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Illusion Of Time (limited coloured vinyl LP + MP3 download code in embossed sleeve)
Cat: PHLP 12. Rel: 27 Mar 20
  1. Sun (5:12)
  2. Illusion Of Time (4:20)
  3. CC Pad (3:48)
  4. Space Channel (1:44)
  5. Inside The Ruins (6:09)
  6. At First Sight (3:25)
  7. Interrupted By The Cloud Of Light (1:53)
  8. Enter Exit (5:27)
  9. Water (8:52)
  10. Stills (2:20)
Review: Phantasy Sound's main man Daniel Avery has linked up with modular wizard Alessandro Cortini for a debut full length, "Illusion Of Time". It came together over many years, with no real concept or constraints but it has still managed to make a powerful impact despite its spare, lo-fi, ambient vibes. There are heavier, darker tracks like "Inside The Ruins" that are brilliantly bleak, but also thoughtful meditations like the title track, which has some magical piano playing at its core. It's the rays of light amongst the darkness that make this such a beguiling and beautiful listen, and a perfect soundtrack to long lost days at home during lockdown.
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Cat: NG 02EAS018. Rel: 25 Mar 20
  1. Donatella Viaggiano - "Napule Canta E More" (2:55)
  2. Giancarlo D'Auria - "Follia" (4:47)
  3. Tonica & Dominante - "Cicogna" (3:22)
  4. Oro - "Stop The War" (3:37)
  5. Antonio Sorrentino - "'E Prumesse" (3:51)
  6. Donn'Anna - "Nun Ce Sta Niente A Fa" (2:48)
  7. Mario D'Espiscopo - "I've Got The Music Of Your Love" (3:46)
  8. Oro - "Sasa" (3:44)
  9. Pino Amoroso - "Guagliu" (3:41)
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Cat: 699418 Rel: 14 Aug 18 • View all DJ styluses
Replacement stylus
Notes: Tonar replacement needle/stylus for Shure M-44-7. Diamond tip.
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Cat: MS 3402. Rel: 20 Mar 20
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Think (3:35)
  2. Think (instrumental) (3:34)
Review: Joint American/Canadian hip-hop group Main Source were late 80s, early 90s hip hop giants, right from the off. The reason? Their debut single, "Think", was an immediate hit: the hard hitting rhymes and crisp boom bap struck a cord and went on to become a hugely sought after 7". Now it gets a proper reissue with the original piano hooks, busy scratching and big horns all sounding fresh as ever, while the instrumental on the flip provides an alternative take. For a slice of OG hip hop goodness, there are few finer tracks.
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Cat: AOTNLP 032. Rel: 27 Feb 20
Deep House
  1. Es Vedra (6:20)
  2. Marina (5:38)
  3. Pressure (6:51)
  4. Bentley 101 (2:18)
  5. Sa Talaia (5:08)
  6. Neutrino (6:27)
  7. Push It (5:22)
  8. Mysterious Richie (4:42)
Review: Jazzman Greg Foat is a born collaborator. In fact, in the last three years alone he's recorded and released four albums alongside regular studio partner Warren Hampshire. Here he adds another musical accomplice to his bow via a first joint full-length with Firecracker Recordings regular Linkwood (real name Nick Moore). It's a remarkable album, not least because it cleverly combines Moore's intergalactic electronics, deep house-influenced grooves, Balearic dub basslines and wide-eyed ambient motifs with Foat's jazz, jazz-funk and library music inspirations. It's undoubtedly more akin to Moore's output than Foat's, but that's no bad thing. Crucially, it's a superb album and one we'd heartily recommend.
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Vernal Equinox (reissue) (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: NDEYA 2LP. Rel: 20 Mar 20
  1. Toucan Ocean (3:50)
  2. Viva Shona (7:05)
  3. Hex (6:22)
  4. Blues Nile (9:52)
  5. Vernal Equinox (21:54)
  6. Caracas Night September 11, 1975 (1:55)
Review: Reissues don't come more significant than this. Jon Hassell's work new and old has been enjoying plentiful appraisal in recent years, with his outlook on Fourth World music finding fresh relevance with a modern crop of artists. While much of his catalogue has been given a fresh lease of life, they've been saving one of his most seminal works. Vernal Equinox was originally released in 1978, one of Hassell's first albums alongside Earthquake Island. It's essentially the blueprint for outernational music - a heady brew of global signifiers stewing together in one unclassifiable pot marked out only by Hassell's inimitable trumpet style. From ambient heads to sonic explorers, you won't want to miss the chance to own this most precious of albums.
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Cat: MRBLP 218. Rel: 19 Mar 20
  1. We Did It (6:59)
  2. Disco Stomp (9:58)
  3. Barney's Moaning (8:34)
  4. GG Is Talking (7:49)
Review: Tireless diggers and world class reissue merchants Mr Bongo have done it again with this one. They discovered The Star Beams when one of their tracks was on a Disco Calypso compilation, then went on a mission to track down the original anymore material from the band, who turned out to be based in South Africa instead of the Carribean. The resulting record is a real gem - disco, funk and jazz all get chewed up and spat out across four fantastically timeless cuts of dance floor dynamite. "Disco Stomp" in particular you might already know as Theo Parrish has been dropping in his sets for time.
