
  52. Care Of Call 44 (3:55)
  53. A Rose For Emily (2:18)
  54. Maybe After He's Gone (2:34)
  55. Beechwood Park (2:44)
  56. Brief Candles (3:27)
  57. Hung Up On A Dream (3:02)
  58. Changes (3:20)
  59. I Want Her, She Wants Me (2:52)
  60. This Will Be Our Year (mono) (2:07)
  61. Butcher's Tale (Western Front 1914) (2:45)
  62. Friends Of Mine (2:17)
  63. Time Of The Season (3:36)
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Cat: 577792 Rel: 06 Jun 19 • View all Synth modules
Electronic switch with up to four steps - 4HP
Notes: Module A-151 (Quad Sequential Switch) is like an electronic four-position rotary switch.

It includes trigger and reset inputs, four in / outputs, and a common out / input. Each time a pulse is received at the trigger input socket, the common out / input is connected to the next in / output. After the fourth in / output, the next trigger makes it step back to the first again, and so on. A positive pulse at the reset input switches the out / input immediately back to the first in / output (see Fig. 1). Voltages in the range -8V...+8V at the O/I resp. I/O sockets can be processed by the module.

Four LEDs indicate the active in / output (i.e. the on that is connected to the out / input at any particular time).
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quote 577792
Cat: 703570 Rel: 05 Oct 18 • View all Synth modules
24dB low pass filter based on a Curtis filter circuit - 8HP
Notes: Module A-122 is a voltage-controlled low-pass filter, which filters out the higher parts of the sound spectrum, and lets lower frequencies pass through.

The cut-off frequency determines the point at which filtering takes effect. You can control this manually, or by voltage control (filter modulation, for instance by an LFO). Two CV inputs are available.

The cut-off slope is -24 dB/octave. The circuitry uses a Curtis chip, and is very similar to the classic Oberheim filter sound. Because of its different circuitry and controls, the A-122 has a considerably different sound to the A-120 'Moog-like' filter, especially in the way the resonance behaves.

Voltage controlled resonance: on the A-122, resonance can be controlled not just manually, but by voltages as well, right up to self-oscillation. In this case, the filter behaves like a sine wave oscillator.
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Cat: 713635 Rel: 10 Dec 18 • View all Effects pedals
Classic op-amp powered fuzz/distortion
Notes: The new Flatiron Fuzz is a classic op-amp powered fuzz/distortion. With its late '70s style circuit and symmetrical hard clipping, it's EHX's take on the RAT2 pedal, only we think it's better.

The Flatiron Fuzz is extremely versatile. At lower drive settings it remains fairly clean and adds a pleasing mild distortion. As the drive is turned up it transports you to a world of arena rock and produces spectacular, thick, meaty tones.

The stellar sound of the Flatiron Fuzz is a result of its classic, late '70s style circuitry and the fact that it delivers symmetrical hard clipping. As a point of reference, you might refer to the old Rat pedal, but we think you'll prefer the Flatiron.

The Flatiron Fuzz features three controls: Volume, Drive and Filter. Volume sets the output level while Drive adjusts the amount of sustain and distortion. The unique Filter control is actually a low pass filter with a movable cut-off frequency. This is especially cool because it lets you dial in just the right amount of high-end... from dark to raunchy.

Electro-Harmonix trivia: The Flatiron Fuzz is named after the historic Flatiron Building in New York City. It's an iconic landmark located just down the block from EHX headquarters in the 1970s and it's the building pictured on the pedal.

The RAT2 is a trademark of Act Audio.
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quote 713635
Cat: 577753 Rel: 06 Jun 19 • View all Synth modules
12dB multi-mode filter - 8HP
Notes: Module A-106-5 is a 12dB multimode filter that is based on the filter circuit of the Oberheim SEM module.

The filter is equipped with a band pass output and a combined low/notch/high pass output. For this output a control knob defines the relation between low and high pass signal. If both signals appear at the same level (i.e. middle position of the Mix knob) one obtains a notch filter. Otherwise the low or high pass signal predominates.

