Goodbye from Juno Plus

Today marks the final day Juno Plus will remain active as a site.

After seven years of always searching, never perching,’ our parent company and employers, Juno Records, have elected to put an end to Juno Plus. I’d like to think we are going out on top – and mercifully just before any serious consideration is given to another round of list season. What began as an experiment in SEO back in early 2009 has gradually mutated into a platform that we hope is respected by both our readership and the artists, labels and musicians we have dedicated our time and coverage to. It has been a pleasure to be given this platform to discuss the music we are passionate about in great detail, and with the occasionally irreverent tone.

This closing entry is being written with a sense of pride at how far Juno Plus has grown since I became editor at the start of 2013; something that would not have been achieved without my colleagues James Manning and Oli Warwick and the team of freelance contributors, current and past. Richard Brophy, Matt Anniss, Ian Maleney, Aurora Mitchell, Emma Tucker, Tom Faber, Brendan Arnott, Josh Hall, Frank Mitchell, Flora Pitrolo, Gwyn Thomas de Chroustchoff, Pietro Barbieri-h, Jo Kali, Nic Tuohey, Matthew Kent, Patrick Hinton, Philipp Weichenrieder, Rose Mardit, Yusaku Shigeyasu. Apologies to anyone missing from this list.

I’d like to extend these thanks to two former colleagues and friends who have gone on to do great things elsewhere; Aaron Coultate and Scott Wilson. The former for inviting me on board some six years ago and laying the groundwork for what Juno Plus has become, and the latter for his stellar contributions to the site – not least coining the phrase ‘Outsider House.’ Apologies to any labels or PR agencies we’ve annoyed or angered over the years by either repeatedly ignoring emails or responding with a notable lack of muster, and thanks to all the artists, producers and DJs we have covered for the music.

Tony Poland,

Juno Plus editor

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  1. Wavatar Mr Jones says:



    I enjoy reading regularly and can only echo the other comments in that it has introduced me to great new music and illuminated more on those I already know.

    Mr Jones

  2. Wavatar bepotel says:

    oh nooo! so sad to read this!
    Thx for all the great articles and insider tips and thx for support!

    grtz bepcrew

  3. Wavatar Chris W says:

    Thank you so much to all those involved in Juno Plus. This was seriously my favorite music publication and I’m really saddened to hear this. One of the few sites I checked religiously. With that said, I’m boycotting Juno Records for their decision to shut you folks down.

  4. Wavatar Nick DK says:

    Sad news! But thanks anyway for what you’ve done, you were prolly one of the true real and genuine places to read about music. THANKS!

  5. Wavatar Bjørn Schaeffner says:

    Thank you for all the Impeccable selections throughout the years, all that truffle hunting left a mark on the scene! You will be missed, very much so.

  6. Wavatar flørida says:


  7. Wavatar Lee Wren Booth says:

    Sad news indeed. Always a good read and a heads up to what was going in the underground music scene…

  8. Wavatar Erdbeerschnitzel says:

    Big up Tony and everyone involved. Always hoped for a Juno Plus coverage when I released new music, and you got a smile on my face several times for sure. Thanks!

  9. Wavatar Federico Boswarlos says:

    Echoing what everyone else is saying. Thanks for all the great work – some of the best coverage of underground electronic music and culture – and best of luck in future projects!

  10. Wavatar Justin James says:

    sad news! best wishes of continued success in your individual paths

  11. Wavatar Dez Williams says:

    Such a shame! Thanks for all your hard work, and especially for your support of my music! All the best for the future 😉

  12. Wavatar Dom Guwop says:


    thank you for all the content I hope you get that position as editor at UK Dogspotting like you deserve

  13. Wavatar Katje says:

    *sad* …that [one of] the best should go out.
    Best wishes and good luck to you all.

  14. Wavatar sub says:

    Very sad news. Legitimately the best resource for electronic music news and reviews on the web. Wish the team all the best- I will be poring through your archives for a long time to come

  15. Wavatar Dylan says:

    BIG THANKS for all of your hard work and all the best with what comes next.

  16. Wavatar DJ haus! says:

    Yoooooo! Big ups man and good luck!

  17. Wavatar Sam says:

    Thanks for everything Juno Plus.
    You will be missed.

  18. Wavatar Costelloe says:

    Always loved Juno plus. It was always clear that you guys never bent over for PR firms and big money. Just wrote about music you believed in. Thanks for any coverage you gave Signal Code or myself over the years.

  19. Wavatar Simo Cell says:

    Juno Plus was one of the only webzine i used to read. Every review was pure quality. This is a very sad news.

    Big Up for the amazing work and thanks for the love.