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Suddenly (LP)
Cat: SLANG 50247LP. Rel: 28 Feb 20
  1. Sister (2:12)
  2. You & I (4:04)
  3. Sunny's Time (2:47)
  4. New Jade (3:37)
  5. Home (2:37)
  6. Lime (2:56)
  7. Never Come Back (5:00)
  8. Filtered Grand Piano (0:53)
  9. Like I Loved You (4:04)
  10. Magpie (3:56)
  11. Ravi (4:30)
  12. Cloud Song (6:49)
Review: It's quite shocking it's been six years since the last Caribou album, 2014's knockout "Our Love". Dan Snaith has never felt the need to rush his music out, and there was an interim Daphni album in 2017 to be fair to the guy, but here we are with a new set that sees Snaith returning to a little of the delicate songwriting and winsome electronica he forged his reputation on in the early days. There's a lot going on in here, from smooth as silk yacht rock-isms to deliriously modernist cut ups and more than a few wild pitch shifts to keep listeners on their toes. It's playful and heartfelt, and rarely lingers in one place for too long while still retaining a sense of calm. It may be not at all what you expected from Caribou's return, but we'd wager it's even better than you hoped.
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Cat: EXLPM 66. Rel: 04 Mar 20
  1. Ladies Of The Eighties (4:51)
  2. Tell Him (7:06)
  3. He Is Mine Forever (4:24)
  4. Ladies Of The Eighties (instrumental) (2:57)
  5. I Knew That Love (4:53)
  6. It's Easy To Move (4:35)
  7. Sing Me (4:16)
  8. Turned On To You (5:27)
Review: Back in 1980, Roy Ayers assembled the Eighties Ladies - a soulful vocal quintet whose members included sometime Aquarian Dream vocalist Sylvia Striplin. Sadly the group didn't last long, but their vibrant "Ladies Of The Eighties" single - a fine disco-tinged slab of boogie/jazz-funk fusion - became a big club hit. Their debut album, which is here reissued for the first time, is equally as impressive, with highlights including the rushing, part-rapped, attitude-laden "Tell Him" - later covered in the bruk era by West London outfit BB Boogie - cheery "I Knew That Love" and the liquid slap bass-propelled intergalactic space funk jam "It's Easy To Move" standing out. Throughout, Roy Ayers' production and arrangements are as tidy as you'd expect.
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Cat: OYO 001LP. Rel: 25 Mar 20
  1. Own Your Own (3:56)
  2. Morning Matters (4:08)
  3. Lately (interlude) (4:54)
  4. Morning Sunrise (5:09)
  5. Not Today Mate (3:33)
Review: Since making her debut on Running Circle in 2017, soul-stress Yazmin Lacey has released a handful of high-quality records, most notably a suitably summery 12" on First Word Records. Here she delivers her first new solo material in two years, inviting us to celebrate morning-time in her own unique way. There's much to soothe and seduce the senses throughout, from the languid and hazy neo-soul opener "Own Your Own" and the simply superb "Morning Matters", where lilting trumpet lines and jazzy electric piano keys spar with Lacey's lead vocal, to the gently reggae-influenced summer soul of "Morning Sunrise". Recommended.
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Rushing EP (12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: PITPWLS 01. Rel: 23 Mar 20
  1. My Lights Kiss Your Thoughts Every Moment (2:13)
  2. Rushing (3:20)
  3. Stalagmites & Helictites (2:52)
  4. Sun (5:29)
  5. There Is A Space In Between (4:55)
Review: Based in Bristol, UK, experimental musician and vocalist Lucy Gooch is certainly a name to keep an eye on right now. While boasting little by way of discography, this being her debut EP which follows the self released 2018 record, 'Sun', she has all the hallmarks of an established synth-y siren. You heard it here first (possibly). Compris-ing five sumptuous tracks that are pared back but, upon closer inspection, incredibly deep and immersive, elements of Bjork and Imogen Heap are audible in the songs here. Warm notes, sensitive, ethereal vocals and a sense of real passion behind the work itself. The likes of 'Rushing' comes close to a sombre choral mood at times, 'There Is A Space In Between' could stand with the best ambient work, while 'Stalag-mites & Helictites' is a hypnotic journey into the inner mind. Or somewhere near.
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Cat: 4AD 0192LP. Rel: 18 Mar 20
  1. Blood Bitch (4:32)
  2. Wax & Wane (3:57)
  3. But I'm Not (2:44)
  4. Blind Dumb Deaf (3:46)
  5. Shallow Then Halo (5:15)
  6. The Hollow Men (4:55)
  7. Garlands (4:26)
  8. Grail Overfloweth (5:22)
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Cat: 4AD 0193LP. Rel: 18 Mar 20
  1. Lazy Calm (6:35)
  2. Fluffy Tuffs (3:06)
  3. Throughout The Dark Months Of April (3:05)
  4. Whales Tails (3:18)
  5. Oomingmak (2:44)
  6. Little Spacey (3:28)
  7. Feet-Like Fins (3:22)
  8. How To Brng A Blush To The Snow (3:52)
  9. The Thinner The Air (3:14)
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The Night Chancers (limited heavyweight clear vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: PIASLL 141LPC. Rel: 20 Mar 20
  1. I'm Not Your Dog (2:57)
  2. Slumlord (3:24)
  3. Salvia Hog (3:06)
  4. Samurai (3:21)
  5. Sleep People (2:55)
  6. Carla's Got A Boyfriend (3:47)
  7. The Night Chancers (3:03)
  8. Hello, I'm Sorry (2:21)
  9. Daylight (2:34)
  10. Say Nothing (2:46)
Review: Here it is then. The UK's Cockney wide-boy with a penchant for old school croonerdom - or at least showmanship - delivers his long awaited sixth album, his most anticipated to date and the one that's set to cement him even further as a household name. Like the guy in the sharp, Rat Pack-esque suite you talk to down the local boozer, a guy whose eccentricities are only equaled by his (often volatile) life experiences, 'The Night Chancers' is all about observations of everyday outsiders. In many ways the tracks themselves are relatively formulaic - nobody is re-writing any of the recording rules here. Constant use of female backing vocals accentuating some of the traditional pop roots at play here. Nevertheless, everything is exceptionally well produced, with Dury's dulcet, spoken word storytelling as blunt and uncompromising as it is poetic.
