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Senator Bongwater Vs Seafoam
Cat: LMK 004.
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Senator Bongwater - "Spastic Orgasmic"
  2. Senator Bongwater - "Zoot Trooper"
  3. Seafoam - "Machines"
  4. Seafoam - "Fort A"
coming soon TBA
Wax Weapons 3
  1. Scott Diaz & Timmy P - "True Blue"
  2. Never Dull - "United Under One Roof"
  3. Finest Wear - "That 90's Groove"
  4. ColorJaxx - "One Night In The City"
Played by: Paul Starey, Superbreak
coming soon TBA
Mintology EP
Cat: BLR 018.
Deep House
  1. Sade Not Sade
  2. Club Members Only
  3. Pristine Clean
  4. Buenos Notches
  5. 2 Slow
coming soon TBA
I Get Lifted (repress)
I Get Lifted (repress) (green vinyl 10")
  1. I Get Lifted
  2. I Get Lifted (Todd Terje edit)
coming soon TBA
Twenty Two Tunes Live From Tokyo
Cat: CLE 1905.
coming soon TBA
Giving It Up
Cat: HR 7S 155.
  1. Giving It Up
  2. Night To Remember
coming soon TBA
All This Love I'm Giving
All This Love I'm Giving (yellow vinyl 7")
  1. All This Love That I'm Giving
  2. Maybe I'll Find Sombody New
coming soon TBA
Bumpin Squwow???
Cat: UNI 1009.
Deep House
  1. Bumpin Squwow???
  2. Faze Out
  3. November Peoples
coming soon TBA
Pick Yourself Up
Cat: UNI 1008.
Deep House
  1. Pick Yourself Up (feat Crystal Procedures)
  2. Ode 2 Juan
coming soon TBA
Bauhaus Diaries EP
Cat: QCOK 04.
Deep House
  1. Cherryhill
  2. Warehouse Blues
  3. Campus
  4. Warehouse Blues (Home At Last version)
coming soon TBA
Cat: PIR 3370CD.
  1. Awash/Ammaieie
  2. Chet Azawad
  3. Asaiam
  4. Algher
  5. Toumast Enkere
  6. Asmoussoudou
  7. Isouwad
  8. Tamadrite Naka
coming soon TBA
Straight From The Yard
Cat: IR 001EP.
  1. Passion
  2. Rough & Rugged
  3. Soundbwoy Killer
  4. Wha Gwarn Blud
coming soon TBA
Vol 1
Vol 1 (12")
Cat: HOT 001.
coming soon TBA
Kiss Cuddle & Torture Vol 2
Cat: ZZR 002CD.
Roots/Lovers Rock
coming soon TBA
Live At AD
Cat: LRDWD 011.
  1. Caution
  2. Edge Of Town
  3. Stolen Wind
  4. Always
  5. Time
  6. Tears
  7. Vice
  8. Enough
  9. Lavish In Bloom/Mother Of Amends
  10. Hope It Matters
coming soon TBA
Take Me With You
  1. Take Me With You
  2. Versions
Review: With sunshine becoming a regular occurrence again just in time for summer, two of France's more soulful producers have decided to join forces and offer up something suitably warm and relaxing. With the assistance of vocalist Kahina Ouali, Blundetto and Booker Gee have recorded a killer, Hammond-laden version of Lyn Christopher classic "Take Me With You" that sits somewhere between the organs-and-lo-fi-drum machines flex of Timmy Thomas' "We Can't We Live Together" and the soulful reggae grooves of 1980s lovers rock. The fine A-side original mix, which boasts Ouali's full vocal, is our pick of the pair, though the flipside instrumental "Version" mix, in which Booker Gee gets busy on the organ, is also superb.
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coming soon TBA
Playa Classics 5
Hip Hop/R&B
coming soon TBA
Cat: 296650 Rel: 29 Jan 08 • View all Audio adapters
Audio adaptor/convertor
Notes: The socket with durable metal construction with polished nickel finish, is recommended for demanding professional, studio, recording and live performance applications.

The stereo channels on the stereo female mini jack are combined to a single mono signal on the full-sized male mono jack. It is ideal for plugging mini jack cables from a stereo source (iPod, MP3, portable CD, laptop/notebook/desktop PC, Apple Mac etc) into equipment expecting a mono input (amps, mixing desk, in-ear monitors/earphones etc).

The socket is used to connect cables and plug headphones, microphones, speakers fitted with cables terminated in 3.5mm mini jack plugs into equipment with full size 6.3mm (1/4") jack sockets.
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MRP:$1.25 SAVE 58%
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LEP Leploop Sequencer & Drum Machine Analogue Synthesiser
LEP Leploop Sequencer & Drum Machine Analogue Synthesiser (sequencer & drum machine synthesiser)
Cat: 770286 • View all Synthesisers
analogue synthesiser
Notes: Laboratorio Elettronico Popolare (L. E. P. ) is proud to present to you a one-of-a kind analog synthesizer, sequencer and drum-machine: LEPLOOP.

