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Cat: 676299 Rel: 12 Apr 18 • View all Synth modules
CV/Gate-controllable sampler - 28HP
Notes: ***Now featuring Assimil8or Software Version 2.0! Available to download here: http://www.rossum-electro.com/products/assimil8or/

The ASSIMIL8OR is a CV/Gate-controllable sampler with eight independent channels. Each channel is not only its own voice, but also has a separate audio output and a gate/trigger and three CV inputs. Given ever get two sample inputs and main outputs. Thus, Stereo Sampling and playback is possible. Mixed operation of stereo or mono is possible and is limited only by the maximum number of eight channels or parts.

The ASSIMIL8OR works with high-quality 24-bit AD and DA converters. Internally, however, sample and bit rate for lo-fi sound can be lowered, the latter is even CV-controllable. The samples can also be otherwise manipulated in many ways. Thus, the phase of a sample via CV or a different sample can be modulated. Likewise, the loop points can be controlled and the sample can be traversed with CV control (scrubbing), whereby wavetable similar effects could be achieved. The following parameters can be addressed via the gate / trigger and CV inputs:

- Pitch
- Level
- Bit Depth
- Phase Modulation
- Pan
- Scrub
- Sample Start
- Sample Length
- Loop Start
- Loop Length
- Release Decay

Samples and presets are stored on an SD card, which is easily accessible plugged into the module front.
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Cat: 728570 Rel: 16 Jul 19 • View all Synth modules
26HP Eurorack spectral re-synthesiser module
Notes: Rossum Electro-Music Software Architect Bob Bliss (who also, as it happens, fathered E-mu's famed "EOS" Emulator Operating System) has created Panharmonium, a unique music and sound design tool that analyses the spectral content of any audio signal and uses that analysis to drive a bank of from 1 to 33 oscillators. Depending on various control settings, Panharmonium can accurately reproduce the input spectrum in real time or modify it in a multitude of wildly creative ways. All with an interface whose immediacy encourages performance and interaction.

Panharmonium input can be anything from a single oscillator to an entire mix (including vocals). From dense, swirling pads and drones that evolve with the input's changing spectrum, to clock-syncable spectral arpeggiation, to as-yet unnamed harmonic effects, Panharmonium opens up an entirely new world of sonic possibilities.

Additionally, Panharmonium can take a snapshot of an instantaneous spectrum and use that as a complex harmonic oscillator, which can then be modified and modulated by all of Panharmonium's other controls.

Panharmonium accomplishes its magic though a combination of functional submodules:

Spectral Analyser:

The Spectral Analyser provides tools for defining the analysis process.

- The Slice parameter sets the rate at which the incoming audio is transformed to spectral data. It can be set by the Slice and Multiplier controls, the Tap button, or by an external clock signal. Very short slice times result in real-time spectral data, while longer times can create rhythmic spectral patterns.
- The Centre Freq and Bandwidth controls (and associated CV inputs and attenuverters) control the range of frequencies to be analysed. The Bandwidth control allows the selection of narrow to wide pass bands on the left side of the pot and narrow to wide notches on the right side of the pot. The ability to sweep the frequency and modify the bandwidth under CV control opens up a wide range of sonic effects.
- The Freeze button lets you freeze the spectral integrator, sustaining the currently analysed spectrum.

Spectral Modifiers:

These controls allow you to creatively modify the analysed spectra.

- The Voice parameter lets you select from 1 to 33 oscillators to resynthesise the spectrum.
- The Blur parameter (and associated CV input) is a spectral lag processor that controls how quickly the spectrum can change.
- The Feedback control (and associated CV input) lets you route the re-synthesised audio back into the entire processing chain for subtle or dramatic feedback effects. At its max, the output becomes self-sustaining, even if the input is removed.

Oscillator Bank:

The Oscillator Bank resynthesises the analysed spectra.

- The Waveform parameter selects the oscillators' waveform. In addition to the usual sine, triangle, sawtooth and pulse waveforms, two special crossfading sine and sawtooth waveforms are included.
- The Freq control lets you tune the oscillators over a +/-7 semitone range. The frequency is further controlled by the 1V/Oct input and the FM input and attenuverter.
- The Octave control, not surprisingly, shifts the pitch of the output by octaves.
- The Glide parameter sets the amount of polyphonic glide (i.e., each oscillator has its own glide circuit).
- The Mix control (and associated CV input) sets the balance between the original input audio and the resynthesised audio.

Optional Functions:

A number of optional functions can be selected by using the Output Mode and Tap buttons.

