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Cat: 746964 Rel: 17 Sep 19
Synth module featuring two separate voltage processors
Notes: The upper voltage processor features four inputs which are mixed and inverted at the output. Inputs 2 and 4 have their own attenuator. Input 2 is normalised to a positive fixed voltage source, which may be attenuated, and appears inverted at the output, useful for applying negative offsets.

The lower voltage processor features two inputs which are mixed and inverted at the output. Input 2 has its own attenuator. Input 2 is normalised to a negative fixed voltage, which may be attenuated, and appears inverted at the output, useful for applying positive offsets.
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Cat: 732134 Rel: 15 May 19
Updated version of the State 700 module - 10HP
Notes: State 700 Mk2 is an update of this popular module. The Mk2 is the same size as the Mk1, at 10HP wide, but features additional audio and CV inputs, both with their own attenuators. Based on the Roland System 700 state variable filter module, State 700 provides lowpass, bandpass and highpass outputs simultaneously. The Mk2 features upgraded outputs from the original module, keeping signals more in line with Eurorack output levels. A big part of the sound of the State 700 is the way in which resonance is reduced as the audio inputs are driven harder. It won't self oscillate with a hot audio input, throttle back a little and you'll get squelchy ear bleeding resonances!
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Cat: 744063 Rel: 12 Sep 19
CEM3340 based VCO - 10HP
Notes: CEMosc is here, a stable AS3340 based VCO which tracks beautifully, and is feature rich. Easy to build and calibrate too.

CEMosc features:

- Onboard voltage regulation for tuning and tracking stability
- A rotary octave switch as well as a fine tune knob
- Both manual PW as well as PWM are available
- Linear and Exponential FM inputs, each with attenuators
- Both soft and hard sync
- Sawtooth, Triangle and Pulse outputs
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Cat: 746966 Rel: 12 Sep 19
Great sounding VCO for Eurorack - 10HP
Notes: Here's the Roland 100M VCO adapted to Euro. The hard-to-find UA726 has been replaced with a CA3046 with no loss of performance. No hard to find parts whatsoever. The PCB also includes pads for SMD LM3046. It'a the golden age right here.

- A six position rotary switch for octaves gives plenty of range. The PITCH pot is fine tune
- Individual outputs for ramp, square and triangle - an improvement on the original
- Built in chip heater
- Onboard LFO! Yes that's right, an onboard LFO (thanks MC202) for introducing FM and/or PWM
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quote 746966
Cat: 679926 Rel: 13 Jul 18
Analogue synth voice module
Notes: Device is a combination of three individual Frequency Central modules:

- System X Oscillator
- Raging Bull VCF/VCA
- System X Envelope

Modules can be used individually, or as an integrated synth by using normalised internal connections.
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Cat: 614138 Rel: 16 Jun 16
Eurorack envelope synth module based on Roland System 100M envelope - 4HP wide
Notes: The second module in the Roland System 100M clone series, the System X Envelope on 4HP. Includes the addition of a range switch for fast/slow response. Even snappier than a crocodile sandwich.

For audio demo, please visit - http://www.frequencycentral.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/MoroderClarke.mp3
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Cat: 614142 Rel: 16 Jun 16
Eurorack filter synth module based on Roland System 100M VCF - 10HP wide
Notes: Frequency Central "System X Filter"

Frequency Central proudly announce the release of the 'System X Filter'. It's a clone of the Roland System 100M VCF, and uses 2 x LM13700. There's an additional 12dB/oct output which is 180 degrees out of phase with the 24dB/oct output. Mixing the two outputs will give bandpass.