Small in nature but aggressive in sound, the user will be able to create a variety of analog timbres and beats.

LEPLOOP was designed to be a minimalist electronic music live-performance groove-box, which can be used to create a variety of electronic musical styles.

The LEPLOOP can be synched via MIDI to another LEPLOOP for tempo-synched operation or to another MIDI device or sequencer to receive sequence stop & start instructions.

1 oscillator (VCO1) triangular/square wave
1 oscillator (VCO2) sawtooth wave with ring modulator and FM modulation
White noise generator
24 dB/OCT Low pass filter
Kick drum with distorsion and trigger mixer
2 VCA's
2 AR Envelope generators
16 Capacitors analo sequencer PWM programmable
4 Track digital rhythm sequencer 64 step each track
4 Channel audio mixer
Midi input(clock and notes)
5 CV out: S\H, SEQ, LFO, ENV1, ENV2
3 gate out: S\H, SEQ, CASSA
3 CV in: VCO1, VCO2, VCF cutoff
1 audio in (VCF)
4 audio out: MIXER, CASSA, VCO2, VCO mix
1 clock output: clock 24, MIDI start/stop
EEPROM memory 16 banks 10 pattern each
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coming soon TBA
LEP Leploop Bag LEP Leploop Bag LEP Leploop Bag LEP Leploop Bag
Notes: Hand made leploop soft case, with fine textile from fashion designing in Milano.

Colors and finiture may change.
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coming soon TBA
EMW X-Drum 12-Bit Drum Module (black faceplate)
coming soon TBA
Cat: 313245 Rel: 09 Jun 08 • View all Audio adapters
Metal 1/4" (6.35mm) mono jack plug to mono phono (RCA) socket
Notes: 6.35mm mono Jack plug to phono (RCA) socket, metal.
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 1 in stock $0.52
Cat: 296700 Rel: 30 Jan 08 • View all Audio cables
Male to male stereo 3.5mm mini-jack cable
Notes: A 3.5mm stereo plug to plug lead with screened audio cable. For use in connecting MP3, Laptop or personal CD players to Speakers or Hi-Fi's.
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MRP:$1.25 SAVE 54%
 More than 10 in stock $0.57
Cat: 607616 Rel: 10 Jun 16 • View all Audio cables
Stereo 3.5mm jack to twin RCA cable - 3 metre length
Notes: Standard 3.5mm stereo plug to two RCA plugs lead. Ideal for connecting personal music players to line inputs.
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MRP:$2.50 SAVE 60%
 More than 10 in stock $0.99
Street Talk
Street Talk (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ERC 108.
  1. Street Talk
  2. Street Talk (instrumental)
  3. Street Talk (Rune Lindbæk Discomix)
Review: "This second series of Konduko reissues continues with the rare and in demand Street Talk. Noel Williams (aka King Sporty) again shows the breadth of his talent, recording reggae, funk, soul and disco in the space of a few years with groundbreaking results.

Back recording at Miami's legendary Quadradial Studios, alongside master engineer Paul Speck, Williams created a synth-assisted, beat-programmed bomb, adding Jeanette Williams and Betty Wright's vocals and Bert Bailey's (The Ex-tras) blazing guitar, Street Talk heralds the dawn of the computer funk called electro boogie.

The inclusion of Benji "The Mad Bomber" for some South Beach rapping showed Williams' encompassing new music styles that led to his music being heavily sampled and revered at the birth of Miami Bass.

