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Cat: SIG 007. Rel: 10 Dec 04
Drum And Bass
  1. Mr Majestic
  2. The Other Side
Played by: Soul Intent
out of stock $9.69
Cat: CIAQS 021. Rel: 18 Jun 19
Drum And Bass
  1. Total Science - "Nosher" (The Sauce remix) (5:06)
  2. Zero T & Phase - "Talk To Me" (4:56)
  3. Total Science & Script - "Devils Gate" (5:13)
  4. Ill Truth & SATL - "Hot Data" (5:57)
Review: Oh gosh. Total Science ante up for the summer with this exceptional V/A EP on their CIA imprint. Kicking off with a crucial new remix of their classic "Nosher" by their new hybrid gang comprising of themselves, DLR and Hydro, full breadth and variation abounds as we dip into the gilded soul of Zero T & Phase's "Talk To Me", the gnarled grizzles and dubby danger of their own "Devils Gate" with Scar member Script and the grand finale; a heavyweight purring roller from two of the most respected newcomers in the game right now: Ill Truth and SATL. Each one a persy for different chapters of the night, any further information is classified.
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out of stock $9.95
Taciturn (12")
Cat: SIG 024. Rel: 14 Dec 18
Drum And Bass
  1. Taciturn (6:03)
  2. Butter Love (5:39)
Review: Calibre has been on fire this year, serving up two albums, a swathe of killer collaborations and a handful of fine solo singles. Here he rounds off 2018 in fine style with a pair of polished cuts on his own Signature Records imprint. A-side 'Taciturn" is as musically vibrant and expansive as you'd expect, with poignant piano motifs, sustained chords and breathtakingly beautiful, high register soul vocals rising above punchy breakbeats and warm but weighty bass. Flipside "Butter Love" operates along similar lines, with Calibre wrapping spacey electronics, melancholic strings and liquid synths around a snappy, bass-heavy groove. It's perhaps a little more sub-heavy than the A-side, though both tracks are equally as polished and glassy-eyed.
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out of stock $9.69
Cat: INT 053. Rel: 18 Jun 19
Drum And Bass
  1. Can't Hide (5:16)
  2. Too Close To See (Monty remix) (5:33)
  3. Make Time (4:35)
Review: Hot on the heels of Phil:osophy's latest treasure trove comes another bounty of bliss from Artificial Intelligence's Integral. This time with old friends Zero T and longstanding vocalist Steo. "Can't Hide" is pure soul heaven; delicate layers of Steo's harmonies arranged softly over a spacious beat and lilting pianos, it's T and Steo at their most evocative and feel-heavy. "Make Time" kicks with more urgency as techno-like synths stab hypnotically, balanced by Steo's falsettos and gently rising instrumentation. Elsewhere the unstoppable Monty gives their evergreen 2016 soul-out "Too Close To See" a bittersweet twist. There's no hiding from this one.
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 in stock $9.17
Cat: SIG 005. Rel: 06 May 04
Drum And Bass
  1. Mr Maverick
  2. Highlander
 in stock $9.69
Cat: SIG 002. Rel: 01 Aug 03
Drum And Bass
  1. Makes Me Wonder
  2. Got To Have You
Played by: LadyBugz
 in stock $9.69
Sunrise (12")
Cat: SIG 022. Rel: 20 Oct 17
Drum And Bass
  1. Sunrise (6:02)
  2. Broken Wings (5:42)
out of stock $9.69
Shelflife 5 (3xLP)
Cat: SIGLP 013. Rel: 29 Jun 18
Drum And Bass
  1. Addict (6:51)
  2. City Life (with DRS) (5:05)
  3. Jaboc (5:44)
  4. Two Ones (6:02)
  5. Deep Down (6:45)
  6. Makes Me (5:48)
  7. Bluesday (with Marcus Intalex) (5:37)
Review: While Calibre's studio albums are invariably superb, his periodic Shelflife compilations of unreleased tracks and tried-and-tested dubplates are often even better. Predictably, this fifth volume in the series not only hits the spot, but also contains some genuinely grade-A material. Many will naturally gravitate towards high-class DRS hook-up "City Life" and the sought-after Marcus Intalex collaboration "Bluesday" (a typically warm, melodious and soulful affair), but there are plenty of other highlights amongst the 12 tracks on. These largely tend towards the more sun-kissed and breezy end of the D&B spectrum, though there are some tougher and darker workouts (see the low-slung sci-fi growl of "Jaboc") amongst Calibre's waves of dancefloor positivity.
