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Older articles

Scratching the Surface: Farbwechsel

In this month's Scratching The Surface column, Scott Wilson explores the producers orbiting around Budapest's Farbwechsel label, whose focus on Hungarian artists is incubating some interesting music.

Scratching the Surface: Pop, Prejudice and PC Music

In this month's Scratching the Surface column, Scott Wilson examines the extreme reaction to the pop-referencing sounds of SOPHIE and PC Music.

Scratching the Surface: The Disco Beat Goes On

In this month’s Scratching the Surface column, Scott Wilson looks at the increasingly maligned nu-disco genre, and some of the labels and artists who are using its legacy to create fresh sounds.

Scratching the Surface: New Italian Frontiers

In this month's Scratching the Surface column, Scott Wilson investigates a uniquely queasy strain of experimental electronics to have come from Italy in recent years from the Wo Land and Gang of Ducks labels, and artists including Vaghe Stelle, Dave Saved and One Circle.

Scratching the Surface: Hypothetical Club Constructions

Scott Wilson investigates an emerging strain of DJs and producers making club music which aims to combine mainstream culture with experimental tendencies, discussing Total Freedom, the Janus collective, Dutch E Germ and Sentinel.

Scratching the Surface: Holographic trax, grimy techno and bassline pop

Scott Wilson takes the current temperature of UK-centric club music in this month's column, with Celestial Trax, Acre, Beneath, DJ Q and more discussed.

Scratching the Surface: Sonic recipes with Joane Skyler, Kloke and Vril

Scott Wilson looks at the strange rhythmic structures of Joane Skyler, Sendai, Kloke, Vril and Nico Motte in this month's column.

Scratching the Surface: New forms against sonic entrenchment

Scott Wilson looks at music from Vaghe Stelle, Thug Entrancer, Pinch & Mumdance and more in this month's column.

Scratching the Surface: Minor Sciences and Kinetic Electronics

Records from Minor Science, Holly Herndon, the Mood Hut axis, Miss Modular and an unknown figure on Rush Hour come under the spotlight in Scott Wilson's latest column.

Scratching The Surface: Overlooked gems of 2013

Scott Wilson looks outside the end of year lists to collect some of the year's more overlooked records.

Scratching The Surface: Notions of the Underground

Scott Wilson explores the increasing confusion surrounding the term "underground" in relation to dance music, taking in recent releases from Slackk, Palms Trax, D'Marc Cantu and more.

Scratching The Surface: Itinerant Sounds for Summer Nights

Scott Wilson looks at heat-warped kosmische, sweaty deep house, precise, cooling electronics and alternative takes on dub for hot summer's days in this month's Scratching The Surface.

Scratching The Surface: Working Man’s Techno

This edition of Scratching the Surface sees Scott Wilson cast his ears over some of the more severe movements in techno over the past few months.

Scratching The Surface: Re-record, Not Fade Away

Our latest Scratching The Surface column sees Scott Wilson reveal his new found passion for the murky world of cassette tape labels.

Scratching The Surface: The spectrum of bass in 2012

A few months ago I wrote that this year had been characterised by a lack of major narratives in underground dance music.

Scratching The Surface: Outsider dance with Willie Burns, Delroy Edwards and...

Tuning into Hessle Audio’s Rinse FM show last Thursday, I was surprised to hear “Shut In”, a track from Austin Cesear’s recent (and excellent) album on Public Information.

Scratching The Surface Pt. 5

FACT Magazine's Tom Lea recently made the point in his review of Jam City's Classical Curves that the "popular misconception amongst techno producers right now is that releasing music on a hand-stamped white label is somehow taking the form back to basics... but its...

Scratching The Surface Pt. 4

Tony Poland explores new releases from Minimal Wave, L.I.E.S., World Unknown and FXHE in the latest instalment of Scratching The Surface.

Scratching The Surface Pt. 3

The third instalment in our Scratching The Surface series sees Scott Wilson investigate the raw strands of electronic music emanating from the Livity Sound, Clone, Skudge, Spargel Trax and Third Ear camps in recent weeks. Scroll down to listen to a mix Scott has compiled...

Scratching The Surface Pt. 2

In electronic music terms, Norway is probably best known for the clutch of producers irrevocably tarred with the 'nu-disco' brush sometime around 2006 - Lindstrom, Prins Thomas, Bjørn Torske, the Smalltown Supersound imprint - but one can’t help feeling the deranged...

Older articles