Legowelt explores the Immensity Of Cosmic Space

The Dutch artist is back on Unknown To The Unknown – watch a video for one of the tracks here.

When Danny Wolfers made his debut on Unknown To The Unknown some two years ago, it was an unison that made perfect sense given their respective relentless approach to putting out some far reaching music. Whilst Wolfers may have been usurped last year by Unknown To The Unknown in the ‘non-stop’ stakes, it’s a pleasure to discover some new Legowelt material is due on the label later this month. Taking the typically star gazing title Cosmic Space, all four tracks from the record can be previewed in full over at the UTTU soundcloud┬ábut we will narrow the focus here and present the official video for “Immensity Of Cosmic Space”.

Thinking about the vastness of space is normally something that leads to furrowed brows and a dense head pain for the Juno Plus editorial, so it’s better to watch how the concept is explored sonically and visually by Legowelt on a track that is rich in recycled drum breaks and light speed driven melodies.

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