The module does not feature self-oscillation in contrast to most of the other filters of the A-100 system.

The module generates a distorted audio signal if the level control is set to about 50% (i.e. centre position) or more with A-100 standard signals like VCOs.
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quote 577753
Adventure Time: The Complete Series Soundtrack (coloured vinyl 3xLP + 10" LP box set + CD + cassette + booklet with obi-strip)
Cat: MOND 175. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. Adventure Time (main Title) (0:13)
  2. Fries (0:49)
  3. Out Of The Fire (0:48)
  4. Lay My Head Down Slow (1:23)
  5. Finnt The Blushing Baby (0:14)
  6. Wild Animals (0:56)
  7. Fisherman (0:19)
  8. Home Is (0:34)
  9. Plush Petting Zoo (0:30)
  10. Cruising In Lumpy Space (0:44)
  11. Juke Bug (0:39)
  12. Turbo Dating (1:06)
  13. Gooey Gangsta (2:34)
  14. Forced Forest (0:43)
  15. Billy!!!!!!!!!! (0:30)
  16. Hobo Dreams & Sun Floods (2:18)
  17. Seven's Freestyle (0:19)
  18. A City Of Thieves (1:16)
  19. Rainicoen Rodeo (0:51)
  20. Secret Room (0:38)
  21. Susan Strong (0:39)
  22. House Hunting (1:29)
  23. Sand Castle Siege (0:47)
  24. Fries (Crazy Sick Ice King version) (0:27)
  25. I'm Just Your Problem (1:56)
  26. Condiment Rainbow (0:27)
  27. Pulse Duel (1:27)
  28. On A Boat (0:23)
  29. Balloon Music (0:36)
  30. Friends Don't Fight (0:48)
  31. Oh Fiona (1:03)
  32. Movie Filming Time (1:18)
  33. Ultimate Prize (0:23)
  34. Our Favorite Foods (1:21)
  35. Party With The Chef (1:25)
  36. Turn Up The Music (0:30)
  37. Mystery Guitar (0:19)
  38. We're Finn + Jake (0:29)
  39. PB Isn't Feeling Good (0:37)
  40. Slow Roast (0:49)
  41. Yo Mama Rap (0:15)
  42. My Best Friends In The World (2:18)
  43. The Great Jelly Race (0:19)
  44. On A Tropical Island (0:47)
  45. Something Sweet (0:25)
  46. Cow Tango (0:29)
  47. Last Letter (0:54)
  48. Not Just Your Little Girl (0:24)
  49. All Gummed Up/All Warmed Up (1:25)
  50. Wiz Buds (0:36)
  51. Three Nice Dudes (0:27)
  52. Dropdown Rainbow (0:42)
  53. Fixing A Truck (0:46)
  54. Rocky Road (0:23)
  55. Bad Little Boy (1:51)
  56. Sleepy Puppies (0:42)
  57. Ice King & The Island Lady (0:35)
  58. Go Dentist (0:30)
  59. Bacon Pancakes (0:32)
  60. Real Power (0:49)
  61. Oh BMO (0:29)
  62. Summer Swamp Boogie (0:51)
  63. Joshua's Final Message (remix) (0:28)
  64. Melons (1:30)
  65. Parts Unknown (0:50)
  66. Fireproof Beat (0:26)
  67. Oh Bubblegum (1:12)
  68. Simon's Tale (2:01)
  69. Political Rap (0:35)
  70. Remember You (2:18)
  71. No Wonder I (3:07)
  72. Finn Vs Rap Bear (1:10)
  73. Poor Little Lemonhope (0:49)
  74. All I Need (1:10)
  75. Baby's Building A Tower Into Space (0:44)
  76. Little Brother (1:10)
  77. A Kingdom From A Spark (1:19)
  78. Lonely Bones (0:40)
  79. Can't Get Over You (0:46)
  80. Lemonhope's Got Feet (1:17)
  81. Love In The Darkness (1:40)
  82. Der Holle Rache Kocht In Meinem (0:25)
  83. Call To The Universe (0:57)
  84. Fallen Ally (0:24)
  85. Food Chain (Finale song) (1:31)
  86. Booboo Sousa (1:23)
  87. Yeah Girl, It Stinks (0:33)
  88. Like A Rock (0:34)
  89. To A Plant (0:26)
  90. Where Everybody Knows Your Name (0:23)
  91. Adventure Time - Stakes (main Title) (0:27)
  92. Fun With Trees (1:09)
  93. Everything Stays (Marcy & Mom) (0:38)
  94. Stakes On A Boat (0:25)
  95. Remembering Memories (1:02)
  96. Invisble Guest (0:23)
  97. Love In Its Place (0:40)
