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Eclipse (CD)
Cat: ERC 020CD. Rel: 20 Oct 14
  1. Ballenas
  2. Adios Tren De Jaipur
  3. Midnight Round Mekines
  4. Donde Una Amapola Blanca Revienta
  5. Tierra A La Vista
  6. Tagomago
  7. El Colegio De Alvarito
  8. Eucaliptus Blues
  9. Himalaya
  10. Interior Del Bosque
  11. A Una Muchacha
  12. La Alegria Del Coyote
  13. Gran Via
  14. Kabul
  15. La Oracion Y El Te
  16. Rio Nilo
Review: Emotional Rescue label boss Stuart Leath is particularly excited about this release, and it's not hard to see why. While Spanish singer/songwriter Javier Bergia is not widely known in the UK, his releases - either solo, or as part of the Finas Africae and Arium Musicae groups - are held in high regard by those of a Balearic persuasion. Eclipse is something of a treat, gathering together the best of Bergia's solo work from 1985 to the present day. Featuring Bergia's spoken and sung vocals atop a mix of gentle acoustics, atmospheric strings, delay-laden percussion and subtle global rhythms, Eclipse impresses from start to finish. It should be essential listening for anyone with even the tiniest interest in Balearica.
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Cat: XL 987CD. Rel: 19 Jul 19
  1. Traffic
  2. Last I Heard (...He Was Circling The Drain)
  3. Twist
  4. Dawn Chorus
  5. I Am A Very Rude Person
  6. Not The News
  7. The Axe
  8. Impossible Knots
  9. Runwayaway
Review: It's taken a while, but finally Thom Yorke's impressive third solo album, "ANIMA", is available on wax (and in a fetching shade of orange, too). A future classic that continues the legacy he started with XL Recordings back in 2006 (with his solo debut The Eraser), ANIMA is well worth picking up, as Yorke and co-producer Nigel Godrich offer up evocative, off-kilter songs built around the twin attractions of the Radiohead man's distinctive vocals and skewed backing tracks rich in layered electronic noise, body-bending sub-bass, discordant synthesizer parts and intriguingly jaunty drum loops. Highlights are plentiful throughout, from the creepy, lo-fi ambient swirl of "Last I Heard (...He Was Circling the Drain)" and "Dawn Chorus" (a blissfully dewy-eyed early morning soundscape), to the low-slung, post-trip-hop hum of "I Am A Very Rude Person" and the fizzing, jazz-fired thrust of "Impossible Knots". Melancholic, yes. Deep and self-effacing, of course. Nihilistic, not really. Percussive futurist sub-pop is back.
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Cigarettes After Sex
Cat: PTKF 21462. Rel: 09 Jun 17
  1. K
  2. Each Time You Fall In Love
  3. Sunsetz
  4. Apocalypse
  5. Flash
  6. Sweet
  7. Opera House
  8. Truly
  9. John Wayne
  10. Young & Dumb
Review: The last ten years have seen no shortage of bands with their delay pedals set to stun intent on capturing an aura of dreamlike radiance. Yet Texas 'pop-noir' troupe Cigarettes After Sex are no ordinary shoegazers, for a variety of reasons - frontman Greg Gonzalez' androgynous and dulcet tones may be part of the appeal, yet moreover it's the quality of the songwriting here, which never falls prey to the style-over-substance traps of their peers. Indeed, this debut is more than enough to justify the considerable hype around this outfit, being a collection of ditties as sultry as they are atmopsheric.
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Transmission 1967-1968
Cat: AV 201806. Rel: 29 May 19
  1. Pow R Toc H
  2. Astronomy Domine
  3. The Scarecrow
  4. The Gnome
  5. Matilda Mother
  6. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
  7. Reaction In G
  8. Flaming
  9. Vegetable Man
  10. Scream Thy Last Scream
  11. Jugband Blues
  12. Pow R Toc H
  13. Green Onions
  14. Tomorrows World (instrumental)
  15. Murderotic Woman (Careful With That Axe Eugene)
  16. The Massed Gadgets Of Herecules
  17. Let There Be More Light
  18. Julia Dream
  19. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
  20. Astronomy Domine
  21. Flaming
  22. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
  23. Let There Be More Light
  24. Astronomy Domine
  25. Intersteller Overdrive
  26. Let There Be More Light
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Life Metal (Record Store Day 2019)
Life Metal (Record Store Day 2019) (CD with obi-strip) (1 per customer)
Cat: SUNN 300CD. Rel: 02 May 19
  1. Between Sleipnirs Breaths
  2. Torubled Air
  3. Aurora
  4. Novae
Review: Some four years have passed since Greg Anderson and Stephen O'Malley last donned the Sunn O))) alias. Given that the Seattle duo is also approaching 20 years as a working partnership, "Life Metal" - which also includes significant contributions from bassist Tim Midyett and Icelandic composer (and former Pan Sonic member) Hildur Gudnadottir - seems like a timely release. An epic track given to each side of vinyl, this album acts as a precursor to a sister album called Pyroclasts that will be released later in 2019. The ensemble cast brilliant layers up fuzzy, elongated guitar riffs, droning, effects-laden feedback, clandestine ambient textures, electric cello and occasional spoken word vocals. The album peaks via a 25-minute closing track of breathtaking intensity and mind-altering execution, but the journey to get there is equally as impressive. It's a wall of sound that only the safe ears of Steve Albini, produced entirely using analog tape, could deliver. An eighth studio album that's a beast of nebulous lustre.
