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Cat: DP 026. Rel: 13 Aug 19
Deep House
  1. Big Trouble, Little Ann (5:22)
  2. Sorry Miss Jackson (6:59)
  3. The Devil's From Philly (7:08)
  4. Samuel Yesterday, Jonathan Tomorrow (7:15)
Played by: Dom Servini
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Lotus 72 D (reissue) (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: MRB 7156. Rel: 26 Jun 19
  1. Lotus 72 D (3:17)
  2. Lotus 72 D (fast) (3:03)
Review: Since its release in 1973, Ze Roberto's debut single "Lotus 72 D" has become something of an in-demand item amongst collectors of soul-fired Brazilian "MPB". So much so, in fact, that Mr Bongo has licensed it and served up this 7" reissue. In its original A-side form, the track is a carnival-ready slab of samba-soul brilliance rich in razor-sharp horn blasts, rich bass guitar, punchy hand-percussion and twinkling jazz piano solos. Roberto's confident vocals take centre stage, inviting us towards the dancefloor. Over on the flip you'll find a "Fast Version" of Roberto's tribute to 1972 Formula 1 champ Emerson Fittipaldi. This has a slightly more dancefloor-centric tempo, an effect achieved when it was accidentally pitched up for inclusion on a 2001 compilation.
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Cat: ENUM 002. Rel: 12 Aug 19
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Voigtmann - "Gentlemen Take Polaroids" (7:03)
  2. Bobby ODonnell - "Harrison Street" (Voigtmann remix) (6:33)
  3. Bobby ODonnell - "Harrison Street" (6:57)
  4. Voigtmann - "Gentlemen Take Polaroids" (Bobby ODonnell remix) (6:46)
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PHASE 001 (12")
Cat: PHASE 01. Rel: 13 Aug 19
  1. The Watching Eyes (6:29)
  2. The Knees (5:48)
  3. The Contaminant (5:03)
  4. The Sink (4:01)
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Rosella EP (12")
Cat: WD 67. Rel: 17 Jul 19
  1. Rosella (5:50)
  2. You're The Reason Why (5:18)
  3. Silk & Satin (4:52)
  4. One Night In Prague (6:32)
Review: It would be safe to say that Kayroy (real name Finian Langham) is on a roll. This is his third must-have EP of 2019 and his second outing on Whiskey Disco. It begins with "Rosella", a superb revision of Crown Heights Affair's "Say a Prayer" that strips out most of the vocals and layers up tasteful overdubs to give the track a more cosmic and dubbed-out feel. "You're The Reason Why" is a loopy but groovy rearrangement of a dewy-eyed laidback disco classic, while "Silk & Satin" is a riotous rework of a heavy disco-funk number rich in sharp, rising horn lines, screaming guitars, sweaty drums and toasty bass. Arguably best of all, though, is the fizzing, dubbed out Italo-disco-goes-poodle-perm-rock insanity of "One Night In Prague".
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Cat: SL 022. Rel: 02 Aug 19
  1. What's Their Name? (7:36)
  2. Cosmic Love (6:08)
  3. Interstellar Interruption (6:23)
  4. Star Wars (6:41)
Review: Last year Paulo Mosca made his vinyl debut on Where We Met as one half of Venetian duo Micro.Solchi. Here he makes his solo bow via a four-tracker on Slow Life rich in vintage influences. "Interstellar Interruption", for example, sounds like the kind of far-sighted UK-US techno fusion that could have been featured on a Nexus 21 EP from 1990, while the organ-sporting techno-funk of "Cosmic Love" boasts bleeps that could have been taken wholesale from an early Warp 12". The producer's inherent funkiness is showcased further on brilliant opener "What's Their Name?" - all squelchy bass, Derrick May style drums and jaunty sci-fi lead lines - while "Star Wars" wraps decidedly spacey pads, warped lead lines and dubby bass around a shuffling breakbeat rhythm.
