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Cat: JAG 331CD. Rel: 18 Jan 19
  1. I Told You Everything
  2. No One's Easy To Love
  3. Memorial Day
  4. Comeback Kid
  5. Jupiter 4
  6. Seventeen
  7. Malibu
  8. You Shadow
  9. Hands
  10. Stay
Review: Crusading Rocker Sharon Van Etten returns from five years away releasing any long player, and, like her latest album attests, she's the come-back-kid. Full of jovial generation X angst and time-passing motifs - "I used to be 17..." sings the phrase in "Seventeen" - Van Etten has here successfully painted themes of '80s Americana & Nostalgia into a new kind or realism. There are heavier, more emotionally-laden ballads like "Jupiter 4", invoking a Melancholia-feel, of Lars Von Trier-esque persuasion, and with electronic production techniques entering her music more than heard before, alongside a bevy of warming but also haunting vocals, Van Etten's script for 2019 is here.
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Cat: JAG 311CD. Rel: 23 Feb 18
  1. Rose Petals
  2. Hideout
  3. Yellowstone
  4. True North
  5. Emery
  6. Hundred Acres
  7. More I See
  8. Fool's Gold
  9. Have You Stopped To Notice
  10. Meadow Song
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Big Red Machine (cassette)
Cat: JAG 335CASS. Rel: 31 Aug 18
  1. Deep Green (3:58)
  2. Gratitude (5:50)
  3. Lyla (5:15)
  4. Air Stryp (1:53)
  5. Hymnostic (3:08)
  6. Forest Green (5:43)
  7. OMDB (7:46)
  8. People Lullaby (5:26)
  9. I Won't Run From It (3:42)
  10. Melt (4:06)
Review: Listening to the awaited full length of The National's Aaron Dessner and Justin Vernon's (Bon Iver) Big Red Machine project and it's hard not to think they've invested themselves in discovering deeper strands of electronic music, or production... if the sporadic drum machine work of "Deep Green" is anything to go by. "I Won't Run From It" however sees the pair back in their full choral beauty, presenting a song for thousands to potentially wave their hands this summer. This Big Red Machine was produced over the past two years involving many-a collaboration from New York and its artistic community, with the band themself saying: "this feels like something new-the process felt different and the outcome felt different." Check it.
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Cat: HTH 105CD. Rel: 26 Oct 18
  1. Silence
  2. Connector
  3. Burn On
  4. Kismet
  5. Carry Me
  6. Maeve
  7. Exodus
  8. Farewell
  9. For You
  10. Nite Hive
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False (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: 1361 TP12. Rel: 28 Oct 16
  1. For You (3:50)
  2. False (3:07)
  3. Ivy (3:59)
  4. Torn (3:03)
  5. For You (Baile remix) (5:23)
  6. False (Submotion Orchestra remix) (6:06)
  7. Ivy (Throwing Snow remix) (4:48)
  8. Torn (Junk Son remix) (3:07)
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Cat: PTKF 21262. Rel: 24 Jun 16
  1. Old Gloria (4:32)
  2. You Belong To Me (3:34)
  3. Just Tell Me (2:42)
  4. Dreamers (2:45)
  5. The Magic (2:45)
  6. Infinity (2:29)
  7. What A Tease (3:59)
  8. Nobody Tells My Baby (2:31)
  9. Witch Love (2:55)
  10. Your Love Never Lets Me Down (3:15)
  11. I'll Stay With You When You Die (3:43)
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Cry (cassette)
Cat: PTKF 21734. Rel: 25 Oct 19
  1. Don't Let Me Go
  2. Kiss It Off Me
  3. Heavenly
  4. You're The Only Good Thing In My Life
  5. Touch
  6. Hentai
  7. Cry
  8. Falling In Love
  9. Pure
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Cat: JAG 327CASS. Rel: 26 Apr 19
  1. Work (2:00)
  2. Mona (2:00)
  3. Seeing Other People (2:00)
  4. Face The Facts (2:00)
  5. Livin' A Lie (2:00)
  6. The Thing Is (2:00)
  7. News (2:00)
  8. Flag At Half-Mast (2:00)
  9. The Conclusion (2:00)
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Cat: JAG 300CD. Rel: 30 Sep 16
  1. 22 (Over Soon)
  2. 10 Death/Breast
  3. 715 Creeks
  4. 33 GOD
  5. 29 #Stratford Apts
  6. 666 (Upsidedowncross)
  7. 21 Moon Water
  8. 8 (Circle)
  9. 45
  10. 1000000 Million
Review: The evolution of Justin Vernon from the broken-hearted, falsetto-voiced troubadour who emerged from his cabin to deliver his debut eight years ago to the here and now may seem downright implausible, yet the facts of the matter are this - '22, A Million' is proof positive that he is one of the most multi-faceted and enigmatic and inscrutable artists we have at our disposal, still capable of delivering heart-rending beauty in song form yet also of marrying it to wilful abstraction in a way that not only offers emotional resonance yet reflects and refracts its surrounding era to offer succour and salvation. Sing it from the rooftops, this is little short of a complicated modern masterpiece.