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The Reconstrukction Of Light
Cat: KCSP 14. Rel: 04 Jun 19
  1. Prozakc Blues
  2. The Construkction Of Light
  3. The Construkction Of Light
  4. Into The Frying Pan (intro)
  5. Into The Frying Pan
  6. Frakctured
  7. The World's My Oyster Soup Kitchen Floor Wax Museum
  8. Larks' Tongues In Aspic (part IV)
  9. Larks' Tongues In Aspic (part IV)
  10. Larks' Tongues In Aspic (part IV)
  11. Coda: I Have A Dream
  12. Heaven & Earth (Projekct X)
  13. The Reconstrukction Of Light (DVD)
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Mars Audiac Quintet: Expanded Edition (reissue)
  1. Three-Dee Melodie
  2. Wow & Flutter
  3. Transona Five
  4. Des Etoiles Electroniques
  5. Ping Pong
  6. Anamorphose
  7. Three Longers Later
  8. Nihilist Assault Group
  9. International Colouring Contest
  10. The Stars Our Destination
  11. Transporte Sans Bouger
  12. L'Enfer Des Formes
  13. Outer Accelerator
  14. New Orthophony
  15. Fiery Yellow
  16. Ulan Bator
  17. Klang Tone
  18. Melochord Seventy-five (original Pulse version)
  19. Outer Accelerator
  20. Nihilist Assault Group (part 6)
  21. Wow & Flutter (7" EP version - alternative mix)
  22. Des Etoiles Electroniques (demo)
  23. Ping Pong (demo)
  24. The Stars Our Destination (demo)
  25. Three Longers Later (demo)
  26. Transona Five (demo)
  27. Transporte Sans Bouger (demo)
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News Of The World In Concert At The Summit Houston 1977 (Deluxe Edition)
  1. We Will Rock You
  2. Brighton Rock
  3. Somebody To Love
  4. Death On Two Legs
  5. Killer Queen
  6. Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
  7. I'm In Love With My Car
  8. Get Down Make Love
  9. The Millionaire Waltz
  10. You're My Best Friend
  11. Love Of My Life
  12. 39
  13. White Man
  14. Now I'm Here
  15. Stone Cold Crazy
  16. Bohemian Rhapsody
  17. Keep Yourself Alive
  18. Tie Your Mother Down
  19. We Will Rock You
  20. We Are The Champions
  21. Sheer Heart Attack
  22. Jailhouse Rock
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Disco Not Disco: Leftfield Disco Classics From The New York Underground (remastered)
  1. Yoko Ono - "Walking On Thin Ice" (re-edit)
  2. Liquid Liquid - "Cavern"
  3. Loose Joints - "Tell You (Today)" (vocal)
  4. Ian Dury & The Seven Seas Players - "Spasticus Autisticus" (version)
  5. Material - "Over & Over"
  6. Was (Not Was) - "Wheel Me Out"
  7. Dinosaur - "Kiss Me Again"
  8. Don Cherry - "I Walk"
  9. Common Sense - "Voices Inside My Head"
  10. Nicky Siano - "Move"
  11. Indian Ocean - "School Bell/Tree House"
Review: Second time around for Joey Negro and Sean P's peerless collection of post-punk era New York club cuts, a compilation that proved hugely influential when it was first released way back in 2000. The track listing strangely omits one track present on the original release (the full 16-minute version of Steve Miller Band's "Macho City"), but otherwise it's a faithful reproduction. Highlights come thick and fast throughout, from the eccentric electrofunk of Yoko Ono's "Walking On Thin Ice" and P-funk influenced strut of Material's "Over And Over", to the skittish jazz-goes-dub disco bustle of Don Cherry's "I Walk" and the low-slung percussive voodoo of Nicky Siano's "Move". The undisputed master of NYC leftfield disco, Arthur Russell, is represented via cuts from Loose Joints, Dinosaur and Indian Ocean.
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LP5 (CD)
Cat: CDSTUMM 436. Rel: 22 Mar 19
  1. Voi_Do
  2. Dawan
  3. Laminar Flow
  4. Heroist
  5. Means Of Entry
  6. Brandenburg
  7. Caronte
  8. Eq_Break
  9. Outlier
  10. In Gravitas
Review: The unveiling of an Apparat album is always cause for commotion with the artist influence enough to push radio stations to stream his music 24/7 upon release. Long passages of streaming synth-textures underline the loose and sparse percussive effects of Apparat's jazz and minimalism. The artist's signature bass pulses hit the sweet spot throughout the albums entirety, always inspiring a well of heavy feeling when they do. Touches of the artist's Bpitch Control days remain as does Apparat's always inspired approach when merging instrumentation with outboard gear and technology, beat making and sound design. A sound to cherish once more.
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Transient Random Noise Bursts With Announcements (Expanded Edition) (reissue)
  1. Tone Burst
  2. Our Trinitone Blast
  3. Pack Yr Romantic Mind
  4. I'm Going Out Of My Way
  5. Golden Ball
  6. Pause
  7. Jenny Ondioline
  8. Analogue Rock
  9. Crest
  10. Lock-Groove Lullaby
  11. Fragments
  12. Jenny Ondioline (7"/EP version - alternative mix)
  13. Drum - Backwards Bass - Organ (Jenny Ondioline Breakdown Full version)
  14. Analogue Rock
  15. Pause
  16. French Disco (Early version mix)
  17. Jenny Ondioline (part 2 - Breakdown mix)
  18. Fruition (demo)
  19. I'm Going Out Of My Way (demo)
  20. French Disco (demo)
  21. Lock Groove Lullaby (demo)
  22. Jenny Ondioline (demo)
  23. Pause (demo)
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Bohemian Rhapsody (Soundtrack)
Cat: 770842 6. Rel: 19 Oct 18
  1. 20th Century Fox Fanfare
  2. Somebody To Love
  3. Doing All Right (Revisited)
  4. Keep Yourself Alive (live At The Rainbow)
  5. Killer Queen
  6. Fat Bottomed Girls (live In Paris)
  7. Bohemian Rhapsody
  8. Now I'm Here (live At The Hammersmith Odeon)
  9. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  10. Love Of My Life (Rock In Rio)
  11. We Will Rock You (Movie mix)
  12. Another One Bites The Dust
  13. I Want To Break Free
  14. Under Pressure
  15. Who Wants To Live Forever
  16. Bohemian Rhapsody (live Aid)
  17. Radio Ga Ga (live Aid)
  18. Ay-Oh (live Aid)
  19. Hammer To Fall (live Aid)
  20. We Are The Champions (live Aid)
  21. Won't Stop Me Now (Revisited)
  22. The Show Must Go On
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Hasta El Cielo
Cat: ALNCD 50DUB. Rel: 12 Jul 19
  1. With All The World
  2. Sisters & Brothers
  3. Mary Always
  4. Four Of Five
  5. How I Love
  6. Sunny's Vision
  7. A La Sala
  8. The Red Book
  9. Order Of Operations
  10. Hasta El Cielo
  11. Rules (Scientist dub mix)
  12. Como Te Quiero (Scientist dub mix)
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I Am Easy To Find
Cat: 4AD 0154CD. Rel: 17 May 19
  1. You Had Your Soul With You
  2. Quiet Light
  3. Roman Holiday
  4. Oblivions
  5. The Pull Of You
  6. Hey Rosey
  7. I Am Easy To Find
  8. Her Father In The Pool
  9. Where Is Her Head
  10. Not In Kansas
  11. So Far So Fast
  12. Dust Swirls In Strange Light
  13. Hairpin Turns
  14. Rylan
  15. Underwater
  16. Light Years
Review: It's fair to say that when The National release an album the Cincinnati originating supergroup garner the same type of attention that Radiohead once drew. With some futuristic production techniques creeping its way into the band's engineered sound, a new expressionism in the group's sound on "I Am Easy To Find" makes its way into the open, if only subtly. With the opening passages of "You Had Your Soul With You" sounding something like Battles' "Atlas", the music breaks down into a fanfare of traditional yet supercharged folk instrumentations; with drums, spoken word, strings in all their various forms, and the familiar smokey drawl of Matt Berninger's voice sitting snugly on top of subtle drum machines and synthesisers. Super ballads and sincerity.
