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Juno Plus Staff Mix Vol. 11 – Nic Tuohey

Don’t call it a comeback! Our man in Berlin nudges the Staff Mix series back into action with a selection made for drifting.

After a long hiatus, I decided to step up and save our beloved Staff Mix series from extinction. I really enjoyed the previous volumes by my colleagues which gave a real insight into what musically makes them tick, in a format that goes beyond the scope they cover as writers on Juno Plus.

My inspiration for this mix came from what I thought were some of the most impressive DJ performances I’ve witnessed recently. Archives Intérieures co-owner and one half of Sendai, Yves de Mey, who played an awe-inspiring set at Weather Festival last June (for those of you who didn’t catch the review by James Manning and myself, you can read it here) and the legendary Trevor Jackson, whose four hour auditory journey brought the strange and wonderful sounds of his excellent NTS Radio show to Berghain at their Elektroacousticher Salon on their 11th birthday in December.

As much as their respective performances were billed as ‘ambient’ or ‘downbeat’ sets, I felt this was an understatement; they simply played on their own terms. Both displayed a meticulous attention to programming and narrative with flippant disregard for genres, BPMs, ‘crowd reading’, and all other usual conventions that are so common place in DJing these days. This is kind of a lost art; these rare and special moments definitely inspired the few but eagerly involved audience members who enjoyed near spiritual moments of travelling without moving.

It was put together in my makeshift studio here in Berlin-Wedding (aka my lounge room) using a mix of vinyl and digital means; the latter played via a dusty old Traktor Scratch DVS I dug out of storage. Much to the dismay of my neighbours but hopefully for your listening pleasure. Many of the tracks featured I have covered for Juno Plus in some capacity, some are brand new or recent and some quite old; but in the very least they are from labels that many of the JP team are very fond of. It’s definitely made for drifting, as Jeremy Shaw would say “best heard from the floor”. Enjoy!


1. SPR – Her Eyes Are An Abyss (JSMË)
2. M U L T I – Male (Passarella)
3. Secret Boyfriend – The Singing Bile (Blackest Ever Black)
4. Fejhed – Haunt (Chondritic Sound)
5. L’estasi Dell’oro – Every Sky Is Blue (Macro)
6. Vactrol Park – Disturbed By The Possibility Of Someone (ESP Institute)
7. Scuba Death – Nociception (Further)
8. Plastikman – Locomotion (Novamute)
9. JPLS – DFNSleep (Delft)
10. Gunnar Haslam – Ajapajapam (Version) (L.I.E.S.)
11. Ø – Olematon (Pi Recordings)

Artwork based on Andrea Vitali’s photography for the SPR 12″ on JSMË.

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