Meakusma host Monochord’s Spatial Stereo

Two-thirds of Elektro Guzzi have formed a new project dealing in electro-acoustic experiments.

Primarily found dwelling on Stefan Goldmann’s Macro Recordings label, Elektro Guzzi are a group that have been plying their trade in live band dance music crossover material for some time. While certainly linked to the realm of more adventurous electronics in their motorik mentality, Guzzi are not the sort of outfit you would expect to find on Belgian bastion of the bizarre Meakusma. Unlike their band mate Bernhard Breuer, Bernhard Hammer and Jakob Schneidewind have never been known to record outside of their primary project before, but now they are branching out with a new project that channels the pair’s instrumentalist tendencies into more avant garde territory befitting of Meakusma’s musical leanings.

Monochord make their debut appearance with the Spatial Stereo 12”, moving in slow, pristinely recorded sessions that capture moments of live dub processing, happy accidents and exotic end results whilst underpinned by a tacit level of musical talent, both in terms of instrument performance and composition. The Vienna-based artists have not indicated whether this is the start of a long-term project or a one-off excursion, but evidence of a live performance at Popfest in Vienna last year suggest we may be hearing more from Hammer and Schneidewind in the future. For now, you can hear samples of all the tracks via the SoundCloud player below.

Meakusma will release Spatial Stereo by Monochord on April 4.


A1. Floating Tank
A2. Baklava
B1. Helix
B2. Patina

Meaksuma on Juno

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