  98. It's Spring Again (0:28)
  99. Moonrays (0:40)
  100. Was It Reality (0:27)
  101. Everything Stays (1:34)
  102. Adventure Time - Islands (main Title) (0:13)
  103. BRB (0:40)
  104. Founders Song (1:20)
  105. Way Out There (0:30)
  106. Pedestrian Paradise (0:40)
  107. Greatly Appreciated (0:46)
  108. Bot Or Not? (0:37)
  109. Adventure Time - Elements (main Title) (0:27)
  110. To Be Spoken (0:55)
  111. Blue Magic (0:43)
  112. Blue Sky (0:52)
  113. Time Passes Like Cloud (0:33)
  114. Sweet/Sour (0:30)
  115. Let Me Call You Sweetheart (0:53)
  116. Skyhooks (0:22)
  117. Bonbon Ballad (1:15)
  118. Come Along With Me (0:28)
  119. Flower Body (0:26)
  120. Water Hymn (0:31)
  121. Sparkle Fountain Sunday (0:35)
  122. Minor Chances (0:32)
  123. Hot Dog Song (0:23)
  124. NEPTR+FP (0:40)
  125. Memory Strings (1:08)
  126. Chipmunk Rich (0:26)
  127. You Don't Need A Pill To Be Chill (0:20)
  128. Time Adventure (3:31)
  129. Nailed It (0:28)
  130. Turn Day Into Light (0:47)
  131. Gumspeak Lullaby (0:36)
  132. Imagination A Dream (1:04)
  133. I Want To Ride On A Boat (0:14)
  134. Sun Sparkles (0:36)
  135. Evolution (1:34)
  136. A Moment To Appreciate This Moment (0:18)
  137. Blowing Up The Spot (0:45)
  138. Mama Said (0:28)
  139. Slow Dance (1:03)
  140. Two Halves Make A Whole (1:09)
  141. Island Song (1:52)
  142. Diamonds & Lemons (main Title) (0:13)
  143. Electric Saw (0:53)
  144. Nintendub (0:39)
  145. Megaman's A Sissy (0:18)
  146. Conversation Parade (0:15)
  147. Chip Dip Triple Flips Are Hip (1:48)
  148. Guardians Of Sunshine (1:06)
  149. We're Adventure Masters (1:02)
  150. Kompy's Kastle (0:37)
  151. Dinner With Morty Rogers (0:38)
  152. The Compyuter World (0:17)
  153. Super Adventure Land (1:09)
  154. Snakes & Lazers (1:13)
  155. Plainsitters (0:25)
  156. The Old Factory (1:06)
  157. Sub Mission (0:22)
  158. Pixel Spirit (1:05)
  159. Robot Cowboy (1:01)
  160. Where Is Finn (0:43)
  161. A Slumber Party (1:22)
  162. The Corridor Of 1000 Deaths (0:32)
  163. Manlorette Party (3:06)
  164. Holiday For Nuts (CD)
  165. Gum Party
  166. Up On Muffin Hill
  167. A Beastly Condition
  168. Beach Brawl Fantasy
  169. Baby Feelings
  170. Slow Space
  171. Old Stump Town
  172. Time For Graybles
  173. Words From The Forest
  174. The Conductor
  175. Walk Into The Sun
  176. Hiking Across Heartbreak
  177. Frogiven
  178. Grey
  179. Nervous Flamez
  180. Cooking Is Fun
  181. That Red Hot Dame Lorraine
  182. Big Time
  183. Adventure Friends
  184. Oh What A Good Boy Am I
  185. Real Heroes
  186. Attack Of The Candy Cannibals
  187. Hairrevelation
  188. Brick By Brick
  189. Low G Rap Battle
  190. Hardcore Will Never Digest (original Teddybear mix)
  191. Vapm Vamp
  192. Wish Upon A String
  193. Space Transit
  194. Thinking Of Butts
  195. Don't Tell Dad
  196. Ghost Buddy
  197. Zombie Loop
  198. Goblin City Shuffle
  199. On The Tail
  200. Modern Comforts
  201. Soy People
  202. Getting A Call In The Woods
  203. Really Big Sweaters
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Cat: 742279 Rel: 08 Aug 19 • View all DJ cartridges
AT-XP5 cartridge pre-mounted on the AT-HS6BK headshell
Notes: The AT-XP series cartridges provide a high-quality sound for vinyl DJ's. Offering all of the features of a DJ cartridge, but with a Hi-fi sound, the XP series are perfect for the stage and club DJ who prioritises sound quality.

