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Bad Ass (12")
Cat: URTAKE 055. Rel: 04 Jan 12
Drum And Bass
  1. Bad Ass (Slum Dogz remix)
  2. Bad Ass (Serial Killaz remix)
Review: Those of a particular vintage will remember well the jump up sounds of Mickey Finn and Aphrodite which found particular favour with Mary Anne Hobbs in the early days of her Breezeblock show. Released in 1996, "Bad Ass" was perhaps the most ubiquitous track from the duo and its dragged all the way into the 21st Century thanks to this pair of remixes from perennial red liners Slum Dogz and Serial Killaz. As you'd expect when Doctor P is involved, the Slum Dogz effort is caked in epicness, successfully balancing their own distinct production touches with elements of the original. The Serial Killaz effort takes an industrial approach with equally screw face inducing results.
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out of stock $7.37
Criss Cross (12" promo)
Cat: APH 055. Rel: 09 Nov 07
Drum And Bass
  1. Criss Cross
  2. Odyssey (Tiger mix)
Review: Absolutely huge tracks from the legendary Aphrodite once again, taking his signature style and creating two fun dancefloor numbers
that leave the floor wanting more every time! Both 'Criss Cross' and 'Odyssey' are classic Aphrodite and this 12" is available in limited
quantities so get them while they're hot.
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out of stock $5.80
Scarface (12")
Cat: AMIX 003. Rel: 30 Aug 06
Drum And Bass
  1. Scarface
  2. War Of The Worlds
Review: Aphrodite is back on the bootleg tip with another two Amix slabs from the vaults. This time we give you the Aphrodite translation of two blockbuster movies, "Scarface" and "War Of The Worlds" are the movies of choice. Both tracks come good at the drop with awesome jump up bass lines, which will satisfy both Aphrodite fans and the massive number of jump up heads out there.
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out of stock $6.31
Mind Of The Don (12" promo)
Cat: APH 051. Rel: 30 Aug 06
Drum And Bass
  1. Mind Of The Don
  2. Metal Man
Review: Aphrodite gets right back in there with his latest release on his ever popular Aphrodite imprint. Both "Mind of The Don" & "Metal Man" are expressive of where Aphrodite is taking his sound right now, throwing in a little bit of the new dnb edge championed by Pendulum & Sub Focus. Adding a sprinkle of said sound to his bread & butter methodology, and you’ve got something truly creative. This one will keep the die hards happy, remind some of the man Aphros skills, and no doubt win some of the new crew over.
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out of stock $6.31
Cat: AMIX 004. Rel: 07 Sep 06
Drum And Bass
  1. Breaking Point
  2. Breaking Me Softly
Review: Fourth release in the popular Amix series. On the A side Aphrodite's gives us a wicked roller called 'Breaking Point' the track is heavily influenced by the current tech sound of Sub Focus, Pendulum etc...The track has been getting a lot of attention and rightfully so, Aphro still comes with his trade mark beats so his fan bass will love this too. Flip it over for a second mix which features the Fugee vocal sample 'Killing Me Softly'.
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out of stock $6.31
Calcutta (12")
Cat: RECUTS 014. Rel: 27 Apr 07
Drum And Bass
  1. Calcutta
  2. Put A Cut On It (feat Rah Digga)
Review: "Calcutta" is Classic Aphrodite business on his own Recuts label, dedicated to re-releasing his most sought after tunes. This time it's "Off Limits", with Big Daddy Kane on vocal duties, his inimitable style sliding nicely over a characteristic Aphrodite backing track, complete with rumbling bass, stepping breaks and hip-hop swagger.
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out of stock $7.64
Holding On (12")
Cat: AMIX 005. Rel: 05 May 07
Drum And Bass
  1. Holding On
  2. Crazy Diamond
Review: Jungle legend Gavin Aphrodite steps up on his own Aphrodite Mix imprint once again with a pair of remixed bangers. Taking inspiration from popular music and twisting it into underground hits has always been a speciality of Aphrodite and he's done it again with "Hold On" and "Crazy", both seamlessly blending familiar samples with a simple but effective d&b backbone. Raving material!
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out of stock $6.85
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