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Turn Me Loose (limited 12")
Cat: BST X061. Rel: 08 Jul 19
  1. Turn Me Loose/My Design (extended version) (13:58)
  2. Turn Me Loose (Sirs cut) (10:32)
Review: Best Records present another deep cover jam Balearic diggers will rejoice at being able to lay their hands on. Blue Night was the brainchild of Peter Miconi, who created "Turn Me Loose" in 1983. All the elements are present here, from the aching blue-eyed soul vocals to rich guitar solos and an irrepressible funk bedded down in the groove, here stretching out for a full 14 minutes of pure sunkissed bliss. On the flip, SIRS takes a careful run at the original that simply reframes the elements with a more pronounced rhythm section - this is someone who knows exactly what the track needs and declines to change anything for the sake of it. Classy stuff, as you would expect from a reissue on Best Records.
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The Center Won't Hold (gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP + 7" + stickers)
Cat: 779084 0. Rel: 16 Aug 19
  1. The Center Won't Hold (3:06)
  2. Hurry On Home (2:48)
  3. Reach Out (3:31)
  4. Can I Go On (3:30)
  5. Restless (2:47)
  6. Ruins (5:18)
  7. Love (2:16)
  8. Bad Dance (2:43)
  9. The Future Is Here (3:01)
  10. The Dog/The Body (4:15)
  11. Broken (3:05)
  12. Hurry On Home (2:52)
  13. The Dog/The Body (4:06)
Review: Socio-political commentary abounds Sleater-Kinney's latest. The title references Yeats' "The Second Coming", and while the catalyst for this call for help isn't clear we are so desperately lost as a civilisation, bound by the chains of what Adam Curtis calls oh dear-ism, the specific sickness is irrelevant. Our symptoms are universal. This is clearest on "Can I Go On". In contrast to the aforementioned, with its furious guitars and anguished vocals, it's a poppier, almost-80s affair. Yet it discusses exhausted, wired-in people, questioning if we are worth saving. Perhaps "Love" will help? A jerking, proto-electro infused effort that charts (presumably) the band's early years touring in a van. When things made sense. But nostalgia isn't salvation, especially when the distorted vocals and scuzzy riffs of "Bad Dance" tell us to get down before it's all over. Hope lost in a deliciously textured, provocative record.
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Cat: DKR 225. Rel: 16 Aug 19
Roots/Lovers Rock
  1. Sugar Minott - "In The Ghetto" (5:40)
  2. Calabash & Fourth Generation Band - "Zion Land" (6:53)
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Cat: WRXX 3. Rel: 15 Aug 19
UK Garage
  1. Ride Dem Tight Kutz (5:20)
  2. South (5:50)
  3. You & Me (6:03)
  4. Last Encounter (4:55)
  5. Pressure (4:39)
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Cat: PODCROSS 005. Rel: 22 Jul 19
Deep House
  1. Politics Of Dancing X Chris Carrier - "Track 1" (6:45)
  2. Politics Of Dancing X Nail - "Track 2" (7:35)
Review: Politics Of Dancing continue their adventures in the studio with friends and kindred spirits, this time teaming up with two tech house titans that paved the way for the sound they're immersed in today. Fellow Parisian Chris Carrier sounds right at home sparring with S.M.A.L.L and Paco on "Track 1", where an irresistible bassline groove underpins some acid licks that burrow deep into the night time frame of mind. On the flip Nail is the partner of choice, and the UK veteran helps whip up a crisp and chunky workout heavy on the drums - a serious DJ workout for those craving solid gear for their sets.
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Reachin' (7")
Cat: RIOT 006. Rel: 10 Jul 19
  1. Reachin' (feat Minnie Gardner - Hifi Sean & Yam Who? edit) (3:33)
  2. Good Good Lovin' (Hifi Sean & Yam Who? edit) (3:58)
Review: Recently, legendary American dance producer Arthur Baker discovered two tracks in his storage on 1/4" tape recorded in 1979. He asked Hifi Sean (aka Sean Dickson of The Soup Dragons) to rework them - who brought on board Riot Recordings boss Yam Who? and they quickly got to work resurrecting these soulful disco anthems. On the A side, we have the souled-up disco power of "Reachin'" featuring Minnie Gardner's powerful vocals, then get prepared to get down proper to the group vocals and epic brass section in the uplifting "Good Good Lovin'" (Hifi Sean & Yam Who? edit) all accompanied by Baker's immaculate production style.
