DJ Harvey introduces his Wildest Dreams

The cultish British DJ will grace Smalltown Supersound with a self-titled album under the Wildest Dreams name.

The raffish Harvey Bassett is a name that should be familiar to anyone with a passing interest in the past two decades of club culture, with the Cambridge-born DJ and producer cultivating an iconic status thanks to an adventurous approach to selecting, best demonstrated on the classic Sarcastic Disco mix CDs. It’s been a few years since the LA dwelling Harvey has been involved in an album project, gracing Mark Barrott’s Balearically-inclined International Feel label with the Locussolus long player and supplementary array of 12″s, but details have now surfaced regarding the latest curveball move of his long career.

The Wildest Dreams project from Bassett is due for release on the wonderfully unpredictable Olso label Smalltown Supersound, and was first revealed when the Last Ride 7″ slipped out on Record Store Day. A self-titled album is due for release in late July, apparently inspired by the “landscape of L.A and its surrounds” and the ten tracks were apparently recorded over the course of a week by Bassett several years ago. Stylistically it seems as if Wildest Dreams will be far removed from the dabs of disco, house and techno that made up Locussolus judging by the aforementioned lead single “Last Ride”, which favours an aged psyche funk approach, and features some crooning from Bassett himself.

Smalltown Supersound will release Wildest Dreams by Wildest Dreams on July 29.


1. Rollerskates
2. Boosh
3. Last Ride
4. 405
5. Pleasure Swell
6. Gypsy Eyes
7. Yes We Can Can
8. She Loves Me Not
9. Off The Lip
10. Scorpion Bay

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