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California Son
Cat: 405053 8481129. Rel: 24 May 19
  1. Morning Starship
  2. Don't Interrupt The Sorrow
  3. Only A Pawn In Their Game
  4. Suffer The Little Children
  5. Days Of Decision
  6. It's Over
  7. Wedding Bell Blues
  8. Loneliness Remembers What Happiness Forgets
  9. Lady Willpower
  10. When You Close Your Eyes
  11. Lenny's Tune
  12. Some Say I Got Devil
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Roy Pablo & Soy Pablo
Cat: UOK 019. Rel: 08 Jan 19
  1. Yeah (Fantasizing)
  2. Everytime
  3. Dance, Baby!
  4. Imreallytiredthisdaysucks
  5. Ur Phone
  6. Ready/Problems
  7. Feeling Lonely
  8. WTF
  9. Sick Feeling
  10. T-shirt
  11. Limitado
  12. Losing You
  13. TKM
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After Its Own Death/Walking In A Spiral Towards The House
  1. Night-Walking
  2. Funeral Song
  3. Thirteen
  4. Walking In A Spiral Towards The House
Review: Since debuting as Grouper back in 2005, Liz Harris has delivered a swathe of experimentalist albums that explore almost every aspect of ambient and drone music. Here she launches a new project, Nivhek, via an expansive double-album of sparse, atmospheric compositions that tend towards the epic. Really, it's two albums in one. The first slab of wax is entitled "After Its Own Death" and boasts a two-part, non-stop suite of tracks built around echoing choral vocals, dark electronics and blissful bells. It's alternately melancholic, blissful and grippingly intense. In contrast, "Walking In A Spiral Towards The House", the piece stretched across both sides of the second record, is breathtakingly beautiful - a meandering, soft focus trip through chiming, reverb-laden motifs and gentle music box melodies.
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Mixed Up: Deluxe Edition (remastered)
Cat: 670996 8. Rel: 22 Jun 18
  1. Lullaby (extended mix (Mixed Up))
  2. Close To Me (Closer mix)
  3. Fascination Street (extended mix)
  4. The Walk (Everything mix)
  5. Lovesong (extended mix)
  6. A Forest (Tree mix)
  7. Pictures Of You (extended dub mix)
  8. Hot Hot Hot!!! (extended mix)
  9. The Caterpillar (Flicker mix)
  10. Inbetween Days (Shiver mix)
  11. Never Enough (Big mix)
  12. Let's Go To Bed (extended mix 1982 (Mixed Up Extras 2018 - remixes 1982-1990))
  13. Just One Kiss (extended mix 1982)
  14. Close To Me (extended remix 1985)
  15. Boys Don't Cry (New Voice club mix 1986)
  16. Why Can't I Be You? (extended mix 1987)
  17. A Japanese Dream (12" remix 1987)
  18. Pictures Of You (extended version 1990)
  19. Let's Go To Bed (Milk mix 1990)
  20. Just Like Heaven (Dizzy mix 1990)
  21. Primary (Red mix 1990)
  22. The Lovecats (TC & Benny mix 1990)
  23. Three Imaginary Boys (Help Me mix (Torn Down: mixed Up Extras 2018))
  24. M (Attack mix 2018)
  25. The Drowning Man (Bright Birds mix 2018)
  26. A Strange Day (Drowning Waves mix 2018)
  27. Just One Kiss (Remember mix 2018)
  28. Shake Dog Shake (New Blood mix 2018)
  29. A Night Like This (Hello Goodbye mix 2018)
  30. Like Cockatoos (Lonely In The Rain mix 2018)
  31. Plainsong (Edge Of The World mix 2018)
  32. Never Enough (Time To Kill mix 2018)
  33. From The Egde Of The Deep Green Sea (Love In Vain mix 2018)
  34. Want (Time mix 2018)
  35. The Last Day Of Summer (31st August mix 2018)
  36. Cut Here (If Only mix 2018)
  37. Lost (Found mix 2018)
  38. It's Over (Whisper mix 2018)
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Schlagenheim (CD + poster)
Cat: RT 0073CD. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. 953
  2. Speedway
  3. Reggae
  4. Near DT, MI
  5. Western
  6. Of Schlagenhein
  7. Bmbmbm
  8. Years Ago
  9. Ducter
Review: The best thing since the Klaxons or Bloc Party have arrived. black midi! The student art rock band are bringing a new youthful energy and slight of malice back to the arena of post-indie inspired alternative guitar and synth music. They make this overtly known from the start with the supercharged opener that is "953", introducing an album that is said to have laid down eight of the record's nine tracks in just five days. Drums are fast and skittering, rhythms are dancey and guitars keep it Madchester jangley. "Speedway" (is that a wry Prodigy reference?) is among the album's highlights alongside the punk-funky "bmbmbm" and the short but trippy "Years Ago". With a 100 per cent backing by UK music institution Rough Trade: meet this generation's newest sensation.
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This Is Not A Safe Place
Cat: WEBB 570CD. Rel: 16 Aug 19
  1. RIDE
  2. Future Love
  3. Repetition
  4. Kill Switch
  5. Clouds Of Saint Marie
  6. Eternal Recurrence
  7. Fifteen Minutes
  8. Jump Jet
  9. Dial Up
  10. End Game
  11. Shadows Behind The Sun
  12. In This Room
Review: With so much at stake when seminal outfits decide to get back together it's understandable people usually greet the news of reunification with a degree of skepticism. But if RIDE's first epilogue didn't confirm it, their second post-comeback album should; sometimes a return is exactly what we needed. Tracks like "Future Love", "Jump Jet" and "Fifteen Minutes" stand up as excellent in their own right. At its most adventurous and confident, "This Is Not A Safe Place" is a startling work of extraordinary daring. RIDE sound as powerful and room-filling as it does hypnotic. "Repetition" vacuum packs a party in sharp, staccato goodness, "Kill Switch" takes us into dark, edgy territories, high pitched chord refrains and crashing cymbals creating an air of menace. So, if we didn't say it already, welcome back.
