Stream the sounds of UNKNOT


The collaboration between the Ilian Tape producer and man behind the WSR project unmasks itself on UNKNOT03.

Readers of Juno Plus will be somewhat familiar with Italian techno producers Sciahri and Emanuele Porcinai; the former for his work with Ilian Tape, while the latter debuted his WSR project on Contort last year. Last year saw the pair establish their label and collaboration, UNKNOT, with two self-titled 12″s and now June will see a third edition which goes some length to fully convey who is behind the music. UKNOT combines Sciahri’s techno background with the “mutable character” of Porcinai’s electroacoustic productions, with results aligning themselves with the percussive patter and austere atmosphere’s of a producer like Stroboscopic Artefacts’ Lucy and the bombastic broken beats and syncopated low end of Ilian Tape.

To herald the arrival of this third UNKNOT movement, Schiari and Porcinai have granted us the first full public airing of the four-track 12″ which can be streamed below, with our pick being the closing B-side shuffler “Vapor”.

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