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Dusted Down: KMA Productions – Cape Fear

Oli Warwick traces the history of one of UK Garage's most sinister productions.

Dusted Down: Neotropic – 15 Levels of Magnification

Matt Anniss tracks down pioneering downtempo producer Riz Maslen to discuss her 1996 debut album, one of the standout releases on Ninja Tune’s long dormant NTone offshoot.

Dusted Down: The Unlikely Origins Of Bleep Techno

Matt Anniss takes a trip back to 1988 to chart the story behind a record that accidentally spawned one of British dance music’s most distinctive genres.

Dusted Down: Revisiting The Wipe by Teste

James Manning retraces the origins of a techno production credited by many as one of the genre’s most influential.

Dusted Down: The untold story of Brain Machine

Scott Wilson unravels the misdirection and tracks down Brain Machine, the duo behind one of the last decade’s most unique and underappreciated electronic albums.

Dusted Down: Henrik Schwarz – Marvin

For the latest edition of Dusted Down, Matt Anniss winds back the clock to over a decade ago and the day he was struck by the debut release from a now-established name.

House Music from Another Planet: The Story Behind “Trespassers”

For our latest Dusted Down feature, Richard Brophy traces the genesis of "Trespassers" from Newworldaquarium, a track which remains one of house music's most distinctive productions some thirteen years after its original release.

Dusted Down: Chaka Domu & Buju Volcov – Souljah

The notion of creative burnout and a sense of no longer knowing your place in an ever shifting musical landscape after being aligned so closely to anyone particular style must be a slightly daunting feeling for producers today. This makes Dominic Stanton’s abrupt decision...

Dusted Down: Pushé – Don’t Take Your Love Away

Our latest Dusted Down feature shifts the focus to the post disco era of mid 1980s New York and the work of Paul Simpson and Winston Jones.

Dusted Down: UR – Dark Energy

Released in 1994, Dark Energy sees the Underground Resistance label at a crossroads.

Dusted Down: Lost Trax – The Saturiun System

The release of The Saturiun System proves that timing is everything. The release came at the tail end of electroclash, a fashion-based, vacuous sound that SCSI-AV, Finlow and the producer of the Lost Trax records provided a musical alternative to.

Dusted Down: Maddslinky – Dark Swing / Future Chicano

By 2001, Dave Jones had grown tired of being Zed Bias. Following the runaway success of his rambunctious 1999 UKG anthem “Neighbourhood”, he was being hailed as some kind of saviour for two-step garage.