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Cat: DWG 7014. Rel: 01 Aug 19
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Stitch By Stitch (4:46)
  2. Live Entertainer (4:12)
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Live At Woodstock (limited gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: 721003 0. Rel: 16 Aug 19
  1. Born On The Bayou (5:22)
  2. Green River (3:20)
  3. Ninety-Nine & A Half (Won't Do) (5:00)
  4. Bootleg (3:37)
  5. Commotion (2:48)
  6. Bad Moon Rising (2:17)
  7. Proud Mary (3:53)
  8. I Put A Spell On You (4:33)
  9. The Night Time Is The Right Time (3:30)
  10. Keep On Chooglin' (10:51)
  11. Suzie Q (10:56)
 in stock $24.09
Runt (reissue) (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile gold vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: MOVLP 2501C. Rel: 13 Aug 19
  1. Broke Down & Busted (4:32)
  2. Believe In Me (2:02)
  3. We Gotta Get You A Woman (3:07)
  4. Who's That Man? (2:58)
  5. Once Burned (2:05)
  6. Devil's Bite (3:54)
  7. I'm In The Clique (4:53)
  8. There Are No Words (7:37)
  9. Baby, Let's Swing/The Last Thing You Said/Don't Tie My Hands (5:54)
  10. Birthday Carol (3:19)
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Cat: WEBB 570CD. Rel: 16 Aug 19
  1. RIDE
  2. Future Love
  3. Repetition
  4. Kill Switch
  5. Clouds Of Saint Marie
  6. Eternal Recurrence
  7. Fifteen Minutes
  8. Jump Jet
  9. Dial Up
  10. End Game
  11. Shadows Behind The Sun
  12. In This Room
Review: With so much at stake when seminal outfits decide to get back together it's understandable people usually greet the news of reunification with a degree of skepticism. But if RIDE's first epilogue didn't confirm it, their second post-comeback album should; sometimes a return is exactly what we needed. Tracks like "Future Love", "Jump Jet" and "Fifteen Minutes" stand up as excellent in their own right. At its most adventurous and confident, "This Is Not A Safe Place" is a startling work of extraordinary daring. RIDE sound as powerful and room-filling as it does hypnotic. "Repetition" vacuum packs a party in sharp, staccato goodness, "Kill Switch" takes us into dark, edgy territories, high pitched chord refrains and crashing cymbals creating an air of menace. So, if we didn't say it already, welcome back.
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How Strange Innocence (remastered) (limited trifold coloured vinyl 2xLP (side 4 etched) + MP3 download code)
Cat: TRR 085LPC1. Rel: 16 Aug 19
Post Rock/Experimental
  1. A Song For Our Fathers (5:43)
  2. Snow & Lights (8:17)
  3. Magic Hours (8:34)
  4. Look Into The Air (5:35)
  5. Glittering Blackness (5:29)
  6. Time Stops (9:53)
  7. Remember Me As A Time Of Day (5:17)
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OMOSA 001 (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: OMOSA 001. Rel: 12 Aug 19
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Bitterjazz - "Excape" (7:15)
  2. Ode - "Duer Minsol" (6:26)
  3. Munir Nadir - "On One Hand" (6:44)
  4. Modbox - "Hunching" (5:45)
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Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks (Extended Edition) (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 774777 2. Rel: 19 Jul 19
  1. Under Stars (4:19)
  2. The Secret Place (3:23)
  3. Matta (4:09)
  4. Signals (2:41)
  5. An Ending (Ascent) (4:08)
  6. Under Stars II (3:15)
  7. Drift (2:56)
  8. Silver Morning (2:31)
  9. Deep Blue Day (3:53)
  10. Weightless (4:27)
  11. Always Returning (3:43)
  12. Stars (7:53)
  13. The End Of A Thin Cord (4:04)
  14. Capsule (3:11)
  15. At The Foot Of A Ladder (3:32)
  16. Waking Up (2:19)
  17. Clear Desert Night (3:05)
  18. Over The Canaries (4:25)
  19. Last Step From The Surface (3:55)
  20. Fine-grained (3:30)
  21. Under The Moon (3:04)
  22. Strange Quiet (4:00)
  23. Like I Was A Spectator (4:16)
Review: To tie in with the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landings, Brian Eno has decided to put out a new edition of his decidedly spacey 1983 ambient album "Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks", which started life as the soundtrack to a long-forgotten documentary about NASA's space program. The edition is rather special, not only because it contains a remastered version of the original set created by Eno, his brother Roger and regular collaborator Daniel Lanois, but also because it contains a second disc of previously unheard material. This is not old, though, but rather brand new recordings - described as "new interpretations of the film soundtrack" - made by the Lanois and the Eno brothers late last year in a similar style. In a word: essential.
