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Out Of Place Artefacts
Out Of Place Artefacts (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: WSNWG 005. Rel: 20 Oct 20
  1. Ennoch (3:35)
  2. Apophenia (5:41)
  3. Dementor (4:07)
  4. Orela (4:32)
  5. Geomantic (5:31)
  6. Moscovium (4:24)
  7. Atakama (4:23)
  8. Nazca (5:40)
  9. Procyon (5:42)
  10. Kybalion (5:39)
  11. Dogon (4:23)
Review: According to the accompany information, VRIL and Rodhad's first collaborative full-length was dually inspired by a desire to "subvert the expectations of their previous work" and the real world phenomena of unusual artefacts that baffle both archaeologists and historians (in their words, "strange anomalies scattered throughout the world"). Musically, the album is something of a slown-burn treat, with the pair slowly ambling between heady ambient soundscapes, buzzing, slow-motion psychedelic techno, creepy and bass-heavy electronic experiments, acid-flecked IDM, deep dub techno and productions that cannily blur the boundaries between these various stylistic touchpoints. As a result, Out of Place Artefacts is a startling and hugely enjoyable collection of mysterious musical movements.
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 in stock $26.99
Nothing Stops Detroit
Cat: REKIDS 165.
  1. Nothing Stops Detroit
  2. 7 Mile Dog
  3. Ignite A War
  4. The Cure
coming soon $10.26
Extra Welt Hits
Extra Welt Hits (4xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: CORLP 048.
  1. Fernweh
  2. Die Zitrone Der Schopfung
  3. Titelheld
  4. Die Welt Ist Nicht Genug
  5. Minilogue - "The Leopard" (Extrawelt remix)
  6. Pink Panzer
  7. Soopertrack
  8. Herzstuck (live version)
  9. Dark Side Of My Room (live version)
  10. 8000
  11. Doch Doch
  12. Gott Ist Schrott
  13. Drehfehler
  14. Neuland
  15. Zu Fuss (live version)
coming soon $53.98
Unlit Signals
Cat: LIES 137.
  1. Gulch
  2. Clubtek
  3. Dog Ants
  4. Pax Cultura
  5. Molotov
  6. Busy
  7. Keys In The Dark
  8. Throb
Played by: Jerome Hill
coming soon $27.81
Pleasures That Kill
Pleasures That Kill (5xCD box with poster + MP3 download)
Cat: HOS 599CD.
coming soon $72.34
Deep Emotions
Cat: SWX 007.
  1. The Point
  2. Moebius
  3. A New Perspective
coming soon $10.53
Dreams In Sepia
Dreams In Sepia (limited hand-numbered 2xLP)
  1. Dreams In Sepia
  2. Wicker Park Sunrise
  3. Soulmate
  4. 8000km To Amsterdam (Narita mix)
  5. A Beautiful Soul
  6. Fathoms
  7. Black Petals (album version)
  8. Promitory Beach (alternate version)
  9. Monologues (interlude)
  10. Then & Now
  11. Awaken From A Dream
coming soon $24.30
Truth Of Self Evidence (repress)
Cat: KMS 017CLEAR.
  1. Truth Of Self Evidence
  2. Grab The Beat
  3. Structure
coming soon $11.07
Algorithm (12")
Cat: FIGUREX 22.
  1. Alpha Centauri
  2. Circle Machine
  3. Remote Viewer
  4. Glavset Bubble
coming soon $10.79
Black Hands Vol 3
Black Hands Vol 3 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: MATHPLUS 020.
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
coming soon $14.85
All Of You
  1. All Of You (remix)
  2. All Of You
coming soon $10.79
The End Of Logic EP
  1. Nervous Days
  2. But The Nice One!
  3. Miss Mickey The Dumbs
  4. But The Nice One! (Thomass Jackson remix)
  5. Miss Mickey The Dumbs (Damon Jee remix)
coming soon $13.23
Grau 1: Concrete Versions
  1. Foundation
  2. Respond
  3. Kylao
  4. Overdrive
coming soon $25.64
Variations On A Theme EP
Cat: PCLUB 006.