- Holding the Output Mode button and adjusting the Slice control enables Drums Mode, which optimizes the spectral analysis for drums and other percussive inputs.
- Holding the Output Mode button and adjusting the Centre Freq control allows you to instead set the lower frequency of the analysis range.
- Holding the Output Mode button and adjusting the Freq control enables Spectral Warping. In contrast to conventional frequency adjustment, where the harmonic relationships between the spectral elements are preserved, Spectral Warping shifts the harmonic elements individually, producing a variety of clangourous, swarming textures.
- Holding the Tap button and adjusting the Freq control quantizes the resulting frequency adjustments to semitones.

Spectra Memories and Presets:

Panharmonium provides 12 user Spectra memories and 12 user Presets (in addition to 12 each factory memories).

- The Spectra memories let you store up to 12 frozen slices. When selected, a spectrum (up to 33 oscillators wide!) replaces any live input and can have its pitch controlled by the 1V/Oct input and FM controls.
- A Preset is a snapshot of all of the module settings, along with the value of any CVs present at the moment the preset is saved.

Panharmonium is 26HP wide and 25mm deep.
Power requirements (max): 140mA +12V, 30mA -12V. Reverse polarity protected.
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Cat: 718648 Rel: 20 May 19 • View all Synth modules
Triple oscillator module with various modulation possibilities - 30HP
Notes: The latest brainchild of synth pioneer Dave Rossum, TRIDENT is a 100% analogue, triple oscillator module that opens up a universe of dynamic timbral textures.

At its most basic level, TRIDENT is three precision audio VCOs, each sporting a unique variety of control voltage inputs.

The main or "Carrier" oscillator provides its three waveforms simultaneously. The two Modulation Oscillators each have a single output and a waveform selector. The Modulation Oscillators also have a voltage controlled Symmetry parameter which varies the duty cycle of the triangle wave output from sawtooth to triangle back to time reversed sawtooth, and also varies the sawtooth output to have an upward or downward kink in the middle, as well as controlling pulse width when the pulse waveform is selected.

And while each oscillator can be used independently if desired, it's when they're combined into a synchronous ensemble that the real sonic magic happens.

That magic is what we call "Zing" modulation. Each of the Modulation Oscillators can modulate each of the Carrier outputs in an amount controlled by the Zing parameter. Zing modulation is mathematically akin to ring modulation, but due to the synchronization of the oscillators (when an oscillator's Sync button on), the harmonic sum and difference sidetones of ring modulation transform into complex but purely harmonic overtone spectra, which vary dynamically and dramatically with the frequency and waveshape modulations of the modulation oscillators. Each change in the Modulation Oscillator parameters - Frequency, Symmetry, Waveshape, Zing, and (in the case of Modulation Oscillator 2) Phase - will have a different effect on the timbre of each of the three Carrier waveshape outputs.

When the modulation oscillators are set to track the carrier oscillator, the waveshape will remain constant as the carrier frequency changes. In this case the overtone structure is determined by the settings and CV modulations of the modulation oscillators. If instead the modulation oscillators do not track the carrier, some of the overtone structure will vary relative to the carrier frequency.

What all this means is that whether musicians take advantage of TRIDENT's unique synchronous modulation capabilities (which they, of course, should), or just treat it as three superb, wide-range analogue oscillators, TRIDENT offers a vast variety of dramatic sonic textures.
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Cat: 658753 Rel: 11 Sep 17 • View all Synth modules
Premium 14-pole stereo digital filter module
Notes: With our MORPHEUS digital filter module, we're finally able to unleash the full power of the 14-pole Z-Plane Filters that Dave invented for the E-mu Morpheus synthesizer.

The MORPHEUS Eurorack module includes over 280 filter configurations, what we call Cubes. Each Cube is composed of up to 8 complex filters that you can picture as being at the corners of a three dimensional cube (hence the name). Morpheus gives you the ability to smoothly interpolate between those 8 filters within the cube's three dimensional space.

Due to processor limitations back in the day, the original Morpheus was capable of real-time morphing in one dimension, but interpolation in the frequency and transform dimensions were set at note-on and remained static for the remainder of the note. But even with that limitation, Morpheus offered sonic capabilities that are unmatched to this day.

With the MORPHEUS filter module, you now have simultaneous real-time CV control of all three dimensions, for dynamic timbral effects unlike anything you've ever heard before. In stereo.
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Cat: 732306 Rel: 09 Sep 19 • View all Synth modules
Stereo thru-zero state-variable VCF - 16HP
Notes: The only module named after a Swedish botanist? Possibly. Relentless synth innovator Dave Rossum pushes the boundaries again with a state-variable stereo filter offering through-zero frequency modulation. Sounds complicated. Sounds good.

Supplier notes:
Following in the tradition of Evolution and Morpheus, LINNAEUS represents yet another Dave Rossum innovation in filter technology.

