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Cat: ERC 068. Rel: 26 Nov 18
  1. Psycho Killer (4:16)
  2. Psycho Killer (Double Wave edit) (4:34)
Review: The latest dusted down archival dig from Emotional Rescue is by Politrio, a short-lived new wave / post punk band from Italy who released one album in the mid 80s. The focus of this release is their cover of Talking Heads' "Psycho Killer," which originally appeared on the Amnesty International P.E.A.C.E Benefit Compilation in 1987. It's a wild take full of rampant guitar wailing and limber slap bass that teeters towards the 80s funk rock of Faith No More et al, and that's no bad thing at all. On the B side of this 7" Double Wave gets busy in the edit, offering up a stripped back version for the spinners.
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Played by: Manu•Archeo
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Can You See Who? (100 gram vinyl 10")
Cat: TF 001. Rel: 20 Nov 17
  1. MDMA (4:18)
  2. Gold & Prozac (3:53)
  3. Teenage Father (3:28)
  4. Stray (4:28)
Review: Hailing from the London rat race, MUX step forward with the first release on Teenage Father and lay their distinctive style out for all to witness. Their broad-reaching indie rock sound has undertones of electronica, grunge and a very British swagger that deserves to get them onto radio playlists and festival line ups aplenty. "MDMA" rumbles along somewhere between Soulwax, Kasabian and Queens Of The Stone Age, while "Teenage Father" ups the intensity with a punky thrum behind the raucous guitars and grinding synths, and then "Stray" finds the band mixing up the time signatures for the most adventurous cut on the record.
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2 (CD)
Cat: VVR 1050462. Rel: 19 Jun 08
  1. Our Body
  2. Last Pretending
  3. The Alphabet
  4. Loud Hearts
  5. Odd Situation
  6. The Stairs
  7. Ice Bowling
  8. X Song
  9. Makeout Club
  10. Manuscript
  11. Surrender
  12. Our Return
Played by: David E Sugar
 in stock $1.04
Backstabber (CD single)
Cat: OLIVECD 022. Rel: 06 Jun 07
  1. Backstabber
  2. The Boy Who Wears A Thousand Million Masks
  3. Backstabber (video)
 in stock $1.04
Left (CD single)
Cat: LEFTCD 06. Rel: 23 Aug 06
  1. Left
  2. Boxes For Particle
  3. End
 in stock $1.04
Over My Head (Cable Car) (2nd CD single)
Cat: 88697012832 (886970128322). Rel: 09 Jun 07
  1. Over My Head (Cable Car)
  2. Over My Head (Cable Car)
  3. Heaven Forbid
  4. Over My Head (Cable Car) (video)
 in stock $1.04
Worst Case Scenario (CD single)
Cat: 88697 226532. Rel: 31 Dec 07
  1. Worst Case Scenario
  2. Ruby Blue (previously unreleased)
Review: The Hoosiers unleash the follow-up to two Top 5 hits & one of the stand out tracks from the #1 Sony BMG album
'The Trick To Life'. More quirky pop, with clever lyrics & an infectious tune. Ltd 2 track cd format. Upcoming tour in Spring '08.
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 in stock $1.04
She Left Me (CD single)
Cat: 88697 346472(4). Rel: 08 Aug 08
  1. She Left Me
  2. Doesn't Really Matter
 in stock $1.04
Kiss The Sun (CD single)
Cat: 2732733. Rel: 26 Feb 10
  1. Kiss The Sun
  2. Black & White
  3. Never Too Late To Try
  4. Thousand Kings
 in stock $1.04
Doubt (CD single)
Cat: CHIME 2CD. Rel: 04 Jan 10
  1. Doubt
  2. Sanctuary
 in stock $1.04
This Isn't It (CD single)
Cat: 9856327. Rel: 24 Apr 06
  1. This Isn't It
  2. Blunt Picket Fence (demo version)
  3. Pretty Little Neighbor (Acoustic On Gtfuradio.com)
  4. This Isn't It (video)
 in stock $1.04
The Rest Of My Life (1st CD single)
Cat: W 735CD1. Rel: 31 Aug 06
  1. The Rest Of My Life
  2. Don't Fall Asleep On The Subway
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 in stock $1.70
Don't Bring Flowers (CD single)
Cat: 2717361. Rel: 20 Aug 09
  1. Don't Bring Flowers
  2. The Thanks I Get (demo version)
 in stock $1.04
Sea Of Trouble (CD single)
Cat: CORDCD 9. Rel: 15 Sep 06
  1. Sea Of Trouble
  2. Winter-Piano
  3. Numbers
  4. Sea Of Trouble (video)
 in stock $1.04
Hurtful (CD single)
Cat: 2719793. Rel: 05 Feb 10
  1. Hurtful
  2. Hurtful (Starsmith radio edit)
 in stock $1.04
Hologram World (CD single)
Cat: CDMUTE 397. Rel: 11 Mar 08
  1. Hologram World (with Karen O & Nick Zinner)
  2. Hologram World (Live on XFM)
  3. Hologram World (with Karen O & Nick Zinner - video)
Review: Brooklyn, NY based Tiny Masters Of Today's latest single 'Hologram World' is joyous, noisy punk pop from start to finish.
