Roland announce new drum machines based on an 80s classic

The TR-06 and TR-6S channel the spirit of the iconic TR-606.

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Moog announce new Dark Series synths and travel cases

The new versions of the Grandmother and Matriarch will be permanent additions to the brand’s product range.

Synth legends Moog have announced new versions of their Grandmother and Matriarch synths with a subtle black and silver colour scheme. The brand will also release SR series travel cases for both synths.

The Dark Series colour scheme is a nod to the original Moog colours, found on early modular synths and the Minimoog.

Both new synths will join the Moog range permanently, with the original versions continuing to be available.

The Moog Matriarch Dark Series will be priced at £2,099. The Grandmother Dark Series will be £1,049.

The Grandmother SR case will be £199, while the Matriarch case will be £289.

Scroll down to see both synths in action and more photos of the new Dark Series versions and SR travel cases.

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2_SR_Series lisa_bella_donna_mothership2-17 Grandmother_Dark_Silhouette-1 Matriarch_Dark_Silhouette-4 Grandmother_Dark_Silhouette-4 Matriarch_Dark_Silhouette-1

Arturia announce new flagship PolyBrute synth

The six-voice polysynth celebrates the brand’s 20th anniversary.


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Moog introduce new four-tier rack kit

Load up your Moog synths and Eurorack modules.

Press Image

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Hear the amazing new UDO Audio Super 6 synth in action

The hybrid synth is due to arrive in stock this month, featuring lush, hi-fi sound and unique stereo options.


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Are you ready for some hocus pocus from Teenage Engineering?

The Swedish brand are teasing a new product release for “the great outdoors”.

Teenage Engineering hocus pocus

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Explore the Moog Matriarch with Cuckoo’s mega tutorial

The YouTuber takes you “from beginner to nerd”.


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Arturia announce limited-edition MicroFreak Vocoder Edition

The brand also announced a surprising new feature for owners of the original version.

MicroFreak Vocoder 3

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Korg announce updated Volca Sample with USB, bigger memory and more

The refreshed model also addresses some of the more fiddly aspects of the original unit’s workflow.


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Soma Lab’s new sequencer is an analogue computer that helps you study fundamental laws of life and society

The Ornament-8 is the debut offering from Soma’s new team member Vadim Minkin.

soma ornament-8

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Behringer plan a PPG Wave clone. Here’s how to get Wave sounds in Eurorack

The cheekily-named BBG Wave is confirmed as part of Behringer’s plans, but you can get your hands on classic wavetable sounds in other ways…

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Roland TR-8S updated with FM synth engine and more

The major firmware update claims to make the TR-8S “the most complete drum machine ever”.

roland tr-8s


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Qu-Bit Electronix physical modelling module Surface shipping soon

The brand’s new Eurorack voice module offers up to eight notes via a pair of stereo outputs.



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Behringer plan Eurorack clones of another legendary synth

The brand are set to release modules based on the classic ARP 2500.

115874202_10158641994628914_3779363274777902527_n (1)

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Here’s how Behringer’s new clone of the legendary Oberheim OB-Xa sounds

The brand showed off the latest work by their Manchester-based sister company Midas.

behringer ub-xa

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ACL MiniMIDI offers compact MIDI-to-CV solution

The new module converts USB MIDI to pitch, gate, clock and CV signals.


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The EDP Wasp: a very British synth

In his latest video, musician and YouTuber Alex Ball takes a look back at a late 70s classic. Here’s how you can get your hands on its trademark sound.

edp wasp

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Electromotive: the story of ARP Instruments

Learn the story of one of the most iconic brands in synth history.


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Native Instruments launch free charity sound pack

Artists including Peaches, Sia and Just Blaze have contributed to lead Native Instruments’ Community Drive charity sound pack to raise money for Covid-19 relief.


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Behringer have cloned the Curtis CEM3396 ‘synth on a chip’

The brand’s sister company, Coolaudio Semiconductors, have successfully cloned the 80s chip used by brands including Oberheim.


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