  1. Hyperdrive
  2. Variations On A Theme
  3. Source Material
coming soon $12.69
Signals (3xLP)
Cat: MINDCUT 20.
  1. Alexander Kowalski - "Imperfect Sphere"
  2. Oliver Rosemann - "Skynet 2040"
  3. Morbeck - "Time Is Not My Friend"
  4. Sleeparchive - "Porridge"
  5. JoeFarr - "Departed"
  6. Keepsakes - "Basic Decay"
  7. Cadans - "Callback"
  8. Vlaysin - "Hit Me Beat Me"
  9. Swarm Intelligence - "Power Corrupts"
  10. Mdd - "Exitdown"
  11. Endlec - "She Scarred Me Badly Again"
  12. Paul Birken - "Microbiomemultiverse 2020"
coming soon $29.43
Metamorfosi (3xLP + MP3 download code)
  1. Improvvisazione
  2. Beautiful Morning
  3. Joseph Capriati & Louie Vega - "Spirit Brothers"
  4. Anything Is Possible
  5. Dust
  6. New Horizons (feat James Senese)
  7. Metamorfosi
  8. Psychic Journey
  9. Goa
  10. It's All About Love
  11. Joseph Capriati & Eric Kupper - "Love Changed Me" (feat Byron Stingily)
  12. Let's Change The World
coming soon $58.30
20 Years Of Cynosure
Cat: CYN 086.
  1. Mathew Johnson - "That Lightning Sky"
  2. Deadbeat - "Friends & Family Dub"
  3. Northern Vector - "Drift Collaboration"
  4. Dewalta & Shannon - "Cannondale"
  5. The Mole - "Lurking Not Jerking"
  6. Cris & Johnny - "Eviction Party"
coming soon $22.66
Voyager EP
  1. Transmission One
  2. Bridge (extended Transmission mix)
  3. Interstellar Space
  4. Gravity Assist
coming soon $12.69
Fanged Contradiction
Cat: 55 MOHM.
coming soon $17.82
Odessia (numbered 12" limitd to 200 copies)
Cat: MUSCUT 18.
  1. Odessian Dub
  2. Odessian Deep
  3. Wave Dance
  4. Odessian Night
coming soon $21.33
coming soon $22.13
THEORY 002 (12")
Cat: THEORY 002.
  1. Hum
  2. Richard's Dream
  3. Y-Shape
  4. Dozen Claves
  5. Bulb
coming soon $10.26
Grial (white vinyl LP)
Cat: INS 10.
  1. Track 1
  2. Pluriverso
  3. NRG Remains
  4. Sur - Furia
  5. Abya Yala
  6. +Decodification
  7. Breaking Hegemonies
  8. Traicion (10mente mix)
  9. EMRI/The Last Alliance
  10. Our New Order
coming soon $23.75
Lucky Veil
Cat: BIGAMO 10.
  1. Black
  2. Steel
  3. Steel (outro)
  4. Vagrant
  5. Joy
  6. Lucky Veil
  7. Rei
coming soon $23.49
Blue 01 (remastered)
  1. Speed Makes Confusion
  2. Japan Paranoik
  3. My Friend Shoei Shimieu Is Not Dead (Mosquito mix)
  4. Mamy Message - Label Info
Played by: Joe Montana
coming soon TBA
Presents: A Essential Tribute To Bill Evans The Future Of Modal Jazz
  1. Consecration III
  2. Complex Maneuvers In Mannes School Of Music
  3. The Loquacious Son Of Harry And Mary Soroka
  4. Autumn Leaves Again
coming soon $14.85
Finsternis EP
Finsternis EP (red vinyl 12")
Cat: L&M 004.
  1. Anaphoria
  2. Cataphoria (LEIRAS remix)
  3. Anaphoria (DJKAOS11 aka He´ctor Oaks remix)
  4. Cataphoria
coming soon $11.34
Sunbeam (remastered)
Cat: DPXRE 1.