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Cat: JAG 308CD. Rel: 22 Sep 17
  1. Man On The Moon (reprise)
  2. Don't Bother Calling
  3. Plastic
  4. Quarrel
  5. Stoicism
  6. Lonely World
  7. Make Out In My Car
  8. The Cocoon-Eyed Baby
  9. Doomed
  10. Indulge Me
  11. Self-Help Tape
Review: Unsurprisingly, Aromanticism - meaning to have little or no romantic attraction to others - is exactly the idea Moses Sumney explores on this stunning debut. Having written the majority of this album's lyrics in the solitude of remote north American cabins, Sumney's songs about loneliness and distance feel natural and sincere. Throughout 'Aromanticism' Sumney shows off his affinity with vocal acrobatics, leaping from his rasping lower register to achingly dulcet falsetto. Both in his instrumentation and as a vocalist, Sumney strikes a pitch-perfect balance between acoustic and digital, exhibiting his ability to blend the two. Sumney blends passages of spoken word, neo-soul, broken-beat, and the vocal harmonies and movements, cascading with gospel precision, that shone on his 2016 EP. 'Aromanticism' is a powerful and heartfelt opening statement from an artist well worth keeping an eye on in the future.
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Optica (CD)
Cat: MRG 450CD. Rel: 25 Feb 13
  1. Sugar
  2. Illusions
  3. Blue Ice
  4. 14th Of July
  5. Burn
  6. Walking In Your Foot Steps
  7. Glasgow
  8. Where You Come In
  9. Hermila
  10. Chasing The Sinking Sun
  11. Circles
  12. Destroy
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Omnisystem (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: TABR 041. Rel: 03 Apr 18
  1. Light/New Faith
  2. Hallowed (0.E.P)
  3. Altar [Native States] (feat Scientific Dreamz Of U)
  4. On Distant
Review: Junior Loves has previously been spotted alongside Scientific Dreamz Of U on the excellent The Dreamcode cassette for 1080p back in 2015, and now the spiritually charged producer is stepping out on SDOU-friendly label Tabernacle to impart some well-travelled rhythm science to all astral journeypeople. There's definitely a psyched-out drum circle vibe to "Light/New Faith," but it's shot through with foreboding that makes it all the more alluring. "Hallowed (0.E.P)" is a strafing exercise in space age arpeggios and eerie chords, and the Scientific one lends a hand on the thrumming cosmic engine of "Altar [Native States]."

