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Older articles

Separate Mind – Credit to the Edit

Richard Brophy speaks with JD Twitch, Mick Wills, Alessandro Adriani and Macadam Mambo about re-edit culture.

Separate Mind: Panzerkreuz – Stuck to its Guns

For his latest Separate Mind column, Richard Brophy profiles Bunker Records association Panzerkreuz, speaking with artists like Alessandro Cortini and Ekman along the way.

Separate Mind: Identity Crisis

Fred P, Ed DMX, and Kenny Hanlon of Apartment Records impart their knowledge as Richard Brophy covers the lack of identity in much of the electronic music currently being released.

Separate Mind – State of the Nation: Electro in 2015

Richard Brophy profiles current transmutations in the world of electro with The Exaltics, DJ Stingray, VC-118A, Ultradyne and more under the spotlight.

Separate Mind: Is This Beat New?

The influence of new beat and EBM on current strains of music is explored as Richard Brophy covers Lena Willikens, Mick Wills, Tsuzing, Drvg Cvltvre and more.

Separate Mind: 2015 – No Label?

Perc, Samuli Kemppi, and Fallow Field's Ian Maleney speak with Richard Brophy on whether social media and new distribution platforms are threatening the role of small, independent labels.

Separate Mind: The Winter Collection

A final column of the year from Richard Brophy features discussion with Andy Stott, The Cyclist and Juju & Jordash.

Separate Mind: From Unknown to Known

Further Records, Sunil Sharpe and Samuel Kerridge speak to Richard Brophy as he dissects what it takes to takes to make it in the current electronic music climate.

Separate Mind: What’s In A Name?

Richard Brophy's column returns after a summer break and assesses new and forthcoming material from Cititrax, Signals, Tabernacle, Mannequin and Unknown To The Unknown.

Separate Mind: The Best Is Noise

Richard Brophy discusses producers who embrace the concept of noise in their work and covers releases from Ekman, Alessandro Cortini, Gavin Russom, Samuel Kerridge and Musumeci.

Separate Mind: Disco Modernism

Richard Brophy assesses the enduring appeal of Italo disco in the face of newly reissued works on Dark Entries and Mannequin and more contemporary iterations.

Separate Mind: E Is For Exploitation

The eternal conundrum of taking an established idea and adding a fresh perspective is grappled with as Richard discusses new and forthcoming music from Omar-S, The Exaltics, Function, VernoN and more.

Separate Mind: Detroit – Home of House?

Richard Brophy assesses the current state of Detroit's house music scene, with contributions from Mike Huckaby, Patrice Scott, MGUN and more.

Separate Mind: The Past is For Sale, But the Future Is Still Ours

Music from Specter, Delroy Edwards, Virgo Four, Vincent Floyd, Larry Heard and more is under discussion in Richard Brophy's latest Separate Mind column.

Separate Mind: DJs Re-Take Control

Richard Brophy speaks to Intergalactic Gary, Token boss Kr!z, Eli Verveine and Mick Wills about their placing as DJs in the current electronic music climate.

Separate Mind: Keeping It Deep

This month's edition sees Richard Brophy discuss an array of artists whose off the radar presence complements the deepness of their sound, with Jonsson/Alter, DJ Skirt and Echo 106 amongst those featured.

Separate Mind: The Comeback Kids

For the latest Separate Mind primer, Richard Brophy covers some of the artists and labels who have returned after a long break and still sound fresh.

Separate Mind – Terrence Dixon: The Motor City Enigma

For his latest Separate Mind column, Richard Brophy traces out the path and music that make Terrence Dixon one of Detroit's last true enigmas.

Separate Mind: Techno – the Middle Age

A shift in focus for the latest Separate Mind column as Richard Brophy discusses the possibility that techno has grown up.

Separate Mind: The Great Escape

Escapism is the theme explored in the latest Separate Mind column, with Richard Brophy covering current and forthcoming releases from Orphx, Frustrated Funk, M>O>S Deep, Forward Strategy Group and more.

Older articles