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LiveSOS (CD)
Cat: 471070 0. Rel: 09 Dec 14
  1. 18
  2. Out Of My Limit
  3. Disconnected
  4. Amnesia
  5. Beside You
  6. Everything I Didn't Say
  7. Long Way Home
  8. Heartache On The Big Screen
  9. American Idiot
  10. Teenage Dream
  11. Good Girls
  12. What I Like About You
  13. End Up Here
  14. She Looks So Perfect
  15. What I Like About You (studio mix)
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Top Selection 10 (mixed CD)
Cat: 541416503407. Rel: 24 Feb 10
Funky/Club House
  1. Edward Mya & Vika Jigulina - "Stereo Love"
  2. Annagrace - "Love Keeps Calling"
  3. Bob Sinclar - "New New New" (feat Vybrate & Queen Ifrica & Makedah - Chris Kaesar remix)
  4. Fake Blood - "I Think I Like It"
  5. Lasgo - "Over You"
  6. Tocadisco - "Better Run" (feat Nadia Ali)
  7. Dennis Ferrer - "Hey Hey"
  8. Dr Kucho - "Funkatron"
  9. Norman Doray - "Tobita"
  10. John Dahlback - "Love Inside" (feat Andy P)
  11. Seamus Haji vs Mark Knight & Funkagenda - "Good Times"
  12. Sound Of Soho - "Take My Love"
  13. Michael Feiner - "Peace"
  14. Larry Tee - "Let's Make Nasty" (feat Roxy Cottontail - Afrojack remix)
  15. Steve Aoki - "I'm In The House" (feat Zuper Blahq)
  16. Daddy's Groove vs Bob Sinclar - "Kiss My Agony"
  17. Tina More - "Touch Me" (Esqauire remix)
  18. Yass & Jay Sebag - "All To Me" (Daniel Bovie & Roy Rox remix)
  19. Deepswing - "In The Music" (Adam K & Soha remix)
  20. Kyle Evans - "Love U Tonight"
  21. Jerome Isma Ae - "Hold That Sucker Down"
  22. Tomcraft & Tim Healey - "Real Smooth" (feat DJ Assault)
  23. Spektrum - "Kinda New" (bonus track - Tiefschwarz dub)
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Cat: 409499 Rel: 08 Dec 10 • View all Record sleeves
Pack of 10 white paper sleeves with poly lining
Notes: Polylined White Paper Record Sleeves for 7" records (Pack of 10).
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Cat: 416486 Rel: 26 Jan 11 • View all MIDI cables & adapters
5 pin DIN to 5 pin DIN MIDI cable
Notes: A high quality MIDI cable for connecting music controllers and devices together. Strong and flexible cable comes with low loss conductors and global shielding ensure a clean data stream. It is terminated at each end with a 180- 5-pin DIN plug.

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Cat: 725880 Rel: 22 Mar 19 • View all Record sleeves
10 x black paper sleeves - 7"
Notes: 7 inch vinyl record inner sleeves. Approximate weight of 100gsm, with centre hole (diameter 8cm). UK manufactured.
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 1 in stock $2.07
Cat: 567667 Rel: 27 Mar 15 • View all Turntable accessories
Basic stylus cleaning brush for protecting your stylus & prolonging the life of your vinyl
Notes: Basic stylus cleaning brush for protecting your stylus & prolonging the life of your vinyl
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Cat: 710481 Rel: 21 Feb 19 • View all Audio cables
3.5mm Eurorack patch cable, 50cm length
Notes: Kitty Cables are a slim, low-profile 3.5mm Eurorack patch cable suitable for cases that close overtop, and jacks spaced close to one another. Available in five different sizes! And each one has a subtle little kitty at the end of the cable.

Length: 50cm
Colour: Orange
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Cat: 725885 Rel: 25 Mar 19 • View all Record sleeves
Replacement polythene record sleeves - 7 inch
Notes: 250 gauge polythene 7" record sleeves - pack of 25.
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Cat: 710467 Rel: 21 Feb 19 • View all Audio cables
3.5mm Eurorack patch cable, 30cm length
Notes: Kitty Cables are a slim, low-profile 3.5mm Eurorack patch cable suitable for cases that close overtop, and jacks spaced close to one another. Available in five different sizes! And each one has a subtle little kitty at the end of the cable.