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Played by: Doo, Mr Assister
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War & Peace (7" + insert)
Cat: 1500 TP7. Rel: 30 Aug 19
  1. Masters Of War (4:33)
  2. Isn't It A Pity (4:52)
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Cat: 779084 2. Rel: 16 Aug 19
  1. The Center Won't Hold
  2. Hurry On Home
  3. Reach Out
  4. Can I Go On
  5. Restless
  6. Ruins
  7. Love
  8. Bad Dance
  9. The Future Is Here
  10. The Dog/The Body
  11. Broken
Review: Socio-political commentary abounds Sleater-Kinney's latest. The title references Yeats' "The Second Coming", and while the catalyst for this call for help isn't clear we are so desperately lost as a civilisation, bound by the chains of what Adam Curtis calls oh dear-ism, the specific sickness is irrelevant. Our symptoms are universal. This is clearest on "Can I Go On". In contrast to the aforementioned, with its furious guitars and anguished vocals, it's a poppier, almost-80s affair. Yet it discusses exhausted, wired-in people, questioning if we are worth saving. Perhaps "Love" will help? A jerking, proto-electro infused effort that charts (presumably) the band's early years touring in a van. When things made sense. But nostalgia isn't salvation, especially when the distorted vocals and scuzzy riffs of "Bad Dance" tell us to get down before it's all over. Hope lost in a deliciously textured, provocative record.
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What A Time To Be Alive (Record Store Day 2018) (limited clear vinyl 7" + insert)
Cat: MRG 631. Rel: 01 May 18
  1. What A Time To Be Alive (acoustic) (3:59)
  2. Erasure (acoustic) (3:34)
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Cat: MRG 620CD. Rel: 16 Feb 18
  1. What A Time To Be Alive
  2. Lost My Brain
  3. Break The Glass
  4. Bad Choices
  5. Dead Photographers
  6. Erasure
  7. I Got Cut
  8. Reagan Youth
  9. Cloud Of Hate
  10. All For You
  11. Black Thread
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Cat: IDIB 055 CD. Rel: 21 Nov 17
  1. I Always Say Yes
  2. I Always Say Yes (Drumm)
  3. I Always Say Yes (reprise)
  4. City Lights
  5. The Chameleon
  6. Sanctuary
  7. Reprise (instrumental)
Review: Say yes! The definitive gossamer Italo floor fuel of Ida No and Johnny Jewel's Glass Candy outfit enjoys an expanded reissue here after over a decade out of print. Nothing but synthetic positivity as both the title track and "Drumm" stride with an almost marching feel before "Where Time Sits Still" plunges much deeper into moody new romantic cinematics. Elsewhere other highlights include the slinky poignancy that lingers from every spacious bass pluck on "City Lights" and the trembling ambience and pressurised atmosphere of the finale "Sanctuary". Yes please.
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Cat: MOJUBACD 4. Rel: 05 Nov 15
  1. Secret Storm At The Edge Of Night
  2. Sex Guest
  3. Jump City
  4. The Farmer's Song
  5. Lick The Bag
  6. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
  7. Deep Transformer
  8. Desert Winds
Review: February & Mars are a "West Coast duo" that blends yacht rock, synth-pop, Balearic and analogue disco influences into a tactile, huggable style they call "spaced-out soul". This is their debut album, following a solitary 12" release way back in 2010. It's a predictably enjoyable debut, with the duo also touching on blue-eyed soul ("Jump City"), Claremont 56-ish nu-Balearica ("Lick The Bag"), and dewy-eyed Italo-disco ("Desert Winds") as well as their openly discussed influences. Their impassioned, often melancholic vocals dreamily flit in and out of the mix throughout, frequently rubbing shoulders with tumbling guitar solos, enveloping synthesizer chords and shirtless, muscular arpeggios.
