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Cat: KF 99. Rel: 24 Sep 19
UK Hardcore
  1. Lord Of The Null Lines (Shimon & Benny L remix) (5:38)
  2. Lord Of The Null Lines (Acen remix) (5:19)
  3. Lord Of The Null Lines (Fracus & Darwin remix) (5:16)
  4. Lord Of The Null Lines (Shoreman remix) (6:05)
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Phace & Friends (double 12")
Cat: CRIT 086. Rel: 20 Nov 15
Drum And Bass
  1. Phace & Mefjus - "Bang Bang" (4:57)
  2. Phace & Noisia - "Drawback" (3:42)
  3. Phace & Current Value - "Wild Thing" (4:58)
  4. Phace & Rockwell - "Yes!" (3:55)
Review: What's better than a Phace record? A Phace record the features some of his most exciting creative contemporaries. Each track tells its own unique tale; "Bang Bang" leads from the front with its great use of rhythmic vocal shots and dynamic arrangement, "Drawback" is as heavy and teeth-clenching as you'd want a Phace and Noisia record to be, "Wild Thing" is more understated than you'd expect a Current Value collaboration to be while "Yes!" sees Rockwell and Phace counter their four-year-old banger "No!" to great effect. Genuinely epic; buy this and you'll have friends for life.
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Played by: Bop, Brain Crisis
out of stock $21.93
Sanity Check EP (double 12" (disc 1 white, disc 2 black) + MP3 download code)
Cat: CRIT 093. Rel: 04 Nov 16
Drum And Bass
  1. Mefjus & Emperor - "Sanity Check" (4:44)
  2. Mefjus & Emperor - "Flashizm" (3:24)
  3. Mefjus - "Dissuade" (Emperor remix) (8:46)
  4. Emperor - "SMPL" (Mefjus remix) (4:39)
Review: Two of the most rated men in D&B's next generation league, Emperor and Mefjus collaborations are always worth your time. Neither happy to conform to the rules established by peers, both relish in ending tracks with wry skits, both seriously on point with everything they've done in the last few years, naturally this follow up to their collaborative debut "Hello World" is just as firesome. All loaded with heavily sprung bass funk and oddball noises and designs that come in from nowhere, both originals are as original and distinctive as you'd want them to be. Comes complete with two long awaited versions; Emperor gullying the dickens out of "Dissuade" and Mefjus taking a hammer to "SMPL", rebuilding it in his own twisted way. Gloriously dark.
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Peninsula EP (double 12")
Cat: CRIT 096. Rel: 17 Mar 17
Drum And Bass
  1. Peninsula (3:36)
  2. Magikess (4:02)
  3. Thirsty (4:02)
  4. Eyes Down (3:53)
out of stock $23.00
Mecanique (coloured vinyl double 10" + MP3 download)
Cat: CRIT 137. Rel: 15 Nov 19
Drum And Bass
  1. Mecanique
  2. Umami
  3. 40HZ
  4. Ski Masl (Enei remix)
coming soon $20.86
Move EP (triple 12")
Cat: PLAYAZ 020. Rel: 26 Oct 11
Drum And Bass
  1. Move
  2. Monster
  3. Only Love
  4. Detonate
  5. Air Raid (feat MC Ellement)
  6. So Special
out of stock $21.38
Cat: FOKUZLP 007AB. Rel: 03 Apr 14
Drum And Bass
  1. Fett Jango
  2. Good Habits
out of stock $23.52
Modern Species (double 12" in screen-printed sleeve) (1 per customer)