Length: 30cm
Colour: Black
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Huerue EP (12")
Cat: VAYVAY 002. Rel: 04 Jul 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Bocaje - "Pattern 01" (7:13)
  2. Bocaje - "Pattern 06" (7:52)
  3. Serdal - "Huerue Kaplan" (10:15)
Played by: Alex Font
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100% Dynamite (hand-stamped 7")
Cat: HS 702. Rel: 19 Nov 13
  1. 100% Dynamite
  2. Hostel California
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Aquafusion (limited CD)
Cat: MLPH 11CD. Rel: 07 Nov 16
  1. Back To Elba
  2. Aquafusion
  3. Duality (feat Krista Michaela)
  4. Surf Blue
  5. Barbados
  6. I Saw The Wind
  7. Open Sequences
  8. Seagulls
Review: Under the A Vision of Panorama alias, Mikhail Khavsko has released some of the most beguiling nu-Balearic music of the past few years. Aquafusion is his long-awaited debut album, and is sure to further enhance his already high reputation. Drawing on sun kissed synthesizer grooves, languid nu-disco and hazy pop for inspiration, the album boasts all manner of ear-pleasing highlights. These include the new age inspired ambient slinkiness of "Open Sequences", the Gigi Masin style bliss of "Seagulls", the mid-'80s synth-pop-goes-dancing bounce of "Barbados", and the baked, horizontal pop of "Duality" (which notably features the drowsy vocals of Krista Michaela).
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Cat: R2CD 26. Rel: 02 Mar 16
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. It's Your Life
  2. Boy
  3. Quiet Places In My Head (part 1)
  4. Renegade Ha
  5. Do It
  6. Nice Mutha
  7. I Say
  8. Never Go
  9. Dust Yourself Off
  10. Ain't No
  11. Quiet Places In My Head (part 2)
  12. Holy (Let's Not Play)
  13. Forever Grateful (For Walter & Andre)
  14. Now I See
  15. What?
  16. Nothing (Really)
  17. State We In
Review: Baltimore house legend Karizma steps forth with his debut album as Kaytronik, which continues his long running association with UK label R2 Records. At 17 tracks long, Thee Album is somewhat conservative compared to Chris Clayton's last Karizma outing, 2013's 39-track Wall Of Sound, but canvasses the full spectrum of his widely lauded production talents. Leading out with some vintage string heavy boom bap, the Kaytronik sound unfolds to encompass classic US house, tougher DJ tools, jagged brukked up rhythms, jazzy beatdown and everything in between. In simple terms Thee Album is a true master at work. Don't Sleep!
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  1. Adam F - "When The Rain Is Gone" (radio edit)
  2. B Traits - "Fever" (feat Elizabeth Troy)
  3. Cover Drive - "Sparks" (Alias radio)
  4. Gotye - "Eyes Wide Open"
  5. Jay Z & Kanye West - "Ballin In Paris" (Meaux Green remix)
  6. Jessie J - "Laserlight" (feat David Guetta - radio)
  7. Katy Perry - "Part Of Me" (Jaques Le Cont Thin White Duke mix)
  8. Lethal Bizzle - "Not A Saint" (feat Donaeo - Vato Gonzalez clean radio)
  9. LMFAO - "Sorry For Party Rocking" (D'anconia remix)
  10. Loverush Uk! - "Tonight In Babylon" (feat Bryan Adams - Steve Smart & Westfunk radio)
  11. Nero - "Must Be The Feeling" (radio edit)
  12. Paul Van Dyk - "Verano" (feat Austin Leeds - album mix)
  13. Rizzle Kicks - "Travellers Chant" (Bimbo Jones West Pier radio)
  14. Robie Rivera - "Turn It Around" (feat Jes - Bluestone vs Loverush radio)
  15. Robin S & CtK - "Shake It" (Steven Quarre & Morris Mavado radio)
  16. Sarah Atereth - "Without You" (MYNC Stadium mix)
  17. Shrink Reloaded - "Step Up" (Dirty Ztylerz radio)
  18. Skepta - "Make Peace Not War" (Blame radio)
  19. Tinchy Stryder - "Bright Lights" (feat Pixie Lott - Cassetti remix)
  20. Usher - "Climax" (radio)
  21. Benny Benassi - "Control" (feat Gary Go - radio)
  22. Bodyrox - "Bow Wow Wow" (feat Chipmunk - Bluestone vs Loverush radio edit)
  23. Bruno Mars - "Count On Me"
  24. Calvin Harris - "Let's Go" (feat Ne Yo)
  25. Caro Emerald - "Dr Wanna Do"
  26. Clement Marfo & The Frontlines - "Mayhem" (feat Kano - Dave Fawbert clean radio mix)
  27. Cool Million - "Without Your Love" (feat Kenny Thomas - album)
  28. Drake - "Make Me Proud" (feat Nicki Minaj - XXXX Lyric Aware)
  29. Eric Saade - "Hotter Than Fire" (feat Dev - Rudedog radio)
  30. Far East Movement - "Live My Life" (feat Justin Bieber - clean)
  31. Hype Kronik & Fe - "Dutty Weekend" (radio)
  32. Lana Del Rey - "Blue Jeans" (club Clique remix)
  33. Mary Mary - "Go Get It"
  34. Mohombi - "In Your Head" (High Level radio)
  35. Monica & Brandy - "It All Belongs To Me" (radio)
  36. Platnum - "Solar System" (7th Heaven radio)
  37. Scooter - "C'est Bleu" (radio)
  38. Sean Finn - "Show Me Love 2K12" (Bodybangers remix)
  39. Tradelove - "Pum Back" (radio)
  40. Ultra Nate & Michelle Williams - "Waiting On You" (original extended)
  41. Yolanda Be Cool - "Le Bump" (feat Crystal Waters - UK radio)
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Swimming (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: EFR 002. Rel: 18 Jan 16
  1. Swimming (7:03)
  2. Tantalum (6:52)
  3. Kuju Rising (6:28)
Review: On the day today tonight, Portillo's teeth removed to boost pound. And Ethyl and Flori go swimming at St Lamb's pool in Acton - happy now?
