Listen to a new Sendai cut


Stream “Antennaed” from the Belgian duo’s upcoming split release with Cassegrain on Dutch label Konstrukt.

In December last year news surfaced that Dutch collective turned fledgling label Konstrukt had signed two tracks each from European techno production units Sendai and Cassegrain for its second release which is due out at the end of the week. Cassegrain, aka Alex Tsiridis & Hüseyin Evirgren, supply the label with two takes of trademark sub-aqueous, bassline-driven industrial techno, while Peter Van Hoesen & Yves De Mey’s Sendai project once again treads a fine line between abstract sound design and dancefloor functionality. Sendai’s B2 cut, “Other_Etcs” may be the more hallucinatory, mutated track of their contributions, however “Antennaed”, available to stream in full below, is a fine aural descriptor of the pair’s uncanny knack to wedged obtuse beats and bent rhythms into body moving music adventurous DJs will use to ignite club spaces.

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