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Another Moment In Time
Cat: ESOL 023. Rel: 12 Sep 23
Deep House
Another Moment In Time
Lost In The Deep
Make A Wish
Peace Of Mind (feat Jon Dixon)
Rendezvous (Finale)
Review: It sure has been a long time coming but finally Vince Watson is back with a new album that follows up his well regarded debut from some 20 odd years ago, Biologique, and sophomore effort Moments In Time. Another Moment In Time is a rich house exploration with a tendency towards the deep and always magical melodies. It's timeless and tasteful material that is all expertly arranged and executed from the gentle piano joys of 'Peace Of Mind' to the reflective and jazzy chords of 'Lost In The Deep'. One of the cuts, 'Rendezvous' has appeared in a different form on Carl Craig's Planet E but here gets a 'Finale' version that brings classic house drums with widescreen synth work and warm chord vamps.
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Destination Summer Sea Cruise: 33 Ocean Steamers For Your Vacation
Cat: BCD 17710. Rel: 29 Jun 23
Frankie Ford - "Sea Cruise"
Ricky Nelson - "A Long Vacation"
Billy Mure's Supersonic Guitars - "By The Beautiful Sea"
Earl Grant - "Beyond The Sea"
Karl Hammel, Jr - "Summer Souvenirs"
Floyd Brown - "Thunderbird Beach"
Vince Maloy - "Soda Pop"
The Ivies - "Sunshin"
Rickey Leigh & The Twins - "Seashore Stomp"
Speedy West - "Rippling Waters"
Bobby Gray - "There's Gonna Be A Party (On The Beach)"
Chubby Chops & The Twisting Cyclones - "Summertime"
Pete Cummins & The Redeemers Four - "The Surfin' Freeze"
The Polaras - "Breaker"
Hank Thompson & His Brazos Valley Boys - "Teach'em How To Swim"
Mitchell Took - "Teenie Weenie Bikini"
Dick Haymes & Eileen Watson - "It's A Lovely Day Today"
The Keil Isles - "Sea Cruise"
Joey Dee & The Starliters - "Twistin' On A Liner"
Big Jay Mercer - "Bermudas" (with Joe Anderson & The Groovers)
Marlon 'Madman' Mitchell & The Rocketeers - "Bermuda Shorts"
Harry James & His Orchestra - "Sleepy Lagoon"
The Strollers - "Moonlight Cocktail" (feat Artie Malvin)
Billy Vaugh & His Orchestra - "Sail Along Silvery Moon"
Myron Lee & The Caddies - "Magic In A Summer Night"
The Techniques - "Moon Tan"
Mina E I Solitati - "Tintarella Di Luna"
Helene Dixon - "The Breeze (That's Bringing My Honey Back To Me)"
Don Drummond & The Skatalites - "Cool Shade"
Marvin Rainwater - "Hot & Cold"
Jack Scott - "Cool Water"
The Shells - "Sippin' Soda"
Les Paul & Mary Ford - "In The Good Old Summertime"
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Another Moment In Time: Album Sampler
Cat: ESOL 022. Rel: 18 May 23
Rendezvous (Finale)
Review: While Vince Watson's 2002 classic 'Moments In Time' certainly stood the test, the Scottish producer and DJ has now revisited the theme with his very own sequel to the project, 'Another Moment In Time'. Though it gives modern breathability and flair to his long-established atmospheric techno oeuvre, it hardly renders the music glossy or sheeny as one might expect. Instead, the very same wondrous jazz-flavoured sound is conveyed once again, and with just as much potency, through the two awestruck burgeoners 'Rendezvous (Finale)' and 'Whispers'.
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 in stock $14.57
Mystical Rhythm
Cat: ESOL 021. Rel: 22 Mar 22
Deep House
Mystical Rhythm (VW20 mix) (5:56)
Moments In Time (VW20 mix) (7:56)
Review: Six years ago, Vince Watson released a digital-only compilation marking two decades since his first release, in the process providing updated re-makes and remixes of some of his best-loved cuts. The versions on this 12" appeared on that set but have not been released on vinyl before. His re-wire of 1999 cut 'Mystical Rhythm' is little less than sonically gorgeous, subtly updating Watson's classic, Detroit influenced sci-fi techno sound to include all manner of spacey chords, warming organ sounds and jazzy, life-affirming synth solos. His version of 2000's 'Moments in Time' is even deeper and more intergalactic in tone, delivering heart-aching Motor City style machine soul by the boat-load. In a word: stunning.

