Stream the new Monochord record for Meakusmsa

The Vienna duo head off on an intrepid exploration of live dub processing on Spatial Stereo – hear it in full here. 

Known for their participation in Macro trio Elektroguzzi, Bernhard Hammer and Jakob Schneidewind are bringing their Monochord collaboration to the fore with an incoming debut record for Belgium’s foremost outpost for all things avant-garde, Meakusma. Spatial Stereo is the Viennese duo’s debut recorded offering and the four contemplative compositions can be streamed in full below ahead of release later this month. It transpires Jakob Schneidewind is a participating artist in the SHAPE platform for innovative music and audiovisual art that has their fingers in all sorts of interesting pies this year. An interview with Schneidewind posted on the SHAPE site helps breakdown the difference in approach between Elektroguzzi and Monochord with the latter involving a lot more electronics in the recording process.

“We created some kind of modular system made from guitar effects but also sequencers and synthesizers,” Schneidewind states, adding, “it was actually quite a complex setup of sending signals and control voltage back and forth which we don’t do so much when we work with Elektro Guzzi.”

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