Cat: FIREC 023. Rel: 15 Jun 17
Deep House
  1. World A (6:11)
  2. Stellar Clusters (5:10)
  3. Fertile Crescent (6:31)
  4. Entry Mode (5:06)
  5. Parallax (6:36)
  6. Ascension (8:13)
  7. For Real For You (6:46)
  8. Reluctant Memory (5:57)
Review: Danish producer Milan Zaks has largely impressed since releasing his first cassette of dusty, rave-influenced downtempo grooves last year. Modern Species, his first outing for Firecracker Recordings, is easily his most expansive and impressive release to date. Stretched out across two slabs of wax you'll find dreamy, jungle-influenced deepness ("World A", "For Real For You"), cosmic dub ("Stellar Clusters", "Ascension"), spacey ambient techno ('Entry Mode"), Motor City influenced positivity ("Parallax") and Boards of Canada style loveliness ("Reluctant Memory"). Predictably, it's all superbly produced, with the material proudly sitting in the no man's land between club-ready rollers and horizontal home listening fare.
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out of stock $22.20
Ramm200 (trifold triple 12" (side 6 etched))
Cat: RAMM 200. Rel: 15 Feb 16
Drum And Bass
  1. Culture Shock - "Piano Dark" (original dub) (5:59)
  2. Mind Vortex - "Future Fold" (4:56)
  3. June Miller - "Robots & Romans" (audio remix) (5:53)
  4. Kryptic Minds - "The Truth" (Insideinfo remix) (5:54)
  5. Rene Lavice - "The Calling VIP" (4:53)
Review: Andy C's mega-label Ram celebrates the big 200 in style: triple vinyl in trifold sleeve with etched sixth side, each of the five cuts represent Ram's dark, start extremes. The touching depths of Culture Shock's long-awaited "Piano Dark", the Noisia-level antics of Audio on his June Miller, InsideInfo's deep throat bass on "The Truth" and the add bass fluctuations on Rene's VIP. 200 singles deep and still killing it, Ram have put together a serious package here.
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Science EP Volume V (double 10")
Cat: ZIQ 127/PMU 127. Rel: 23 Feb 06
Drum And Bass
  1. Jah Works
  2. Sound Test
  3. Flava
  4. Exceeding The Speed Of Sound
out of stock $20.06
Second Sun (remastered) (4x12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: SIGLP 001RP. Rel: 24 May 19
Drum And Bass
  1. Bullets (feat Diane Charlemagne) (5:19)
  2. Got A Thing (4:53)
  3. All The While (5:25)
  4. Second Sun (6:00)
  5. Is It U (5:36)
  6. Consulate Charm (6:20)
  7. Go Back To Go Forward (5:26)
  8. Kiya (feat Crow) (5:56)
 in stock $41.71
Love Again (10" picture disc + serato tone)
Cat: SCV-SP011. Rel: 05 Aug 10
Drum And Bass
  1. Love Again (radio edit)
  2. Serato Control Tone
out of stock $21.38
Friction vs Vol 3 (limited gatefold double 12" picture disc)
Cat: SHA 092. Rel: 29 May 15
Drum And Bass
  1. Friction vs Dimension - "Kinetic" (4:28)
  2. Friction vs Prolix - "Dark Moves" (4:45)
  3. Friction vs Metrik - "Timelapse" (4:30)
  4. Friction vs Ulterior Motive - "Curfew" (5:25)
