UIQ look to Lanark Artefax

The young Glaswegian producer is next on Lee Gamble’s label with the Glasz EP.

The inauguration of a UIQ Inversions series dedicated to Lee Gamble’s own productions earlier this year saw the PAN associate break free of using the label as a platform for promoting other emergent talent. Summed up as “perhaps the closest thing to experiencing alien life we’ll get,” in a subsequent review by Patrick Hinton, the Chain Kinematics 12″ from Gamble proved as impressive as previous UIQ releases that threw the spotlight on the sounds of Latvian artist N1L and Cairo-based “astro-gangsta electronics” exponent Zuli.

The next UIQ release swings the label’s focus back to emergent talent in the shape of Lanark Artefax, aka 22-year old Glaswegian producer Calum McCrae, previously spotted on a tape release for Cong Burn Waves last year. Some five tracks deep, the Glasz EP from Lanark Artefax is due to arrive later this month with UIQ describing it as a “trippy, time-warping suite which feels in flux between various physical states, neither solid, gas or liquid, but rather some reactant, viscous material emitting noxious gases.” You can get a taste of how this manifests itself musically on the below previews with closer “Virtual Bodies” offering perhaps the most mind-bending contribution.

UIQ will release Glasz by Lanark Artefax on July 22


1. All That Is Solid Melts Into Air
2. Remainder I
3. Glasz
4. Phaze (s_h_i_f_t)
5. Virtual Bodies

UIQ on Juno

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