- Audiophile DJ cartridge AT-XP5 pre-mounted on the AT-HS6BK headshell
- VM dual magnet construction
- Durable robust design for high-quality specialist DJ playback
- Carbon fibre-reinforced ABS cantilever and nylon wire suspension ensure precise tracking
- Compatible with the replacement styli ATN-XP3 and ATN-XP7
- Configuration as single cartridge (AT-XP5), Replacement Stylus (ATN-XP5) and as headshell bundle together with the headshell AT-HS6BK available (AT-XP5/H)
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quote 742279
Cat: 705831 Rel: 09 Oct 18 • View all Portable speakers
Black mini portable Bluetooth speaker with up to 30 hours battery life
Notes: Using the latest technology and high-quality design we bring to you the new Minirig Mini Bluetooth rechargeable speaker. With 15 watts of power this little speaker will be the soul of any party!

Travel easy and in style with a professional anodised aluminium body built to last - just like the battery.

All our products go through years of passionate research and fine tuning, then carefully hand assembled and tested in-house for the highest possible quality.

Comes with charging cable and 3.5mm aux cable.

- Driver: Custom 52mm with neodymium motor system
- Battery life max volume: 3 hours
- Battery life average use: 10 hours
- Battery life low volume: 30 hours
- Input power: USB (5V DC @ 800mA)
- Amplifier power: 1 x 15Wrms
- Bluetooth: 4.2 with aptX, AAC and wireless stereo
- Bluetooth Receiver Mode: Yes (line out/headphones)
- Bluetooth range: >10-30 meters line-of-sight
- Charging time: 2-3 hours
- Construction: Anodised aluminium and ABS/polycarbonate
- Weatherproofing: Splash resistant
- App: IOS and Android
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quote 705831
Cat: 719475 Rel: 05 Feb 19 • View all DJ cartridges
Dual moving magnet stereo cartridge with headshell
Notes: Audiophile DJ cartridge mounted on AT-HS6BK headshell.

The AT-XP series cartridges provide a high quality sound for vinyl DJ's. Offering all of the features of a DJ cartridge, but with a Hi-fi sound, the XP series are perfect for the stage and club DJ who prioritises sound quality.