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out of stock $32.74
Cat: SIG 015. Rel: 27 Jan 10
Drum And Bass
  1. Let Me Hold You (6:41)
  2. Love's Too Tight To Mention (feat DRS) (5:58)
Played by: Dr Packer, Lenzman
 in stock $9.42
Cat: CRIT 059. Rel: 21 Dec 11
Drum And Bass
  1. Piano Bizness
  2. Smooth Baby
out of stock $8.91
Domeron (12")
Cat: CRIT 016. Rel: 23 Jun 05
Drum And Bass
  1. Domeron
  2. Maximus
out of stock $5.23
Rockafella (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: CRIT 009. Rel: 12 Feb 04
Drum And Bass
  1. Rockafella
  2. Barca
out of stock $7.32
The Flavours EP (double 12")
Cat: PLAYAZ 018. Rel: 06 Jun 11
Drum And Bass
  1. Shimah - "Swordfish"
  2. Tayza - "Firefist"
  3. Sub Zero & Jaydan - "The Weakness"
  4. Need For Mirrors & Zero T - "Vanity"
out of stock $10.47
Dice Game (12")
Cat: FOKUZ 075. Rel: 23 Oct 15
Drum And Bass
  1. Dice Game (5:16)
  2. Thirty Four (5:37)
Review: What a comeback year it's been for Zero T. Kicking off 2015 with a hefty Metalheadz 12" it's been a consistent slew of seismic rollers ever since, including his second album Golden Section on Dispatch. Now jumping aboard the good ship Fokuz, he delivers another double-sided story; "Dice Game", all waspy and electrified, would sit well against a Break production while "Thirty Four" is a much more soulful, somnambulant piece that would sit well against a Makoto joint. Both are delicious and make you wish Zero T didn't disappear for so long in the first place.
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out of stock $7.32
Break Thru Best Of Vol 1 (mixed 6xCD box)
Cat: BREAKTHRUCD 001. Rel: 28 Jun 10
Drum And Bass
  1. Goldie & Lowqui - "Track 1"
  2. Calibre & DRS - "Track 2"
  3. Bryan G & Biggie - "Track 3"
  4. Doc Scott, DJ Lee & Fozz - "Track 4"
  5. SPY - "Track 5"
  6. Plastician, SP:MC & Stamina - "Track 6"
out of stock $20.94
Perfect Inch (12" promo)
Cat: INT 008W. Rel: 09 Sep 08
Drum And Bass
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
out of stock $6.81
Cat: SOUL:R 018. Rel: 08 Sep 05
Drum And Bass
  1. Losing Ground
  2. Henshaw Dub
out of stock $6.81
Cat: SOUL:R 002. Rel: 09 Oct 90
Drum And Bass
  1. Interphaze
  2. Fire & Water
out of stock $6.81
Dat Music II EP 1 (double 12")
Cat: SOULR 036. Rel: 25 Feb 09
Drum And Bass
  1. Commix - "Underwater Scene"
  2. Calibre - "Can't Get Over You"
  3. SPY vs Kiat - "Close Encounters"
  4. Lynx & Hellrazor - "Shady Pastimes"
out of stock $12.57
Deranged EP (double 12")
Cat: SOULR 022. Rel: 17 Oct 06
Drum And Bass
  1. Deranged
  2. Take It Back
  3. Past Imperfect Future Tense
  4. Luminous
Review: Slightly more electronic than his usual output, which fits nicely with the Dat music vibe.
