Not Not Fun to reissue Ssaliva’s Mercury Coast


The Belgian artist’s 2012 debut album makes the transfer from digital to cassette courtesy of the Californian label.

With releases plotted around local Belgian labels like Vlek and Bepotel to MatthewDavid’s Leaving Records, François Boulanger’s music as Ssaliva is beginning to receive the same recognition as his Cupp Cave alias. In previous years it’s Ramp Recordings which has secured a clutch of singles and 2011 LP Retina Waves via Cupp Cave, however it’s Boulanger’s own Surf Kill label which first dared to release the Belgian’s music under both aliases. Following some split 12″s in 2010 and 2011 the label released Ssaliva’s debut Mercury Coast LP digitally where it has rested ever since. At 22 tracks long, only one cut from the album exceeds three-minutes, with all the LP’s vignettes painting a blurry picture of tropical folky guitars lost in a humid swamp of low fidelity, making it a perfect scoop for Californian label Not Not Fun with a new graphic direction coming from Belgian artist Dieter Durinck.

A simple way to keep up with the ever-building discography of Not Not Fun is to dive in and out, and over the past two years you’ll find the label has released music from an assortment of more leftfield names. Maria Minerva and Torn Hawk are perhaps the most recognisable to release on the label in recent years with their respective Histrionic and Through Force Of Will albums, while this year Not Not Fun has released three LPs from Purple Pilgrims, Les Halles and Death Waltz signee Umberto. Speaking to Juno Plus over email, Not Not Fun’s Britt Brown told us the album, “was never released physically and I’ve always thought of it as kind of a lost classic, really excited to make it more widely available.” Stream, “Health” from the Mercury Coast below.

Not Not Fun will release Mercury Coast by Ssaliva on August 19.

Mercury Coast


A1. A Few Mistakes
A2. Borys
A3. Cloud Gap
A4. Deep Stare
A5. Filigree Funk
A6. Health
A7. Hyperreal
A8. Laps
A9. Lesbian Chic
A10. Mace
A11. Netwind
B1. Outline Magic
B2. Owl Cave
B3. Red Sky & White Floor
B4. Regress
B5. Riggs
B6. School Rave
B7. Shored
B8. Sight Slide
B9. Trave
B10. Weav
B11. Witchrack

Not Not Fun on Juno 

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