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Played by: Manu•Archeo
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Tusk Wax Thirty (hand-numbered hand-stamped 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: TW 30. Rel: 31 Jul 19
Deep House
  1. Redrum (5:55)
  2. BHD (6:49)
  3. Redrum (Ron Basejam remix) (5:14)
  4. Drumble (5:46)
Review: Groovy, beguiling and hypnotic- Tusk Wax is a label where anything can happen while still boasting coherency throughout its catalogue. If that sounds vague that's the point; elements of house, funk, jazz, acid and tech never far from the mixing desk. This, the imprint's 30th outing, is another limited press continuing in that fine form thanks to the always-solid Loz Goddard, formerly of Dirt Crew. One made for summertime sessions, intriguingly it could score late night hallucinatory forest raves or sun-drenched terrace parties. It just depends which cut you go for. 'Redrum' is a low-lying cosmic treat, repetitive female vocals ensuring dancefloor potential contrasting the lackadaisical melodies. 'BHD' takes us down an expanding disco wormhole, Ron Basejam's remix of 'Redrum' places the emphasis on live bass and sass, a perfect precursor to the contemporary funk of 'Drumble'.
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Blue Oyster Cult (reissue) (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile transparent blue vinyl LP)
Cat: MOVLP 1546C. Rel: 13 Aug 19
  1. Transmaniacon MC (3:22)
  2. I'm On The Lamb But I Ain't No Sheep (3:10)
  3. Then Came The Last Days Of May (3:30)
  4. Stairway To The Stars (3:43)
  5. Before The Kiss, A Redcap (4:58)
  6. Screams (3:04)
  7. She's As Beautiful As A Foot (3:02)
  8. Cities On Flame With Rock & Roll (4:02)
  9. Workshop Of The Telescopes (3:52)
  10. Redeemed (4:00)
 in stock $19.78
Cat: 775415 9. Rel: 16 Aug 19
  1. Can't Wait Forever
  2. Heaven Let Me In
  3. Silhouettes
  4. Offline
  5. Sleeptalking
  6. Kiss & Rewind
  7. Love Like Waves
  8. Lack Of Love
  9. Cry Wolf
  10. Almost Midnight
  11. Run The Wild Flowers
Review: Upbeat, upfront and wholeheartedly unapologetic, the return of Friendly Fires is about as proud as an album can be. After eight years off whatever soul searching took place has clearly paid off, even if only to give them the confidence to make these tracks. There's a pure 80s chart-disco vibe throughout the track list. From the breathiness of that "Baby I" line on "Can't Wait Forever" to the sexy and sleazy "Offline", which might as well be an homage to George Michael. It's no cheap parody, though, with enough accomplished musicality here to ensure that an instrumental pack would have club DJs with penchants for yacht pop chomping at the bit. Not least the frantic pace and punching kicks of "Almost Midnight", synth accents taking us closer to the outfit's debut than anything else here, perhaps with the exception of closer "Run The Wild Flowers".
