Jay Daniel launches Watusi High with School Dance EP

The Detroit artist will inaugurate his own long promised record label with a new 12″ due imminently.

Jay Daniel should be a name familiar to anyone who keeps up to date with record labels operating out of the Detroit area thanks to a smattering of fine material for Sound Signature and Wild Oats. Cast your mind back to the mix Daniel did for the Juno Plus podcast series in late 2013 – to date one of our favourite selections – and the DJ and producer revealed to us his intentions to set up the Watusi High label. “It started as an idea for a creative collective, something to house me & my friends’ ideas. A channel of a sort, that’s still the case but I decided to make music the focal point,” Daniel explained to us at the time.

Evidently the logistical process for setting up a record label does not always happen overnight with Daniel now revealing Watusi High’s imminent arrival in the shape of a two-track 12″ from the artist himself. Available to preview below, School Dance features the sort of rhythmic crunch we have swiftly come to expect from Daniel with the B-side “Anything With A Moonroof” standing out in particular. A recent feature with Daniel posted by RA reveals the artist to be quite the candid interviewee and is worth reading.

Watusi High will release School Dance by Jay Daniel later this month.


A1. Thank U Jay
B1. Anything With A Moonroof

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