Review: The concept behind Friction's Vs series is simple: hook up with as many mates in the studio as possible and write straight-up floor-flatteners. No theme, no pretention, just talented producers working together and playing off each other's strengths. Following epic co-labs with the likes of Icicle, Technimatic and Total Science comes the fattest edition yet as the BBC broadcaster teams up with Dimension (hooky and euphoric), Prolix (outrageously nasty and techy), Metrik (unabashed evangelism with a very well-known vocal hook) and Ulterior Motive (old school references wearing new school armour). Each one repping all player's finest attributes, Friction has brought out the best in his peers... And his own work. Essential.
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out of stock $22.20
4AM (4x12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: 31RS 4AM. Rel: 09 Nov 18
Drum And Bass
  1. Zee Tone (6:03)
  2. Dark Paths (5:33)
  3. Grabber (5:38)
  4. Existing (6:29)
  5. Under You & You (7:14)
  6. Rollover (7:17)
  7. Let It Rain (4:28)
  8. The Swell (5:48)
out of stock $39.57
Space Funk Remixes (double 12")
Cat: FULESS 001. Rel: 07 Feb 18
Drum And Bass
  1. Space Funk (6:28)
  2. Space Funk (Rufige Cru remix) (6:19)
  3. Space Funk (Future Bound remix) (7:36)
  4. Space Funk (Om Unit remix) (6:31)
  5. Space Funk (Nasty Habits remix) (7:04)
  6. Space Funk (Special Forces remix) (5:58)
Played by: Calculon
out of stock $21.38
Fabric Of Space: Part 1 (limited hand-numbered 180 gram clear vinyl double 12" + free MP3 download code)
Cat: TEMPOLP 01.1. Rel: 27 Jun 12
Drum And Bass
  1. FOS
  2. Skywalker
  3. Taiga
  4. Pulsar
Played by: PRPLX
out of stock $22.20
Cat: DISTTLP 013. Rel: 06 Nov 13
Drum And Bass
  1. Halogenix - "Raya VIP"
  2. EBK - "Strength"
Review: The third heavyweight 12" to be purloined from Dispatch's elephantine Transit 2 album, here we find Halogenix rejuvenating 2012's slinky roller "Raya" with a massive VIP. With added bass textures and serious attention paid to the drums, it's essentially a whole new tune. EBK's "Strength" is equally stunning; all jittery and breakneck, the frenetic rhythm is countered neatly with an innocent glock riff that's at once naive and naughty. Incredibly powerful stuff.
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Horns Up (double 12")
Cat: PRSPCTLP 006. Rel: 16 Jul 14
  1. Horns Up! (feat MC Dart & MC Swift)
  2. Swing
  3. Come At Me Bro (feat Gein & Bratkilla)
  4. Grim Reaper
  5. Rocket Propelled Grenade
  6. Fight For More (feat Cooh)
  7. Executioner (feat Ruffneck)
  8. Technical Difficulties (feat Triamer & Nagato)
out of stock $20.31
Primitive Technique (triple 12")
Cat: VSN 015EP. Rel: 05 Sep 13
Drum And Bass
  1. Tangerine (feat Dose)
  2. Monogram
  3. One Step
  4. Retrogade
  5. Thrasher (feat Trei)
  6. Loudmouth (feat Noisia)
out of stock $23.00
Purpose EP (limited numbered gatefold 4x12")
Cat: VSN 018. Rel: 22 Jul 14
Drum And Bass
  1. Oh Oh
  2. Purpose (with Phace)
  3. Running Blind
  4. Shaking Hands
  5. Asteroids (with Prolix)
  6. Long Gone (with Evol Intent)
  7. Stamp Out
  8. Leopard Slug