This all comes together and out the other side in the panoramic Discomix by Rune Lindbaek. A legend of the Norwegian sound that has conquered far and wide, Rune is one of the elder statesmen, from setting up his own long standing Drum Island label, to releasing with Noid, Repap and recent edit excursions on Norsk Tripping. His psychedelic dub wonderland is an all-together outer-body experience where vocal and rap soundclash deep, deep in the echo chamber.
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coming soon TBA
From Hell With Love 2
From Hell With Love 2 (140 gram vinyl double 12")
Cat: LIH 039.
  1. Austin Ato Feat Laville - "Control"
  2. Waajeed - "What You Know"
  3. BoogieNite - "Boys Talkin"
  4. Marcel Vogel & Tim Jules - "Just Because (feat Javonntte)"
  5. Detroit Swindle - "Time"
  6. The Message - "Feel The Love"
  7. PBR Streetgang - "Madame Z"
  8. James Curd - "Lets Get Get Get It"
Review: Lumberjacks in Hell comes out with a milestone compilation to celebrate 10 years in business with an all star line up made of the likes of Detroit Swindle, Waajeed, PBR Streetgang and Lumberjacks founder Marcel Vogel himself, alongside Tim Jules and Javonntte. You are used to quality from this label and quality it is.
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Played by: Superbreak
coming soon TBA
Apache (12")
UK Garage
  1. Apache
  2. Ignite
Review: Burnski's Instinct outlet continues to bring some serious firepower to the resurgent UK garage scene, and this time he's facing off with 0113 (otherwise known as Kepler.) for two rabble-rousing heaters packed with inventive twists on the 2-step formula. "Apache" is an intensely detailed roller that pivots around a killer vocal take, and uses all kinds of synth flourishes to create a wholly futuristic atmosphere - the garage of the future, but certainly not future garage. "Ignite" has a slightly more old-skool flavour that nods to past masters like Smith & Mighty as well as the pioneering work of El B et al. Classy stuff on both sides of this cool and deadly 12".
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Played by: Kepler, INSTINCT
coming soon TBA
Process (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CS 022.
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Process
  2. Systems
  3. Long Train
  4. Effect
Review: Burnski brings it on home with a new drop for his label Constant Black, showcasing that chunky, dynamic tech house sound that he's made his own for decades now. From the driving immersion of "Process" to the skeletal machine funk of "Systems" and on to the rabble-rousing jack of "Long Train", this is Burnski doing what Burnski does best. He switches stance for EP closer "Effect", which brings a beautiful dub techno variation to this classy 12" with the inimitable voice of Paul St. Hilaire ringing out amidst the metallic chords and subby bass.
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Played by: Burnski, Okain
coming soon TBA
Beating Expectations
NOHA presents ISKRA
Beating Expectations (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CB 016.
Deep House
  1. Beating Expectations
  2. Everyday I Spend With You
  3. Escape The Sleep
  4. Its Always You
Review: Constant Black continue to bring you the finest in minimal tech house from underground operators and upfront scene leaders alike. This time around they're welcoming back the ever-prolific Noha, who first inaugurated the label back in 2016 with the "Hamal" 12". This time around he's debuting the ISKRA alias, which comprises more of the keenly sculpted, propulsive but healthily unusual brand of minimal house he's been known for, but with an added emphasis on interesting rhythmic formations. "Every Day I Spend With You" is especially delightful on the ears, while "Escape The Sleep" should appeal to those seeking pure, unadulterated, deep grooves.
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coming soon TBA
Limbic Resonance
Limbic Resonance (limited 140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: VR 009.
  1. No Morale
  2. Pathetic
  3. Love Note
  4. Understandings
  5. Control
Review: The 2nd release for Verdant in 2020 'Limbic Resonance' is a double A side 12 sharing the hearts and minds of 2 talented producers. The imprint once again provides a stage for a nascent artist; Nesa Azadikhah from Iran is a key voice for the underground scene in Tehran. Her unique style of music assimilates her culture and personal experiences with a worldly and studious appreciation of deep techno. Alison Marks, an established producer from London has an enviable catalogue of releases as herself, Lumina and as a member of Wallflower with Leah Floyeurs. Notably heard on Rebirth and Dogmatik her music is typically filled with warmth and soul.
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coming soon TBA
Top Of The League For Acid?!?!?!?!
  1. Grace Jones Intro
  2. Breakbeat
  3. Police Raid
  4. Bomb On Board
  5. Kimberly Track
  6. Zut Alors!
  7. Cave Rave
  8. Super Strength Pills
  9. Twilight Zone
  10. Roland Corp Labs
coming soon TBA
Fenix Break
Fenix Break (cassette)
Cat: ACIWAX 28.
  1. Fenix Break
  2. Distance S2 (part 1)
  3. Distance S2 (part 2)
  4. Funky Monkey
  5. Cold Wind