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Cat: VAMPI 215. Rel: 18 Mar 20
  1. Estrelar (5:14)
  2. Fogo Do Sol (3:47)
  3. Samba De Verao (3:42)
  4. Para Os Filhos De Abraao (4:15)
  5. Naturalmente (4:01)
  6. Tapa No Real (4:11)
  7. Tapetes, Guardanapos, Cetins (3:33)
  8. Dia D (4:00)
  9. Mais Que Amor (4:31)
  10. Viola Enluarada (4:30)
Review: Here's a serious dose of Brazilian boogie to get diggers rejoicing. Marcos Valle first released his self-titled album back in 1983, and now it's been given a generous remaster and reissue treatment from Vampi Soul. It's an album that glides from seriously funky party tracks to soft-focus ballads, with some of the sweet spots in between delivering the most memorable moments. Look no further than the slow but so damn groovy "Samba De Verao", or if you prefer something with a bit more swing then "Naturalmente" has you covered. A gold dust rarity from the annals of Latin music history given a much-deserved dusting down.
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Miss Anthropocene (limited translucent pink vinyl LP + booklet)
Cat: 4AD 0211LPE. Rel: 21 Feb 20
  1. So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth (3:52)
  2. Darkseid (feat Pan Wei-Ju) (3:43)
  3. Delete Forever (3:59)
  4. Violence (feat I_o) (3:38)
  5. 4AEM (4:35)
  6. New Gods (3:14)
  7. My Name Is Dark (4:03)
  8. You'll Miss Me When I'm Not Around (2:42)
  9. Before The Fever (3:31)
  10. IDORU (4:47)
Review: It's hard not to be impressed by everything Grimes touches. From the moment this album's trippy downtempo titular opener emerges from submerged depths of sound you know the latest from the Canadian is going to be a special moment in pop. As if to accentuate our point, "Delete Forever", two tracks later, introduces acoustic guitar tips while still retaining deep timbre and utilising effects to hypnotic ends on those hummed vocal loops. "IDORU", which closes out the record, feels far more playful, simple keyboard and whispered choral lyricism introduced with a backing track of bird song, before broken club beats fall in. It might be most fitting to finish a write up on the aptly-titled "You'll Miss Me When I'm Not Around", its guttural bass guitars and EDM-leaning vocal stabs not the only things reminding us the world would be weaker without this one.
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Free 2 B (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: APRON 41. Rel: 17 Mar 20
Deep House
  1. Juno Fantasy (4:20)
  2. Prayer For U (5:31)
  3. Feelin Real Good (4:04)
  4. Mystery Angel (2:28)
  5. I'll Be Yours (feat G'la) (3:48)
  6. Girl U Hypnotize Me (2:55)
  7. Love Beam (2:53)
  8. Feelin Real Good (instrumental) (4:05)
  9. I'll Be Yours (instrumental) (3:49)
Review: Space Ghost has most recently been spotted dropping excellent albums "Aquarium Nightclub" and "Endless Light" on Tartelet, but now he's made a swerve for Funkineven's Apron Records to drop this sultry collection of jams that match bittersweet keys with rubbery bass and plenty of crooked funk that calls to mind broken beat and boogie as much as house music. From the swanging funk of "Prayer For U" to the slow jam New Jack Swing of "Mystery Angel", this is an album that champions some great eras of black music very much in the vein of Apron overall, but still says its own thing. Soulful at every turn and finished with an '80s digital veneer so slick you could trip on it.
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Beat Tape 1 (gatefold LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: BTG 003VL. Rel: 24 Mar 20
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. The Real Thing (2:28)
  2. In A Special Way (1:40)
  3. Summer (2:13)
  4. Take Me Back (3:47)
  5. Keep Moving (3:50)
  6. Lush Lyfe (3:08)
  7. Epiphany (2:57)
  8. Dilla Love (2:23)
  9. Cruisin' (1:55)
  10. Deeper (1:32)
  11. Windmills Of Your Mind (3:28)
  12. Climbing (2:07)
  13. Marrakech (2:16)
  14. Euphoric (1:22)
  15. Can't Explain It (2:27)
  16. Maguel Chops (1:11)
  17. Wind (Jazzy Joint) (2:29)
  18. Wonder (1:59)
  19. You Got Me Flying (3:05)
Review: Second time around for London singer/songwriter/beat-maker Tom Misch's debut album "Beat Tape 1", a set appearing on vinyl for the first time some six years after the digital download version appeared online. It's well worth your attention, in part because Misch's blend of crispy hip-hop beats, warm and sun-kissed instrumentation (think Rhodes, gentle jazz guitar, boogie bass, toasty bass, and woozy backing vocals) is both highly entertaining and uniformly on-point. Those who study instrumental hip-hop will spot subtle nods towards some of the sound's greatest beat-makers - Dilla, DJ Cam, Mitsu The Beats, Guru etc - but Misch's sound is undeniably his own. A previously overlooked underground classic.