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Con Todo El Mundo
Cat: ALNCD 50. Rel: 26 Jan 18
  1. Como Me Quieres
  2. Lady & Man
  3. Maria Tambien
  4. August 10
  5. Como Te Quiero
  6. Shades Of Man
  7. Evan Finds The Third Room
  8. A Hymn
  9. Rules
  10. Friday Morning
Review: In 2015, Texas & London-based trio Khruangbin's debut album 'The Universe Smiles Upon You' garnered wide critical acclaim and captured attention for its seamless genre-blending and internationally shaped sound - one that evidently has deep roots in Thai-funk cassette culture. Similarly to their debut, sophomore record 'Con Todo El Mundo' is a cocktail of largely instrumental surf-rock, afro-funk, middle-eastern and far-eastern influences, mixed with warmth and soul. As if their pallette wasn't diverse enough, the additions of the pared back boogie on 'Evan Finds The Third Room', the widescreen dream-pop of 'A Hymn' and deeply intricate writing of closer 'Friday Morning', are illustrative of a band who have worked hard to broaden their horizons while keeping their roots in mind and, despite transatlantic bases, clearly remain a stunningly cohesive and well-matched outfit.
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Obey The Time (remastered)
Cat: FBN 274CD. Rel: 12 Apr 19
  1. Vino Della Casa Bianco (CD1: Obey The Time + bonus tracks)
  2. Hotel Of The Lake 1990
  3. Fridays
  4. Home
  5. Art & Freight
  6. Spanish Reggae
  7. Neon
  8. The Warmest Rain
  9. Contra-Indications
  10. Vino Della Casa Rosso
  11. The Together Mix
  12. For Zinni III
  13. Fridays (Up-Person mix)
  14. Kiss Of Def
  15. The New Fidelity
  16. Together (CD2: Related Works - Razormaid mix)
  17. Megamix
  18. Dry
  19. Out Of The Blue
  20. Paradise Passage Road
  21. Rope Around My Neck
  22. Short
  23. Boat People 1
  24. Boat People 2
  25. Grade 2 Duet
  26. Octaves
  27. For Madelaine II
  28. Pete's Riff
  29. The Crowned Goddess
  30. Times Like These
  31. The Awards Show
  32. My Country (Monarchy mix)
  33. Home (CD3: Manchester University Whitworth Hall, 23 June 1990 (The Acid Guitar))
  34. What It Means To Me (Woman)
  35. English Landscape Tradition
  36. Opera II
  37. Finding The Sea
  38. Otis
  39. Jacqueline
  40. Requiem Again
  41. Take Some Time Out
  42. The Missing Boy
  43. Sketch For Summer
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Cat: 775415 9. Rel: 16 Aug 19
  1. Can't Wait Forever
  2. Heaven Let Me In
  3. Silhouettes
  4. Offline
  5. Sleeptalking
  6. Kiss & Rewind
  7. Love Like Waves
  8. Lack Of Love
  9. Cry Wolf
  10. Almost Midnight
  11. Run The Wild Flowers
Review: Upbeat, upfront and wholeheartedly unapologetic, the return of Friendly Fires is about as proud as an album can be. After eight years off whatever soul searching took place has clearly paid off, even if only to give them the confidence to make these tracks. There's a pure 80s chart-disco vibe throughout the track list. From the breathiness of that "Baby I" line on "Can't Wait Forever" to the sexy and sleazy "Offline", which might as well be an homage to George Michael. It's no cheap parody, though, with enough accomplished musicality here to ensure that an instrumental pack would have club DJs with penchants for yacht pop chomping at the bit. Not least the frantic pace and punching kicks of "Almost Midnight", synth accents taking us closer to the outfit's debut than anything else here, perhaps with the exception of closer "Run The Wild Flowers".
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 in stock $9.98
Some Kind Of Trip: Singles 1990-1994
Some Kind Of Trip: Singles 1990-1994 (limited 2xCD in hard-back book sleeve)
Cat: FIRECD 546X. Rel: 12 Jul 19
  1. Strangely Beautiful (7" mix)
  2. Reaching For The Stars
  3. Not Even A Maybe
  4. Strangely Beautiful (Chill Out Reprise)
  5. She's Never Read My Poems (7" mix)
  6. The Day The Dolphins Leave The Sea
  7. Christ Knows I Have Tried
  8. She's Never Read My Poems (12" mix)
  9. Favourite Films
  10. The Dream Inspires
  11. Happy All The Time (Ten Years Ahead Of Its Time version)
  12. We Will Be Your Gurus (7" mix)
  13. An Exhibition By Joan Miro
  14. Love Is Better Than War
  15. Goodnight Mr Spaceman (12" mix)
  16. If I Was Your Girlfriend
  17. She Loves It When He Sings Like Elvis
  18. Goodnight Mr Spaceman (Lost In Space mix)
  19. You, Me & Lou Reed
  20. My Imaginary Friend
  21. I Remember Bridget Riley
  22. I Wish You Could Love Me For What I Am
  23. I Don't Want To Live This Life
  24. Far Away & Lost In Joy
  25. Do You Know What They're Saying About Me Now?
  26. I Get Frightened
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Inflight: The Extended Essentials
  1. I Ran (So Far Away) (extended remix)
  2. Modern Love Is Automatic (extended remix)
  3. Space Age Love Song (extended remix)
  4. Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You) (extended remix)
  5. The More You Live The More You Love (extended remix)
  6. Nightmares (extended remix)
  7. DNA (extended remix)
  8. Electrics (extended remix)
  9. Man Made (extended remix)
  10. Tranfer Affection (extended remix)
Review: This year, the original A Flock Of Seagulls line up is touring together for the first time since 1984. To celebrate, they've decided to put out this collection of "Extended Essentials" - club-ready 12" versions of their original 1980s hits. There's naturally plenty to enjoy throughout, from the hazy shuffle of "Transfer Affection" and the alien freakiness of "Space Age Love Song" (a cut smothered in eyes-closed guitar solos that changes tempo midway through), to the surprisingly cheery hustle of "Nightmare" and the classic new wave creepiness of early single "Modern Love is Automatic". These aren't 12" mixes that showcase 1980s production trickery, but rather tasteful extensions that ratchet up the atmosphere and thrusting grooves.