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out of stock $10.47
Interphaze (12")
Cat: SOUL:R 002. Rel: 30 Nov 01
Drum And Bass
  1. Interphaze
  2. Fire & Water
out of stock $6.28
Mistical Dub EP (double 12")
Cat: SOUL:R 003. Rel: 26 Feb 02
Drum And Bass
  1. Mistical Dub
  2. Spiritual Thing
  3. Inside My Head
  4. Swingtime
out of stock $10.47
Cat: SOULR 069. Rel: 28 Jul 15
Drum And Bass
  1. Bogeyman Bullshit (5:36)
  2. Smother (feat Marcus Intalex & Bricktop) (6:01)
  3. Multi Tasking (5:41)
  4. Dream Of You (5:32)
Review: After a stupendously prolific 2013 and 2014 (wherein he delivered no less than four albums), Calibre appears to have taken his foot off the gas and slipped into a more comfortable release-rate. Following his "Strumpet" EP on Exit comes this ace four-tracker that represents all his drum & bass styles: "Boogeyman Bullshit" is Dominick Martin at his darkest and most mischievous, all wobbly bass and slippery. "Smother" (featuring long term compadre Marcus Intalex) slaps with big washy chords that chime with an almost Detroitian hypnotic affect, "Multi Tasking" is a swam of sonic bees that have set up a nest in Metalheadz HQ circa 1997 and show no sign of budging. Finally, with its twinkling arpeggios and major chords "Dream Of You" is Calibre at his dreamiest and most emotional... Then drop comes and, once again, his sub bass melts your cones. Immaculate.
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out of stock $8.64
Red Light (12" )
Cat: SOUL:R 014. Rel: 09 Sep 04
Drum And Bass
  1. Red Light
  2. Little Man
out of stock $5.12
Hypnotise (12")
Cat: SOUL:R 016. Rel: 15 Dec 04
Drum And Bass
  1. Hypnotize
  2. The Water Carrier
out of stock $5.76
Cat: SOUL:R 006. Rel: 04 Jul 03
Drum And Bass
  1. Marky & XRS - "Real Good"
  2. D Kay - "Devotion"
  3. Calibre - "It's..."
  4. Artificial Intelligence - "Ever On"
out of stock $9.95
Cat: SOULR 070. Rel: 13 Oct 15
Drum And Bass
  1. Zero T - "Piano Clap" (5:10)
  2. Tokyo Prose - "Tell Me" (5:12)
  3. FD - "Work It Out" (feat Collette Warren) (5:15)
  4. LSB - "Hideaway" (6:25)
Review: Four of the scene's most soulful heavyweights representing with sublime slices of rolling gold on Soulr's consistently impressive four-piece series: Zero T polishes up ivories so much you can see your thoughts in them, Tokyo Prose toys with a lush falsetto and dreamy soundscapes, FD find the blue note on his DAW and wraps it up tight in the smoky tones of Collette Warren while LSB reminds us of the beauty of sample-based groove simplicity with hypnotic Q&A charm. Authentic timeless D&B.
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out of stock $8.64
Dat Music II EP 2 (double 12" promo)
Cat: SOULR 037. Rel: 04 Dec 08
Drum And Bass
  1. Zero T & Mosus - "Monarch"
  2. Commix - "Life We Live"
  3. SPY - "Monochrome"
  4. Lomax - "Resist"
Played by: DJ Die
out of stock $12.56
Dat Music II EP 3 (double 12" + 7")
Cat: SOULR 038. Rel: 08 May 09
Drum And Bass
  1. Atlantic Connection - "Skeleton Man"
  2. Calibre - "In Denial"
  3. Bungle - "The Need Of Being Alone"
  4. Lomax - "Too Real"
  5. Instra:mental - "Hunter"
  6. D Bridge - "On Your Mind"
out of stock $12.56
Cat: FABRIC 136. Rel: 19 Mar 13
Drum And Bass
  1. Calibre - "Intro"
  2. DRS - "Keep The Faith" (feat Calibre)
  3. Calibre - "Clipper Man"
  4. DJ Marky & SPY - "Yellow Shoes" (Calibre remix)
  5. Bo Saris - "She's On Fire" (Calibre remix)
  6. Marcus Intalex - "Emergency" (dub)
  7. Random Movement - "Down Somehow"
  8. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - "Garden" (Calibre remix)
  9. Calibre - "Simple Things"
  10. Spectrasoul - "Away With Me" (feat Tamara Blessa - Calibre remix)
  11. Zero - "Refusal" (feat Steo - Calibre mix)
  12. Lynx & Hellrazor - "Passing Time"
  13. Calibre - "Notting Hill"
  14. D-Bridge - "Inner Disbelief"
  15. Calibre - "Hummer"
  16. Kodo - "The Jackal" (D-Bridge remix)
  17. Calibre - "Fire & Water"
  18. Genotype - "Justice Over Law"
  19. Calibre - "Blazin"
  20. Calibre - "Student Music"
  21. Calibre - "Outro"
Review: Calibre has always been one of the more thoughtful members of the drum & bass fraternity, with a passion not just for rumbling rhythms, but also pleasing musicality. It's these two sonic traits that come to the fore on FabricLive 68, his first contribution to the London super club's long running mix series. While there are plenty of sublime moments punctuated by punchy percussion, it's the more fluid, musically complex tracks that stand out (see the twinkling pianos of DRS's "Keep The Faith", Marky & SPY's carnival-tastic "Yellow Shoes (Calibre Remix)" and Zero's "Inner City Life"-ish "Refusal"). As a result, FabricLive 68 is a loose, languid journey through D&B's greener pastures.