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Nuova Napoli (LP) (1 per customer)
Cat: NG 01. Rel: 23 Jul 19
  1. Nuova Napoli (3:35)
  2. Je Vulesse (4:47)
  3. Ddoje Facce (4:19)
  4. Disco Sole (4:25)
  5. Stann Fore (4:10)
  6. A Voce E Napule (3:32)
  7. Parev' Ajere (4:33)
Review: On their debut album, 2016's the Tony Allen Experiments, Naples twosome Nu Guinea re-invented tracks by the legendary Afro-beat drummer as synth-heavy chunks of deep jazz-funk and nu-Balearica. For this follow-up - their first full length entirely made up of their own compositions - the duo serves up a set of jazz-funk, disco and boogie cuts rich in both their trademark colourful analogue synthesizer sounds and live instrumentation. It's a formula that guarantees a string of memorable highlights, from the sun-kissed peak-time brilliance of "Disco Sole" and rubbery, funk-fuelled "Je Vulesse" (a killer vocal number), to the wobbly downtempo trip of "A Voce E Napule" and Mizell Brothers fizz of closer "Parev Ajare", the album's most synthesizer-heavy cut.
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Aqueduct (limited double 12" + postcard)
Cat: PRESS 11. Rel: 21 Feb 20
  1. 697 (11:35)
  2. 463 (7:33)
  3. 548 (10:12)
  4. 653 (11:47)
  5. 414 (6:51)
  6. 410 (7:53)
Review: While some of the hype surrounding Acting Press may have cooled in recent times, the Berlin-based label remains in rude health. That much is proved by this album-length double vinyl excursion from Intera, an all-star collaboration between PLO Man, Hashman Deejay, C3D-E. The trio starts in stunning fashion with the spaced-out, far-sighted dub techno/ambient fusion of "697", before brilliantly wrapping huggable, ultra-deep chords around a skittish techno beat on "463". They pay tribute to the glory years of Detroit techno on the all-action bustle of "548", while "653" sees them place bouncy, glassy-eyed riffs and Modem-style electronic sounds atop another retro-futurist techno groove. "414" is techno-funk after an extra-strong dose of shrooms and "410" is a superb ambient techno excursion.
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Cat: AL 2571. Rel: 28 Mar 20
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Watch Roger Do His Thing (4:15)
  2. Watch Roger Do His Thing (instrumental) (4:16)
Review: Canadian/American hip-hop crew Main Source released some sublime music during rap's "golden era", with both of their albums remaining stone cold classics. "Watch Roger Do His Thing" was never quite as successful commercially as its predecessor, "Looking At The Front Door", but is nevertheless a quality bit of conscious rap. For the uninitiated, the 1990 cut is based around loose, slack-tuned drums, weighty bass, jazzy organ flourishes and bass so fat it probably has its own postcode. This edition pairs the superb vocal version with the under-celebrated instrumental, both of which appeared on the song's original single release.
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Receptive (hand-numbered purple vinyl 12" in spray-painted sleeve limited to 200 copies (comes in different coloured sleeve, we cannot guarantee which one you will receive))
Cat: KIMOCHI 40. Rel: 23 Mar 20
  1. Dare To Be Different (Natan H Graveyard Shift rework) (6:18)
  2. The Face Yours Reminds Me Of (Leif Rearview Mirror dub) (6:18)
  3. Effortlessness (Benjamin Brunn Gold Plated Diamonds version) (5:19)
  4. Effortlessness (Benjamin Brunn Chrome Plated Diamonds version) (7:55)
Review: Since it was Area that started the Kimochi Sound revolution just under a decade ago, it seems fitting that the publicity-shy artist has delivered the label's first release of a new decade. There are no new Area tracks here though, but rather a quartet of fresh reworks of classic cuts. Natan H kicks off proceedings with a deep, hypnotic, trippy and undeniably wonky revision of "Dare To Be Different", before Leif weighs in with a deliciously melodious, soft-focus revision of picturesque track "The Face Yours Reminds Me Of". Benjamin Brunn takes over on Side B and delivers two contrasting versions on "Effortlessness": the deep, wayward electro-meets-dub house drowsiness of the "Gold Plated Diamonds" mix and the heady ambient techno brilliance of the "Chrome Plated Diamonds" mix.
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Cat: STS 346LPC1. Rel: 11 Oct 19
  1. On A Clear Day I Can See You Forever (10:33)
  2. Really Deep Snow (9:10)
  3. Swing Low Sweet LFO (8:54)
  4. As If No One Is Here (8:49)
Review: On his 2008 debut album "Where You Go, I Go Too", Hans-Peter Lindstrom offered up a grandiose vision that was almost cinematic in scope. His new album, "On A Clear Day I Can See You Forever", opts for a similar approach, delivering a quartet of atmospheric, moody and filmic cuts that slowly rise, fall and unfurl throughout their duration. Whether or not he becomes Norway's answer to Vangelis, that's the kind of vibe we get from stunningly icy and alien ambient opener "On A Clear Day I Can See You Forever" and the bubbly, uptempo throb of "Really Deep Snow". It's there, too, on the outer-space bliss of "Swing Low Sweet LFO" (we chuckled, at least) - think Radiophonic Workshop meets Jean-Michel Jarre - and the melancholic, modular-sounding beauty of clicking and echoing closing cut "As If No One Is Here". In a word: stunning.
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Played by: Kenneth bager
 in stock $19.17
Still In My Arms (LP + insert)
Cat: ACOLOUR 025. Rel: 19 Mar 20
  1. Gimmik - "Scope" (3:01)
  2. Plod - "Aptaxi" (3:04)
  3. Bauri - "Have No Fear" (3:52)
  4. Num Num - "South Quay" (3:18)
  5. MD - "11" (4:08)
  6. Boc Scadet - "Sel Alterat" (4:30)
  7. Abfahrt Hinwil - "Tech8" (4:10)
  8. Multiplex - "Angles" (Spark mix) (4:04)
  9. Lackluster - "KCLI" (2:38)
  10. Proem - "Your Grandfather Is Dead" (3:58)
Review: A Colourful Storm made the leap from online mix series to record label back in 2016, and they've been carrying some spectacular selections of lesser known electronica heads ever since. The vibe can alter quite drastically release to release, but on Still In My Arms there's a melodic tenderness and preference for delicate beats that makes this oh so pleasant to sink into. Even more fractured pieces like Bauri's excellent "Have No Fear" are ultimately defined by their gentle qualities. There's some emotive electro pleasantries from Num Num and spacious dub glitches from Boc Scadet amongst many other highlights in this soothing and sensitive gathering of digital souls.