  1. Sunbeam
  2. Fictional Frequency
Played by: Carlos Nilmmns
coming soon $11.34
Eleganza EP
Cat: BRSA 002.
  1. Eleganza
  2. One Nation
  3. Fantasy
  4. Euphoria
coming soon $11.34
Vinaloop (12")
Cat: FAC 1.
  1. Vinaloop
  2. Lifeflows
  3. Vinaloop (Liquid Earth remix)
coming soon $13.77
Cytoskeleton EP
  1. Annihilation
  2. Cytoselektion
  3. Multicellularity
  4. Cytoselektion (Stanislav Tolkachev remix)
coming soon $10.26
Bford 14
Bford 14 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SL 4. Rel: 28 Sep 20
  1. Night D3 Died (6:24)
  2. Make Your Own Sunshine (6:09)
  3. Serpentine Tale (6:02)
  4. The Introducer (8:10)
Review: Although rarely spoken about in hushed tones, Peter Adshead AKA Baby Ford is one of British house and techno's true pioneers. As many readers will know, he spent the first decade of his career exploring acid house and rave, before switching to a deeper and more minimalistic techno and tech-house sound towards the end of the '90s. It's in that period that BFORD14, which is finally being reissued, first appeared in stores. Intoxicating, bass-heavy and entrancing, the EP's many highlights include the hissing hypnotism of 'Serpentine Tale', the deep bass, melancholic synthesiser chords and crunchy drums of 'Night D3 Died', and the spacey, deep techno warmth of deliciously hazy closing cut 'The Introducer'.
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out of stock $9.17
Black Water (repress)
Black Water (repress) (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: 4W 340CLEAR.
  1. Black Water (5:40)
  2. Black Waters (4:54)
  3. Untold (5:43)
coming soon $11.07
Overcome/Lady Science (NYC Sunrise)
Cat: TR 11:11. Rel: 16 Jan 19
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Overcome (9:08)
  2. Lady Science (NYC Sunrise) (9:24)
Review: REPRESS ALERT: relik returns with a repackaged edition of one of the catalogue's most treasured releases. "Overcome" and "Lady Science (NYC Sunrise)" need little introduction, and now come sporting the new TR11:11 matrix number. Written and produced by Thomas Melchior and Baby Ford aka Soul Capsule, these tracks came from one of the many sessions recorded at the West London Ifach Studio in 1999. On the A Side "Overcome" is stripped back and energetic, driven by rolling and shuffling garage style beats, tight bubbling bass and atmospheric synth pads. The intermittent vocal samples and the release's signature organ set you up for the flip, "Lady Science (NYC Sunrise)". Possibly one of house music's most emotive pieces, the track builds slowly with the introduction of each part building a story of soulful optimism based around a sparse palette of deep synths, uplifting keys and warm analogue bass. The understated beauty of the main vocal riff never seems to grow old or tired with the track lending itself perfectly to either main room, peak-time play or after-hours sessions alike. Remastered by Rashad at D & M.
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 in stock $8.63
Acid Bhangra Rarities & Re Edits
Acid Bhangra Rarities & Re Edits (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SPICE 2. Rel: 12 Oct 20
Deep House
  1. Acid Agah (original 1994 dubplate mix)
  2. Rani (edit)
  3. Nachdi Drums (edit)
  4. Balle Shava (edit)
Review: The Masaala label are laying claim to a unique curio from the '90s here, unearthing the forgotten sounds of Cutmaster Singh from Leicester. This unsung DJ legend was amongst those trying to fuse acid house and bhangra, and on this 12" we're treated to a selection of edits that do a mighty fine job of crossing the cultural divide to bring the infectious energy of Indian music into a dancefloor context. First up is a dubplate from 1994 titled 'Acid Agah', which rides a bubbling 303 and resplendent strings to create a jaw-dropping showpiece. 'Rani' is steeped in bashy '80s drums and more of that lysergic throbbing, offset by a stunning female vocal, while 'Nachdi Drums' unsurprisingly leans in hard on percussion to whip up a frenetic energy that is as much techno as it is bhangra. 'Balle Shava' takes things back to a kind of new beat freakiness which will appeal to old-skool diggers looking for something spicy in their sets.