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Cat: GCR 17CD. Rel: 31 Mar 17
  1. Intro
  2. Bad Bohemian
  3. International Space Station
  4. What You're Doing
  5. The Voice Of Ivy Lee
  6. Keep On Trying (Sechs Freunde)
  7. Electrical Kittens
  8. Saint Jerome
  9. Praise For Whatever
  10. Want To Be Free
  11. Don't Let The Sun Get In The Way
  12. Alone Piano
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Cat: LMNK 59CD. Rel: 08 Jun 17
  1. El Volcan De Montserrat
  2. Torres Blancas
  3. Ojo De Cristal
  4. Mapas De Zonas Desiertas
  5. Horoscopo
  6. Desenfocada
  7. Leopardo
  8. Reverb Infinita
  9. Acantilado
  10. Siguiendo A Desconocidos
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Cat: SBR 210. Rel: 03 Aug 18
  1. Hard To Please (2:10)
  2. My Other Voice (2:34)
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Cat: MRG 613CD. Rel: 30 Oct 17
  1. Walking In The Dark
  2. Lonely At The Top
  3. Rome Wasn't Burnt In A Day
  4. Iron Curtain
  5. Almost No One (Can Have My Love)
  6. They Took The Waves
  7. The Stars Get In The Way
  8. I Don't Remember You
  9. Crime Wave Rock
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Cat: SBR 094CD. Rel: 22 Jun 13
  1. In A Suit Made Of Ash
  2. Passage/Me In The Dark
  3. Everything
  4. Villain
  5. Driving East & Through Her
  6. House Of Silk, House Of Stone
  7. You Say To Me, You Never Have To Ask
  8. From Richard Brautigan
  9. A Beast I Have Yet To Find
  10. This Is Another Life
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Cat: SBR030 CD. Rel: 12 Mar 10
  1. Decipher
  2. I Want Your Damage
  3. A Minor Altercation
  4. Gaping Gash
  5. Invective
  6. Nobody's Dead Here
  7. Garbage Head
  8. Situation Is Facing Utter Annihilation
  9. Blood In The Well
  10. Selectron
  11. Beater
  12. Had To Let You Know
  13. Hard Time
  14. Thing In My Head
  15. Hidden Automatic
  16. Exterminator
  17. FUBAR Over You
  18. Juju For Jenkem
  19. Mnemonic Device
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Cat: ATO 0422CD. Rel: 27 Apr 18
  1. Famous Tracheotomies
  2. The Dream & The Light
  3. Love Somebody
  4. Family Song
  5. Pulled Up The Ribbon
  6. Don't Move Back To LA
  7. Shelter Song
  8. How It Is
  9. External Actor
  10. Human Being Song
 in stock $8.61
Cat: ATO 0409CD. Rel: 16 Oct 17
  1. Wish You Could See Me Now
  2. Sorry Is Gone
  3. Meadow
  4. Maybe Whatever
  5. Soaked Through
  6. Safe 2 Connect 2
  7. Bum Me Out
  8. WTF
  9. Offa My Hands
  10. World Won't Stop
  11. Too Much Terrible
 in stock $8.20
In A Mood (CD)
Cat: ATO 0398CD. Rel: 09 Jun 17
  1. In The Water
  2. Bitter
  3. Don't Believe
  4. I Would
  5. I'm Done Waiting
  6. It Goes On
  7. Heaven Knows
  8. I Was Often
  9. In A Mood
  10. I've Been Thinkin'
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Dreams (limited blue vinyl 12" in embossed sleeve)
Cat: 006025 47460929. Rel: 27 Apr 18
  1. Dreams (5:17)
  2. Dreams (instrumental) (5:16)
  3. Dreams (acappella) (4:58)
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 in stock $9.21
Cat: FAP 15191. Rel: 21 Sep 15
  1. God (2:24)
  2. It Happened Again (2:01)
  3. Blue Uniforms (6:31)
  4. Not A Shelter (2:34)
  5. Offshore (6:11)
  6. Too Good For You (2:19)
$12.25 SAVE 25%
 in stock $9.19
Freedom Is Free (CD + booklet)
Cat: ATO 0365CD. Rel: 03 Mar 17
  1. Passed You By
  2. Friendship (Is A Small Boat In A Storm)
  3. Angel Child
  4. Freedom Is Free
  5. La Jura (Prelude)
  6. La Jura
  7. Flecha Al Sol
  8. Jealousy
  9. Right Off The Back
  10. Run
  11. The Taker Story
  12. Area C
 in stock $8.20
Mirage (7")
Cat: DWJUKE 7. Rel: 01 Dec 17
  1. Mirage (4:06)
  2. Hibernaculum (4:02)
 in stock $9.29
Sun (7")
Cat: CTSP 68. Rel: 12 Apr 19
  1. Mourn - "Sun" (feat Chastity) (4:23)
  2. Mourn - "Skeleton" (BTR live Studio) (1:45)
  3. Chastity - "You Are My Sunshine" (Strombo Sessions) (3:17)
 in stock $9.42
The Hex (CD)