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 in stock $17.89
Cat: ARC1 SE. Rel: 06 Mar 20
  1. Sinfonia Del Quinto Sol (10:13)
  2. El Hombre Cosmico (5:16)
  3. Orbita 13 (4:40)
Review: Arc is the latest new label from long time musical maestro Gilles Peterson. He describes it as a label for "curiosities and gems from the basement" and the first offering is this reissue of 1978 album of psychedelic jazz. Mexican drummer and composer Tino Contreras is the man behind it, adn after Peterson met him at a gig in Mexico having initially unearth the record while digging in Japan, it was agreed they would put it you again. It is lively, playful and broad in scope. Perfect for Peterson, then, who describes it as somewhere between "a David Axelrod record and a release on Saturn. I've always had it as one of my secret gems."
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 in stock $18.39
Cat: HRLP 004. Rel: 26 Mar 20
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Take Me To The Clouds (6:15)
  2. Mitchell's Landing (feat The Haggis Horns) (6:01)
  3. Better Late Than Never (5:12)
  4. Just The Thought Of You (4:06)
  5. Time For A Change (6:33)
  6. I Know Where I'm Going (5:05)
  7. Uncle Bobby's Last Orders (5:43)
  8. Aline (4:19)
 in stock $16.61
Cat: JBH 079LP. Rel: 11 Mar 20
  1. Main Theme (1:48)
  2. Somebody's Going To Have To Kill Him (3:35)
  3. Never Think Twice (1:58)
  4. The Deal (2:04)
  5. Find A Solution (2:50)
  6. Alright Alex (3:55)
  7. Room 716 (1:31)
  8. Waiting For Murder (1:53)
  9. Mr Easy (3:00)
  10. Death In The Shower (3:23)
  11. Witness (1:47)
  12. You Or Him (2:55)
  13. Finish The Job (2:11)
  14. Borrowed Time (1:50)
  15. End Theme (2:02)
  16. 5 Minutes Left To Live (4:20)
 in stock $18.92
Cat (reissue) (green vinyl LP)
Cat: MJJ 404LP. Rel: 11 Nov 19
  1. Shrimp Dance (7:01)
  2. Kuro To Shiro (11:40)
  3. Walk Tall (10:11)
  4. Cat (5:21)
  5. Romance (5:47)
 in stock $17.12
Maxx Mann (LP + booklet)
Cat: DE 270. Rel: 27 Mar 20
  1. Leather Man (7:08)
  2. Like A Killer (True Love Is Always True) (4:25)
  3. Bloody & Blue (instrumental) (5:39)
  4. Our Love Won't Last The Night (instrumental) (4:15)
  5. Our Love Won't Last The Night (5:57)
  6. Bloody & Blue (7:10)
  7. Leather Man (instrumental) (4:30)
  8. Like A Killer (True Love Is Always True) (instrumental) (4:23)
Review: New York cold wave pair Mixx Mann formed in 1981 and was made up of songwriter and vocalist Frank Oldham Jr and producer Paul Hamman. This is their debut album form the same year and it provides a real insight into the life of gay people at the times. Musically it is a slick and adventurous album with urgent beats, cold wave synths and neat guitar riffs all finished off with the involving vocals of Oldham Jr. For this first reissue, Dark Entries have added two bonus instrumental cuts alongside the original which makes it an essential addition to the ranks of any new wave lover's shelves.

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Deep Core (140 gram vinyl double 12")
Cat: AMR 40L. Rel: 17 Feb 20
Deep House
  1. Three Sides & The Truth
  2. Everydaelife
  3. Own The Nite (90s House Rescrub)
  4. Hot 4 Me (For U)
  5. Faithful, Fearful
  6. Lunchtime Gaze
  7. Rodalies R1
  8. Enllac (Luvfatuated Micx)
  9. Purple Hindu
  10. While You Slept (Despres De L'Enllac)
  11. Regrets (Think About It) (instrumental)
  12. We'll Find Each Other Again
Review: Minneapolis deep house veteran Malcolm Moore returns to his own label Altered Moods with another blissful excursion into the farthest realms of smoked-out expression. It takes but a moment to sink into "Everydaelife" and place this sound - the kind of pattering rhythm sections and powerfully melancholic chords that you'd expect from the likes of Dubbyman, Anton Zap or Ron Trent. Moore has his own take on things though, bringing a blown out jack to the table on "Own The Nite (90s House Rescrub)"and creating a moving, downtempo funk on "Lunchtime Gaze". The more forthright grooves are impeccable too though - "Rodalies R1" hits every sweet spot a deep house lover could wish for.