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Three Little Words
Cat: P 0027. Rel: 12 Sep 19
  1. Three Little Words
  2. Oh Me, Oh My
  3. Under Her Spell
  4. Woman
  5. Couldn't Be Happier
  6. Good Friends
  7. Ohio
  8. Tellin' Her Stories
  9. Look Inside Yourself
Review: 213 was something of a supergroup formed in America's west coast soul scene. Powerhouses such as Bill Meyers, Guy Thomas and Neil Stubenhaus were all involved in the making of this album from 1981, which never actually saw the light of day at the time, but is now presented for the first time by Norwegian record label Preservation. It's sentimental material for lazy Sunday mornings, with emotive vocals backed by soaring strings and uplifting chords. There are more reflective moments like "Good Friends" next to swaying singings like "Ohio" and together they add up to a smooth listen.
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Cat: 4AD 0129CD. Rel: 03 May 19
  1. Contact
  2. UFOF
  3. Cattails
  4. From
  5. Open Desert
  6. Orange
  7. Century
  8. Strange
  9. Betsy
  10. Terminal Paradise
  11. Jenni
  12. Magic Dealer
Review: There's plenty of anticipation around Big Thief's third record U.F.O.F., and we can say with confidence that it delivers on every front. A solid expansion of their last record, Capacity, U.F.O.F. for the most part goes deeper into diverse sonic territories that's emotionally raw and rich, calling to mind Elliott Smith, Joni Mitchell and various other accomplished singer songwriters especially in songs like "Contact" and "Cattails". Elsewhere, "Strange" and "Orange" provide a backing that seems more upbeat on the surface, yet the varied vocal technique of Adrianne Lenker, ranging from a whisper to a vulnerable bellow keeps us firmly captivated. The album really shines through when it reaches for slightly louder soundscapes, best heard on "Terminal Paradise" and "Jenni" (with the latter reminding us of "Washer" by Slint). All in all, U.F.O.F. will be a record that entrances you with its subtle yet haunting charm.
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Western Stars
Cat: 190759 41972. Rel: 14 Jun 19
  1. Hitch Hikin'
  2. The Wayfarer
  3. Tucson Train
  4. Western Stars
  5. Sleepy Joe's Cafe
  6. Drive Fast (The Stuntman)
  7. Chasin' Wild Horses
  8. Sundown
  9. Somewhere North Of Nashville
  10. Stones
  11. There Goes My Miracle
  12. Hello Sunshine
  13. Moonlight Motel
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Spain's Silky Voiced Songstress 1967-1983
Cat: CDTOP 1541. Rel: 29 Apr 19
  1. Porque Te Vas
  2. Oye Mama, Oye Papa
  3. Callate Nina
  4. Escucha
  5. Estoy Triste
  6. Amanecer
  7. Los Tiempos De Mi Papa
  8. Soy Rebelde
  9. Toda La Noche Oliendo A Ti
  10. Te Esperare (I'm In Love)
  11. Negra Estrella (Tiny Sparrow)
  12. Corazon De Poeta
  13. La Cancion Para Ana
  14. Manchester Y Liverpool
  15. El Es Distinto A Ti
  16. El Amor Toca El Violin
  17. Debajo Del Platanero (Underneath The Mango Tree)
  18. Palabras, Promesas
  19. No Digas Nada
  20. Sol De Verano
  21. Un Dia Es Un Dia
  22. Amanojaku (Soy Rebelde)
  23. Segurire Amando
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Live In Newcastle 8th December 1972
Cat: CLUB 48. Rel: 24 May 19
  1. Larks' Tongues In Aspic (part 1)
  2. RF Announcement
  3. Book Of Saturday (Daily Games)
  4. Improv I
  5. Exiles
  6. Easy Money
  7. Improv II
  8. The Talking Drum
  9. Lark's Tongues In Aspic (part 2 - Incomplete)
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Lux & Ivy's Good For Nothin' Tunes: The Wild The Weird & The Wang Dang Doodlin'
Cat: PSALM 2394D. Rel: 13 May 19
  1. Tender Slim - "Don't Cut Out On Me"
  2. Don Terry - "Knees Shakin'"
  3. David Hill - "I'm All Shook Up"
  4. Betty Lavette - "Witchcraft In The Air"
  5. Eartha Kitt - "I'd Rather Be Burned As A Witch"
  6. Bobby Bare - "Vampira"
  7. Ray Ethier - "Slave Girl"
  8. Myron Lee - "Homicide"
  9. Ernie K Doe - "Heebie Jeebies"
  10. JJ Jackson & The Jackaels - "Oo-Ma-Liddi"
  11. Charles Senns - "Dig Me A Crazy Record"
  12. The Argentine Orchestra & Singers - "Party Bolero"
  13. Mike Page - "Long Black Shiny Car"
  14. The Poets - "Dead"
  15. James Ray - "It's Been A Drag"
  16. Charlie Bop Trio - "Mr Big Feet"
  17. Scott Engel - "Good For Nothin'"
  18. Andy Anderson - "Gimmie Lock Of Yo' Hair"
  19. Portuguese Joe - "Miss Ping Pong" (with The Tennessee Rockabillys)
  20. Ronnie Dee Dawson - "Action Packed"
  21. Little Bob & The Lollipops - "Twisting Home"
  22. Smiley Smith - "Voodoo Woman"
  23. The Savoys - "Domino"
  24. The Joker - "What Is A Fisterris"
  25. Brother Theodore - "Berenice" (part 1)
  26. Harvey Hurt - "Big Dog Little Dog"
  27. The Del-Tones - "Green Front Boogie"
  28. Jimmy Dawson - "It Took An Older Woman"
  29. Ritchie Deran - "Girl & A Hot Rod"
  30. Glenn & Christy - "Wombat Twist"
  31. Red Prysock - "Short Circuit"
  32. Jack Parr - "Blue Wiggle"
  33. Mississippi Bracey - "You Scolded & Drove Me"
  34. Hasil Adkins & His Happy Guitar - "She's Mine"
  35. Portuguese Joe With The Tennessee Rockabillys - "Portuguese Boogie"
  36. DH & The Down Beats - "Bus Ride"
  37. The Revels - "Dead Man's Stroll"
  38. Grady Martin - "The Fuzz"
  39. Dave Gardner - "Mad Witch"
  40. Bobby Chandler & The Escorts - "Junior Prom"
  41. The Cajuns - "Cajun Blues"
  42. Cleveland Crochet - "Sugar Bee"
  43. Charlie Feathers - "Tongue Tied Jill"
  44. Lee Richards - "Cha-Cha-Cha In Old Hong Kong"
  45. The Keynotes - "I Was A Teenage Monster"
  46. Ken Nordine - "Hunger Is From"
  47. Jack Parr - "Funny What You Learn From Women"
  48. Charlene Arthur - "Hello Baby"
  49. Miss "D" - "People Will Walk Over You"
  50. Milton Feher - "Walking Without Effort"
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The Fat Of The Land: 15th Anniversary Edition
Cat: XLCD 586. Rel: 29 Nov 12
  1. Smack My Bitch Up
  2. Breathe
  3. Diesel Power
  4. Funky Shit
  5. Serial Thrilla
  6. Mindfields
  7. Narayan
  8. Firestarter
  9. Climbatize
  10. Fuel My Fire
  11. Smack My Bitch Up (Noisia remix)
  12. Firestarter (Alvin Risk remix)
  13. Breathe (Zeds Dead remix)
  14. Mindfields (Baauer remix)
  15. Breathe (The Glitch Mob remix)
  16. Smack My Bitch Up (Major Lazer remix)
Review: When The Prodigy's The Fat of The Land first appeared back in 1997, it captured the mood of the times. By blending the psychedelic obsession of the Chemical Brothers and the rock-obsessed rhythms of big beat with their usual rave-influenced nastiness, Liam Howlett and company blew the competition out of the water. Almost overnight, they became international dance music's most in-demand live act. 15 years on, the album's lost none of its sparkle. This celebratory edition presents the remastered album in full, alongside a sextet of remixes. While they don't all hit the mark, Major Lazer and Noisia's booming reworks of "Smack My Bitch Up" are pretty darn tasty.
