Get a taste of Tessela’s Sorbet

The producer is back for the next release on Poly Kicks – sample the crunchy delights of the A-side here. 

It certainly feels like Tessela and sibling producer Truss are making up for lost time with the Poly Kicks label, which has been in rampant form since it was rebooted in January after some two years of inactivity. In amidst the label’s promised locked groove experiments from Haroon Mizra and (soon) Truss, Poly Kicks has offered a dedicated outlet for Tessela’s own music with two 12″s from the producer already released in 2016. In an interview accompanying his freshly published podcast for Resident Advisor, Tessela hinted we can expect something different from him and Truss as the year progresses but in the meantime we can bask in another imminent 12″.

Due out next month, the title track on the Sorbet / Diving 12″ featured in that aforementioned RA mix whilst its B-side accompaniment suggests a swimming theme may be emerging on Poly Kicks following Tessela’s previous release on the label. Regardless, you can stream the crunchy, chaotic delights of “Sorbet” in full below.

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