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New Me Same Us (limited gatefold orange vinyl LP + insert in embossed sleeve)
Cat: ZEN 263X. Rel: 27 Mar 20
  1. Hold On (3:32)
  2. Rush (3:25)
  3. Another Lover (4:26)
  4. Kids (4:23)
  5. Every Rain (4:07)
  6. New Fiction (4:21)
  7. Sadness (3:27)
  8. Are You Feeling Sad? (2:38)
  9. Where You Belong (3:28)
  10. Stay Right Here (6:16)
  11. Water (4:12)
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1988 (LP)
Cat: STH 2409LP. Rel: 27 Mar 20
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Don't Be Afraid (1:34)
  2. [Bc] Tm's Not Promised (0:54)
  3. Do You (2:47)
  4. Thats Allwekando (1:02)
  5. Listen (1:15)
  6. Learn (1:43)
  7. Howtokope (1:53)
  8. With[reality] (0:54)
  9. Uonlygetone (0:55)
  10. Solivelife (1:45)
  11. Be Safe (0:55)
  12. Watchwhoukallyourhomie (1:22)
  13. Theykome&go (1:36)
  14. Don'tgottabe (2:16)
  15. Gangstallthetime (2:00)
  16. Believeme (1:06)
  17. Itkanbe[sonice] (feat NxWorries) (1:34)
  18. Makeuseofthetime (1:26)
  19. Makeitliveforever (1:38)
  20. Awomanslifeislove (1:27)
  21. Amansloveislife/Keepon (3:18)
  22. Mindin My Business (feat Durand Bernarr) (4:29)
Review: It's taken a while, but finally Knxwledge has delivered the follow-up to his "official" debut album, 2015's "Hud Dreems". A concept album of sorts - the tall tale behind it being that the beats were created in 1988 by an infant version of our musical hero after he climbed inside an SP-12 sampler and mastered the machine - the set sees Knxwledge sprint through a beat-tape style assortment of short, sweet and often sublime instrumentals that make use of a variety of period samples. Given his track record, it's an impressive album, regardless whether the beats were genuinely made when he was in "Nike diapers" (as the press release amusingly claims) or not.
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Selected Media 2016-2018 (140 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: ERS 040. Rel: 30 Mar 20
  1. I (2:43)
  2. II (2:04)
  3. III (1:53)
  4. IV (3:27)
  5. V (3:32)
  6. VI (3:28)
  7. VII (4:02)
  8. VIII (2:51)
  9. IX (2:23)
  10. X (2:05)
  11. XI (3:01)
  12. XII (3:41)
  13. XIII (2:57)
  14. XIV (1:54)
  15. XV (2:14)
Review: Emotional Response bring you some truly healing sounds from Polish producer Bartosz Kruczynski, who first teamed up with the label as The Phantom for the first round of the Schleissen series back in 2015. He's since delivered a debut album to Growing Bin and released as Earth Trax on Rhythm Section and others. The mood across this collection of pieces produced for Polish studio TVP Culture opens up a rich seam of inspiration around the ambient end of Kruczynski's work through short pieces rich in sonorous delights. From fluttering fourth world-isms to hazy dub soundscapes, this is pure listening pleasure from start to finish.
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Cat: 405053 8589405. Rel: 20 Mar 20
  1. Jim Jim Falls (3:44)
  2. Love Is On Its Way Out (3:23)
  3. Bobby, Don't You Think They Know? (5:36)
  4. I Am Not A Dog On A Chain (3:49)
  5. What Kind Of People Live In These Houses? (3:42)
  6. Knockabout World (3:29)
  7. Darling, I Hug A Pillow (4:49)
  8. Once I Saw The River Clean (4:17)
  9. The Truth About Ruth (3:48)
  10. The Secret Of Music (7:52)
  11. My Hurling Days Are Done (5:07)
Review: Morrissey is arguably the most divisive British pop artist working today. Some loathe him, others stand by amid countless controversial statements. Few would deny his place in the pantheons of music, though, even if you feel it's really about The Smiths, creating an unusual quandary for the listener - dividing their own opinion, not just separating that from others who don't think the same way. In many ways 'I Am Not A Dog On A Chain' is the album he needed to make, revealing an artist known for egotism as finally accepting some limitations and realities. 'My Hurling Days Are Done' and 'The Secret Of Music' both lament the passing of time, for example. But then in many ways, musically speaking, what's here is his most bold and striking album in decades. A real testament to the broad understanding of what makes a powerful track powerful, to say the least.
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Nick Of Time (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: DAP 061LP. Rel: 10 Mar 20
  1. I Can Change Your Mind (2:33)
  2. Who's Fooling Who (2:52)
  3. Till I Hear It From You (2:29)
  4. Never (4:01)
  5. Missing In Action (2:36)
  6. Nick Of Time (2:48)
  7. Brother Or Other (3:20)
  8. Ain't Goin' Up In One Of Those Things (2:17)
  9. Take It As You Find It (3:18)
  10. Can't Help Myself (1:59)
  11. How 'Bout Now (2:54)
  12. Paradise For One (2:08)
  13. He's Your Could've Been (2:36)
Review: Like many of the artists on the Daptone roster, the James Hunter Six sound like an echo of a bygone age. While the outfit hails from the UK, they genuinely sound like a black American vocal group from a time when rhythm and blues and doo-wop were mutating into soul. "Nick Of Time", their fourth full-length excursion, is every bit as sweet, soulful, joyous and unashamedly revivalist as any of its similarly impressive predecessors, with highlights including "Who's Fooling Who", "Missing In Action", the wonderfully bluesy and up-tempo "Ain't Goin' Up In One Of Those Things" and confirmed dancefloor workout "Can't Help Myself".