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 in stock $9.17
Touching The Sublime
Touching The Sublime (limited gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: SSV 18. Rel: 05 Oct 20
  1. A Warm Place (6:00)
  2. Pele & Surtr (12:42)
  3. The Iliad & The Odyssey (11:49)
  4. Hypoxia (6:51)
  5. Tectonic Monument (10:30)
  6. Idiis Mortii (7:44)
  7. Entropy8 (7:19)
  8. Eyeless Through Space (8:06)
Review: Canadian minimal veteran Tomas Jirku has been a little quiet of late, but now he makes a welcome and unexpected return with something quite different for Silent Season. You can hear echoes of his earlier work in the soundscapes he's sculpted across Touching The Sublime, as high-definition sonic manipulation draws on his experience and eye for detail in wielding music technology, but rather than creating pointillist rhythmic structures, he's more concerned with billowing clouds of ambience. It's easy to draw parallels with the likes of Tim Hecker, but there's space for more techno-oriented productions in the midst of the maelstrom. Epic in scope and powerfully rendered, this is an album that will feed your head for a long time to come.
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Europa Code
Europa Code (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: IT 045. Rel: 02 Oct 20
  1. Winged Assassin (5:31)
  2. Crater 101 (5:20)
  3. Place Of Angels (6:33)
  4. Europa Code (4:37)
Review: Enduring UK techno legend Surgeon links up with one of the modern scene's most vital labels in Munich's Ilian Tape. His fierce four track spreads mind melting synth work and industrial tinged percussion of a range of BPMs, with 'Place Of Angels' being the most raved up and intense. 'Europa Code' is a much slower and more mindful tune with a snaking rhythm and mysterious leads and 'Crater 101' is the blistering peak time banger any techno set needs. 'Winged Assassin' is our favourite, though, with its nagging synth loops and clattering percussion being a perfect mix of tension and release.
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 in stock $11.61
Something From Nothing
Something From Nothing (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MJCR 001. Rel: 19 Sep 16
Deep House
  1. Sequential Circus
  2. Just On For The Ride
  3. Charlie Don't Surf
  4. Hotshot
Review: REPRESS ALERT: 'Something From Nothing' is a four tracker that fuses techno sensibility with house swagger, a voice calling to Detroit's Second Wave while a hand beckons the shadowy waters of house.
Hearts Of Darkness are immersed in late nights and smoke-filled basements, with past form seeing them play Fabric and Bugged Out!. An unhealthy loyalty to vintage hardware and long forgotten code means their music is analogue, not for fashion, but because it feels right.
On the A, 'Sequential Circus' is purest machine funk as a driving bass bubbles into self-oscillation. Next, 'Just On For The Ride' bounces to a millennial deep house swing. Flip it for a dense future dub workout in 'Charlie Don't Surf,' then 'Hotshot' closes with a pad soaked vibe for the discerning warm up. A melting pot EP with all the right ingredients.
'Something From Nothing' opens the door to Hearts Of Darkness. Step inside.
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 in stock $1.08
Shades Of Detroit (Sushitech 15th Anniversary reissue)
Shades Of Detroit (Sushitech 15th Anniversary reissue) (limited marbled vinyl double 12")
Cat: SUSH 13.5. Rel: 10 Aug 20
  1. Wires (8:01)
  2. Limbo (6:18)
  3. Trying Times (6:43)
  4. New Things (7:02)
  5. Hypnotize (7:31)
  6. Change Is Coming (6:57)
Review: Originally released back in 2011 on two singles, Shades of Detroit is a journey of six deep and dubby house monsters! The new limited reissue includes both Dark and Light parts, marbled vinyl and a new updated artwork. Essential Detroit house classic!