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Movin' In The Right Direction (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: LHLP 088. Rel: 15 Aug 19
  1. All In A Day (4:03)
  2. Just Ask Me (3:26)
  3. Everything's Gonna Be Ok (4:43)
  4. Don't Stop Now (6:19)
  5. Sadness In My Samba (3:54)
  6. Under The Broadwalk (4:05)
  7. Movin' In The Right Direction (4:13)
  8. The One Who Really Loves You (2:59)
  9. The Golden Key (3:33)
 in stock $26.12
The Rescue (remastered) (limited coloured vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: TRR 326LPC1. Rel: 16 Aug 19
Post Rock/Experimental
  1. Day One (4:29)
  2. Day Two (3:42)
  3. Day Three (4:31)
  4. Day Four (2:53)
  5. Day Five (4:30)
  6. Day Six (5:11)
  7. Day Seven (4:20)
  8. Day Eight (2:20)
 in stock $23.58
  1. My Adorable One (2:51)
  2. Diana (From NYC) (2:21)
  3. Reach Out I'll Be There (2:49)
  4. Day Tripper (2:05)
  5. Bad Girl (part 1) (2:29)
  6. Bad Girl (part 2) (2:22)
  7. I'm Sad About It (2:45)
  8. How Much Longer (Must I Wait?) (2:37)
  9. You Are Too Much For The Human Heart (2:54)
  10. If Loving You Is A Crime (I'll Always Be Guilty) (2:37)
  11. Never In My Life (2:43)
  12. I Can't Take No Chances (2:48)
  13. Dark End Of The Street (3:23)
  14. She's A Bad Girl (3:01)
  15. Pouring Water On A Drowning Man (3:04)
  16. What Do You Do? (4:15)
Review: Southern soul legend Lee Moses is arguably best remembered for his sublime and sought-after 1971 album "Time and Place", a set previously reissued by Future Days/Light In The Attic. Moses had been unsuccessfully trying to find fame in the six years leading up to the release of that set, offering up a string of singles recorded with Atlanta producer Johnny Brantley. This fine compilation gathers together all of those rare singles and B-sides, thus completing Moses' compelling musical story. There's much to set the pulse racing, from his bustling version of soul classic "Reach Out, I'll Be There" and a riotous funk cover of the Beatles "Day Tripper", to the sensational "Bad Girl", to the touching "You Are Too Much For The Human Heart" and full-throttle "Never In My Life".
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 in stock $22.39
Cat: RPTCH 10. Rel: 02 Jul 19
  1. Bring The Noize (6:27)
  2. Code Red (6:38)
  3. Sensor 150 (7:03)
  4. Devil May Care (6:45)
Review: Berlin-based techno imprint Repitch returns with more austere and pitch-black techno, courtesy of Polish producer Martyna Maja aka VTSS. A proud alumni of Warsaw's Brutaz club night and Jasna 1 club, in addition to being one of Discwoman's most recent additions, she's in fine form on "Identity Process", following up some great releases on Intrepid Skin and Haven recently. From the brooding rave energy of "Bring The Noize", the barrelling peak time intensity of "Code Red" to the powerful adrenalin of "Devil May Care" which is perfect for those "heads down" moments under the strobe light - Maja lunges straight for the jugular from the get-go on this truly ferocious outing.