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For Ever
For Ever (CD)
Cat: XL 927CD. Rel: 14 Sep 18
  1. Smile
  2. Heavy, California
  3. Beat 54 (All Good Now)
  4. Cherry
  5. Happy Man
  6. Casio
  7. Mama Oh No
  8. House In LA
  9. Give Over
  10. Cosurmyne
  11. Home
  12. (More & More) It Ain't Easy
  13. Pray
Review: Following the runaway success of their Mercury Music Prize nominated 2014 debut album, Jungle moved to Los Angeles to record the follow-up. It didn't work out for a variety of musical and personal reasons, so they headed back to London and recorded "For Ever" instead. While some of the lyrics reflect on their musical and personal issues during that time, the resultant songs are as soulful, polished and jaunty as you'd expect. Check, for example, the sun-kissed disco-pop of "Heavy California", the sumptuous lo-fi soul shuffle of "Cherry", the head-nodding grooves and lyrical melancholy of "Happy Man" and the grandiose, bittersweet brilliance of "House In LA".
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Amo (CD)
Cat: 190758 95622. Rel: 25 Jan 19
  1. I Apologise If You Feel Something
  3. Nihilist Blues (feat Grimes)
  4. In The Dark
  5. Wonderful Life (feat Dani Filth)
  6. Ouch
  7. Medicine
  8. Sugar Honey Ice & Tea
  9. Why You Gotta Kick Me When I'm Down?
  10. Fresh Bruises
  11. Mother Tongue
  12. Heavy Metal (feat Rahzel)
  13. I Don't Know What To Say
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Designer (CD)
Cat: 4AD 0102CD. Rel: 26 Apr 19
  1. Fixture Picture
  2. Designer
  3. Zoo Eyes
  4. Treasure
  5. The Barrel
  6. Damn
  7. Weight Of The Planets
  8. Heaven Is Empty
  9. Pilot
Review: To live a life with harmony is some of the first lyrics spent on Aldous Harding's anticipated Designer album, and she gives us plenty here. Easy going '90s coastal pop nostalgia is subtly blended into folky storytelling of up-front, breathy vocals, strumming and finger picked guitars, to acoustic drums and various strokes of piano. Patti Smith influences, to Nico, Kate Bush and even Cat Power similarities and inspirations are there to be found on this LP too. And with the New Zealand singer-songwriter already making quite the impression with her Party LP from two years ago, her debut on the always impressing 4AD, this sophomore album looks to conjure up more of her sweet and dreamy flow yet.
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Brutalism (CD)
Cat: PTKF 21552. Rel: 30 Apr 18
  1. Heel/Heal
  2. Well Done
  3. Mother
  4. Date Night
  5. Faith In The City
  6. 1049 Gotho
  7. Divide & Conquer
  8. Rachel Khoo
  9. Stendhal Syndrome
  10. Exeter
  11. Benzocaine
  12. White Privilege
  13. Slow Savage
Review: Bristol's heavy post-punk groups Idles present their first full length album after a slew of records dating back to 2012. Brutalism collects the best of the bands antics, from vocals that shift from wailing snarls and smokey mob calls to punkish drawls, or the more spoken word and poetic emotional ballad that is album closer "Slow Savage". Guitars can thrash away or chill out melodically in the background, with the character of this album's songs striking up a familiar feeling of late-'90s punk to mid-2000s indie. Album highlights for us include "Mother", a song championing one woman's die hard working week, to the screeching, distorted anthem "Stendhal Syndrome".
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Nite Flights
Cat: MOCCD 13481. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Shutout
  2. Fat Mama Kick
  3. Nite Flights
  4. The Electrician
  5. Death Of Romance
  6. Den Haague
  7. Rhythms Of Vision
  8. Disciples Of Death
  9. Fury & The Fire
  10. Child Of Flames
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Agaetis Byrjun: A Good Beginning: 20th Anniversary Edition
Cat: 019029 6904318. Rel: 05 Jul 19
  1. Intro
  2. Svefn-G-Englar
  3. Staralfur
  4. Flugfrelsarinn
  5. Ny Batteri
  6. Hjartao Hamast (Bamm Bamm Bamm)
  7. Viorar Vel Til Loftarasa
  8. Olsen Olsen
  9. Agaetis Byrjun
  10. Avalon
  11. Intro (CD2: live At Islenska Operan 1999)
  12. Von
  13. Syndir Guos
  14. Flugufrelsarinn
  15. Olsen Olsen
  16. Agaetis Byrjun
  17. Viorar Vel Til Loftarasa
  18. Svefn-G-Englar
  19. Ny Batteri (CD3: live At Islenska Operan 1999)
  20. Nyja Lagio (live At Islenska Operan 1999)
  21. Hafsol (live At Islenska Operan 1999)
  22. Hugmynd 1 (demo 1998)
  23. Hugmynd 2 (demo 1998)
  24. Hugmynd 3 (demo 1998)
  25. Debata Mandire (live At Laugardasholl 1999)
  26. Rafmagnio Buio (From Ny Batteri EP 2000)
  27. Svefn-G-Englar (CD4: Rarities - live At Popp I Reykjavik 1998)
  28. Staralfur (original Speed version)
  29. Flugufreslarinn (demo 1998)
  30. Ny Batteri (First mix)
  31. Hjartao Hamast (Bamm Bamm Bamm) (demo 1995)
  32. Viorar Vel Til Loftarasa (alternative Ending)
  33. Olsen Olsen (demo 1998)
  34. Agaetis Byrjun (demo 1998)
Review: Reykjavik-based noise quartet, Sigur Ros - translated to Victory Rose - sublime 1999 album Agaetis Byrjun turns 20 this year and to commemorate the legendary band have assembled two luxury box sets featuring all matter of demos, rarities and live recordings. There is also the option to just rebask in the limelight of A Good Beginning (Agaetis Byrjun) repress that's worth it alone for album opener "Svefn-g-englar" - a breathy 10-minute swoon through the ether of sweet harmony. Travel the rest of the album until you get to "Avalon" - one of the deepest classical requiems you can hope to hear. A sonic fortress of bizarre digital noises, weird drones, wispy vocals and breathtakingly radiant percussion, Agaetis Byrjun is a masterpiece of revolutionary proportions.
