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A fourth Permanent Vacation compilation announced

The Munich label call on Young Marco, Benedikt Frey, Map.ache and more for their long-running series.

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Lauer reveals new LP for Permanent Vacation

The German producer’s second, pop-influenced album Borndom will drop in May.

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Tuff City Kids set for Permanent Vacation

Gerd Janson and Phil Lauer’s irregular production partnership will grace the Munich label with “four sweaty power house cuts” later this month.

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Permanent Vacation and Uncanny Valley combine on new release


DMX Krew, Jacob Korn and Drvg Cvltvre contribute to the forthcoming Uncanny Vacation.

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Various Artists – Permanent Vacation 3

Back in 2006, the launch of Benjamin Fröhlich and Tom Bioly’s Permanent Vacation label wasn’t marked with a single from a new signing, but rather a taster 12” for the imprint’s first compilation. Few labels choose to begin life with an EP of licensed material, but in many ways it made a lot of sense. What better way to outline your new label’s approach than to gather together material that sums up your musical outlook? Certainly, the Permanent Vacation 12” and the full-length CD that followed did just that, gathering together evocative Balearic, nu-disco and deep house cuts from the likes of Maurice Fulton, Kelley Polar, Ilya Santana, Manhead and Lindstrom.

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Various Artists – If This Is House I Want My Money Back III

house III
As the years progress, any attempt at pinning down house music’s amorphous nature seems all but impossible. Todd Terry thinks it’s a feeling, Eddie Amador insists that it’s spiritual, and Terre Thaemlitz characterised most modern house as “some greeting card bullshit about life, love and happiness” that has disassociated itself from the loneliness, racism and censorship that the genre was pioneered from. Even the well-established narratives of how we view dance music are being restructured. Consider Red Bull’s movement to rename New York’s King Street into Larry Levan way, or, alternately, the way that disco has swung back and forth from being perceived as mindless consumer drivel to liberatory music, depending on who’s writing the thinkpiece.

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Henry Saiz & Pional – Uroboros

At first glance, this collaboration between Spanish producers Pional and Henry Saiz might seem a little unlikely. While the former has built his reputation on creating unusual takes on deep house for Hivern Discs and Permanent Vacation, the latter is best known for his releases on Bedrock and Renaissance, where he joined the dots between chunky tech-house, hypnotic minimal techno and post-progressive house. While Pional represents the Spanish new school – cool, unflustered, open-minded and dedicated to the joys of analogue gear – Saiz is an old head with strong links to the mid-2000s “Iberican” tribal and prog house scene. Put in these terms, they make a very odd couple indeed.

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Permanent Vacation demand a third refund

The German label have revealed Willie Burns, Axel Boman and Achterbahn D’Amour will anchor their third If This Is House I Want My Money Back compilation.

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Lord Of The Isles – 301c Symphony

The mysterious producer Lord of the Isles may or may not be a native of some windswept, faraway Scottish Isle. He may never have Island-hopped between the Small Isles on a cold, damp CalMac ferry, had his fill of peaty single malt with the locals on Islay, or stared out into the endless Atlantic Ocean from the most Westerly point on the Outer Hebrides. In a way, it doesn’t matter; regardless of his background, his particular blend of picturesque electronic music – a spine-tingling blend of deep house, dreamy ambient soundscapes, chugging Italo, sublime analogue electronica and subdued techno futurism – seems to fit the beauty, bleakness and peculiarities of Scotland’s outlying islands.

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Lord Of The Isles goes for a Permanent Vacation

Preview the Scottish producer’s forthcoming debut for the Munich-based label.
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Château Flight next up for Permanent Vacation

Gilbert Cohen and Nicolas Chaix’s Château Flight project returns with the two-track La Pregunta EP for Permanent Vacation. Read the rest of this entry »

Mano Le Tough – Changing Days

The opening moments of Mano Le Tough’s debut LP are a snap to attention, a hint that the ensuing hour isn’t going to be a stroll through 11 tracks of floor-facing house. Just 11 seconds into opener “Cannibalize”, a battering, almost metallic tom bursts into your ears. First time, it jerked this writer upright, causing fellow tube passengers looking askance at the twitching idiot riding alongside them. It had the same effect on second listen, that offbeat crack snapping me away from browsing Twitter and demanding my full focus.

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Mano Le Tough announces debut album, Changing Days

Berlin-based Irish producer Mano Le Tough will release his debut album, Changing Days, in February 2013 on Permanent Vacation.

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Listen: Woolfy Vs. Projections – Set Me Loose

Next month sees Woolfy Vs Projections re-engage with their musical tales regarding the lost astronaut Captain Starlight on their second album The Return Of Love via Munich stable Permanent Vacation – bask in the sounds of “Set Me Loose” for a primer of what to expect.

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Listen: Róisín Murphy – Simulation (Mano Le Tough remix)

As we reported recently, Irish singer Róisín Murphy is about to resurface on Permanent Vacation with the Crooked Man produced disco number “Simulation” – you can now hear the Mano Le Tough remix.

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Permanent Vacation ready Róisín Murphy release

Munich label Permanent Vacation have sprung a surprise with the news they are releasing a 12″ from Irish singer Róisín Murphy.

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John Talabot’s fIN gets the remix treatment

John Talabot’s masterful debut album fIN is set to be remixed by a raft of producers, with the first volume of tweaks supplied by Bullion, Kenton Slash Demon and Pachanga Boys.  

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Woolfy vs Projections prepare The Return of Love

Simon James and Dan Hastie will reunite under the Woolfy vs Projections moniker for a follow-up to 2008’s The Astral Projections of Starlight, to be released once again on Permanent Vacation.

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John Talabot – ƒin review

It’s a mark of the quality of John Talabot’s productions that they spark debate, not least between journalists and the producer himself. Ever since the first tracks started trickling out of his Barcelona studio in 2009, he has proved a master at producing the sort of rich, deep, melody-driven house that transcends dancefloors. Listen to his definitive single Matilda’s Dream, for example, or his contributions to Permanent Vacation’s superb If This Is House, I Want My Money Back series, and you almost forget they’ve been designed to make people dance.

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Label focus: Permanent Vacation

Sometimes a label will surprise and confound you in equal measure, delighting with a release schedule that comes across as dizzyingly schizophrenic. Permanent Vacation is one of those labels.

Since setting up shop in Munich five years ago, label founders Benjamin Frolich and Tom Bioly have repeatedly dodged easy categorization. Initially interested in releasing material that swam in the glistening, clear waters of contemporary Balearica, they’ve since gone on to put out everything from next-level touchy-feely deep house and fashionable New York disco to crunchy krautrock, shimmering synth-pop and left-of-centre space funk.

Along the way, they’ve also scored some notable successes, not least Tensnake’s undeniably massive “Coma Cat”, Midnight Magic’s noughties disco anthem “Beam Me Up” and Azari & III’s early hit “Reckless (With Your Love)”. Over the last couple of years their focus has shifted a little more towards house ‘floors, too, with the recent If This Is House, I Want My Money Back Zwei compilation (the follow up to the well-received 2009 original) proving their commitment to the cause.

As if that wasn’t enough, they’ve also shown a massive commitment to the album format, putting out well thought-of long-players from the likes of Woolfy, Sally Shapiro, Wolfram, Gianni Rossi and Polyester. Given their impressive track record and faultless commitment to releasing a wide range of music, we thought it was about time we phoned Munich for a chat. With business, DJ and production partner Tom on vacation (somewhat fittingly), it was Benji who sat down to field our call…

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