Hinge Finger return with record from Barnt

The Cologne-based artist is responsible for the latest release from Will Bankhead and Joy Orbison’s label. 

If you were one of those tolerant souls that put up with the delay laden tones of Pete Tong that accompanied Joy Orbison’s Essential Mix earlier this year, you will no doubt be aware that wedged inbetween the exclusives from James Blake, Kowton, Pearson Sound and Hessle newcomer Bruce was some forthcoming material on Hinge Finger. Due to its ownership, new releases on the Hinge Finger label are invariably big news, even if the artists involved are not exactly household names (see Madteo and Mix Mup) and this is certainly the case with the next release.

Cologne-based producer Daniel Ansorge will be familiar to jobbing house and techno selectors for his output as Barnt on labels such as Mule Musiq and Cómeme. Additionally, in his role as co-founder of the Magazine label alongside John Harten and Jens-Uwe Beyer, Ansorge has overseen the release of some more esoteric fare. Ansorge will debut on Hinge Finger with the two track His Name 12″ later this month ahead of a previously announced debut LP on Magazine, whilst Joy O’s Essential Mix also suggests that Junior Boy Jeremy Greenspan is pencilled in to appear on the label too.

Hinge Finger will release His Name by Barnt on October 16.


A1. Chappell
B1. Under His Own Name But Also As Sir

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