Cat: SC 242CD. Rel: 07 Dec 18
  1. The Hex
  2. Broken Finger Blues
  3. Selfishmath
  4. Dirty Jim
  5. Babylon
  6. Wendy
  7. Sister Song
  8. Nancy
  9. HZLWD
  10. Kensington!
  11. Sept20
Review: Following the tragic loss of Richard Swift earlier this year, his posthumous album The Hex has arrived via American label Secretly Canadian (also home to Jens Lekman, Yoko Ono and Suuns). Swift was once quoted saying, "most of my recording techniques come from looking at photos on the inside of Sly & The Family Stone or Beatles LPs, or from watching 'Sympathy for the Devil'". Take in tracks like "Broken Finger Blues", "Dirty Jim" and "Babylon" and this comes all the more apparent, but it's the uniqueness in Swift's ways that make the music of the late artist remain singular. A truly memorable album from the dearly departed.
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Stuffed & Ready (cassette)
Cat: SC 362CASS. Rel: 01 Feb 19
  1. Ohio (2:55)
  2. Daddi (3:13)
  3. Wasted Nun (3:25)
  4. That's Not My Real Life (3:00)
  5. Self Explained (3:44)
  6. Isolation (3:06)
  7. Juicy Socks (3:15)
  8. Pieces (2:16)
  9. Stupid Fish (4:14)
  10. Distressor (3:28)
Review: Sporting something of an appearance that looks like it could have come out of Harmony Korine's Gummo, Cherry Glazerr reappear once again on their homely label Secretly Canadian. There's a mass of pop culture appeal to band, and considering they surfaced early on [Adult Swim] it's no surprise maybe to see everything from mid-western emo to punk motifs alongside more cosmo R&B beats. It's an album that wears its hair up or down, experiencing softer and more introverted moments to thrash guitars and punk stances. With angst and distortion never far from earshot, the album's flex is acoustic and electronic with the imaginations of talented kids dosed up on MTV Americana coming to the fore.
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CT10: Vol 2 (limited LP + poster in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: CT 289LP. Rel: 07 Dec 18
  1. Molly Burch - "Try" (3:21)
  2. Nic Hessler - "Please Don't Break Me" (3:26)
  3. EZTV - "Trampoline" (3:30)
  4. Reptaliens - "29 Palms" (3:23)
  5. Dinner - "Un-American Woman" (3:39)
  6. Holograms - "ABC City" (3:05)
  7. Perfect Pussy - "Driver" (2:08)
  8. Naomi Punk - "Burned Body" (3:36)
  9. B Boys - "Energy" (3:10)
  10. Wetdog - "Lower Leg" (3:15)
  11. Mourn - "Otitis" (2:29)
  12. Lina Tullgren - "Asktell" (2:49)
  13. Shitfather - "Tin Birds" (live At CT5) (4:10)
 in stock $9.01
Felt (CD)
Cat: SC 360CD. Rel: 02 Mar 18
  1. Look No Further
  2. X-ALT
  3. Watch You, Watch Me
  4. Baseline
  5. After The Fall
  6. Control
  7. Make It Real
  8. Daydream
  9. Peace & Love
  10. Moonbeams
  11. Materials
 in stock $8.20
Crack Up (CD)
Cat: 007559 7937336. Rel: 16 Jun 17
  1. I Am All That I Need/Arroyo Seco/Thumbprint Scar
  2. Cassius
  3. Naiads, Cassadies
  4. Kept Woman
  5. Third Of May/Odaigahara
  6. If You Need To, Keep Time On Me
  7. Mearcstapa
  8. On Another Ocean (January/June)
  9. Fool's Errand
  10. I Should See Memphis
  11. Crack-Up
Review: It was a precipitous climb from obscurity to indie rock royalty for Fleet Foxes, and some might view their most recent five year absence as wise given the pressure they felt following up the harmony-laden and heartwarming strains of their debut. Yet longterm fans of Robin Pecknold's bunch of bookish aesthetes will rejoice as 'Crack Up' is every bit as deliriously wrought with heavenly melody, as rich in autumnal melancholy and as overloaded with symbolism and cerebral reference points as anything they might have hoped for - now as ever, Fleet Foxes set the standards for the sound of the more overgrown quarters of bohemia.