Taken from their debut album 'Bang Bang Boom Cake', it's a collaboration with Karen O from Yeah Yeah Yeahs and her
bandmate Nick Zinner.
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 in stock $1.04
Never Give Up (1st CD single)
Cat: ATUK 088CD. Rel: 09 May 09
  1. Never Give Up
 in stock $1.04
No Ties (1st CD single)
Cat: ATUK086 CD1. Rel: 13 Feb 09
  1. No Ties
 in stock $1.04
No Ties (2nd CD single)
Cat: ATUK 086CD2. Rel: 13 Feb 09
  1. No Ties
  2. Summer Rain
  3. Interviews
  4. No Ties (video)
 in stock $1.04
Never Give Up (2nd CD single)
Cat: ATUK 088CDX. Rel: 08 May 09
  1. Never Give Up
  2. Kate
  3. Never Give Up (video)
 in stock $1.04
Work (CD single)
Cat: TEAM 002. Rel: 09 Jun 06
  1. The Fastest Man Alive
  2. It's Obvious What's Happening Here
  3. Orange Bird
  4. In The Dark No One Can Hear You Sweat
 in stock $1.04
Cat: ATUK 042CD. Rel: 12 Sep 06
  1. The Chronicles Of A Bohemian Teenager (Part One) (Part One)
  2. The Children Are (The Consumers Of) The Future
 in stock $1.04
Shine On (CD single)
Cat: AT 0270CD. Rel: 02 Mar 07
  1. Shine On
  2. Coming Home Soon
 in stock $1.04
Breathe Deeper (CD single)
Cat: RTRADSCD 383. Rel: 13 Dec 06
  1. Breathe Deeper
  2. What You Gonna Do Now?
  3. Breathe Deeper (video)
 in stock $1.04
La La Song (CD single)
Cat: BELLACD 145. Rel: 10 Aug 07
  1. La La Song
  2. Promise In Tide
  3. La La Song (acoustic)
 in stock $1.04
Letting Go (CD single)
Cat: 886975 67872. Rel: 20 Aug 09
  1. Letting Go
  2. Canada Here I Come
 in stock $1.04
Another One Goes By (CD single)
Cat: BELLACD 110. Rel: 09 Feb 06
  1. Another Day Goes By
  2. Hello Prudence
 in stock $1.04
Into Pieces Of Wood (CD single)
Cat: TIGER 7. Rel: 02 Oct 09
  1. Stand Still
  2. Into Pieces Of Wood
  3. Golden Sweater
  4. You Shall Not Pass
 in stock $1.04
Cat: HVN 163DVD. Rel: 21 Oct 06
  1. Take A Chance (video)
  2. There Is No One (video)
  3. Cowgirl In The Sand (video - live)
Review: This upbeat, driving anthem is the first single from the forthcoming new album "Those The Brokes". B-listed on Radio 1, A-listed on Radio 2, forthcoming TV includes Popworld.
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 in stock $1.04
Cat: DOC 011CD. Rel: 05 Mar 09
  1. Who's Asking
  2. Masquerade
  3. Cheer For Fate
  4. Anchors Dropped
  5. Going On A Hunt
  6. A Year Or Two
  7. Albatross, Albatross, Albatross
  8. Dull Reason
  9. Little Red Shoes
  10. En Fuego
  11. On The Collar
 in stock $1.04
On The Dancefloor (CD single)
Cat: 725TP 7CD. Rel: 08 Feb 06
  1. On The Dance Floor (Radio mix)
  2. Golden Wrapper
 in stock $1.04
Daddy Oh (CD single)
Cat: 788 TP7CD. Rel: 27 Mar 07
  1. Daddy Oh
  2. Kiss It
  3. Altitude
 in stock $1.04
Sellotape (CD single)
Cat: 763 TP7CD. Rel: 07 Dec 06
  1. Sellotape
  2. Jude & Sienna
 in stock $1.04
Take This Heart (CD single)
Cat: 765 TP7CD. Rel: 09 Feb 07
  1. Take This Heart
  2. Won't Be Fooled
 in stock $1.04
Stronger (CD single)
Cat: DOLLY 006CD. Rel: 06 Jul 07
  1. Stronger
  2. Peaches
 in stock $1.04
Grow (1st CD single)
Cat: 9876851. Rel: 31 Jan 06
  1. Grow
  2. Lucille
 in stock $1.04
Already Over (CD single)