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 in stock $8.62
Cat: WOD 011. Rel: 13 Aug 19
  1. Brainwaves (6:02)
  2. Confusion (5:47)
  3. Out Of Time (5:53)
  4. We Are Not Home (5:52)
Played by: Snuffo, Iron Blu
 in stock $9.89
Cat: SH 7002. Rel: 15 Aug 19
Deep House
  1. Feel Out (4:51)
  2. Universal Mind (4:51)
  3. I Am Not So Selfish (4:05)
  4. The Panther (6:20)
  5. Eli (dub) (6:25)
  6. Dial Out (6:36)
 in stock $15.47
Transit EP (12")
Cat: KRB 001. Rel: 16 Aug 19
  1. The Clan (7:07)
  2. Transit (6:21)
  3. Narrow Band (7:15)
  4. Object Fill 2 (6:21)
 in stock $9.89
Counterfeit Soul Vol. 4 (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: COUNTERFEITSOUL 4. Rel: 29 Jul 19
Deep House
  1. Frazer Campbell - "Cloud 909" (7:05)
  2. Jorge Zamacona - "Doom Dub" (5:38)
  3. Jorge Caiado - "Drifting With Aliens" (6:44)
  4. Ste Roberts - "Last Saturday Day!" (7:00)
Review: Just four releases into its life, London imprint Counterfeit Soul has managed to draft in some serious pedigree for this one, with bossman Frazer Campbell leading the charge via the gloriously heady heights of 'Cloud 909'. Shades of soulful Detroit more than a little audible, it's a warm and uplifting opening number. Logically, given its name, 'Doom Dub' from Jorge Zamacona is a stark contrast in terms of vibe. Less delicate, much more direct and relentless- barely letting up- it's an ever-growing and more than likely ever-green slice of what deep techiness should sound like from the legendary producer. Those looking for more of a Windy City tip can find plenty of Chicago influences on Jorge Caiado's 'Drifting With Aliens', while Ste Roberts goes raw, unpolished and compulsively danceable for 'Last Saturday Day!'

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 in stock $8.62
Cat: GD 03. Rel: 23 Jul 19
  1. Changes (6:45)
  2. Give Me Hot (6:44)
  3. Cosmic Factory (6:56)
Review: Gino and Dino ride again! As with the previous G&D edit releases, the vibe is silky smooth, soulful and disco to its very core. "Changes" kickstarts the EP with a thumping disco piece that hits with northern soul energy while "Give Me Hot" has some of the most honied harmonies and peppiest sax you'll hear on wax this summer. Finally "Cosmic Factory" closes with the deep, spacey outer-planetary salute its name suggests. Watch out for those drums!
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 in stock $12.68
One Of Us (limited 1-sided etched 7")
Cat: 019029 5397920. Rel: 16 Aug 19
  1. One Of Us (3:19)
 in stock $9.64
Animated Violence Mild (limited green vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SBR 220LPC1. Rel: 16 Aug 19
  1. Intro (0:36)
  2. Death Drop (7:25)
  3. House vs House (7:44)
  4. Hush Money (5:29)
  5. Love Is A Parasite (6:16)
  6. Creature/West Fuqua (3:44)
  7. No Dice (6:08)
  8. Wings Of Hate (5:53)
Review: On his three previous solo albums as Blanck Mass, Fuck Buttons member Benjamin John Power offered up abstract but enjoyable blends of ambient, drone, IDM and electronics. On "Animated Violence Mild", his first full-length for two years, Power has decided to take a far more dystopian path, blending ear-catching, synth-pop influenced melodies with thrusting, doom-laden techno rhythms, growling aural textures, industrial strength noise and hybrid electronic power-pop. It's an ear-catching affair, with highlights including the boisterous, distorted techno-pop of "House Vs House", the post-apocalyptic power-trance rush of "Hush Money", the hypnotic, maximal ambient movements of "Creature/West Fuqua" and the pulsating intensity of "Wings Of Hate".