- Audiophile DJ cartridge AT-XP3 pre-mounted on the AT-HS6BK headshell
- VM dual magnet construction
- Durable robust design for high-quality specialist DJ playback
- Carbon fibre-reinforced ABS cantilever and nylon wire suspension ensure precise tracking
- Compatible with the replacement styli ATN-XP5 and ATN-XP7 for an upgrade
- Configuration as single cartridge (AT-XP3), Replacement Stylus (ATN-XP3) and as headshell bundle together with the headshell AT-HS6BK available (AT-XP3/H).
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quote 719475
Full Circle (4xLP)
Cat: INFRALTDLP 001. Rel: 01 Jun 19
Drum And Bass
  1. Serenity (6:34)
  2. Hold You (4:33)
  3. Meridian (5:41)
  4. Red Moon (6:20)
  5. Escape From Lando (feat Sense) (6:16)
  6. Point Of Return (5:13)
  7. The Crow Knows (5:00)
  8. Codebreaker (5:51)
  9. Full Circle (6:32)
  10. Eclipse (5:50)
Review: While he may have released a multitude of singles since making his debut on Metalheadz way back in 1995, "Full Circle" is only James Spratling AKA J Majik's second album (his debut full-length, "Slow Motion", was released in 1997). It's a fitting title, all told, because the majority of the ten tracks on offer recall the kind of punchy-but-dreamy jungle/early D&B fusion that marked out Spratling's earliest releases. That means a succession of killer cuts that wrap deep space chords, ambient synths and heady electronic melodies around bustling, jungle style breakbeats and booming, mind-altering basslines. It's a giddy, unashamed blast from the past, but one that's certainly in keeping with the D&B scene's current wave of misty-eyed nostalgia.
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Cat: 719501 Rel: 04 Mar 19 • View all Studio accessories
Maschine MK3 oak stand
Notes: This stand has been precision machined and hand finished, the panels have been recessed for your Maschine MK3, to make sure it's held firmly in place. The stand features a much wider working angle for your studio setup.

Assembled by connecting the side panels with 4 x Confirmat screws - all fixings and Allen key provided.
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quote 719501
Legrand Jazz (limited numbered gatefold heavyweight audiophile vinyl 2xLP + booklet)
Cat: IMPX 603045. Rel: 02 Aug 19
  1. The Jitterbug Waltz (5:17)
  2. Nuages (2:23)
  3. Night In Tunisia (5:51)
  4. Blue & Sentimental (3:22)
  5. Stompin' At The Savoy (3:49)
  6. Django (4:12)
  7. Wild Man Blues (3:20)
  8. Rosetta (7:16)
  9. 'Round Midnight (2:57)
  10. Don't Get Around Much Anymore (2:34)
  11. In A Mist (3:18)
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Cat: 712914 Rel: 03 Dec 18 • View all DJ controllers
Compact beginner DJ controller
Notes: Ultra-compact, ultra-light, ultra-practical and ultra-unique with its lights, the DJControl Starlight packs all the features needed to mix and scratch with Serato DJ Lite. With its built-in audio interface, the DJControl Starlight offers pre-listening in the headphones so you can then play your mix on speakers, which is perfect for learning or creating new mixes. The system is so comprehensive for its size that it boasts all the essential features such as bass equalization/filter knobs for smooth transitions or touch-sensitive jog wheels for easy scratching. The added bonus: the bright and powerful RGB backlighting with unique strobe effects to make it easier to learn how to mix.


The perfect DJ controller to introduce you to DJing, with Serato DJ Lite included


Control the backlights on the base: RGB and strobe effects


Built-in sound card to pre-listen to the headphones and speaker outputs


Compact and easy to carry wherever you want
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Cat: 710867 Rel: 13 Nov 18 • View all Record stabilisers
Premium quality, limited edition turntable weight in hand-numbered box, developed for club & home use
Notes: MasterSounds turntable weights are carefully designed to reduce a turntable's noise floor and thus improve the musical soundstage. Users enjoy improved bass response, tighter mids and controlled highs as the turntable weight reduces unwanted resonance when placed via the spindle on top of a record. These weights are just over 400 grams (+/- 14oz), light enough to not cause damage to a turntable's bearing system, but heavy enough to give sonic improvement.

The weights have been tested on a large variety of non-suspended belt drive and direct drive turntables with great success. Pressing plants try to achieve quality control on every record made, however there are intrinsic issues such as dished and warped records. MasterSounds turntable weights help to combat this too. DJ's love this, as it aids cueing a problematic a record prior to mixing and eliminates needle skip.