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 in stock $9.47
Miami Memory (cassette)
Cat: SC 378CASS. Rel: 13 Sep 19
  1. Stepdad (4:20)
  2. Miami Memory (4:31)
  3. Far From Born Again (4:21)
  4. Gaslight (4:28)
  5. Bad For The Boys (4:48)
  6. End Is Nigh (3:05)
  7. PC With Me (2:39)
  8. Divorce (3:16)
  9. Other Ladies (3:51)
  10. Too Far (4:20)
Review: If there were still justice in the digital age, and artists really got what was owed to them exposure-wise, Alex Cameron would be a safe bet for leftfield pop sensation. A multi-faceted songwriter, his previous two albums took us through a horror show of horrible characters and their innermost thoughts, twin roads that have somehow veered onto another course altogether for "Miami Memory". Here a much friendlier face is donned. Nevertheless, opener "Stepdad" makes intentions clear, with uptempo keyboard lines invoking the emotional qualities of mid-80s Prince. "Far From Born Again" tells the story of a "her" who's making bad choices, and the potential fallout of that, set to a Bruce Springsteen-sounding chorus, the likes of which can be found again on "Divorce". Not holding back, but instead holding a light up to a different side of his personality, it's Cameron's most positive to date and his best.
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 in stock $7.86
Cat: IL 1046. Rel: 30 Sep 13
  1. Skinny Little Girl
  2. Pay No Mind
 in stock $8.12
Canada In Space (limited 12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: SLANG 50083. Rel: 24 Jun 15
  1. Breathe To Burn (7:35)
  2. Will I (4:03)
  3. Exegesis (3:11)
  4. Candy (4:04)
  5. Meditate (9:00)
$11.00 SAVE 25%
 in stock $8.25
Cat: TRANS 323CD. Rel: 09 Mar 18
  1. Before Sunrise
  2. Mallory
  3. Is This How You Love
  4. I'll Be Waiting
  5. Where Wildness Grows
  6. Blind Truth
  7. Carrion
  8. Burning Air
  9. Left In Space
  10. Pull Over (Now)
  11. Rising Tides
  12. Whole Again
Review: Since their widely lauded 2015 debut 'A Dream Outside', London based four-piece Gengahr have devoted a significant amount of time touring and working on 'Where Wildness Grows' a follow-up that stridently meets expectations. Their music builds on UK indie of the early-mid noughties, with doses of a contemporary psych-pop aesthetic. The songwriting here is ambitious and broad, tracks going from breezy sun-flecked pop, to Maccabees-esque epics, to reverberating soundscapes, to stark angular guitars over almost funk grooves. It's clear just how much time and care the band have put into the record, with every song showcasing their intricate writing, layering and structures. 'Where Wildness Grows' is a lush and urgent sophomore record, and a giant leap forward for the band.