Usage instructions:
First up, classic 24dB/oct LPF. The two VCOs are my Hearn Morley HMVCO1c, there is a little -1oct subosc added as FM of the VCF towards the end of the clip:

http://www.frequencycentral.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Roland-12 1-24dB-LPF.mp3

Next, the 12dB/oct LPF output, again a touch of subosc FM towards the end:

http://www.frequencycentral.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Roland-12 1-12dB-LPF.mp3

Finally, by mixing both 12dB/oct and 24dB/oct outputs in equal amount we have the bandpass mode:

http://www.frequencycentral.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Roland-12 1-Bandpass.mp3

Module width: 10HP
Module depth: 65mm
Current draw: +10ma/-10ma
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Cat: 614155 Rel: 16 Jun 16
Eurorack multi-waveform syncable Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) module based on Electric Druid TAPLFO2D family of code - 4HP wide
Notes: Wave Runner LFO:
Wave Runner is a multi-waveform sync-able LFO based on the Electric Druid TAPLFO2D family of code, but with some significant additions and improvements. The TAPLFO2D-FC PIC and code is exclusive to Frequency Central and was developed specifically for the Wave Runner, and is not compatible with similar modules.

8 waveforms:
- sawtooth
- ramp
- pulse
- triangle
- sine
- noise
- sample and hold
- stepped triangle/sawtooth/ramp

All waveforms can be skewed using the Distort knob, as well as control over pulse width of square, and distortion of the cyclic waveforms, this get you control over Noise freq as well as bitcrushing, bitcrush of S/H down to 1 bit for random triggers.

Tap sync input, for syncing to whatever. Wave Runner measures the last two incoming pulses and syncs itself to these. Multiply knob allows for Wave Runner to run at x0.5, x1, x1.5, x2, x3 and x4 of the incoming sync pulse. Freq is from stupid slow (0.025Hz) into low audio range (50Hz).

The latest version also features Level CV input to control the absolute output level of the LFO.
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Cat: 744064 Rel: 12 Sep 19
Digital wavetable oscillator - 16HP
Notes: Klang Stadt is the latest FC iteration of Electric Druid's VCDO digital wavetable oscillator. It features a number of advantages over the previous Waverider design:

- Improved PWM filtering
- Addition of Sub Two output
- Addition of Klang output
- Addition of Xmod feature
- Onboard LFO for riding the waves
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quote 744064
Cat: 744065 Rel: 17 Sep 19
4 input audio & CV mixer
Notes: Volts Platz has 4 inputs with attenuators. Input 3 is normalled to +ve for positive offsets (up to +8V), input 4 is normalled to -ve for negative offsets (down to -8V).

The first opamp stage now includes a switch to select x1, x2 or x10 amplification. You can take a direct (inverted) output from this stage.

The second opamp features switchable clipping diodes (LEDs) which clip anything above/below +/-5V. So 'normal' Euro signals go through unaffected. Flick the amplification switch and things gets dirty.

Patch a post-VCF signal into input 1. You can then use a combination of offsets at inputs 3 and 4, and CV into input 2 to explore modulated symmetric and asymmetric clipping.

Scale, offset, amplify, clip. Or just use it as a 4 input mixer.
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quote 744065
Cat: 725316 Rel: 03 Apr 19
ARP 4023 VCF clone
Notes: Frequency Central's Whiteface is a new voltage controlled analogue filter for Eurorack based on the ARP 4023 filter, found in the "whiteface" Odyssey MK1 Synthesiser.

Besides the classic cut-off & resonance controls, it comes with two audio inputs as well as two CV inputs.

The rare parts have been engineered out (and the need for matched transistors for the CV input section) by using a Roland style circuit there instead - no change to the vibe though! The audio path remains pure ARP, with one exception. Built stock from the schematic, the resonance would clip above 3 o'clock, in a way which is neither musical or desirable. An inverting buffer has now been used, which adds a bit of gain to bring it up to modular levels. A nice side effect of the inverting buffer is that if you mix the input signal with the filter output, and find the sweet spot, you can do high-pass filtering too!
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Cat: 742610 Rel: 10 Aug 18
B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order***

The Frequency Central Wave Runner LFO is a 5U format low frequency oscillator with 8 waveforms and a range of sync and skewing options.

Wave Runner includes 8 waveforms that include saw, ramp, pulse, triangle, sine, noise, sample and hold and a selection of stepped options, for less blase modulation results. The modules frequency range is ridiculously wide range, going from 0.025Hz all the way into 50Hz audio range.

The module also includes an onboard distortion circuit which lets you bend and mangle the waveform to create less linear and more unpredictable modulations and sounds. This distortion section lets you effectively crush the waveforms and create new voltages.
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