Review: In today's climate, the term EP is surely one of the most misused by record labels; we've lost count of the number of two track 12"s that arrive at Juno HQ labelled as EPs in error by thems that don't know. Dutch drum and bass troupe Noisia are fully aware that it means Extended Play as this Purpose EP demonstrates with a full grip of some eight tracks slapped across four 12"s! Housed in a gatefold sleeve featuring artwork from Nik and Khomatech, Purpose features collaborations with contemporaries Phace, Prolix and Evol Intent. Noisia Fans will probably already have soaked up the viciously ill opening track "Oh Oh" and the remainder of the EP doesn't relent one bit with "Running Blind" a particular highlight.
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out of stock $37.43
Purpose EP (reissue) (double 12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: VSN 018B. Rel: 06 Oct 17
Drum And Bass
  1. Oh Oh (6:46)
  2. Purpose (with Phace) (4:56)
  3. Running Blind (5:36)
  4. Shaking Hands (5:15)
  5. Asteroids (with Prolix) (5:38)
  6. Long Gone (with Evol Intent) (6:45)
  7. Stamp Out (5:42)
  8. Leopard Slug (4:11)
out of stock $22.73
De Evolution (triple 12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: VSN 027. Rel: 09 Jun 17
Drum And Bass
  1. Dr Kink (5:16)
  2. Pharaoh (with Ivy Lab) (5:41)
  3. Doom (5:14)
  4. Dungeon (5:02)
  5. Elevator (4:13)
  6. Mediums (6:38)
  7. Joyrider (4:06)
  8. Say Go (feat Mara TK) (4:29)
  9. Babylon (feat Orifice Vulgatron) (5:00)
  10. No Surprises (2:35)
  11. Cauldron (feat Agressor Bunx) (4:30)
  12. Prism (4:13)
  13. Veiled (6:01)
  14. De-Evolution (4:17)
  15. A Place For You (feat Sylvee) (5:00)
  16. Streetlight (3:47)
out of stock $35.03
Volume Two (limited numbered hand-stamped triple green vinyl 12")
Cat: HIDDENHAWAIILTD 010. Rel: 17 Dec 13
Drum And Bass
  1. Stranjah - "Ascent"
  2. felix K & Es Tereo - "Spartan"
  3. Double O - "The Love Of Jah"
  4. Dave Hoax - "DVDA"
  5. Muted - "Empty Valley"
  6. CJ Weaver - "Alone"
  7. Subminimal - "When & How"
  8. Dave Bethell - "Empty Sky"
Review: Felix K's Hidden Hawaii comes correct with this immaculate sophomore volume. Delivered on beautiful hand-stamped green vinyl, it plunges deep into the furthest realms of drum & bass. From the precision fracturisms from Felix and Es Tereo's "Spartan" to Dave O's classical jungle homage "The Love Of Jah" via the infectiously funky clicks and whirrs of Muted's "Empty Valley", no sonic stone is left unturned as the Hidden Hawaii crew bombard you with their bass-bitten experiments. Pump up the volume.
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Played by: M50, Nowicki
out of stock $23.52
Solaris Series 1/3 (limited clear vinyl 10")
Cat: H H SOLARISSERIES 1/3/63446. Rel: 21 Jun 11
Drum And Bass
  1. C j ccc jj fff jjj ii k hh
  2. I kk eee kkk h l iii ll ee lll ddd m c mm fff mmm ddd n e
Played by: Be-1ne
out of stock $21.38
Solaris Series 2/3 (limited clear vinyl 10")
Cat: H H SOLARISSERIES 2/3/63447. Rel: 21 Jun 11
Drum And Bass
  1. Ii nn cc nnn hhh
  2. Cc o g oo fff ooo ggg p c pp h ppp hh
Played by: Dave Miller
out of stock $21.38
Solaris Series 3/3 (limited clear vinyl 10")
Cat: H H SOLARISSERIES 3/3/63448. Rel: 21 Jun 11
Drum And Bass
  1. Hh q ii qq bb qqq h r iii rr g rrr ddd s ii aaa