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 in stock $19.42
Baseline 87 (Sushitech 15th Anniversary reissue)
Cat: SUSH 04.5. Rel: 26 Oct 20
Deep House
  1. Baseline 87' (6:46)
  2. Musik For The Dancefloor (6:24)
Review: The Sushitech festivities continue unabated with this bittersweet repress of an all-time classic from the much-missed Detroit figurehead Mike Huckaby. 'Baseline '87' ranks amongst his most fabled works, riding as it does around an irresistibly catchy square wave bass hook and one of those no-nonsense beats that the legendary producer did so well. For the sound of Huckaby in full flight though, 'Musik For The Dancefloor' on the flip soars thanks to the interplay between the pads and chords while retaining that steadfast focus. In memory of a true dance music hero, why not revisit a classic that should be comfortably sat in every record bag?
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 in stock $10.26
Alien Mode (reissue)
Alien Mode (reissue) (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: HES 037. Rel: 16 Jul 20
  1. Alien Mode (6:06)
  2. Cobwebs (4:04)
  3. Everything Is Inside Out (5:57)
Played by: Mimi, Little Fritter
out of stock $8.10
Polychrome Swim
Polychrome Swim (limited 12")
Cat: TTT 092. Rel: 06 Oct 20
  1. Harajuku Girls (8:16)
  2. Yurei (3:54)
  3. Aqua Surge (7:31)
Review: Fresh from a superb outing on Wisdom Teeth (the wonderfully deep and meditative Terrapin EP), Dwayne Parris-Robinson returns to The Trilogy Tapes for the first time in three years. A-side 'Harajuku Girls' boasts just the right blend of melodic accessibility, dancefloor weight and rhythmic ingenuity, with the Bristol-based producer wrapping a jumpy, UK-funky influenced beat in rumbling bass, fluttering synthesizer motifs and cut-up vocal snippets. He gets dreamier on side B, first combining crunchy, post D&B-beats with seductive ambient chords and chiming melodies on 'Yurei', before brilliantly combining barking dogs, twinkling electronics, hazy chords and dubbed-out breakbeat hardcore beats on the equally as impressive 'Aqua Surge'.
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Played by: Wes Baggaley
 in stock $14.03
Cosmic Transmission
Cosmic Transmission (2xLP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: ITLP 07. Rel: 20 Oct 20
  1. When Nothing Is Safe (6:13)
  2. Who's In Control (4:09)
  3. Intense Incense (4:29)
  4. Natural Connection (4:46)
  5. Sphere Force (5:04)
  6. Divided Society (6:11)
  7. Transforming Well (4:38)
  8. One For All (4:51)
  9. Reset (3:43)
  10. Let Loose (3:45)
  11. Transcending (5:41)
Review: There's an undeniably far-out feel to the Zenker Brothers' second album, Cosmic Transmission, which adds further layers of trippy textures, hallucinatory sounds and smoky intensity to the aural blueprint first explored on their 2015 debut full-length Immersion. There's much to admire throughout, from the mind-bending ambient weirdness of opener 'When Nothing is Safe', and the slipped dub haze of 'Whose In Control', to the drug-addled IDM of 'Natural Connection', and the polyrhythmic techno trip of 'Divided Society'. Most striking of all is the trio of tracks that close the album, all of which are powered forwards not by heavy techno beats (or even their usual crunchy, off-kilter breakbeats) but rather a series of ear-catching, fuzz-soaked synthesizer arpeggio lines.
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 in stock $26.99
2X ORANGE (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: 2X ORANGE. Rel: 22 Oct 20
  1. Measuring Trips (5:28)
  2. Stray (8:00)
Review: Naming records after colours is nothing new; in fact, British tech-house pioneers Circulation spent much of their career delivering tracks named in honour of Pantone colours. Perhaps it was this that inspired Alex Falconer and Jean-Pierre Ahtuam to follow a similar pattern with releases on their 2X label. Circulation certainly would have been proud of 'Stray', the flipside cut on Tim Schlockermann's 2X Orange 12" (his first for the imprint). Featuring meditative ambient chords, pulsing and pleasing synthesizer melodies, chunky synth-bass and snappy, hypnotic machine drums, it sits somewhere between early 2000s tech-house and machine-made deep house. Over on side A, Schlockermann opts for a fuzzier, quirkier and more lo-fi sound on the analogue house sweetness that is 'Measuring Trips'.