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Lux & Ivy's Dig The Beatniks: A Collection Of Finger Lickin' Grooves Deep Thinkin' Diatribes & Exploitation 45s
  1. Edd 'Kookie' Byrnes - "Kookie Kookie (Lend Me Your Comb)"
  2. Louis Nye - "Teenage Beatnik"
  3. Don Morrow - "Like Rumpelstiltskin"
  4. The Expressos - "A Beatnik Story"
  5. Edd 'Kookie' Byrnes - "Like I Love You"
  6. Oscar Brown Jr - "But I Was Cool"
  7. Glenn & Christy - "Wombat Twist"
  8. Stormy Gayle - "Flipsville"
  9. Russ Haddock Trio - "Bohemian Girl"
  10. Dizzy Gillespie & His Orchestra - "Oop-Pop-A-Da"
  11. The Joker - "What Is A Fisterris?"
  12. Kenneth Patchen With The Chamber Jazz Sextet - "The Murder Of Two Men By A Young Kid Wearing Lemon Colored Gloves"
  13. Langston Hughes With Charles Mingus & The Horace Parlan Quintet - "Consider Me"
  14. Sylvester Statuslack Hup - "Theme From The Pad" (parts 2 & 3)
  15. Slim Gaillard - "You Goofed"
  16. Lambert, Hendricks & Ross - "Twisted"
  17. Cacique & His Tribe - "Spooky-Doo" (feat Enos Feenos)
  18. Edd Byrnes - "Hot Rod Rock"
  19. Johnny O - "Meet The Bongo Man"
  20. Lawrence Ferlinghetti - "William Butler Yeats On The Third Avenue E"
  21. The Honkers - "Do You Promise"
  22. Tony Rodelle Larson - "Cool Yule"
  23. Johnny Beeman - "Laffin' Beatnik"
  24. Bob Dorough - "Dog"
  25. Bob Mersey - "Beatnik"
  26. Cal Tjader's Modern Mambo Quintet - "Mamblues"
  27. Babs Gonzales - "Manhattan Fable"
  28. Aggie Dukes - "Swing Low Sweet Cadillac" (part 1)
  29. Al & Ina Harris - "Don't Tempt Me"
  30. Rod McKuen - "No Pictures, Please"
  31. Ken Nordine - "Reaching Into In"
  32. Slim Gaillard & His Middle Europeans - "Yip Roc Heresy"
  33. Steve Allen - "But Baby"
  34. Three Bips & A Bop - "Professor Bop"
  35. Anne Henry - "Like Young"
  36. Dick Summer - "The Goatee's Gotta Go"
  37. Beverly Garland - "Tempest In A Teapot"
  38. Bob McFadden - "The Beat Generation"
  39. Roy Eldridge - "The Gasser"
  40. Spike Jones & His City Slickers - "Pimples & Braces"
  41. Edd 'Kookie' Byrnes - "Kookie's Mad Pad"
  42. Patsy Raye & The Beatniks - "Beatnik's Wish"
  43. Kenneth Patchen - "Lonesome Boy Blues" (with Allyn Ferguson & The Chamber Jazz Sextet)
  44. Sidney & The Chimps - "Blah"
  45. Edd 'Kookie' Byrnes - "Square Dance For Round Cats"
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First Amongst Equals
Cat: SON 0368. Rel: 06 Aug 19
  1. Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
  2. Disappointed
  3. Interesting Drug
  4. Suedehead
  5. The Last Of The Famous International Playboys
  6. Sister I'm A Poet
  7. Death At One's Elbow
  8. Sweet & Tender Hooligan
  9. Morrissey Interview 1987
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The John Peel Sessions 1979-1983
Cat: 019029 5460204. Rel: 06 Sep 19
  1. Read It In Books
  2. Stars Are Stars
  3. I Bagsy Yours
  4. Villiers Terrace
  5. The Picture On My Wall
  6. All That Jazz
  7. Over The Wall
  8. All My Colours
  9. That Golden Smile
  10. Heaven Up Here
  11. Turquoise Days
  12. Taking Advantage
  13. An Equation
  14. No Hands
  15. Silver
  16. Seven Seas
  17. The Killing Moon
  18. Nocturnal Me
  19. Watch Out Below
  20. Ocean Rain
  21. My Kingdom
 in stock $9.63
Honk (Deluxe Edition)
Cat: 773188 0. Rel: 19 Apr 19
  1. Start Me Up
  2. Brown Sugar
  3. Rocks Off
  4. Miss You
  5. Tumbling Dice
  6. Just Your Fool
  7. Wild Horses
  8. Fool To Cry
  9. Angie
  10. Beast Of Burden
  11. Hot Stuff
  12. It's Only Rock 'N' Roll (But I Like It)
  13. Rock & A Hard Place
  14. Doom & Gloom
  15. Love Is Strong
  16. Mixed Emotions
  17. Don't Stop
  18. Ride 'Em On Down
  19. Bitch
  20. Harlem Shuffle
  21. Hate To See You Go
  22. Rough Justice
  23. Happy
  24. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
  25. One More Shot
  26. Respectable
  27. You Got Me Rocking
  28. Rain Fall Down
  29. Dancing With Mr D
  30. Undercover (Of The Night)
  31. Emotional Rescue
  32. Waiting On A Friend
  33. Saint Of Me
  34. Out Of Control
  35. Streets Of Love
  36. Out Of Tears
  37. Get Off My Cloud (live)
  38. Dancing With Mr D (live)
  39. Beast Of Burden (with Ed Sheeran - live)
  40. She's A Rainbow (live)
  41. Wild Horses (with Florence Welch - live)
  42. Let's Spend The Night Together (live)
  43. Dead Flowers (with Brad Paisley - live)
  44. Shine A Light (live)
  45. Under My Thumb (live)
  46. Bitch (with Dave Grohl - live)
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Silver Eye (Deluxe Edition)
Cat: LCDSTUMM 399. Rel: 06 Jul 18
  1. Anymore
  2. Systemagic
  3. Tigerman
  4. Become The One
  5. Faux Suede Drifter
  6. Zodiac Black
  7. Beast That Never Was
  8. Everything Is Never Enough
  9. Moon In Your Mouth
  10. Ocean
  11. Ocean (feat Dave Gahan)
  12. Anymore (Will Gregory Don't Stop Now remix)
  13. Everything Is Never Enough (video mix)
  14. Anymore (Joe Goddard remix)
  15. Systemagic (Ralphi Sosario Lunar Eclipse mix)
  16. Anymore (Justin Strauss & Byan Mette Whatever/Whatever remix)