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Played by: Kid Fonque
out of stock $5.50
Fabriclive 52 (mixed CD)
Cat: FABRIC 104. Rel: 29 Jul 10
Drum And Bass
  1. Paradox - "A Certain Sound" (Alaska & Paradox Lost Dat mix)
  2. Kabuki & Jeru The Damaja - "Watch Your Step" (Need For Mirrors VIP mix)
  3. Ulterior Motive - "Seven Segments"
  4. Slam - "Positive Education" (Zero T remix)
  5. Lynx & Kemo - "You Are Being Lied To"
  6. Icicle - "Ocular"
  7. Zero T - "Guessing Games" (feat Script)
  8. System - "Speed Of light"
  9. Lemonde - "Heaven"
  10. Jubei - "Distrust"
  11. Break - "Wine"
  12. All Thieves - "Stars" (Zero T remix)
  13. Need For Mirrors - "Sick In The Head"
  14. Rockwell - "Everything (& U)"
  15. Artificial Intelligence & Krust - "Audio Assault"
  16. Fracture & Neptune - "The Limit"
  17. Dillinja - "When Love"
  18. Zero T - "Walk Away" (feat Steo - Zero T reprint)
  19. Genotype - "Dubsoca"
  20. Commix - "Japanese Electronics" (Instra Mental remix)
  21. Spmc & Joker D - "Down"
  22. Icicle - "Xylophobia"
  23. Compound One - "Pum Pum Beat"
  24. Sia - "Little Man" (Exemen remix)
  25. Ation - "Missing You"
  26. Equinox - "Space dub"
  27. Marcus Intalex - "21"
  28. Calibre - "Reach"
  29. Reds - "Green Lanes" (feat Tehbis & Fee Lups)
Review: After the uncertainty that has surrounded the Fabric Empire in recent months, it's heartening to see a new Fabric Live mix drop. At the controls for the fifty second edition is Dublin D&B don Zero T, with a selection that veers from the confines of junglist workouts into dubstep, house and ends with some hip-hop tinged drum and bass. It's the familiar vocals of a legendary rapper that open Zero T's mix with the bass atmospherics of Paradox's "A Certain Sound" being taken over by Jeru The Damajah's guest spot on the ruff VIP mix of "Watch Your Step" from Kabuki.
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out of stock $10.47
Ever Need/Plain As Day (limited 12")
Cat: HZN 097. Rel: 16 Nov 16
Drum And Bass
  1. Ever Need (feat Steo) (5:59)
  2. Plain As Day (6:33)
out of stock $9.17
Cat: HURTCD 082. Rel: 01 Apr 09
Drum And Bass
  1. Origin Unknown - "Valley Of The Shadows" (Long Darl mix)
  2. ED Rush & Optical - "Lifecrisis"
  3. Randall & Andy C - "Sound Control"
  4. London Elecktricity - "Round The Corner" (Origin Unknown remix)
  5. Zinc - "Ska"
  6. Dopeskillz - "Six Million Ways"
  7. Zinc - "Super Sharp Shooter"
  8. Zinc - "Creeper" (feat Dynamite MC - vocal mix)
  9. Calibre & High Contrast - "Mr Majestic"
  10. Aquasky - "Do Anything" (Calibre mix)
  11. Bluebook - "Rollin Over" (Calibre dub mix)
  12. High Contrast - "Everything's Different" (Calibre remix)
  13. Goldie - "Inner City Life"
  14. Rufige Kru - "Terminator"
  15. Rufige Kru - "Vanilla"
  16. Rufige Kru - "VIP Riders Ghost"
  17. Chase & Status - "Love's Theme"
  18. Chase & Status - "Dumpling Riddim"
  19. Chase & Status - "Hurt You"
  20. Jenna G - "In Love"
  21. High Contrast - "Racing Green"
  22. MIST v High Contrast - "3AM"
  23. High Contrast - "Basement Track"
  24. The Streets - "Has It Come To This" (remix)
Played by: Dj Friction, Andy C
out of stock $9.42
Cat: METHPLA 017. Rel: 22 Jan 15
Drum And Bass
  1. Election
  2. The Edge
  3. What's Wrong
Review: After a few years away from the scene, Zero T has returned to remind us who's the boss. Up there with Calibre and Break; his productions rattle with effortless funk and soul while exposing enough dark underbelly to appeal to fans of the harder sound. Hence this appearance on Metalheadz with Beta 2. "Election" is a growling, grunting roller with a simple-but-deadly bass lick while "What's Wrong" flips for a slower tempo halftime slinky session that nods deftly at the very early days of dubstep when UKG took a turn for the dark. For balance Beta 2 goes solo "The Edge". A bulbous roller a la late 90s Moving Fusion, watch out for those strings... When they come in, they'll sweep you off your feet.