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 in stock $8.20
Kim EP (hand-stamped 12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: WEBB 515T. Rel: 17 Nov 17
  1. KIM (5:13)
  2. Life Coach (3:15)
  3. Amygdala (3:58)
 in stock $9.95
Cat: WEBB 505CDL. Rel: 27 Jan 17
  1. Up To The Surface
  2. Things Are Right With You
  3. Internal World
  4. Darkened Rings
  5. Enter Entirely
  6. Modern Act
  7. Sight Unseen
  8. Strange Year
  9. Realize My Fate
Review: This fourth album by the Cleveland indie-rock troupe shows them honing both their songwriting and the incisive elegance of their sound with style, with mainman Dylan Baldi's introspective vocals married with indelibly poppy melody, surprisingly balls-out attack and impressionistic arrangements. Sounding, now as ever, like Death Cab For Cutie having had an injection of steroids, or New Order if they'd grown up on emo-hardcore records, this understated outfit have delivered their most arresting and addictive effort to date.
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 in stock $8.53
Cat: IL 1179. Rel: 27 Apr 17
  1. LA Turnaround (2:55)
  2. Nick & Brit - "I Cry" (2:59)
 in stock $8.63
Cat: WEBB 550CD. Rel: 19 Oct 18
  1. On An Edge
  2. Leave Him Now
  3. In Shame
  4. Offer An End
  5. The Echo Of The World
  6. Dissolution
  7. So Right So Clean
  8. Another Way Of Life
Review: Yeah yeah, Cleveland rocks, and of late it's Ohio's Cloud Nothings that, alongside Bone Thugs & Harmony and Nine Inch Nails, are keeping the city on the map as somewhere that still has something in the water. This latest album sees the group elevated to a release on Wichita - think Bloc Party, The Crips and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah among others - and it's the 11-minute "Dissolution", the freeform centerpiece of this album that really impresses. It's a short cry from the experimental rock of At The Drive In/Mars Volta while more emotional numbers like "The Echo Of The World" and "Another Way Of Life" bring to mind bands like Alexisonfire, Thrice and Sparta. If you like your punk with touch of Pennywise and Rancid too, Cloud Nothings set the tone.
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 in stock $8.20
Golden Taurus EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: COTF 11. Rel: 31 Oct 16
  1. Golden Taurus (5:47)
  2. Topaz Fear (7:02)
  3. Death Wish (6:50)
  4. Golden Taurus (Heinrich Dressel remix) (5:52)
Review: Crimes Of The Future is the kind of label you can trust, no matter who is at the controls. The same could be said for Giallo Disco, and certainly the two labels orbit a similar space for lurid soundtrack-inspired hardware jams from the Italo age. Vercetti Technicolor is one half of the Giallo team alongside Antoni Maiovvi, and here steps out with a perfectly bombastic range of compositions that revel in B-movie brilliance. "Golden Taurus" is the perfect slow-burner, those mono bass notes warming like no soft synth ever could, while "Topaz Fear" brings a more action-driven sequence into the mix. "Death Wish" too opts for a pumped up club scenario, while Heinrich Dressel smokes out "Golden Taurus" into a seedy slow-jam.
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 in stock $8.37
Cat: TRANS 335CD. Rel: 27 Jul 18
  1. Uncomfortable Teenager
  2. Bad Timing
  3. Fuckin 'n' Rollin
  4. Gap Year
  5. Take It Off
  6. Parks
  7. I Need It
  8. Dark Corner Dance Floor
  9. Mumma Y Papa
 in stock $8.20
Cat: SLANG 995369. Rel: 16 Apr 09
  1. Ursuline
  2. Porte Disparu
  3. Luna
  4. Casablanca
  5. 333
  6. Les Collemboles
  7. Heresie
  8. Dragon De Glace
  9. Le Tout-Puissant
  10. Cristobald
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 in stock $8.42
Cat: CDGRON 196. Rel: 12 Oct 18
  1. Longing For Daydreams
  2. All Night Long
  3. Radio In An Hourglass
  4. Dark Moon
  5. Floatspace
  6. Rhythms Of A Secret Life
 in stock $8.45
Cat: AMAZ 0008. Rel: 24 May 19
  1. Mother
  2. Fuzzy Tree
  3. 25
  4. The Mire
  5. Doubt It
  6. All Over Town
  7. End Of Wonder
  8. Dark Visions
  9. 25 (reprise)
  10. Warning Sign
  11. Georgia
 in stock $9.46
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