LINNAEUS is a stereo state-variable filter that provides the unique ability to linearly modulate its resonant frequency through zero into negative frequency, while maintaining stability. With extensive voltage control of nearly every parameter, Linnaeus lets you manipulate the filter's natural response curve in new ways, to create both subtle and dramatic timbral effects. And with a "one-knob-per-parameter" interface, LINNAEUS inspires sonic creativity that invites (and rewards) real-time interaction.

LINNAEUS's cutoff/resonant frequency is exponentially voltage controllable from sub-audio to ultrasonic frequencies, while its resonant gain (Q) is exponentially voltage controllable from 0dB to greater than 60dB.

LINNAEUS's channel output response characteristics are independently and continuously variable from Lowpass, through Bandpass, Highpass and Notch, to Low and High Shelving characteristics. Voltage control of the response characteristics are independently selectable for each of the two channels.

The linear thru-zero modulation is provided by an integrated modulation oscillator and/or an External Linear FM modulation input.

The voltage-controllable modulation oscillator can track the filter's exponential frequency or operate independently. The modulation oscillator's output waveform is continuously variable from Off through Sine, Triangle, and Sawtooth, to Square. The modulation oscillator output is summed with the external linear FM input and applied to the modulation index VCA, which controls the linear thru-zero modulation index from zero to 8X. The modulation index is, of course, also voltage controllable.
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Cat: AMT 015. Rel: 05 May 20
Deep House
  1. Rauschong (1:51)
  2. There Will Come Soft Reigns (5:41)
  3. CRSA (6:51)
  4. Jovian (Hydrosleepchamber mix) (7:30)
  5. Oh Boy (Intermission mix) (2:01)
  6. Cyber Sweet (Float mix) (5:35)
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Ebaum's Dreamland (limited heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: LHLT 016. Rel: 11 Dec 19
Deep House
  1. Ebaum's Dreamland (6:59)
  2. Bubblebag Mail (6:39)
  3. Antwort Aus Der Stille (7:09)
  4. Ebaum's Dreamland (Julius Steinhoff remix) (5:49)
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Cat: IRM 1692. Rel: 13 Sep 18
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Jestofunk - "The Ghetto" (feat Ce Ce Rogers & Fred Wesley) (7:03)
  2. Bossa Nostra - "Home Is Where The Hatred Is" (feat Vicki Anderson - Progetto Tribale Soul mix) (5:21)
  3. Gazzara - "Keep Yourself Together" (5:06)
  4. Legato - "If You Suck My Soul" (feat Karen Jones) (5:54)
  5. LTJ Sound Machine - "Funky Superfly" (4:43)
  6. Key Tronics Ensemble - "Anamaria" (4:18)
  7. Ohm Guru - "Tokio Station" (5:07)
  8. Sam Paglia - "Lo Bianco Theme" (3:40)
  9. Jerome Van Rossum - "Nublado" (5:00)
  10. The Last Minister - "Tribute To Jb Family" (6:21)
  11. S-Tone Inc - "Get Freaky Now" (Acid Jazz mix) (5:24)
  12. Tameka Starr - "Going In Circles" (LTJ Soul Invention remix) (5:03)
  13. Typhorns - "Nightlife" (feat Trudy Newman - Full Jazz version) (5:54)
  14. 2 Men 4 Soul - "Spread Your Sax" (5:16)
  15. The Sonic Family - "Never Stop Dreaming (Never Stop Jazz Dream)" (6:03)
  16. Voo Doo Phunk - "Starsky" (5:20)
  17. Soul Quality Quartet - " Amor Ideal" (4:27)
  18. Man Sueto - "Mansueto Theme" (3:01)
Review: ** REPRESS ALERT ** Released back in 2014 on Bologna's Irma, Acid Jazz Classics: The Finest Club Jazz Tracks From The 90s Till Now features a couple of dozen underground goodies from the modern jazz scene - fusing with soul, funk and house music. From the beginning of the '90s up until today, with new artists influenced by nu-jazz. With the best artists from the European acid jazz scene and Japan, many of these tracks were played by DJs like Gilles Peterson, Patrick Forge and Dr. Bob Jones. Featuring Jestofunk, Sarah Jane Morris, 2 Men 4 Soul, Bossa Nostra, Gazzara, Black Mighty Orchestra, Black & Brown, Ohm Guru and many others.
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Cat: 672520 9. Rel: 16 Mar 18