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 in stock $20.28
Cat: ARILP 263. Rel: 13 Aug 19
  1. Techno Dub (4:26)
  2. Mental War (4:21)
  3. Dub Dread (3:46)
  4. Old Man Dub (4:33)
  5. Call Me Dub (4:11)
  6. Buster Dub (3:05)
  7. Herb Dub (3:53)
  8. Rapa Dub (4:33)
  9. Dub Party (3:40)
  10. Crooked Dub (4:17)
 in stock $13.95
Bergtatt: Et Eeventyr I 5 Capitler (reissue) (gatefold heavyweight vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: 190759 50451. Rel: 12 Aug 19
  1. Capitel I: I Troldskog Faren Vild (7:48)
  2. Capitel II: Soelen Gaaer Bag Aase Need (6:32)
  3. Capitel III: Graablick Blev Hun Vaer (7:42)
  4. Capitel IV: Een Stemme Locker (4:02)
  5. Capitel V: Bergtatt Ind I Fjeldkamrene (8:03)
 in stock $20.79
OTK 006 (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: OTK 006. Rel: 16 Aug 19
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Kinematics (11:07)
  2. Manuscript (8:17)
  3. Kinematics (Andu Simion remix) (6:43)
 in stock $9.89
Cat: OUZ 03. Rel: 13 Aug 19
  1. Coasting (7:39)
  2. Jaded Dreams (4:52)
  3. Return To Planet E (5:42)
  4. The Escapist (6:07)
 in stock $8.88
Cat: RUNOUTS 002. Rel: 13 Aug 19
Deep Dubstep
  1. Flo - "Unstable" (3:31)
  2. Flo & Gisaza - "Monolith" (4:26)
Review: Finally. More presses of the killer 002 from Run Outs land and it's every bit as chilling as it was when they first teased us with it. "Unstable" is a meditative shimmering brew, unhurried and pace-setting while "Monolith" flips the vibe for something a little more warped and weird. Linking with mysterious producer Gisaza, they add a grumbling bassline, creepy arpeggios and sudden switches under a hazy cosmic sheen. Powerful stuff. You'd be wise to snap up on this before they Run Out again (not sorry).
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 in stock $23.58
Cat: BCR 081. Rel: 26 Jul 19
  1. Lonely Girl (4:12)
  2. Alone Again (4:16)
 in stock $7.86
Nobody (feat Mandar remix) (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: OSC 15. Rel: 29 Jul 19
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Nobody (8:22)
  2. Nobody (Mandar remix) (7:32)
Review: Low-slung stuff from the Nabucco label bossman, with the original just as primed for afternoon party vibes as it is the earliest morning sets. Gradually building momentum from its pared back stepping opening, soaring synth lines and subtle vocal stabs invoke the glory days of West Coast house- as smooth as it is uplifting, warm and inviting. On the flip, Mandar's remix retains most of the same elements, placing a more emphasis on the keyboard stabs and, although running for less time, has a greater sense of journey. Its dubby mid section allowing plenty of room for jazz inflected pianos to usher in smoky, chilled-out vibes in direct contrast to the punchier moments. The result is arguably even more useful that the original, and certainly something capable of pulling dancers in and not letting go.
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Played by: Franco Cinelli
 in stock $8.88
Cat: DMCCLASSMAD 3. Rel: 14 Aug 19
Funky/Club House
  1. Madonna Queen Of Pop Mix 1 (Kevin Sweeney mix)
  2. Madonna Queen Of Pop Mix 2 (Kevin Sweeney mix)
  3. Madonna Queen Of Pop Mix 3 (Kevin Sweeney mix)
  4. Madonna - "Holiday" (DJ Ivan Santana DMC Soulful House remix 2017)
  5. Madonna - "Open Your Heart" (Ben Liebrand DMC remix)
  6. Madonna Vs The Vengaboys - "Ray Of Airscape: Ray Of Light/Kiss" (Two tracker - Airscape remix Dam Mad Tunes mix)
  7. Madonna Vs Example - "Kickstart A Virgin: Like A Virgin/Kickstarts" (Allstar mix)
  8. Madonna Classic Tracks (Ian Sweeney mix)