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Cat: ANWJTQ 2LP. Rel: 20 Mar 20
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. A Giant Leap (3:23)
  2. Who's Gonna Break The News? (feat Natalie Williams) (5:08)
  3. People Get Ready (We're Moving On) (4:43)
  4. Get Out & Walk (3:01)
  5. Boogie On Through The Night (4:11)
  6. Street Hustle Interlude (2:53)
  7. Smoking The Future (feat Noel McKoy) (2:16)
  8. Living On The Front Line (feat Natalie Williams) (3:41)
  9. Newsflash (3:29)
  10. Baby Come Back (feat Noel McKoy) (3:05)
  11. Tomorrow's Sun (4:37)
Review: James Taylor Quartet have been doing their thing since the late 80s, spanning styles but always anchored by a heavy groove and Taylor's keys and Hammond organ lines. The sound on this latest album, recorded at Abbey Road in October 2019, is full-bodied and joyous, especially on "Who's Gonna Break The News?" featuring vocals from Natalie Williams. Some of the Quartet's beloved cop show themes can be heard in the dramatic brass stabs, while there's plenty of funk and disco spilling out of the rhythm section. Spotless production and polished playing make this an immensely satisfying listening experience all round - another sure shot from James Taylor and crew!
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Native Dance 01 (12" repress)
Cat: ND 01. Rel: 18 Mar 20
  1. N'Zo (4:05)
  2. Panague (4:49)
  3. Electrozouk (5:42)
  4. Stargazing (5:37)
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Heaven To A Tortured Mind (gatefold silver vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: WARPLP 304X. Rel: 03 Apr 20
  1. Gospel For A New Century (3:18)
  2. Medicine Burn (4:03)
  3. Identity Trade (1:58)
  4. Kerosene! (4:59)
  5. Hasdallen Lights (2:01)
  6. Romanticist (1:44)
  7. Dream Palette (2:54)
  8. Super Stars (3:04)
  9. Folie Imposee (3:06)
  10. Strawberry Privilege (3:52)
  11. Asteroid Blues (1:59)
  12. A Greater Love (2:51)
Review: Earlier in the year, Yves Tumor announced the release of this album by releasing 'Gospel For a New Country', a low-slung chunk of post-punk pop brilliance that mixed weighty grooves and emotive vocals with flash-fried guitar riffs amd sampled big band horns. Fittingly, it's this fine track that kicks off 'Heaven To A Tortured Mind', a notably fuzzy, live-sounding set that continues his evolution from quirky electronica maker to alt-rock artist. While there are some electronic sounds dotted across the set, for the most part it's funk-rock riffs, ESG style basslines, organic drums and his own heartfelt vocals that dominate. It could win him many new fans; certainly, it's a very good album.
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Something New (LP + insert)
Cat: COS 027LP. Rel: 02 May 19
  1. Something New (4:17)
  2. Mystery (2:33)
  3. Masambeni (3:07)
  4. The Dead Of Night (3:30)
  5. For Ever & Always (4:09)
  6. Mother Earth (4:26)
  7. Ukhamba (4:43)
  8. Your Eyes Are Sad (3:00)
  9. No Reason To Delay (4:02)
  10. Track 10 (4:09)
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Tiki (7")
Cat: PPR 013. Rel: 25 Apr 19
  1. Tiki (4:20)
  2. What's Going On (4:33)
 in stock $18.39
Cat: 712123 Rel: 29 Nov 18 • View all DJ styluses
Replacement stylus for the M44-7 cartridge
Notes: - Replacement or spare needle for M44-7 cartridge
- Ultra-high stability
- Designed not to skip under demanding circumstances
- Designed to match the original
- Ultra low record wear
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Sunday (gatefold LP repress)
Cat: OMLP 001. Rel: 13 Mar 20
Deep House
  1. Sunday (2:53)
  2. Here We Go! (0:21)
  3. Cheer Up, My Brother (4:57)
  4. You Feeling Alright (5:25)
  5. Memory Tape One (6:03)
  6. There Is No One Else (3:04)
  7. Sylvia (4:16)
  8. Memory Tape Two (1:03)
  9. Eagle's House (3:17)
  10. My Baby (5:38)
Review: Given the hype surrounding HNNY over the last few years - fuelled, primarily, by a string of celebrated singles on Puss, Local Talk, Let's Play House and YUMMY - it's somewhat surprising that Sunday marks his first foray into the album market. Wisely, the Swedish artist embraced the opportunity for eclecticism that the format provides, filling his debut full-length with a mix of tracks variously designed for sofa-bound listening and dancing in clubs. There's a jazz-flecked beauty to the crackly downtempo grooves offered up by the title track, while the dreamy, guitar-laced head-nodder "Sylvia" recalls the best of his Balearic-influenced work. It's these luscious moments, such as the twinkling ambience of closer "My Baby", that really resonate.
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Folkesange (limited electric blue vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: RR 42261. Rel: 18 Mar 20
  1. Ella (3:54)
  2. Fager Som En Ros (2:51)
  3. Leaves Of Yggdrasil (3:56)
  4. Ramund (3:29)
  5. Tor I Helheim (6:59)
  6. Svea (3:25)
  7. Harpens Kraft (3:19)
  8. Gammelkaring (3:19)
  9. House Carpenter (3:37)
  10. Reiar (3:44)
  11. Gudernes Vilje (3:55)
  12. Vinter (3:53)
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AE (140 gram vinyl double 12")
Cat: ISLA 23. Rel: 30 Mar 20
  1. NDER (12:46)
  2. EODL (3:36)
  3. TUAL (7:45)
  4. EJUN (5:12)
  5. ARIL (9:38)
  6. ILMX (4:21)
  7. HRBA (7:34)
  8. SDLY (7:23)
Review: After the expansive run of eXquisite CORpsE EPs on Platform 23 last year, Robbert Heijnen and Debbie Jones' project gets another fresh airing under the XqST guise. The seductive rhythmic incantations gathered on this release were largely recorded in 2003 in Vancouver, once the couple's children were in bed. Quite what the junior XqSTers would have made of the transcendental drum loops emanating from their parents' studio is anyone's guess, but the quality is remarkable. Dense and foggy in atmosphere, but with a sharply defined percussive angle at every cycle of every loop, this is another wonderful document of the often overlooked work of this singular pair of drum obsessives.