  1. Murray Head & The Trinidad Singers - "Superstar"
  2. Sarah Bright Man & Michael Crawford - "The Phatom Of The Opera"
  3. Antonia Banderas & Madinna - "Oh What A Circus"
  4. Michael Ball - "Love Changes Everything"
  5. Alex Brightman & The Broadway Cast Of School Of Rock - "Stick It To The Man"
  6. Nicole Scherzinger - "Memory"
  7. Boyzone - "No Matter"
  8. Barbra Streisand - "With One Look"
  9. Glee Cast - "Buenos Aires"
  10. Julie Covington - "Don't Cry For Me Angentina"
  11. Marti Webb - "Take That Look Off Your Face"
  12. Joanna Riding - "I'm Hopless When It Comes To You"
  13. Gregory Porter - "Light At The End Of The Tunnel"
  14. Michael Crawford - "The Music Of The Night"
  15. Ian Gillan - "Gethsemane (I Only Want To Say)"
  16. Donny Osmond - "Any Dream Will Do"
  17. Sarah Brightman & Jose Carreras - "Amigos Para Siempre"
  18. Yvonne Elliman - "I Don't Know How To Love Him"
  19. Glenn Close - "As If We Never Said Goodbye"
  20. Andrew Lloyd Webber - "Theme & Variations 1-4"
  21. Sarah Brightman - "Unexpected Song"
  22. Lana Del Rey - "You Must Love Me"
  23. Yveonne Elliman, Uan Gillan & Murray Head - "Everything's Alright"
  24. Tom Jones & The Sound Of Blackness - "The Vaults Of Heaven"
  25. Madonna - "Another Suitcase In Another Hall"
  26. Broadway Case Of School Of Rock - "You're In The Band"
  27. Elvis Presley - "It's Easy For You"
  28. The Everly Brothers - "Cold"
  29. Denise Van Outen - "Come Back With The Same Look"
  30. Mica Paris & George Ure - "I Am The Starlight"
  31. Paul Nicholas - "Mr Misoffelees"
  32. Michael Crawford - "Tell Me On A Sunday"
  33. Emy Rossum & Patrick Wilson - "Think Of Me"
  34. Elanie Paige - "Rainbow High"
  35. Cliff Richard & Sarah Brightman - "All I Ask Of You"
  36. Sierra Boggess - "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" (live At The Royal Albert Hall)
  37. Beyonce & Andrew Lloyd Webber - "Learn To Be Lonely" (live At The Oscars - Bouns track)
  38. Janet Metz, Donny Osmond, Michael Fletcher & The Canadian Cast - "Jacob & Sons/Coat Of Many Colours"
  39. Donny Osmond - "Close Every Door"
  40. Tim Minchin - "Heaven On Their Minds" (live - Arena Tour)
  41. Alice Cooper - "King Herod's Song"
  42. Ken Wells & The Original London Cast Of Cats - "Skimbleshanks"
  43. Wendy Edmead & Donna King - "Macavity: The Mystery Cat"
  44. Stephen Ward Original London Cast - "You've Never Had It So Good"
  45. Elena Roger & Philip Quast - "I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You"
  46. Martin Crewes - "Evermore Without You"
  47. Duncan James & Keedie - "I Believe My Heart"
  48. The Broadway Cast Of School Of Rock - "If Only You Would Listen"
  49. Military Wives - "Sing"
  50. Jesus Christ Superstar London Cast - "Hosanna"
  51. Plácido Domingo, Sarah Brightman & The Choir Of Winchester Cathedral - "Hosanna"
  52. Jesu Sarah Brightman & Paul Miles - Kingston - "Pie"
  53. Steven Pacey, Simon Day & Nicholas Haverson - "By Jeeves"
  54. Florence Andrews - "Where Did The Rock Go?"
  55. Original London Orchestra - "Phantom Phantasy"
  56. Original Motion Picture Cast - "Masquerade"
  57. Ramin Karimloo - "'Til I Hear You Sing"
  58. Original London Orchestra - "Love Never Dies Orchestral Suite"
  59. Sierra Boggess - "Love Never Dies"
  60. Ben Lewis & Casey Lyons - "The Beauty Underneath"
  61. Andrew Lloyd Webber - "Variations On Variations"
  62. Original Jesus Christ Superstar Orchestra - "Jesus Christ Superstar Overture"
  63. Original Cast & Orchestra From The Beautiful Game - "Overture & The Beautiful Game"
  64. Josie Walker - "If This Is What We're Fighting For"
  65. The Original London Orchestra - "Cats Overture"
  66. Cats Motion Picture Orchestra - "The Jellicle Ball"
  67. Original Broadway Orchestra - "Sunset Suite"
  68. Kevin Anderson - "Sunset Boulevard"
  69. Orchester Der Vereinigten Buehnen Wien - "Aspects Of Aspects"
  70. Michael Ball & Sarah Brightman - "Seeing Is Believing"
  71. Sarah Brightman - "Anything But Lonely"
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