The weights have an anti-slip base, and thus each turntable weight has been designed to grip the record, which is fantastic for DJ'ing as it really stabilises records in the mix. Try using MasterSounds turntable weights for a couple of weeks, then remove to realise what a difference they make!
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quote 710867
Cat: 703183 Rel: 13 Sep 18 • View all Studio accessories
The world's first wearable smart metronome
Notes: Finally, a metronome that you'll actually love using! The Soundbrenner Pulse is the metronome of the 21st century - wearable, intelligent, and powered by vibrations. It becomes even more powerful when combined with The Metronome by Soundbrenner, our popular mobile app available for iOS and Android. Using the app, you can create and save complex rhythms, organize them into setlists, and even choose custom vibrations and LED colours.

You no longer have to listen to annoying audio clicks. Experience amazingly accurate haptic feedback in the form of strong, distinct vibrations that are easily felt against your skin.
Twist the wheel or triple tap to set the tempo to your liking. Yes, it's that simple. Free companion app is the most advanced, intuitive and customisable app on the market. It enables you to create and save any rhythm, change the time signature, choose a subdivision and much more.

To help bands and orchestras play with rock-solid precision, we've enabled Multi-Player Synchronisation. Connect up to 5 Soundbrenner Pulse to one smartphone which serves as a master to all devices. In a matter of seconds, you can play together, feeling the rhythm in perfect synchronisation.