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Senida (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: STRBLT 002. Rel: 22 Aug 16
  1. Jotunn
  2. 30700
  3. Snotra
  4. Senida
Review: Senida, Strobelight's second release, is a reprisal by the well seasoned and acclaimed producer Ruxpin under the alias Den Nard Husher and is his first ep under the alias since his 1999 2x12 "Nard's Groove" on Thule. The diverse selections of this ep are thunderous yet warm and emotive and illustrate the styles on the NY based label Strobelight Network.
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Sauro's Senses (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SV 001. Rel: 18 Sep 17
  1. Verses
  2. Senses
  3. Sauro
  4. Aicee
Review: A new label and a new artist throwing their hat into the techno ring with a sideways reference to A Certain Ratio. Do The Du clearly mean business, and waste no time in laying down the law with the rowdy snarl of "Verses", a punky slice of lo-fi techno from the gutter. "Senses" is a more tightly wound, looped up affair for the most nerve-jangled of dancer, while "Sauro" makes mincemeat of the house music blueprint with a wonderfully distorted twist on the genre. "Aicee" gets the whole B-side to trance out on a submerged, throbbing 303 burner and subtle drum jack that harks right back to the early days of Phuture.
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Ghetto Jams Vol 10 (unmixed CD)
Cat: GHETTO 10CD. Rel: 09 Sep 09
Funky/Club House
  1. Wetter (re-construction)
  2. Love Game Is Gone
  3. Money Up
  4. Round N Round
  5. Breakin Dishes
  6. Set It Off
  7. Day N Nite vs I Gotta Feeling
  8. Party Break
  9. Finally 2009
  10. Cha Cha Slide 2009
  11. SOS (Let The Music Play)
  12. Written On Her
  13. Tie Me Down
  14. All Eyes On Me
  15. Track 15
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Laidback Beats 2015 (mixed 2xCD)
Cat: 888750 86872. Rel: 29 May 15
Funky/Club House
  1. Alesso - "Heroes (We Could Be)" (feat Tove Lo - Branchez remix)
  2. Calvin Harris - "Blame" (feat John Newman - R3hab Trap remix)
  3. Kygo - "Firestone" (feat Conrad Sewell - live acoustic version)
  4. David Guetta - "Dangerous" (feat Sam Martin)
  5. Omi - "Cheerleader" (original)
  6. Sigma - "Changing" (feat Paloma Faith - Goldsmyth edition)
  7. Sam Smith - "I'm Not The Only One" (Armand Van Heldens Dat Shiznit Iz Slammin remix)
  8. Alex Adair - "Make Me Feel Better"
  9. Zhu - "Faded"
  10. Philip George - "Wish You Were Mine" (DJ SKT remix)
  11. Jess Glynne - "Right Here"
  12. Lilly Wood & The Prick & Robin Schulz - "Prayer In C" (Robin Schulz radio edit)
  13. Duke Dumont - "Won't Look Back" (Star Slinger remix)
  14. Parra For Cuva - "Wicked Games" (feat Anna Naklab - Tom Misch remix)
  15. Klingande - "Jubel"
  16. Example - "One More Day (Stay With Me)" (MJ Cole remix)
  17. Katy B - "5 AM" (Route 94 remix)
  18. Secondcity - "I Wanna Feel"
  19. Route 94 - "My Love" (feat Jess Glynne)
  20. Shift K3Y - "Touch" (Oxford remix)
  21. Clean Bandid - "Rather Be" (feat Jess Glynne - Affelaye remix)
  22. Avicii vs Nicky Romero - "I Could Be The One" (Noonie Bao Acoustic mix)
  23. Sia - "Chandelier" (Four Tet remix)
  24. Foxes - "Clarity" (acoustic)
  25. Tove Lo - "Habits (Stay High)" (Hippie Sabotage remix)
  26. Karen Harding - "Say Something" (Bodhi remix)
  27. Chris Malinchak - "So Good To Me"
  28. Magnetic Man - "Getting Nowhere" (feat John Legend)
  29. Wretch 32 - "6 Words"
  30. Waze & Odyssey & R.Kelly - "Bump & Grind 2014"
  31. Pep & Rash - "Rumors"
  32. Breach - "Everything You Never Had (We Had It All)" (feat Andreya Triana - Joe Goddard remix)
  33. Marlon Roudette - "When The Beat Drops Out"
  34. Melissa Steel - "Kisses For Breakfast" (feat Popcaan - Ill Blu remix)
  35. Bakermat - "One Day (Vandaag)"
  36. Bondax - "All I See" (original mix)
  37. Soulcircuit - "Rolling With Me (I Got Love)" (feat Maverick Sabre - Catching Flies remix)
  38. Alina Baraz & Galimatias - "Fantasy"
  39. Mausi - "My Friend Has A Swimming Pool" (Star Slinger remix)
  40. Le Youth - "Dance With Me" (feat Dominique Young Unique - Twrk remix)
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Prom King (CD)
Cat: CAK 107CD. Rel: 14 Oct 15
  1. Intro
  2. Can't You See
  3. Prom King
  4. I Can't Be Your Superman
  5. Ridiculous!
  6. Fall Harder
  7. Bounce Is Back
  8. Affairs
  9. All I Want
  10. Cash Wednesday
  11. Fiona Coyne
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Cat: 655923 Rel: 03 Jul 17 • View all Percussion & instruments
Quality wood tipped hickory drumsticks
Notes: - Pair
- Hickory
- Size: 7A
- Length: 395 mm
- Diameter: 13 mm
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 1 in stock $2.13
Cat: 3000355. Rel: 02 Sep 10
Funky/Club House
  1. Bob Sinclar & Sahara - "I Wanna" (feat Shaggy)
  2. Stromae - "Alors On Danse"
  3. Nicola Fasano - "Oye Baby" (feat Pitbull)
  4. Angie Be - "Soundwaves"
  5. Molella - "Paradise" (feat Alessia D'Andrea)
  6. Yolanda Be Cool VRS Dcup - "We Speak No Americano"
  7. Adrian Lux - "Teenage Crime"
  8. Steve Watt - "Give It Up" (feat Jean Philippe)
  9. Avicii & Sebastien Drums - "My Feelings For You"
  10. Roger Sanchez - "2gether"
