Red Curls label launches with Kassem Mosse remixes of Bottoms

The Stockholm-based label kicks off in rambunctious fashion with the My Body 12″ from the Brooklyn act.

Overseen by Stockholm-based selector Pjotr (aka The Redhead Baby), Red Curls arrives with a bold mission statement to offer stylstic diversity with each release to reflect all the facets of its founders DJing style. Red Curls commences in rather distinct style with a debut 12″ that pits the “gender​-probl​ematiz​ing goth dance band” Bottoms against Kassem Mosse. Formed of Simon Leahy, Michael Prommasit, and Jake Dibeler, Bottoms have been promoting their punkish approach to acid house since 2012 with their sole record last year’s six-track Goodbye 12″ for the Atlas Chair Records label run by Le Tigre’s JD Samson.

One of the tracks from that debut Bottoms record, “My Body”, has been licensed for release on Red Curls in newly extended form and comes backed with a triplet of reworks from Kassem Mosse. The Ominira boss has been responsible for some fine remixes in recent times – his effort for Machine Woman on Where To Now? being the latest – and his trio for Red Curls truly complement the raucous original from Bottoms. You can preview all four tracks below ahead of its arrival next month.

Red Curls will release My Body by Bottoms on July 15.


A1. My Body (Extended Original Mix)
B1. My Body (Kassem Mosse’s I Hate My Body Slam)
B2. My Body (Kassem Mosse’s I Hate My Body Scrub)
B3. My Body (Kassem Mosse’s Hateapella)

Red Curls on Juno

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