Each Soundbrenner Pulse comes with two bands. Depending on your instrument and preference you can try out at home which location you prefer and comfortably switch out the bands.
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quote 703183
I Want You (gatefold 180 gram audiophile vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: GRV 120045. Rel: 08 Jul 19
  1. Right On For The Darkness (5:03)
  2. I Want You (5:35)
  3. Human (5:14)
  4. Every Timme You Go Away (6:36)
  5. Hey Stranger (Albu mix) (3:49)
  6. Angel Dust (5:03)
  7. Tripping Out (6:24)
  8. Billie Jean (4:53)
  9. Creep (5:54)
  10. I Will Survive! (4:09)
  11. Back To Black (4:02)
  12. Hey Stranger (alternate mix) (3:45)
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Rock & Roll Circus! (Deluxe Edition) (limited mixed 2xCD + DVD + Blu-ray in hard-back book sleeve)
Cat: 812003 9. Rel: 05 Jul 19
  1. Mick Jagger's Introduction Of Rock & Roll Circus
  2. Circus Band - "Entry Of The Gladiators"
  3. Mick Jagger's Introduction Of Jethro Tull
  4. Jethro Tull - "Song For Jeffrey"
  5. Keith Richards's Introduction Of The Who
  6. The Who - "A Quick One While He's Away"
  7. Circus Band - "Over The Waves"
  8. Taj Mahal - "Ain't That A Lot Of Love"
  9. Charlie Watts' Introduction Of Marianne Faithfull
  10. Marianne Faithfull - "Something Better"
  11. Mick Jagger & John Lennon Introduction Of The Dirty Mac
  12. The Dirty Mac - "Yer Blues"
  13. Yoko Ono & Ivry Gitlis - "Whole Lotta Yoko" (with The dirty Mac)
  14. The Rolling Stones - "John Lennon's Introduction Of The Rolling Stones - Jumping Jack Flash"
  15. The Rolling Stones - "Parachute Woman"
  16. The Rolling Stones - "No Expectations"
  17. The Rolling Stones - "You Can't Always Get What You Want"
  18. The Rolling Stones - "Sympathy For The Devil"
  19. The Rolling Stones - "Salt Of The Earth"
  20. Taj Mahal - "Checkin' Up On My Baby"
  21. Taj Mahal - "Leaving Trunk"
  22. Taj Mahal - "Corinna"
  23. The Dirty Mac - "Revolution" (Rehearsal)
  24. The Dirty Mac - "Warmup Jam"
  25. The Dirty Mac - "Yer Blues" (take 2)
  26. Brian Jones' Introduction Of Julius Katchen
  27. Julius Katchen - "De Falla: Ritual Fire Dance"
  28. Julius Katchen - "Mozart: Sonata In C Major - 1st Movement"
  29. The Rolling Stone - "Rock & Roll Circus!" (Blu-ray)
  30. The Rolling Stones - "Rock & Roll Circus!" (DVD)
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Greatest Hits (reissue) (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 4xLP)
Cat: 679654 1. Rel: 09 Nov 18
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Keep Ya Head Up (4:24)
  2. 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted (4:05)
  3. Temptations (5:04)
  4. God Bless The Dead (4:20)
  5. Hail Mary (5:13)
  6. Me Against The World (4:38)
  7. How Do U Want It (4:48)
  8. So Many Tears (3:52)
  9. Unconditional Love (3:59)
  10. Trapped (4:44)
  11. Life Goes On (4:59)
  12. Hit 'Em Up (5:12)
  13. Troublesome 96' (4:36)
  14. Brenda's Got A Baby (3:55)
  15. I Ain't Mad At Cha (4:54)
  16. I Get Around (4:22)
  17. Changes (4:29)
  18. California Love (4:44)
  19. Picture Me Rollin' (5:18)
  20. How Long Will They Mourn Me? (3:52)
  21. Toss It Up (4:44)
  22. Dear Mama (4:38)
  23. All About U (4:34)
  24. To Live & Die In L.A. (4:33)
  25. Heartz Of Men (4:38)
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The Album Collection (remastered) (gatefold 7xLP box set in slip-case)
Cat: 060349 7856268. Rel: 12 Jul 19
  1. I Can't See You (LP1: Tim Buckley) (2:20)
  2. Wings (2:34)
  3. Song Of The Magician (3:06)
  4. Strange Street Affair Under Blue (3:10)
  5. Valentine Melody (3:43)
  6. Aren't You The Girl (2:04)
  7. Song Slowly Song (4:15)
  8. It Happens Every Time (1:51)
  9. Song For Jainie (2:46)
  10. Grief In My Soul (2:05)
  11. She Is (3:06)
  12. Understand Your Man (3:08)
  13. No Man Can Find The War (LP2: Goodbye & Hello) (3:00)
  14. Carnival Song (3:08)
  15. Pleasant Street (5:17)
  16. Hallucinations (4:54)
  17. I Never Asked To Be Your Mountain (5:59)
  18. Once I Was (3:23)
  19. Phantasmagoria In Two (3:28)
  20. Knight-Errant (1:59)
  21. Goodbye & Hello (8:38)
  22. Morning Glory (2:52)
  23. Strange Feeling' (LP3: Happy Sad) (7:39)
  24. Buzzin' Fly (5:59)
  25. Love From Room 109 At The Islander (On Pacific Coast Highway) (10:39)
  26. Dream Letter (5:10)
  27. Gypsy Woman (12:14)
  28. Sing A Song For You (2:40)
  29. Happy Time (LP4: Blue Afternoon) (3:15)
  30. Chase The Blues Away (5:11)
  31. I Must Have Been Blind (3:44)
  32. The River (5:46)
  33. So Lonely (3:29)
  34. Cafe (5:25)
  35. Blue Melody (4:52)
  36. The Train (7:54)
  37. Lorca (LP5: Lorca) (9:54)
  38. Anonymous Proposition (7:47)
  39. I Had A Talk With My Woman (5:57)
  40. Driftin' (8:08)
  41. Nobody Walkin' (7:37)
  42. Come Here Woman (LP6: Starsailor) (4:04)
  43. I Woke Up (4:05)
  44. Monterey (4:32)
  45. Moulin Rogue (1:58)
  46. Song To The Siren (3:27)
  47. Jungle Fire (4:40)
  48. Starsailor (4:36)
  49. The Healing Festival (3:16)
  50. Down By The Borderline (5:18)
  51. Move With Me (LP7: Greetings From LA) (4:42)
  52. Get On Top (6:32)
  53. Sweet Surrender (6:45)
  54. Nighthawkin' (3:19)
  55. Devil Eyes (6:45)
  56. Hong Kong Bar (7:01)
  57. Make It Right (4:12)
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