  11. ATB - "Could You Believe"
  12. Simon De Jano - "Mykonos 2010"
  13. Lucenzo - "Vem Dancar Kuduro" (feat Big Ali)
  14. Nari & Milani & Cristian Marchi - "I Got My Eye On You" (feat Luciana)
  15. Promise Land - "Push The Feeling On"
  16. We Love 90 vs Livin' Joy - "Don't Stop Movin'"
  17. Alex Nocera & Katherine Ellis - "Living For The Sun Down"
  18. Gio Di Leva & Marcos Carnaval - "Do Pai"
  19. John Dahlback - "Bingo" (feat Elodie)
  20. Isla Deejay - "I Like It"
  21. Andy Lake - "Deep House Party"
  22. Simon Parker - "Shake Me"
  23. Chris Wilson - "Funky Drama"
  24. Bob Lane DJ - "Billionaire"
  25. Greg Stemple - "Sexy House"
  26. Barclay Saylor - "Get Down"
  27. Wim Johns - "Latin House Salsa"
  28. Paris Barlow - "Get Back"
  29. Joey Connor - "I Feel Love"
  30. Barry Harper - "The Train"
  31. Jeremy Ross - "Manhattan Sensation"
  32. Jade Dedan - "Miami Mood"
  33. Dale Vegas - "Walking In Mykonos"
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Cat: MXCD 2558. Rel: 26 Apr 13
  1. Kesha - "Die Young" (Seamus Haji radio edit)
  2. Avicii vs Nicky Romero - "I Could Be The One"
  3. Hardwell - "Apollo" (feat Amba Shepherd)
  4. Pitbull - "Don't Stop The Party" (feat TJR)
  5. Dam'Edge - "Shake It" (feat Kat Deluna & Fatman Scoop)
  6. Carlprit - "Fiesta" (Michael Mind Project radio edit)
  7. Kamaliya - "Butterflies" (DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark 2k12 remix)
  8. Nicky Romero & Nervo - "Like Home"
  9. Ne-Yo - "Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself)" (Bob Sinclar radio edit)
  10. Manian - "Don't Stop The Dancing" (feat Carlprit)
  11. DJ Valdi, Kato Jimenez & Jesus Sanchez - "Wanna Dance" (feat Mey Green)
  12. TJR - "Ode To Oi"
  13. David Pop - "Believe In Dreams"
  14. Dikko - "In The Night"
  15. RIO - "Living In Stereo"
  16. Alien Cut & Dino Brown - "Love Me Boy" (feat Vivian B)
  17. La La Land & Timati - "Not All About The Money" (feat Timbaland & Grooya - DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark 2k12 remix)
  18. Jutty Ranx - "I See You" (Federico Scavo remix)
  19. Vato Gonzalez vs Lethal Bizzle & Donae'O - "Not A Saint"
  20. Wildstyle - "Year Of Summer" (feat Niels Geusebroek)
  21. Antoine Clamaran - "This Is My Goodbye" (feat Fenja)
  22. RIO - "Summer Jam" (feat U Jean)
  23. Alex Gaudino - "Playing With My Heart" (feat JRDN)
  24. DJ Raafy - "Always" (feat Snoop Dogg, RJ & Play N'Skillz - E Partment edit mix)
  25. Bodybangers - "Out Of Control" (feat Linda Teodosiu & Rameez)
  26. Italobrothers - "This Is Nightlife"
  27. Dane Rumble - "Cruel" (Albert Kick & Jordi MB remix edit)
  28. Willy DJ's - "It's Gonna Be Love" (feat Sweet Ross)
  29. Gabry Ponte - "Dragostea Din Tei 2k13" (feat Haiducii & Jeffrey Jey)
  30. Whigfield - "Saturday Night" (feat Carlprit - Max K remix edit)
  31. Ethernity - "Can't Stop Loving You"
  32. Scooter - "4 AM"
  33. Stereo Palma vs Regi - "Our Love" (feat Craig David)
  34. DJ Eddy N - "I Want It All" (feat Iva & Blaq Shado)
  35. David Moreno - "Turn Up The Radio"
  36. Alyanna Lu - "We Party Everyday"
  37. DJ Jump & Jenny Dee - "Love Is Gone"
  38. DJs From Mars - "Phat Ass Drop (How To Produce A Club Track Today)"
  39. Fedde Le Grand & Nicky Romero - "Sparks (Turn Off Your Mind)" (feat Matthew Koma)
  40. Chuckie & Promise Land - "Breaking Up" (feat Amanda Wilson)
  41. Global Deejays & Chris Willis - "Party 2 Daylight"
  42. Feenixpawl - "Universe" (feat Quilla)
  43. Pink Is Punk & Benny Benassi - "Ghost" (feat Bright Lights)
  44. Vincenzo Callea vs William Naraine - "Turn Off The Lights" (Ivan Gough remix - MYNC radio edit)
  45. CJ Stone - "Stay 4ever Young" (feat Jonny Rose)
  46. Bottai - "Get Numb"
  47. 2Elements - "Tell Me Boy"
  48. Menini & Viani - "It's On Tonight (Ankamassa)" (feat Roz Brown - Jack & Joy vocal radio edit)
  49. Diego Conte - "Keep On Party" (feat Master Freeze)
  50. Julian The Angel - "Bad Girl" (feat McLevit & Ashela)
  51. Sandro Silva - "Let Go Tonight" (feat Jack Miz - Starkillers remix)
  52. Roberto Sansixto & Josep Faus - "Are You Gonna Love Me"
  53. Joachim Garraud - "Maximus" (feat A Girl & A Gun)
  54. Zound Invaders - "A New Life" (feat Patricia Leidig)
  55. KPD & Submission - "DJ Free To Be"
  56. Max Zotti - "Spin The Bass Drum"
  57. Tomcraft - "Loneliness 2k13"
  58. T Tommy, Victor Perez & Vicente Ferrer - "No Sex, Marriage"
  59. Dario Nunez & Diego Gonzalez - "Eden" (feat Luis Izquierdo)
  60. Tomaz vs Filterheadz - "Sunshine" (D Ramirez remix)
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Cat: VIB 007. Rel: 09 Sep 13
Deep House
  1. Learn To Love
  2. Morning Sequence
  3. Morning Sequence (Mark E remix)
Review: After a bit of a hiatus, Roots Unit return with some deep house hybrids from their bulging vaults. "Learn To Love" is a melodic dub-house / techno infused big sound system warmer that comes from a studio session with former 2 Lone Swordsman Keith Tenniswood and will be familiar to those who tune into Tim Sweeney's Beats In Space show on the regular. "Morning Sequence" is a lovely early morning hypnotic slinky electronic house jam that gets under your skin and into your mind. This latter track is mutated into a heavy floor filler by Mark E in full on peak time mode.

