Samuel Kerridge and Taylor Burch are The Mysterious Other

Acquaint yourselves with the Downwards duo’s new audio-visual collaboration inspired by the work of Jean Cocteau. 

Clearly an individual motivated by a restless creative streak, Samuel Kerridge has eschewed the chance of a breather in the aftermath of releasing his latest album on Downwards to embark on a new endeavour. The Mysterious Other is an audio-visual project with fellow DNS associate Taylor Burch, most commonly seen snarling into the microphone as part of Juno Plus favourites DVA DAMAS. The project first took shape in January this year when Kerridge and Burch presented an original video and score inspired by Jean Cocteau’s 1962 documentary short s’adresse… à l’an 2000 under the The Mysterious Other banner at Barcelona event series Livesoundtracks.

Emboldened by the reception to this, the pair have elected to develop the concepts behind The Mysterious Other further, “challenging perceptions of art and social structure through the mind of the great French director” over 45 minutes. The below two-minute teaser offers a glimpse of what to expect from The Mysterious Other.

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