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 in stock $11.34
Bluetrain Retrospective (Sushitech 15th Anniversary reissue)
Bluetrain Retrospective (Sushitech 15th Anniversary reissue) (limited gatefold coloured vinyl 3xLP + poster)
Cat: SUSH 26C. Rel: 26 Oct 20
  1. Moving Forward
  2. Midnight Creeper (extended)
  3. Where's Burt? (short edit)
  4. Inside Out
  5. Special Edition (reshape)
  6. Version Blue (edit)
  7. Stripped
  8. Diminishing Returns (Bluetrain special edition dub)
  9. Don't Rush The Dub
  10. Give I Strength (remastered)
Review: Steve O'Sullivan's work as Bluetrain ranks amongst the finest distillations of sleek techno minimalism and spatial dubwise sonics. As part of Sushitech's 15th anniversary celebrations, they're doing us all a massive favour by revisiting their comprehensive compilation of the finest Bluetrain joints, replete with a tasty coloured vinyl pressing this time around. The tracks are beyond sublime, riding steadfast, understated grooves, which underpin beautifully sculpted, metallic chord clusters that sink in easy but run deep. If you need a dependable clutch of stellar dub-tech-house workouts to suit full-immersion DJ sets, this essential double pack will keep you trucking long into the morning.
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 in stock $32.38
Tarnished Idol
Tarnished Idol (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: PWAVE 01. Rel: 22 Feb 16
  1. Savitri's Clarion
  2. KonsTanze
  3. Tarnished Idol
  4. Oryan
  5. Memory Extend in Domain
  6. Talisman My Rhizome Bro
Review: KM Editions and Pleasure Unit are proud to anounce the launch of Pleasure Wave. A new imprint to release special projects.Our first release "Tarnished Idol comes from the multi faceted g-Marie a friend of ours for over 20 years. This mini LP was concieved over the first few months of 2015 after various travels around Europe and Asia and then recorded at his home studio in South London.
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 in stock $1.08
Die Nag EP
Die Nag EP (12")
Cat: AOP 005. Rel: 22 Oct 20
  1. Die Nag (8:20)
  2. Puma Stert (7:08)
  3. Maanlig (7:05)
out of stock $12.41
Loop Research
Loop Research (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: TRM 002. Rel: 05 Oct 20
  1. Brood (7:12)
  2. Disclosure (6:55)
  3. Pollen (10:08)
  4. Samsara (5:22)
Review: Trauma Collective returns with four cuts of decidedly hypnotic and abstract techno from ever-prolific ASC. Rounding out the last decade with a string of stand-out releases on his own imprint, Auxiliary, the San Diego producer brings his cerebral sonic aesthetic to the fledgling Madrid label. "Loop Research" showcases a singular artist unbound by tempo and at the top of their game.

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 in stock $9.17
Orson's House (reissue)
Cat: AGT 001. Rel: 07 Oct 20
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Orson's House (James Harrison Subfunk mix) (6:42)
  2. Orson's House (mix 1) (5:43)
  3. Orson's House (mix 2) (6:14)
Review: Second time around for Transparent Sound single 'Orson's House', a classic chunk of driving, sub-heavy tech-house that first appeared in 2001. The duo's original 'Mix 1' and 'Mix 2' versions - here featured on the flip - are classic examples of the early British tech-house sound, which fused the sub-heavy strut of early UK techno with the sci-fi sounds of Motor City techno and the swinging machine drums of house music. Those looking for a more fully formed, funk-fuelled take should check the A-side 'James Harrison Subfunk Mix', where spacey pads, tweaking acid lines and alien-sounding lead lines ride a chunkier, more energetic groove.
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 in stock $12.69
EP3 (12")
Cat: POSS 003. Rel: 23 Oct 20
  1. Regal - "Looking For A Balance" (6:24)
  2. Dyen - "Phenomenon" (6:43)
  3. Anetha - "Gedo Senki" (6:32)
  4. JKS - "Wanna Be With You" (5:06)
 in stock $10.79
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