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Beasts From Below (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: IMM 043. Rel: 03 May 16
Deep House
  1. Underworld
  2. Immortal Melody
  3. Hydras Dance
Review: "HYDRAFUNK is an exciting Detroit Techno inspired collaboration between Immigrant Records owner and label manager Robin Porter and US analogue synth guru Mike Carr. The duo first collaborated back in 2002 releasing the 'Mental Stealth EP' on Immigrant, featuring the bassline and synth heavy 'Fathernature', a track that found it's way on 'Evil' Eddie Richard's Fabric 16 mix CD. Their debut three track EP, Beasts From Below, fuses the analogue aptitude of Mike Carr and Robin Porter's attention to sound frequency, arrangement detail and understanding of the dance floor, delivering an intoxicating peak time package of delight. "Underworld" is a deep journey of melodic synth work and chugging groove that travels into dark territories, complimented by uplifting percussion that builds into a peak time beast from the deep. On the flip, "Immortal Melody" delves even further into moody territory delivering a tantalising array of dreamy synths and jackin' old school percussion, that submerges into an abyss of texture before rising up into a dance floor banger. Closer "Hydra's Dance" is definitely not a token bonus track and is the most dance floor friendly cut; featuring Robin's knack for creating powerful basslines, unique vocals and Mike's ability to create depth and texture with his analogue synth programming."
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Cat: FS 030. Rel: 05 Oct 15
Deep House
  1. Don’t Take This Shit So Serious (feat Brothers' Vibe - original mix) (9:52)
  2. Don’t Take This Shit So Serious (feat Brothers' Vibe - Brothers' Vibe remix) (7:44)
  3. Don’t Take This Shit So Serious (feat Brothers' Vibe - acapella) (2:52)
Review: Finale Sessions is proud to bring you a fantastic release from Berlin's youANDme Feat New Jerseys Brothers'Vibe and we are excited because of the combination of this release and we start with the "Original "with its classic house appeal and the perfect vocals of Brothers' Vibe it is one for the peak time dance floors and then we have the Brothers'Vibe Remix and it is an amazing piece with its tribal drums and its super deep vibe this one is stellar part of the record
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Gasteiz (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SYM 014. Rel: 18 May 15
  1. Gasteiz (5:53)
  2. Release (5:13)
  3. Square White (6:18)
  4. Oobe (5:05)
Review: The revival of Symbolism continues with J.C. & Kastil. J.C. aka Jose Cabera is otherwise known as Spanish house producer Kasper as well as cropping up on Fred P's Boards imprint as J.C. in 2014 while Kastil is widely recognised for his output and stewardship of Soul Notes.
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Court Of Swing (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: TULTD 002. Rel: 14 Sep 15
Deep House
  1. Court Of Swing (6:25)
  2. W Motion (5:53)
  3. Real Love (5:39)
  4. Real Love (Siggatunez & Oliver Bernstein remix) (5:32)
Review: Traxx Underground LTD return with a new record by Steven Wobblejay from the crew Creative Swing Alliance with 3 raw tracks and fantastic deep remix from Siggatunez and Oliver Bernstein. Vinyl only release!
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Cat: AD 002. Rel: 16 Nov 15
Deep House
  1. Thermal Bear - "Round & Round" (6:50)
  2. Kemback - "Awaken" (5:42)
  3. James Fox - "Feeling Free" (6:51)
  4. Kieran Holden - "Wild Palms" (7:51)
Review: Following the royal success that was Maximum Joy, Alfresco is back with another release.

