Technics SL-1200G unveiled by Panasonic

An improved, contemporary update for the much-loved DJ turntable will arrive in the summer. 

After discontinuing the range in 2010, late last year saw Technics let slip plans to revive the iconic SL-1200 with the unveiling of a prototype design which had an uncanny resemblance to a oven-top hob from a Norwegian kitchen appliance company. Overnight, Technics fully outlined what to expect with a statement on their website revealing this summer will see the arrival of the limited edition “Grand Class” SL-1200GAE (naturally available in only 1200 units), with a standard class SL-1200G due out later in the year. As you can see above, this new model is much closer to the original Technics design than the aforementioned prototype and sees the company aim to “redefine the direct-drive turntable.”

The new SL-1200 model sees the variable pitch rate increased to ±16%, whilst DJs who like to play records at the wrong speed will probably find some enjoyment in the added 78rpm function. The main engineering tweaks come in the shape of a newly-designed, “twin-rotor surface-facing” motor and a more sensitive tonearm, whilst a brass platter offers an aesthetic change from the previous SL-1200 incarnations. According to Wired, the only advantages offered by the SL-1200GAE are a serial number plate on the base, magnesium (not aluminium) housing, and the earlier availability – gear heads will probably appreciate the salacious close ranges shots of the turntable in that article too.

Technics will release the SL-1200GAE this summer – no details on the price have been revealed yet but you can pre-order over at Juno.

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