  9. Madonna Vs Snap - "Searching For The American Dream: Amarican Life/Do You See The Light" (Guy Garrett mix)
  10. Madonna Vs Faithless - "Die Another Day/Insomnia" (Guy Garrett Sleep Another Day Booty-mix)
  11. Katy Perry Vs Madonna - "Hung Up On Gurls: California Gurls/Hung Up" (feat Snoop Dogg - Guy Garrett Bootymix)
 in stock $11.41
Forevher (limited gatefold blue vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SC 373LPC1. Rel: 16 Aug 19
  1. That's Me, Just A Sweet Melody (1:12)
  2. Side Effects (4:15)
  3. Religion (U Can Lay Your Hands On Me) (4:10)
  4. The Stage (4:33)
  5. BKLYNLDN (4:00)
  6. Tommy (4:22)
  7. Princess Leia (3:45)
  8. Flyin' (3:36)
  9. Forever (3:50)
  10. Control (5:00)
  11. Skyline, Be Mine (5:11)
 in stock $18.25
~~~ (LP)
Cat: LR 151LP. Rel: 16 Aug 19
  1. Immortality (3:59)
  2. Slowness (4:07)
  3. It's A Rainy Day On This Cosmic Shore (5:03)
  4. Nocturne (5:36)
  5. I'm Every Sparkly Woman (2:20)
  6. In A Small Valley (5:05)
 in stock $18.51
Shravanam (180 gram vinyl LP + insert + MP3 download code with obi-strip)
Cat: TIME 004. Rel: 19 Aug 19
  1. Sada Bala (Slokam) (1:40)
  2. Bhajeham Bhajeham (19:37)
  3. Kalimaheshwari (20:55)
Played by: Lexx
 in stock $24.85
Greyhound EP (heavyweight clear vinyl 12")
Cat: TM 100EP. Rel: 19 Aug 19
  1. Martar Cosmone (4:03)
  2. Formanter Jones (4:22)
  3. Skavenger Orphan (4:55)
  4. Dinston Weavor (3:33)
  5. Anticyclonic White Oval (5:40)
  6. Biva Vlanc (5:08)
 in stock $14.45
Cat: ATA 015. Rel: 11 Jul 19
  1. Clap Your Hands (45 version) (3:31)
  2. Stomp Your Feet (45 version) (3:36)
 in stock $8.37
Local Fuzz (2xLP repress) (1 per customer)
Cat: LD 004. Rel: 05 Aug 19
Deep House
  1. The Golden Escalator (6:47)
  2. Marvin's Garden (6:43)
  3. Now 2045 (6:14)
  4. Beyond The Reef (3:41)
  5. Starter Pack (6:00)
  6. Turbo Island (7:36)
  7. Bionic Beat (5:28)
  8. Hatchback (7:23)
  9. Lunchbox Music (5:58)
 in stock $26.12
Ten Toes Down EP (12" + insert)
Cat: DTR 016. Rel: 05 Aug 19
Deep House
  1. Heavy (feat Candi Lindsey) (6:04)
  2. Heavy (instrumental) (6:06)
  3. Deeper Into Blue (feat Candi Lindsey) (5:41)
  4. Too Black (5:31)
Review: Detroit mainstay Waajeed is back on the case with another heavyweight slab for his Dirt Tech Reck label. "Heavy" pulls no punches - this track is peak time soul music turned up to 11 not least thanks to Wu-Tang songstress Blue Raspberry under alias Candi Lindsey's staggering diva vocal. The track also comes in instrumental form, but trust us and reach for the vocal to send a crowd into rapture. Lindsey returns on "Deeper Into Blue", another sprightly house cut with melancholy and hope in equal measure. "Too Black" rounds the EP off with a twitching broken beat groove that speaks to Waajeed's accomplished history in the truly soulful end of contemporary club music.
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 in stock $9.12
Hangover (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: ARM 002. Rel: 07 Aug 19
  1. Hangover (13:35)
  2. Melting Pot (9:16)
Review: After the strength of the Runaway 12", Armstrong is back with another pair of smokin' hot edits to get your disco sizzling in all the right ways. "Hangover" stretches out over 13 heavenly minutes of groove that sounds like the kind of source material Moodymann would be more than happy sampling. "Melting Pot" is a more Motown-esque vibe with jangly guitar chops and sweet organs bringing the emotional punch. Clearly dug by someone who knows their onions, and edited for maximum extended pleasure, this is how edits should be done.
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 in stock $12.43
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