  2. Cc sss fff t e tt h ttt cc u c uu ii uuu ccc v ccc
out of stock $21.38
Rebirth (double 12" + stickers)
Cat: KM 30. Rel: 17 Apr 19
Drum And Bass
  1. Missing - "The Box Re-Opens" (Bladerunner Refix) (5:33)
  2. FOI - "Champion Of Champions" (Chatter B & Potential Bad Boy remix) (5:13)
  3. Brainkillers - "Screwface" (Vince Rollin remix) (5:40)
  4. Fusion - "Love For The World" (DJ Monk remix) (4:07)
  5. Noise Factory - "Can You Feel The Rush" (feat D Natural - Papa Gee Refix) (5:13)
  6. Drumpellablack, Dan Man - "Make My Paper" (feat Xilent) (4:32)
  7. Chatter B & Potential Bad Boy - "Worries 2 Nite" (4:29)
  8. Chatter B & Potential Bad Boy - "Sayonara" (4:29)
out of stock $31.56
On My Mind VIP (limited clear vinyl 12")
Cat: AKOARCADE 15003.
Drum And Bass
  1. Stretch & Skitty - "On My Mind VIP"
  2. Tim Reaper - "Magic Tonight"
out of stock $20.86
At The Controls (double 12")
Cat: INDEX 003. Rel: 03 Oct 18
Drum And Bass
  1. Rudeboy Stuff (4:37)
  2. Spread Out (3:52)
  3. Settle (4:10)
  4. Tape Bubbler Spesh (3:58)
  5. Portland Rockers (4:05)
  6. As We Enter (4:01)
out of stock $21.13
Time Zones EP (double 12")
Cat: FRESH86 181. Rel: 17 Jul 18
Drum And Bass
  1. Dolphin Scanner (6:00)
  2. Visions (6:31)
  3. Krang Paste (The Time Zone) (6:36)
  4. Mental State (5:42)
  5. Fire Peach (6:18)
  6. Districts (6:16)
  7. The Entity (6:06)
  8. Not Right (6:29)
Review: Arguably the most prolific junglist producer Sheffield's ever seen, Kid Lib gets global on this heft double 12", ringing up territories without a care for your phone bill or his own battery charge. The vibes run the full Lib gamut as we're flung from real grotty nightmare stepping ("Krange Paste") head first into the blissful and breezy ("Dolphin Scanner") via pranged out haunted house slammage ("Fire Peach") heaven sent synth emotion ("The Entity") and a whole load more in between. Now is most definitely the time.
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out of stock $23.27
Cat: FLRS-086. Rel: 01 Dec 07
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Deep Atmosphere
  2. Oui Oui C'est Ca!
  3. Touch Me (To Deep) (feat Mari)
out of stock $21.38
Under The Sun (hand numbered burgundy marbled vinyl double 10" + CD)
Cat: SUBS 013. Rel: 05 Mar 13
Drum And Bass
  1. Reptile
  2. Machine Code vs The Sect - "Channel 18"
  3. Under The Sun
  4. Elephant
  5. Suspend (CD)
  6. 93 Million Miles
  7. Dischord
  8. Diatom
  9. Rhea
  10. Machine Code vs The Sect - "Channel 18"
  11. Under The Sun
  12. Elephant
  13. Earth
  14. Reptile
  15. Forsaken (DJ Hidden remix)
out of stock $21.38
110174 (double 12")
Cat: LORE 005. Rel: 29 Apr 19
Drum And Bass
  1. Psychedelic Soul (part 1 - Serendipity) (6:41)
  2. 8082devast8 (8:29)
  3. Serendipity (7:49)
  4. Taxi Driver (4:36)
  5. Empty Bar (part 2 - The Ruffneck) (6:08)
  6. Volcan (5:33)
  7. Workbench (5:13)
  8. Ruffneck (3:43)
 in stock $22.73
Review: As we move into a new year we're gonna kick start the drum & bass calendar with an event of massive proportions in celebrating our 14th year and the reunion of the sell-out 'Innovation In The Dam' event.