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out of stock $7.60
Bonesmen (12")
Cat: META 040. Rel: 20 Jul 16
Drum And Bass
  1. Bonesmen (5:17)
  2. In Circles (4:33)
Review: Zero T and Fierce on Metalheadz: Few words are required, we all know we're dealing with uncut premium kit here. "Bonesmen" is all about the dark tech groove, the way the drums switch with subtlety, the persistent sub and classic Headz FX rotate through the spectrum. "In Circles" flips the vibe with a lighter tone in the pads, a sweet deep dream atmosphere on the blink-and-miss breakdown and chirpier, looser, funkier drums. Two cuts, both true to the craft.
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out of stock $8.12
Cat: GRN 008. Rel: 06 May 00
Drum And Bass
  1. Do Your Love Thang Now
  2. Inpulse
out of stock $7.32
Cat: CIAUKLP 001. Rel: 15 Nov 12
Drum And Bass
  1. Total Science & SPY - "Past Lives" (feat Kevin King - Lenzman remix)
  2. Break - "Slipstream"
  3. Calibre - "Clipper Man"
  4. 8 Bitys & Q Project - "Low End Theory"
  5. Serum - "Vendetta"
  6. Riya - "Stolen Moments" (feat Zero T)
Review: Some things are worth waiting for: it's been 11 years since Total Science's debut Tuned In collection. Not ones to fire out releases willy-nilly, they've toiled hard to curate an immaculate compendium that celebrates drum & bass's most timeless, enduring aspects. Over three plates we're treated to some immense cuts that will tickle all D&B DJs flavours. Break's outrageous sub session "Slipstream", Calibre's dubcentric stepper "Clipper Man" and Serum's ghetto-bang drama screamer "Vendetta" are just three of these gems. Get tuned in or go home!