  17. Everything Is Never Enough (Chris Liebing Burn Slow remix)
  18. Anymore (Ralpho Rosario Tek vocal remix)
 in stock $4.94
Titanic Rising
Cat: SPCD 1232. Rel: 05 Apr 19
  1. A Lot's Gonna Change
  2. Andromeda
  3. Everyday
  4. Something To Believe
  5. Titanic Rising
  6. Movies
  7. Mirror Forever
  8. Wild Time
  9. Picture Me Better
  10. Nearer To Thee
Review: Like a slightly in-tune Nico from her collab with The Velvet Underground, Natalie Mering's vocals have a unique quality to them that shouldn't go unheard. There's an undeniable country music beauty to the notes and instrumentation in both tracks "A Lot's Gonna Change" and "Andromeda", with Mering hitting those high notes more like Father John Misty and Roy Orbison than Dolly Parton. It's here that it becomes obvious why she is such a trusted collaborator with Ariel Pink. Her album as Weyes Blood, "Titanic Rising", dips and dives through a sequence of emotions that from the halfway point soars like a bird in "Everyday" and the Enya-like "Movies" before making its own crescendo down again on "Picture Me Better" and "Nearer to Thee", closing the album with nostalgia-inducing tales.
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Talk Is Cheap (30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)
Talk Is Cheap (30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) (2xCD in a hard-bach book sleeve)
Cat: 405053 8466980. Rel: 29 Mar 19
  1. Big Enough
  2. Take It So Hard
  3. Struggle
  4. I Could Have Stood You Up
  5. Make No Mistake
  6. You Don't Move Me
  7. How I Wish
  8. Rockawhile
  9. Whip It Up
  10. Locked Away
  11. It Means A Lot
  12. Blues Jam
  13. My Babe
  14. Slim
  15. Big Town Playboy
  16. Mark On Me
  17. Brute Force
 in stock $10.40
Joy As An Act Of Resistance
Cat: PTKF 21582. Rel: 31 Aug 18
  1. Colossus
  3. I'm Scum
  4. Danny Nedelko
  5. Love Song
  6. June
  7. Samaritans
  8. Television
  9. Great
  10. Gram Rock
  11. Cry To Me
  12. Rottweiler
Review: It's barely been 12 months since the release of Bristol five piece Idles' debut full length, and the band's swift follow up effort is a righteous affair, doing away with any stigma attached to difficult second albums. The heavy post-punkers take another step forward in having the world realise their full potential straight off the bat with album opener "Colossos" that epicly, post apocalypticly, rattles and hums in swathes of drone and rock menace. Cue a quick change up in direction and we're met with what sounds like a lairy Kasabian smashing up the pub. Beer, sweat and tears. Let's 'ave it.
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Meltdown: Live In Mexico
Meltdown: Live In Mexico (3xCD + Blu-ray in slipcase)
Cat: 063336 7789921. Rel: 19 Oct 18
  1. Walk On
  2. Larks' Tongues In Aspic (part 1)
  3. Neurotica
  4. Cirkus
  5. Dawn Song
  6. Last Skirmish
  7. Prince Rupert's Lament
  8. The Hell Hounds Of Krim
  9. Red
  10. Fallen Angel
  11. Islands
  12. The Talking Drum
  13. Larks' Tongues In Aspic (part 2)
  14. Indiscipline
  15. The Construkction Of Light
  16. Epitaph
  17. Banshee Legs Bell Hassle
  18. Easy Money
  19. Interlude
  20. The Letters
  21. Sailor's Tale
  22. CatalytiKc No 9
  23. Meltdown
  24. Radical Action II
  25. Level Five
  26. Starless
  27. Peace - An End
  28. Pictures Of A City
  29. Devil Dogs Of Tesselation Row
  30. Fracture
  31. The Court Of The Crimson King
  32. Heroes
  33. 21st Century Schizoid Man
  34. Discipline (track 8 - 13 bonus tracks 2018 official Bootleg)
  35. Moonchild
  36. Tony's Cadenza
  37. Jeremy's Cadenza
  38. Breathless
  39. Cool Jam
  40. Meltdown: Live In Mexico (Blu-ray Disc)
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Stockholm Serenade
Cat: SHOCK 05CD. Rel: 06 Feb 19
  1. Five To One
  2. Love Street
  3. Love Me Two Time
  4. When The Music's Over
  5. A Little Game
  6. The Hill Dwellers
  7. Light My Fire
  8. The Unknown Solider
  9. Five To One
  10. Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)
  11. Back Door Man
  12. You're Lost Little Girl
  13. Love Me Two Times
  14. When The Music's Over
  15. Wild Child
  16. Money (That's What I Want)
  17. Wake Up
  18. Light My Fire
  19. The End
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Dead Man (Soundtrack)
Cat: 009362 4902706. Rel: 29 Mar 19
  1. Guitar Solo, No 1
  2. The Round Stones Beneath The Earth
  3. Guitar Solo, No 2
  4. Why Dost Thou Hide Thyself In Clouds
  5. Organ Solo
  6. Do You Know How To Use This Weapon?
  7. Guitar Solo, No 3
  8. Nobody's Story
  9. Guitar Solo, No 4
  10. Stupid White Men
  11. Guitar Solo, No 5
  12. Time For You To Leave, William Blake
  13. Guitar Solo, No 6
 in stock $9.35
Weight Of A Trigger
Cat: ACM 44CD. Rel: 29 Mar 19
  1. To Heaven From Here
  2. Given Up Faith
  3. Terrible & True
  4. Bring Back Someday
  5. Without A Doubt
  6. War Inside Of Me
  7. Diane
  8. Weight Of A Trigger
  9. Lazy Moonshiner
  10. Just To Say Goodbye
 in stock $11.97
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