2015 marks ten years of Alfresco Disco parties. The label is still only young, however - but the crew bring their party planning, djing and producing experience into the label.

The Maximum Joy pt. 2 presents 4 good friends of the Alfresco Crew, both old and new, who each bring something different to the e.p whilst still maintaining the free spirited Alfresco Vibe.

Thermal Bear brings in a straight up classic deep house beat with 'Round and Round'. Outrageously warm chunky production and one to keep the crowd moving in the wee hours.

Kemback's effort shuffles effortlessly into the mind, taking you on a dreamy trip to somewhere wonderful. A strong nod to Floating Points here with it's heavy swing, gritty drums, and Kemback makes subtle but powerful use of his fine musicianship.

James Fox brings the good time disco-house vibe with the sample-heavy 'Feeling Free'. The wonderful arrangement and vocal make this a pure summer record that's been getting great crowd reactions.

Our Cornish Connection and newcomer Kieran Holden slows it down and makes it nice and trippy with the magnificent 'Wild Palms'. We love this dark, acid tinged sound which adds a different dimension to the ep and shows why Kieran has already been getting props from the likes of Tici Taci and the LFOS crew.
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Lignes EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: FS 029. Rel: 07 Sep 15
Deep House
  1. Lignes (6:02)
  2. 0 ( Phase ) (6:43)
  3. Invariant (feat Jordan) (6:33)
Review: Finale Sessions is excited about this reease and we are greatfull to bring you Natan H hailing fro the "City Of Angels" Natan has this energy that we at Finale Sessions as of late have not been able to find so as you know we are estatic to get this out to the masses and give you a little taste of what is going on out on the Left Coast and we start with the track "Lignes" with its melodic pads and its wavering synths make for a latenight beauty for sure then we move to track 2 which is " 0 (Phase)"This track is another latnight stomper with moving chords and melodic drum patterns that keep it a smooth sounding pieace, Then last but not least we have the song "Invariant" (Feat.Jordan) This dub techno track is floor filler for sure with its heavy laden pads and synths and its monsterous sounds one of my favorite tracks at the moment . We want to thank you at Finale Sessions for giving us the opportunity to share this music with you and we hope you enjoy it
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Eye Of The Star Warrior (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: COR 003. Rel: 28 Sep 15
Deep House
  1. Dodging The Steamroller (7:21)
  2. How Beautiful Is The Red Zone (5:42)
  3. Eye Of The Star Warrior (5:59)
  4. Leisureworld (4:58)
Review: Timothy J. Fairplay's label Centurians Of Rome is back with its first vinyl release, after Timothy's 2013/14's cassette only mini albums 'Good For Driving In The Night' & 'The Promise Of Midi'. COR003 signals the return of the mysterious & enigmatic Antoine Rouge. After the release of the 'Spook Juke' EP on Timothy J. Fairplay & Scott Frasers Crimes Of The Future label Antoine disappeared, reports of his death in the French media last year remained unconfirmed and then in February this year he walked into Timothy's studio saying he'd spent the last year focusing on playing 'Hero Quest'. 'Eye of The Star Warrior' follows on stylistically from his debut EP. Produced entirely on junkshop preset keyboards, as after what happened before these are the only synths Timothy will let Antoine borrow. Four Trax of transcendental phase distortion Wavehouse from the self proclaimed Star Warrior.
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Dark Skies & Wetlands (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: FSL 001. Rel: 21 Sep 15
Deep House
  1. Different Planet
  2. Substance Of Arjuna
  3. Racoons
Review: Finale Sessions is really pleased to launch new series Finale Sessions Limited with Berlin up and coming act Arcarsenal. Duo comprised of Alan Mathias and Etienne Dauta, both founders of Bass Cadet Records and its dedicated vinyl store located in the heart of the german capital, they are also active members of the large Underground Quality family. Arcarsenal have already started to establish themselves as proponent of a crossover sound, mixing many influences from jazz, house, ambient to dub and techno. They are always giving a prominence to jam, improvisation and textures work in their studio routine. This EP called « Dark Skies & Wetlands », even if slightly grittier than usual, is no stranger to the rules of the duo. The opening track « Different Planet » is an epic dark deep house cut which develops itself over a course of 8:40. Starting with a stamping ground bassline and hazy atmosphere, the track opens up with synth attacks, dub echoes and slowly brings in a blissful melody that ends up linking all the elements. « Substance Of Arjuna », the following track on the A-side, is a-contrario a short but intense ambient work. Shot in one take, this subtle cut showcases the kind experimentations that Mathias and Dauta can end up doing late at night in front of their machines. The b-side of the EP leaves all the space to « Racoons », one of the weirdest and yet most powerful work of the duo to date. Tribal techno could be a short try to define what they achieved here, but the track goes far more than this. Built on a gritty mental acidic bass and a huge drum kick, the frenchmen bring over aggressive synth work that could sound like an orchestra on rehearsal, pachydermic screams or an overdriven guitar larsen. Underlined by a complex percussion pattern recorded live in their nest and chopped up to the best effect, the track ends up in a looping transe from which the listener might not leave in a normal state.
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This Bup Is Close (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BUSH 002. Rel: 14 Sep 15
Deep House
  1. Both Of You (6:46)
  2. The Bup Is Close (6:01)
  3. Quickfiz (6:25)
  4. Star Crater (5:38)
Review: The Bush is a homage to the place where I have lived for the last decade (Askew Road). The Askew Road itself is slowly changing so I wanted to document all the places that play a big part in mine and my families lives before they eventually get sold for more flats or Tescos. First up was Peckings Studio 1 record shop, which has been on this stretch of road since the 1960s. Next up is the mighty Sun pub which became a local talking point when they sold the place because a sign sat in the window that announced "THIS BUP IS CLOSE".
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Slow Roll EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BKR 013. Rel: 30 Nov 15
Deep House
  1. Slow Roll (11:20)
  2. Filtechno (8:03)
  3. Aired (7:32)
Review: Well formed, Brighton based, deep house label Black Key Records again comes up trumps with a tasty new EP from Germany's accomplished and well travelled Pawas.