  20. Wavatar Capablanca says:

    Sad to hear, I’ve discovered so much good music through you guys!
    Writing it’s been always fantastic, and you could sense a true passion behind it.
    Excited to hear what’s coming up next,
    All the best Tony,

  21. Wavatar Beau Wanzer says:

    Very sad news. Juno Plus has always been my main source for hearing/reading about new quality music. Great writers and always on point!!

    I can’t thank you enough for all the support over the years. I wish you all well in your future endeavors. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

  22. Wavatar Morkebla says:

    Sad news – You will be very missed!

    Thanks for everything

  23. Wavatar Rivet says:

    You will be very missed!
    But I know you’re all doing it for the right reasons and I’m excited to follow wherever you are headed next!

  24. Wavatar Ionik says:

    Thanks for everything.

  25. Wavatar TB Arthur says:

    Tony, I am deeply sorry to hear this…. but I want to thank you for your support. Best of luck with your next endeavour! I’m sure you will kick ass….

  26. Wavatar Sean Johnston says:

    That’s sad news. Thanks guys for your support from ALFOS and the Scrutton Street Axis. Best of luck!

  27. Wavatar Benjamin Wood says:

    Very sad, you were definitely a source of so much new music and had some really great features. And I will miss your coverage of the physical/presentation side of record releases!

  28. Wavatar Nazar says:

    What a sad news :(
    you were definitely a #1 place about the new, quality music to read from.
    thanks for all the label love shared here!
    cheers from Kiev

  29. Wavatar Jorge Velez says:

    Best of luck to you all and thank you for supporting my music over the years. You’ll be missed! -JV

  30. Wavatar frankie says:

    Without a doubt the best music news/reviews site. Juno what u saying?

  31. Wavatar Ben Start says:

    Big big shame, always supporting the best and most vital new music – flawless 7 years guys, lots to be very proud of. Good luck to you all in the future, it can only be the beginning for a group with so much integrity!

  32. Wavatar Ruel Fox says:

    Big thanks for the amazing tips and great podcasts. Will be sorely missed. Special shout out for the Sleeve Of the Month feature – so good. Best of luck to all involved.

  33. Wavatar Heinrich Dressel says:

    Too bad!
    Thanks for everything
    Cheers from MinimalRome

  34. Wavatar Rob Booth says:

    After RA, Juno+ is my go to site for all things excellent.
    Today is a sad day.
    Sending out HUGE huus to you Tony, James, Scott FACT, Oli Warwicj Castle, Milo and the rest of the team .. you will not be forgotten by me.


  35. Wavatar Roosterwing says:

    Great curation, great topics and insightful articles; you will be missed… Thank you for all the discoveries over the time.

    All the best to the team for the future!

  36. Wavatar Leif says:

    Sad news! Massive respect to the team – thank you for all the podcasts / features over the years, consistent quality.

  37. Wavatar Nik Mukatsuku says:

    End of an era.There was nothing out there like Juno Plus and the team should be proud of the writing,features,podcasts and the continual highlighting those left of centre but important independent releases that otherwise might slipped through and been passed by…respects x

  38. Wavatar Ed Gillett says:

    This is really sad news. Juno Plus has consistently been one of the best sites around for unearthing and championing genuinely weird and unheralded new music: your coverage was serious, even-handed and unswayed by hype, all qualities which seem rarer and rarer now in this corner of the media.

    Commiserations to everyone involved, thank you for all of your great work, and all the best for whatever you do next.

  39. Wavatar teamy says:

    2016 takes another bite.
    This is really sad news. Thanks for all the great articles and double thanks for featuring every Wrong Island Communication in the Sleeve of the Month. It really meant a lot to have the hard work appreciated publicly and especially so by someone actually selling the records as you must have seen so many.

  40. Wavatar glastangentbordkeps says:

    Thanks so much for these years. Discovered a lot of nice music through this page.

    Good luck with any future endeavors!

  41. Wavatar Benjamin Shreves says:

    Sad to see you go. Thanks for the great reads. All the best to you and yours!

  42. Wavatar Forest Swords says:

    Discovered so much great music through your site. Thank you!

  43. Wavatar franklin de costa says:

    Thanks for all the good reads. Will be missed.

  44. Wavatar Mike Darkfloor says:

    Thanks for all the work guys. Shame to see you go.

    Please keep the site online if possible.

  45. Wavatar Philipp says:

    that’s sad and surprising news. always read everything you guys reviewed.
    hopefully read your texts somewhere else in future.

  46. Wavatar Healing Force Project says:

    I will miss you a lot,but thanks for all !!

  47. Wavatar Dan says:

    Such a shame – a consistently solid un-partisan view on an often contrived world.

    Thanks for all the music

  48. Wavatar Aidan says:

    You’ll be missed. Best of luck to all in your future endeavours