Cat: 1713026. Rel: 09 Nov 06
  1. Already Over
  2. So Ahead Of Me (acoustic)
 in stock $1.04
  1. Snakebites!
  2. Grouphug
  3. Fast Forward Regrets
  4. Tokyo Drift
  5. Iotdwykiyhbr
  6. My Favorite Hair
  7. Snowday
  8. In Your Face Sickiness!
  9. Go Directy To Space
  10. Ride Friendship
 in stock $1.04
I Promise (CD single)
Cat: TRANS 032CD. Rel: 07 Jul 06
  1. I Promise
  2. OO Wa OO
 in stock $1.04
Oh Marie! (CD single)
Cat: TRANS 033CD. Rel: 07 Jul 06
  1. Oh Marie!
  2. Do You Think?
 in stock $1.04
Bouncy Ball (CD single)
Cat: TRANS 024CD. Rel: 17 Mar 06
  1. Bouncy Ball
  2. Tock Tock
 in stock $1.04
Cat: 1701686. Rel: 13 Jul 06
  1. Diet Pills & Magazines
  2. Anxiety
 in stock $1.04
Make Mistakes (CD single)
Cat: WOS 031CD. Rel: 17 Apr 08
  1. Make Mistakes (radio edit)
  2. Black Days Away
  3. Make Mistakes (remix)
 in stock $1.04
Long Time Coming (CD single)
Cat: 9876896. Rel: 08 Feb 06
  1. Long Time Coming
  2. Sell Sell Sell
  3. Long Time Running
  4. Long Time Coming (video)
 in stock $1.04
Cat: AKR 059CD. Rel: 29 Jul 10
  1. Tell Your Mum
  2. Sing Them Songs
  3. You Don't Have To Drink From Here
  4. Too Late For Dancing
  5. Time Has Practically Stopped
  6. I Need An Outlet
  7. 23 & Rizing
  8. The Hit Parade
  9. Old Worlds
 in stock $1.04
Breaking Standing (CD single)
Cat: FRYCD 350. Rel: 03 Apr 08
  1. Breaking Standing
  2. Breaking Standing
  3. We Are Grey Matter (live at Leeds)
 in stock $1.04
I Will Talk (CD single)
Cat: FRYCD 281. Rel: 05 Oct 06
  1. I Will Talk
  2. Cloaking Acoustic (live)
  3. This Is Not An Exit (live)
 in stock $1.04
Back There (CD single)
Cat: LUCKY 006CD. Rel: 11 May 06
  1. Back There
  2. Bled A Rose (Matthew Hebert mix)
 in stock $1.04
Cat: 100CD 15. Rel: 10 May 12
  1. Money In Heaven
  2. The Colours
  3. Now & Forever
  4. Empty Love Song
  5. Sweetest Treasure
  6. The Bride
  7. Burden
  8. White Sharks
  9. Foolish Heart
  10. Sickness
  11. Healing Music
 in stock $1.04
The Rank Deluxe (CD single)
Cat: CDFAT 055. Rel: 13 Oct 06
  1. Doll Queue
  2. Come On
  3. Style
  4. What Do You Want
  5. Poormans Cab
  6. End In Mind
Review: A somewhat atypical indie outfit by any standard, The Rank Deluxe share as much of an affinity with old school UK punk or grime as they do with any of their more immediately apparent musical contemporaries. Often playing in or amongst the crowd, live shows are frenetic, full of youthful exuberance, occasionally divisive, but always fun. Informed by reggae, ska, punk, and rock and roll, The Rank Deluxe's sound is vibrant, pop savvy and uncompromising. Varying in style from cathartic pop to stabby, dub rhythms, lyrically the band align themselves with the social commentary of UK-based artists such as The Specials, Gang Of Four, or even Ian Dury. The band's name is taken from a glamour model's comment, overheard entering a strip club above the band's old rehearsal space. "This place is so rank deluxe" she said; apparently meaning the height of scum. Drawn to the multiple implications, they took the phrase as their own. Four 20-something's from South East London, Lew and Rich grew up on the same estate in Thamesmead, South East London, and the band's current line up formed early in 2005. The band refer to their music as "a sonic picture of council estate youth", but what so often can seem little more than empty posturing is backed up by a strong sense of identity, and an aptitude and commitment that is beyond their short lifespan.
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