DJ and producer Pawas Gupta has amassed a cultured discography since 2007. Releasing his moody house vibes on labels like Fear of Flying, Night Drive Music and Back Key Limited, he has put out a steady stream of excellent 12"s and LPs and never fails to cook up original sounds.

Absorbing and atmospheric opener 'Slow Roll' is a cavernous chamber of warming sound with soft rubber drums making for a lazy groove. Icy pads and soulful chords drift and flap about above as distant stabs help propel you along this underwater landscape. Building to a subtle peak that makes your whole body move, it is a fine opener that is rich and detailed.

The expertly layered 'Filtechno' is a fathom deep track that is as dubby, flabby and horizontal as you could imagine. Celestial pads circle like spirits in the night and gloopy bass brings a fortress sense of depth to this most serene bit of sonic landscaping. Many floors are sure to be in a state of brain soothing joy when they get lost in this one.

Lastly, Pawas shows another side again with 'Aired,' a more melodic and jazzy number featuring cute little piano motifs, tooting bass and hip swinging, super wet claps. It is perfectly atmospheric and nicely coloured, and rounds out a classy EP of contemporary house sounds from one of the best labels in the business.
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Thought Control (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: FIN 005. Rel: 25 Jan 16
  1. Thought Control (D_Func Vision) (8:10)
  2. Thought Control (Marcel Heese Vision) (10:26)
Review: For Finitude Music's 5th release, label owner Marcel Heese and Alexander Kowalski aka d_func. share their visions on ""Thought Control"".

Both tracks on the EP harbour the same intent, but each of them approaches it in a different way. d_func.'s take revolves around Sahko-like bleeps - if you are into early Mika Vainio or Sleeparchive - look no further! But instead of being loopy, it's definitely a builder. Its original trance track-like structure is sure to rock many an underground dancefloor.

Marcel's vision is slower and less straight-forward but creates and maintains a high tension. Based on dense a bassline and intricate soundscapes, it builds up slowly, only to explode halfway through. An extra payoff also comes at the very end of a track - its noise/ambient outro making a perfect way to wrap up an amazing party at 8AM somewhere deep in the heart of Berlin.
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Digitalis Purpurea EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SORN 003. Rel: 25 Jan 16
  1. Digitalis Purpurea (4:17)
  2. Digitalis Purpurea (Ikpathua & Paterson remix) (7:39)
  3. Friends (5:20)
  4. Odzala-Kokoua (4:50)
Review: "Following up on the excellent 'Stabbed in Konya' EP for Peur Bleue, SORN welcomes Gohan to the fold. Three tracks of dystopian techno for the heads, plus a Boddika-esque remix from newcomers Ikpathua & Paterson. Recommended."
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Played by: Ikpathua, Paterson
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Genghis Kahn EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: LVNO 03. Rel: 14 Sep 15
Deep House
  1. Behind 6000 (6:54)
  2. Genghis Kahn (5:54)
Review: We were very excited indeed to see the third release from the quite promising Love Notes from Brooklyn imprint! Marco Zenin was a featured artist on the last release under his DJ Octopus guise, and this time he's featured again with his other project, the more techy/ more minimal Die Roh, who recently had an underground athem with their release on Black Venison. The duo here seemingly lean their sounds in the direction of the label's and offer two-cut EP which is their deepest effort yet to date. Surely more DJs will play the dancier A side, Behind 6000, but for us, the groovier B side and title track Genghis Kahn is the choice cut. Label owner, Nathaniel Jay, continues in the precendent he's set with each release having its own unique "Love Note", authored by him, making every one of these records collectable.
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Internal Affairs (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SOTC GOTS01. Rel: 25 Jan 16
Deep House
  1. 65th & Lawndale (6:56)
  2. Melanin (7:00)
  3. Acieeed (5:45)
Review: "We are happy to welcome Ghosts of the Sky in the family, 65th & Lawndale is a deep and strong track sitting in A side, magical chords, stomping bass and lush drums are the secret of this beauty, a future classic. On the other side, Melanin is a bit darker with its flowing pads and acidic bassline, really personnal. Acieeed, like you might imagine is a pure acid jam in its most classical form. A fantastic EP we are proud of."
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Cat: 491470 Rel: 09 May 13 • View all Studio rack accessories
20 piece set consisting of M6 captive nuts, bolts and plastic washers for fixing equipment to standard rack strip
 2 in stock $2.19
Cat: 411765 Rel: 06 Dec 10 • View all
(6.3mm) stereo jack socket to (3.5mm) mini jack plug, 19.5cm in length and features gold-plated connectors. Suitable for connecting headphones to a portable multimedia player
Notes: This cable adapter is designed for connecting headphones with 6.3mm stereo plug to a portable multimedia player like an iPod.

This black plug is 19.5cm long and comes with gold-plated connectors.