The Chosen venue for this event is the newly re-fitted Coronet Theatre. This venue, previously a theatre / cinema with massive balcony overlooking the dancefloor and stage, now boasts the world's No.1 EV Line Array PA sound system!!!... Forget Funktion One, EV Line Array is now the standard at all open air concert....need we say more!!??

All that’s left to say is... This is going to be one amazing party!! You know it and we know it!! C U There!!!

MAIN ROOM - Andy C, Shy FX, Hype, Mampi Swift, Bryan Gee, G Dub, Nicky Blackmarket, Clipz, DJ Die, Modified Motion, DJ Ollie

Skibadee, Eksman, Shabba, GQ, Fun, Det, Evil B, IC3, Blacka, MC Irie

ROOM 2 : JUNGLE RAVENATION - Phantasy, Brockie, Nicky Blackmarket, Devious D, Spice, Modified Motion, Network & Subterra, Danish Mike B2b Friller

ROOM 3 : OLD SKOOL 89-91 - DJ Flashback & MC Strict, Cutter, Jason J, Vinyl Vera & JC, Twista

ROOM 4 - Chillout
Read more
out of stock $23.52
Review: Innovation's "The Reunion Of In The Sun 2007" is Carnival weekends biggest party! Taking place at SeOne (Weston Street, London Se1), on Saturday the 25th of August 2007, this 10 hour rave will take place over five rooms! Doors open at 9pm and the party doesn't finish until 7am! Get there early as there is a 'two for one' deal on selected drinks before 11pm.

The Drum & Bass room will host DJ's such as Andy C, Friction, Mampi Swift, Nicky Blackmarket, Subfocus, Generation Dub, Benny Page and TC, along with MC's Skibadee, Dynamite MC, Eksman, Shabba, Fearless Rage and more.

The Raindance Oldskool (1988 - 1991) room will feature Billy Bunter, Slipmat, Gee Magical, Nicky Blackmarket, Niki Dimensions, Danny C and other.

Expect to see the likes of Brockie, Funky Flirt, Devious Dee, Jinx, Chase, Ruffstuff and Profile as well as MC's Shockin, Five O, Ragga Twins, Co Gee and Rema A Dee in the Jungle (1993 - 1995) room!

The Hardcore and Hard Dance room has some tasty treats: DJ's Billy Daniel Bunter, Slipmat, SY, Sketchy, Bilbstar and Sytronik will all be making appearances, as will MC's Charlie B, Spenno, Chit Chat and Caspa!

Mr. Reload and Ken Mac will host the Breakbeat room, presenting acts including Screwface, CTRL Z, Ollywood, Ed209, Affinity and Modified Notion.

That’s not all. There will also be two chillout rooms and five all-night bars selling alcohol and food. There is also a cloakroom, but it should be noted that no hooded tops should be worn to the venue as entry will be denied. ID is also required if you appear younger than 18.