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 in stock $14.31
DnA (Re)sequenced
Cat: ESOL 019. Rel: 16 Nov 21
Holographic (Carl Craig Ride Or Die anthem) (7:18)
(Re)Evolution (Jon Dixon remix) (7:01)
Second Wave (Steve Rachmad remix) (6:12)
Universal Language (Claude Young remix) (5:35)
Immersion (Stephen Brown remix) (6:47)
Second Wave (John Beltran Pan Am remix) (7:44)
Second Wave (Stephen Lopkin remix) (6:52)
Metamorphosis (Shawn Rudiman remix) (6:17)
Review: Vince Watson released the DnA album in 2019, and now he's revisiting it for a bumper remix package from a frankly dizzying cadre of producers. First up is Carl Craig, who takes 'Ride Or Die' in predictably epic, soaring directions before Jon Dixon lays his ebullient, melodious touch over '(RE)volution'. Steve Rachmad whips up a tight and punchy strain of techno while re-versioning 'Second Wave', and Claude Young takes a delicate approach to 'Universal Language'. Stephen Brown creates a brooding, Detroit indebted mood on his mix of 'Immersion', John Beltran goes predictably far out with 'Second Wave' before Stephen Lopkin's own dreamy, sky-scraping take on the track. Shawn Rudiman completes this all-star cast with a supercharged, uplifting techno workout as he re-interprets 'Metamorphosis'. If you like classically-informed techno, you can't pass up this sterling package.
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Played by: Per Bojsen-Moller
 in stock $22.79
Dimensions II
Cat: SUSH 57. Rel: 27 Sep 21
Minimal/Tech House
Still Zero (feat Derek Carr) (7:13)
No Ghosts (feat Steve Rachmad) (7:24)
Midnight Special (feat Mark Broom) (7:39)
Dark Forces (feat Markus Suckut) (6:43)
The Hidden Trail (feat Exos) (7:10)
Elemental Dub (feat Conforce & Prince Morella) (7:00)
Shadowplay (feat Vince Watson) (9:01)
Home Alone (feat Soela) (4:19)
Review: Ever the enthusiastic collaborator, Steve O'Sullivan follows up the first volume of his Dimensions series on Sushitech with another eight stunning partnerships which read like a who's who of contemporary techno. The artists invited span a fair range, from established legends like Mark Broom and Steve Rachmad to inspiring newer artists including Exos and Soela. The whole release hangs together naturally as O'Sullivan's signature dub techno touch slips in amongst the approaches of his chosen sparring partners. From nervy immersion heaters to starry-eyed reveries, this is sophisticated modern techno at its finest, with every track precision engineered to work in the club and take the crowd somewhere very special indeed.
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 in stock $15.88
Make A Wish
Cat: ESOL 018. Rel: 02 Jun 21
Deep House
Make A Wish (8:51)
Forever (7:15)
Review: Vince Watson is in a positive mood on this new two tracker for Everysoul Audio. Both tunes bridge the divide between house and techno with a timeless style that makes them suited to a range of different settings. 'Make A Wish' is the deeper of the two, with a pensive bassline and suspensory melodies trapping you in a place of contemplation. 'Forever' (which was originally a live jam) then breaks out for a good time jam, with classically included house drums overload with golden chords and pixelated leads that will get hands in the air and big smiles on faces. The 909 works hard and the claps are irresistible
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 in stock $12.70
More Than Machine Part 2
Cat: TR 120V. Rel: 24 Feb 21
Smith & Selway - "Blink Of An Eye" (5:44)
CYRK - "Repetition" (6:00)
CJ Bolland - "The Demotic Script" (5:37)
Vince Watson - "Cyclon" (5:51)
Review: As expected, Tronik has assembled another all-star cast for the second part of their ongoing More Than Machine series. First to strut their stuff are veteran producers Christian Smith and John Selway, whose 'Blink of an Eye' is the kind of energetic, full throttle club electro number that sounds like it should be accompanying a starship chase scene in a dystopian sci-fi music (an effect intensified by a combination of moody spoken word and vocoder vocals). Belgian veteran CJ Bolland delivers a surprise electro workout in the shape of the bustling and bleeping 'The Demotic Scene', while the effervescent Vince Watson smothers a deep electro beat in glistening synthesizer chords, deep pads and pleasingly emotive melodies
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 in stock $13.25
Rise EP
Rise EP (12")
Cat: SUARA 295. Rel: 24 Jan 18
Deep House
Rise (7:49)
Variable Slope (Marquis Hawkes remix) (8:01)
Variable Slope (Voiski remix) (6:30)
Rise (Lake People remix) (6:26)
Review: The rise of the titans right here! (pardon the pun). Two of the biggest hi-tech soul merchants from the United Kingdom team up here on Spanish imprint Suara, for some epic and futurist dancefloor drama on "Rise". Strict rhythms accompany layer upon layer of warm emotive pads and soaring synth leads - as you'd expect from the duo. Their further homage to Detroit (via Glasgow and London) continues on second original offering "Variable Slope" which brings the funk with its bleepy bassline and killer groove for a life affirming dancefloor journey. There's a couple of killer remixes too. French sonic wizardry from the one and only Voiski: who delivers a scorching rendition, plus a lovely neon-lit classic house perspective from the controversial Marquis Hawkes. If that was not enough, a sombre, deep electro re-take on the aforementioned "Rise" by Leipzig's Lake People caters to a more downbeat moment.
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 in stock $13.25
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