  6. Showdown
coming soon TBA
Wax Jackettes Volume 1
Cat: ACIWAX 13.
  1. AYU Acid - "Aztec Zone"
  2. Chris Moss Acid - "You Win Acid You Win Acid"
  3. Timeron - "Nice Trainers Acid"
  4. Electrictalk - "Gendarme"
  5. HOLOVR - "Pathfinder"
  6. Deepsmith - "Lo-fi Tears"
  7. Chevron - "Navajo"
  8. DJ Adidadis - "Cream Grove"
  9. Minimal Violence - "Portrait"
  10. Acid Elf - "Hard Barbie"
  11. Locked Club - "Antony Meijer"
  12. Miles Samuel - "The Music"
  13. Binary Digit - "Blocks"
  14. Lesinge - "Okdac"
  15. E-Wah - "Frame By Frame"
  16. Imaginary Units - "Ad Infinitum"
  17. Your Planet Is Next - "Top 10"
  18. Aftawerks - "Not Long Now"
coming soon TBA
Mega Double 20
Mega Double 20 (cassette)
Cat: ACIWAX 29.
  1. Billy's House
  2. Grosse Pierre
  3. Baka
  4. Cocktail De Voix
  5. Une Drole De Blague
  6. Mais Quest Ce Que C'est
  7. Balle Rebondissante
  8. Boite A Gouter
  9. Les Voix De Billy
  10. Tous Les Matins Du Monde (Geo Balasta remix)
coming soon TBA
Minsk Odyssey
Minsk Odyssey (cassette)
Cat: ACIWAX 27.
  1. Original Brain
  2. Minsk Odyssey
  3. Gamma Diez
  4. Lava Drone
  5. Octorian Cruiser
  6. Swizzle Funk
  7. Reason Season
  8. Sweep Vibes
  9. Welcome To Twatford
coming soon TBA
Worldin' (cassette)
Cat: ACIWAX 30.
  1. Bigfoot Lemon
  2. Our Mouth
  3. Undercolour
  4. Cleaning Schedule
  5. Rounding Water
  6. Dibnah Horn
  7. Westport To Overland
  8. Lynkirk Debris
coming soon TBA
Inner Movement EP
Inner Movement EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ALB 011.
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Inner Movement
  2. Dizzy Freq
  3. Dizzy Freq (Domenico Rosa remix)
  4. Inner Movement (Titonton Duvante Flip)
Review: There's never a dull moment with the Albion posse, who continue to search far and wide to present consistently innovative twists on the house music template. This time around they've invited Italian producer Adriano Sorrentino from the DEMUT camp to drop some sparkling jackers with an old-skool palette but a forward-thinking spirit. "Inner Movement" is a sweet slice of melancholic techno rich in the synth department. "Dizzy Freq" is arguably the prize here though - a rough-hewn jacker with heavy sub bass and plenty of freaky analogue delights wobbling around on top. On the flip, Domenico Rosa delivers a funky, equally ghoulish version of "Dizzy Freq" and then the legendary Titonton Duvante lays down a sumptuous deep house take on "Inner Movement".
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Played by: Vincent Inc
coming soon TBA
Brixton 2 Croydon
Cat: GD4YA 05.
UK Garage
coming soon TBA
Crossed Wires
Cat: LSD 032.
coming soon TBA
Crossed Wires
Crossed Wires (cassette)
Cat: LSD 032TAPE.
coming soon TBA
PLMN004 (12")
Cat: PLMN 004.
coming soon TBA
Blue Cookie EP
Cat: GAT 002.
UK Garage
Played by: Paul Starey
coming soon TBA
God 4
God 4 (12")
Cat: UDV 003.
UK Garage
coming soon TBA
Versatile Dub Gems #1
  1. Pablo Bozzi - "Sangria Sound System N 1"
  2. Babe Roots - "Ruff Out Deh" (feat Kojo Neatness - Androo rework)
  3. Komodo - "Funky Buzz"
  4. Mali-I - "Sunday Feel"
coming soon TBA
Mxm (cassette)
Cat: LNMC 004.
coming soon TBA
The Telomere Connection
The Telomere Connection (12" limited to 150 copies)
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Sherman - "Bubble It Up"
  2. Rural Red - "Wax On Wax Off"
  3. JD Typo - "Dancefloor Between"
  4. Anderson - "Glider Girl"
coming soon TBA
Plastic Paradise EP
Plastic Paradise EP (12" limited to 150 copies)
Cat: TELOMERE 001.
  1. Plastic Paradise
  2. The Poon Street Boys
  3. The Watcher
  4. Alternate Forces
coming soon TBA
Cat: 714385 Rel: 14 Dec 18 • View all Audio cables
2 x RCA plugs to 2 x RCA plugs - 3m length
Notes: Standard two RCA phono plugs to two RCA phono plugs with 2.6mmO screened twin audio cable, colour coded for stereo connection.
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Houghton Annual 2019 (paperback book) (2 per customer)
Cat: 746448 Rel: 04 Sep 19 • View all Books
147 page book showcasing the Houghton Festival
Notes: Houghton Festival has become a symbolic reminder of the integrity and resilience of the dance and electronic music community in the face of sometimes challenging and unprecedented circumstances. This much is clear following the cancellation of the festival several weeks back...

Upon arrival each guest was due to be provided with a book showcasing the creative values and personality behind what has become much more than a festival. Whilst originally intended as a gift for festival attendees we are now happy to present this as a cultural offering: a book spanning 147 pages featuring hand drawn illustrations, photography, long form interviews, think pieces, musical reflection and beyond...

The annual is a collaboration between Ransom Note and Houghton.
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 More than 10 in stock $0.01
Cat: 664526 Rel: 09 Oct 17 • View all Record sleeves
Record sleeve with 2 holes, needs no inner sleeve
Notes: The 7" white paper record sleeve is made in very strong record industry standard white paper compete with the centre holes.
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 1 in stock $0.72
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