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 1 in stock $2.19
Cat: 595056 Rel: 26 Nov 15 • View all Audio cables
6/3mm (1/4") jack extension lead - stereo
Notes: Standard 6.3mm stereo plug to 6.3mm stereo socket extension lead
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Cat: TD 24. Rel: 21 Nov 16
  1. Green (Argy Floor Adaptation) (5:39)
  2. Eternal Aspects (Argy edit) (6:44)
  3. Squeezed (Argy Stripped edit) (6:55)
  4. Subbass (Argy extended) (5:23)
Review: Argy's These Days label is an occasional treat in the world of stripped down tech house, and it makes its first appearance for 2016 with a selection of club-ready remixes from the label boss, tackling various productions from German techno mainstay Paul Brtschitsch. The "Floor Adaptation" of "Green" heads into subterranean pastures, albeit with a powerful beat propelling it, and "Eternal Aspects" maintains that underground mood with a warmer synth repertoire. On the more flamboyant B-side, "Squeezed" takes on a wild old-skool quality perfect for more fiery moments on the floor before "Subbass" continues the jacking theme in fine style.
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 in stock $2.19
Cat: 520429 Rel: 12 Mar 14 • View all Headphones parts
Replacement colour cord and pair of earcups for Reloop headphones
Notes: Reloop"s Ear Packs consist of a helix cord and a pair of earcups with small cut-out for individualization of one"s headphones. Suitable for all Reloop RHP-10 models as well as Reloop RH-3500 Pro MK2 and Reloop RH-3500 Ltd.
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 1 in stock $2.22
Cat: 666796 Rel: 17 Oct 17 • View all Power cables & adapters
2-way daisy chain with small right-angled plugs for guitar effect pedals
Notes: - 2 x 2.1mm power plugs
- Power up to 2 Pedals
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Bring It On Back (CD single)
Cat: AT 0263CD. Rel: 18 Nov 06
  1. Bring It On Back
  2. Jane Jones
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Cat: VV 011. Rel: 10 Mar 14
  1. Camaro Husk
  2. Cinder: Shorn
  3. Saline Flats
  4. Ragged One (reprise)
Review: Valcrond Video presents the next work by sound and image artist Luke Wyatt, Songs From Bad Kid School.

On a high desert plain, inside a cinder block compound, a prank squad is incarcerated. Between fiddling with ninja stars and leafing through back issues of Fangoria, they find time to scrape out the soundtrack of their escape.
On the first track, heatsick guitars and steel wool beats suggest a landscape strewn with abandoned car carcasses, old Camaros left for dead in the sun, used for shotgun practice.

The B-side leads off with the beat-less, articulated sprawl of "Saline Flats". Here is the story of a desert search for water: figures warping mirage-like on the horizon as they make a confused journey over dunes, ending with a cathartic drone that suggests the mirages resolving into a real oasis. Though it is just as likely that the bad kids have expired from thirst, and ascended to the sublime.
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Descendant (100 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: U2X 059. Rel: 16 Feb 15
Deep House
  1. Saturday
  2. Spacebabies Mixture One
  3. Descendant
  4. This One
Review: U2XProductions of Detroit presents "Descendant" - by Niko Marks. Phenomenal music containing all the elements of a great dance record with a remix of "This One", originally recorded and written by Herschel Boone (background singer for Kid Rock) and Lavelle More. This amazing EP also features "Spacebabies Mixture One" - first released on "Through Time and Culture" (LP) and "Saturday" which debuted on the "Disclosure" (LP) by Niko Marks.

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The Sound EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: IL 001. Rel: 11 May 15
Deep House
  1. The Sound (6:01)
  2. The Sound (BLM remix) (6:40)
  3. Desire (6:16)
  4. Desire (Dilated Pupils Repeat The Vocal remix) (7:26)
Review: Illusion Limited is the limited press sister label to Illusion Recordings. The label will shine light on new artists and sounds not currently represented on Illusion. The first release kicks off with the highly talented Manchester based Artist Seelie who delivers two slices of subtle, classy deep house. This EP has been a while in the making and shows a real development in Seelie's sound from classic house to deep textured and hypnotic house. BLM provides a huge remix on the A side stripping things back and letting the analogue bline and minimaistic drums create a heady, yet dancefloor track. Dilated Pupils provide a unqiue broken beat remix of the hypnotic 'Desire' on the B-side to round things off and kick off this label in style.
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Bulb (12")
Cat: COTF 008. Rel: 07 Sep 15
  1. Light It Up (11:29)
  2. Dimmer Switch (10:35)
Review: Scott Fraser and Timothy J Fairplay's Crimes Of The Future label has had quite the banner year, ushering in various projects from the pair as well as seeking out like-minded contemporaries such as Perseus Traxx. The latest Crimes of the Future release introduces Bulb, another project bearing the label founder's finger prints along with a high profile third colluder in one William Burnett. Apparently laid down at WT Records HQ in the spring of 2014 whilst Fairplay and Fraser were committing Crimes in NYC, Bulb is a bold offering from the trio with two extended dancefloor workouts taking a side each. "Light It Up" pairs ghetto techno breaks with something from wayward Kosmiche studio experiments in deepest Germany, whilst "Dimmer Switch" plunges into a world of psychedelia and cavernous cave dwellings thanks to some dark ambient synthesis and stabbing drums.
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Cat: SORN 002. Rel: 18 May 15
  1. Untitled (6:42)
  2. Untitled (Steve Moore remix) (7:35)
  3. German Film Score (6:30)
  4. Pulse & Moment (4:57)
Review: SORN002 welcomes another experimental beat maker tot he fold. Asan is likely from another planet. His take on techno is like no other. Expect wild drum patterns, freaky synths and alien grooves. Synth Lord Steve Moore strips things back in a way only he can and creates an arpeggiated synth journey which you'd never tire of, even if it was 45 minutes long!
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