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Played by: Syncopix
out of stock $18.07
Cat: SIG 017. Rel: 14 Sep 11
Drum And Bass
  1. Foreign Bodies
  2. Ugly Duckling
out of stock $8.64
Reno (12")
Cat: CIAUK 003. Rel: 27 Oct 11
Drum And Bass
  1. Reno
  2. All Day
out of stock $6.28
Cheap Shots (double 12")
Cat: CIALP 007. Rel: 30 Jul 08
Drum And Bass
  1. Threads (feat Alix Perez)
  2. Angel Heart
  3. Go 4 Yours (feat Icicle & Steo)
  4. Why Would You
out of stock $10.47
Don't Mind (double 12")
Cat: SIG 014. Rel: 17 Dec 08
Drum And Bass
  1. Trying To Remember
  2. Oh Please
  3. You Could Dance
  4. Don't Mind
out of stock $10.47
Overflow (5xLP)
Cat: SIGLP 003. Rel: 01 May 08
Drum And Bass
  1. Savannah Heat
  2. Slums (feat DRS)
  3. Alone In A Crowd
  4. Overeaction (feat Luriman)
  5. Suddenly
  6. Into The Groove
  7. Leave Me
  8. Lo Note
  9. Beat Goes On
  10. TV On
Played by: Alley Cat
out of stock $24.09
Overflow (2xCD)
Cat: SIGCD 003. Rel: 06 Jun 08
Drum And Bass
  1. Savannah Heat
  2. Slums (feat DRS)
  3. Alone In A Crowd
  4. Overeaction (feat Lariman)
  5. Suddenly
  6. Into The Groove
  7. Leave Me
  8. Lo Note
  9. Beat Goes On
  10. TV On
  11. Shine (feat Spacek)
  12. Always Lovin You
  13. You Used To Listen (feat DRS)
  14. Big Bang
  15. Honeypot
  16. Gage
  17. Reach You Everywhere
  18. So Blue
out of stock $13.61
Cat: SIGCD 004. Rel: 15 May 09
Drum And Bass
  1. Out Of The Box
  2. Nightlight
  3. All The Days
  4. Harbinger
  5. Nowheretobefound (feat Larman)
  6. Fine As Dust
  7. Mindprint
  8. The Cage (feat St Files & Basil)
  9. Soft Tear
  10. Lazy Rock
  11. Life
  12. Half Full
  13. What To Do In These Times
  14. Overeaction Dub (feat Larman)
  15. Harry
  16. Zombie Life
  17. Find A Way
  18. The Blues
out of stock $13.88
Cat: CIALTD 014. Rel: 26 Feb 09
Drum And Bass
  1. Zero T - "Bizzy Time" (Break remix)
  2. Total Science - "Never Had A Dream" (Furney remix)
Played by: Lenzman
out of stock $7.32
Cat: CIACD 007. Rel: 30 Jul 08
Drum And Bass
  1. Cheap Intro
  2. Hearbreak Ridge
  3. INside Man (feat Beta 2 & Steo)
  4. Reasonable Doubt
  5. Walk Away (feat Steo)
  6. Gota Touch (feat Ell)
  7. Why Would You
  8. Rising Sun (feat Steo)
  9. Robots (feat Bailey)
  10. Go 4 Yours (feat Icicle & Steo)
  11. Angel Heart
  12. Threads (feat Alix Perez)
  13. 1000 Dreams (feat Sense)
  14. Morning Sex (feat Control)
  15. Long Road (feat Steo)
  16. Cheap Outro
out of stock $10.47
Second Sun (4xLP)
Cat: SIGLP 001. Rel: 20 Oct 05
Drum And Bass
  1. Bullets (feat Diane Charlemagne)
  2. Got A Thing
  3. All The While
  4. Second Sun
  5. Is It U
  6. Consulate Charm (feat Lariman)
  7. Go Back To Go Forward
  8. Kiya (feat Crow)
out of stock $19.90
Corner Dance EP (double 12")
Cat: SIG 009. Rel: 08 Jun 06
Drum And Bass
  1. Corner Dance
  2. True Stories
  3. V Neck
  4. Dirty Mind
Review: Another high quality EP in his signature style from Calibre. 'Corner Dance' is a gorgeous piece of future soul, constructed with solid, unrelenting percussion, heavy subs, plunging bass, animated flute flourishes, restrained vocals and sparkling keys. 'True Stories' on the flip side, blends lively classical strings with snappy beats and lava flow bass. The second vinyl includes both tracks 'V Neck' and 'Dirty Mind', which are just as exhilarating.
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out of stock $10.47
Cat: SIG 010. Rel: 17 Jan 07
Drum And Bass
  1. Carry Me Away
  2. Mr Right On
Review: "Carry Me Away" features a sublime layered amen, warm bass, distant piano and dreamy soulful vibes. "Mr Right On" is a hypnotic jazz roller. Think St Germain meets d&b and your getting close. Nobody does d&b quite like Calibre!
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out of stock $5.23
Waterfall (12")
Cat: SIG 011. Rel: 14 Jun 07
Drum And Bass
  1. Waterfall
  2. What I Feel (feat Myrrh Ce)
Review: Calibre and Zero Tolerance drop this amazing 12" featuring impeccable vocalists Merci. The intoxicating funky a-side, "Waterfall", has been winning over the hearts and minds of d&b's cutting edge DJ's for months. These include Fabio, D Bridge, Commix, High Contrast, Lee, Friction, Doc Scott, Klute, Marcus Intalex and more.
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out of stock $6.15
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