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Lys (trifold 2xLP + inserts)
Cat: KI 025V. Rel: 17 Mar 20
  1. Farr (6:27)
  2. Versailles (Hold) (4:43)
  3. Weiss (4:12)
  4. The End (feat Josephine Philip) (3:05)
  5. Bergen (5:25)
  6. Noah (3:47)
  7. Lys (feat Menke) (4:19)
  8. Sun (5:42)
  9. Ballet (feat Finn) (3:24)
  10. Roth (feat Mohna) (5:54)
  11. Map (3:33)
  12. Fur Immer (3:19)
 in stock $19.68
Travel In Peace (LP + insert)
Cat: AI 18. Rel: 11 Mar 20
  1. Part One (20:59)
  2. Part Two (20:56)
Review: Following the death of his one-time Chi Factory partner J.Derwort in February 2019, Hanyo van Oosterom went back to Patmos, the magical island where they once recorded their most famous works, armed with some of the artefacts and hand-built instruments they'd collected together. While there, he made the field recordings and musical sketches that form the backbone of "Travel In Peace", Oosterorm's emotional final album as Chi Factory. Poignant, atmospheric, melancholic, dreamy and otherworldly with a genuine sense of time and place (you can almost smell the surrounding flora and fauna), the album's two lengthy tracks - collages of interlinked sketches and recurring musical motifs - are fittingly fantastic. As curtain calls go, we can think of few better.
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More Trouble (gatefold LP)
Cat: 848792. Rel: 03 Apr 20
  1. Main Theme From Trouble Man (alternate take with Strings) (2:37)
  2. T Plays It Cool (Unedited) (6:37)
  3. Poor Abbey Walsh (part 2 - take 1) (2:02)
  4. Trouble Man (extended version) (4:10)
  5. Theme From Trouble Man (vocal version) (2:03)
  6. Main Theme From Trouble Man (vocal version) (4:18)
  7. T Stands For Trouble (Unedited vocal version) (5:16)
  8. T Stands For Trouble (alternate version) (6:02)
  9. Trouble Man (vocal version) (4:12)
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Praise EP Sampler Volume Two (12" repress) (1 per customer)
Cat: PRAISE 0318. Rel: 20 Feb 20
  1. Crowns Of Glory - "Lord, Look At Your People" (Joaquin Joe Claussell mix) (5:48)
  2. Keith Barrow - "A World Of Lonely People" (Joaquin Joe Claussell mix) (7:37)
Review: If the rich history of US gospel soul, funk and disco gets your juices flowing, you need this new 12" from Joaquin 'Joe' Claussell in your life. As with many of the storied producer's edit-focused 12" singles, it has been pressed in limited quantities and should therefore be grabbed before all the copies disappear. On the A-side he offers up a tidy, dancefloor-focused tweak of Crowns of Glory's hard-to-find 1976 gospel soul cut "Lord, Look At Your People", brilliantly teasing out the intro before unleashing the song in all its inspiring righteousness. Over on the flip Clausell turns his attention to the Clavinet-heavy, Blaxploitation-era gospel disco anthem that is Keith Barrow's equally as inspired 1977 gem "A World Of Lonely People".
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Needledrop (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ALNLP 59. Rel: 06 Mar 20
Deep House
  1. Bad Weather Mates (2:50)
  2. The Pain (3:54)
  3. Made Me Fly (feat Beth Hirsch) (3:12)
  4. Jazzbeat 7 (3:12)
  5. No Sky, Blue Sound (2:59)
  6. Waller & Pierce
  7. Needledrop (4:27)
  8. Isle Of Taste (3:52)
  9. Cold Chills (3:46)
  10. Still High (1:36)
  11. Glimmer (3:59)
Review: German pair Session Victim have long been two of house music's more tender and musically minded creators. Their sound is suited to close knit house parties as much as clubs, and works perfectly well at home on a Sunday, too. It makes sense they appear on Night Time Stories with a new record that is superbly smooth and seductive, then. There are gently lilting Balearic grooves, cosy deep house gems, lush instrumentals to listen to on the beach at sundown and jazz beats as good as any coming from the much-hyped South London revival scene. All in all, it makes for their most accomplished record to date.
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The Universe Smiles Upon You (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: ALNLP 40R. Rel: 12 Feb 19
Psych/Garage Rock
  1. Mr White (4:47)
  2. Two Fish & An Elephant (3:34)
  3. Dern Kala (3:40)
  4. Little Joe & Mary (4:57)
  5. White Gloves (3:51)
  6. People Everywhere (Still Alive) (2:36)
  7. The Man Who Took My Sunglasses (2:10)
  8. August Twelve (5:58)
  9. Balls & Pins (7:42)
  10. Zionsville (2:48)
Review: Inspired by the slightly unlikely collision of the Thai music of the '70s and The Shadows, Khruangbin - the name means 'aeroplane' in Thailand - are purveyors of a deliriously mellow and beguiling form of jammed-out power-trio guitar music - far removed from standard notions of psych and dreampop, partly owing to its pan-global influences, its nonetheless both psychedelic and dreamy, not to mention possessed of an unhurried, reflective and spacious lilt that renders this Texan-London outfit a rare treat in an information-saturated age, taking on delicate soul and funk with exotic atmospheres and making the journey feel both blissful and effortless.
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