Teklife confirm details of new DJ Earl album

Oneohtrix Point Never has played a prominent role in Open Your Eyes which features fellow Teklifers DJ Manny and DJ Taye.

News of an in-house record label from footwork crew Teklife first broke just over a year ago with their debut release a posthumous DJ Rashad album entitled Afterlife that lovingly celebrated the legacy of the late producer and founding collective member. That DJ Rashad album finally arrived earlier this year, and Teklife have now revealed their focus will now turn to DJ Earl for his fifth long player, Open Your Eyes, which is due out next month featuring a cast of contributing artists.

Indeed, as a Teklife press release states, each of the eight tracks on Open Your Eyes sees DJ Earl collaborating with one or more artists; maintaining a longheld tradition when it comes to music surfacing from the Chicago crew. Alongside contributions from fellow Teklife artists MoonDoctor, DJ Manny, Taso and DJ Taye, perhaps the most surprising individual involved is Oneohtrix Point Never, aka Daniel Lopatin, who features on three of the album’s tracks as well as being credited on mixing duties. The roving editorial eyes at FACT inform us DJ Earl and Lopatin agreed to work together after crossing paths at Vancouver’s New Forms Festival. Special mention goes to Obey’s Shepard Fairey for the all-too appropriate album artwork.

Teklife will release Open Your Eyes by DJ Earl on August 19.


A1. Smoking Reggie feat. MoonDoctor & Oneohtrix Point Never
A2. Smoke Dat Green feat. Taso
A3. Lotta A$$ feat. DJ Manny & DJ Taye
A4. Fukk It Up feat. DJ Manny & DJ Taye
B1. RacheTt feat. MoonDoctor & Oneohtrix Point Never
B2. Drumatic feat. MoonDoctor
B3. Let’s Work feat. MoonDoctor & Oneohtrix Point Never
B4. All INN feat. Suzi Analogue

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