Purchasing tickets beforehand allows you to access the 'priority queuing system' on the night, so don't delay, get your ticket now. The Reunion Of In The Sun 2007, on Saturday the 25th of August 2007, promises to the biggest party night this year.
Read more
out of stock $26.73
The General EP (double 10")
Cat: SENSI 005. Rel: 14 Nov 18
Drum And Bass
  1. The General (6:10)
  2. The Walls Of Jericho (6:09)
  3. Sound Business (6:01)
  4. Jarreau Dub (feat DJ Clear) (6:02)
Review: There's no denying the quality (or quantity, for that matter) of Tim Reaper's mid-90s style jungle workouts. His bounding, floor-friendly cuts have been everywhere in 2018, or at least a dizzying array of retro-futurist record labels. Here he provides more quality dancefloor ammunition, with four fine cuts stretched across a dubplate style ten-inch double-pack. Highlights include the intoxicating skank of "The General", where hazy toaster vocal samples and jumpy reggae riffs ride heavy dub bass and skittish jungle beats, the all-out sub-bass assault of "The Walls of Jericho" (another dub-powered peak-time blinder) and the slowly building jungle dub madness of closing cut "Jarreau Dub", which includes some seriously snare-heavy drums.
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out of stock $23.80
Simplicity EP (double 10")
Cat: SENSI 006. Rel: 21 Nov 18
Drum And Bass
  1. Kid Lib - "Settle Your Mind" (6:33)
  2. Dub & Wheel - "See The World" (5:54)
  3. Dub & Wheel - "Simplicity" (4:54)
  4. Kid Lib - "Remedy" (5:05)
out of stock $23.80
Jungle Lovers EP (double 10")
Cat: SENSI 004. Rel: 19 Oct 17
Drum And Bass
  1. Tim Reaper - "Oh Gosh" (5:35)
  2. FFF - "Done With It" (5:09)
  3. Kid Lib - "Nuff Luv" (6:05)
  4. DJ Clear - "Jungle Lovers" (feat David Jabba) (6:03)
out of stock $20.06
  1. Omen Breaks - "On Beat Off Beat"
  2. Dub-Liner - "Quiet"
  3. Simply Dread - "PLUR"
  4. Darkseid & Junior Soprano - "3 Ways To Die"
  5. Dub-Liner - "Cosa Nostra"
  6. Omen Breaks - "Law Of The Jungle"
out of stock $22.73
Cat: ZGRLP 01. Rel: 31 Aug 05
Drum And Bass
  1. Laid To Rest
  2. Hill & Valleys
out of stock $21.38
Cat: WYHSX 046. Rel: 07 Mar 17
Drum And Bass
  1. Ganstress (6:52)
  2. Deep Jungle (6:31)
  3. Jungle Levels (6:06)
  4. (808) Bass Boom (5:09)
  5. Stick'em Up (5:32)
  6. Born To Roll (6:07)
  7. Forcefield (6:39)
  8. Mother Earth (5:47)
Review: Holy grail material. The long-awaited repress of Bay B Kane's rare "Survival Techniques" album-sized EP. Brimming with raw, fresh foundational jungle, every track is a stone cold classic. The drunken warbles and matched drum pitches of "Jungle Levels", the sprightly skanks and metallic funk textures of "Stick'em Up" and the ricochet snares and cavernous dubspace of "Born To Roll" are just three of eight murderation sensations on here.
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out of stock $20.31
Project Mohawk #1 (limited hand-numbered 10" + insert + sticker)
Cat: BRKN 023. Rel: 19 May 15
Drum And Bass
  1. Jurassic (4:33)
  2. Rhopalocera (5:05)
out of stock $25.66
Project Mohawk #3 (limited hand-numbered 10" + sticker + MP3 download code)
Cat: BRKN 025. Rel: 03 Nov 15
Drum And Bass
  1. Drowning (feat Alexandria Wharram) (6:40)
  2. Shadows Of Love (feat Paramount) (5:57)
out of stock $26.21
Project Mohawk #4 (limited hand-numbered 10" + sticker + MP3 download code)
Cat: BRKN 026. Rel: 03 Nov 15
Drum And Bass
  1. Run (feat Ragga Twins) (5:40)
  2. Enemies (5:35)
out of stock $26.21
Project Mohawk #2 (limited hand-numbered 10" + insert + sticker + MP3 download code)
Cat: BRKN 024. Rel: 16 Jun 15
Drum And Bass
  1. Wanderlust (feat Tali) (5:36)
  2. Under The Bridge (6:43)
out of stock $26.21
Project Mohawk #7 (hand-numbered 10" + sticker limited to 100 copies)
Cat: BRKN 029. Rel: 29 Nov 16
Drum And Bass
  1. Substance (6:06)
  2. Dusk (4:52)
 in stock $26.21
Project Mohawk #8 (limited hand-numbered 10" + sticker + MP3 download code)
Cat: BRKN 030. Rel: 13 Dec 16
Drum And Bass
  1. Odd Harmonics - "The X Reference" (5:59)
  2. G.H.O.S.T - "Orbiter" (4:33)
out of stock $26.21
Project Mohawk #9 (limited hand-numbered 10")
Cat: BRKN 031. Rel: 15 Feb 17
Drum And Bass
  1. Strange Bars (5:25)
  2. Cross State (5:17)
out of stock $26.21
Syndrome EP (hand-number clear vinyl 12" limited to 25 copies)
Cat: BRKN 032.
Drum And Bass
  1. Syndrome
  2. Scorpio
out of stock $41.71
Killa Sound EP (hand-numbered clear vinyl 12" + MP3 download code limited to 25 copies)
Cat: BRKN 033. Rel: 10 Apr 18
Drum And Bass
  1. Killa Sound (4:35)
  2. Emerald (5:00)
out of stock $41.71
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