Full details emerge on new Legowelt LP for Créme Organisation

Crystal Cult 2080 will be released by The Hague-based label in March.

News of a fourth album in three years from Danny Wolfers was first confirmed last October in the midst of ADE with Créme choosing the drip-feed approach, revealing only the nerdish inspiration for the album title which refers to both a self-made DIY germanium crystal compressor and the rare Roland JV2080 digital synthesizer. Speaking to DJ TLR at the time of the announcement, the Créme boss went into some detail about this self-made crystal processor, claiming “It is rumored to utilize Nomios, a fabeled lost element, 20% of which resides in another dimension. But one can never be sure.”

Preceded by the release of a LP sampler, full details on the tenth Legowelt album of a storied recording career for Danny Wolfers have now been revealed. Due in late March, Crystal Cult 2080 features ten tracks of “pure Legowelt magic” largely recorded in Den Haag, and according to Créme “is tied together by a more coherent sense of ancient alchemy”. In conversation with a newly spruced up Resident Advisor, Wolfers revealed his penchant for the Roland JV2080 digital synth stemmed from the fact “you can make more mysterious, interesting sounds. It’s not bound by the usual analogue ‘pwioooo bloop bleep’ sounds” and also confirmed a second edition of his digital zine Shadow Wolf was due next month.

Créme Organization will release Crystal Cult 2080 by Legowelt in late March across LP, CD, digital and cassette tape formats, with the latter edition containing some tracks from the album along with a Crystal Cult 2080 megamix from DJ TLR.


1. Experiential Awakening
2. Ancient Rites Demoni Mundi
3. Excalibure R8MK2
4. Psychotic Endurance
5. How I Live
6. The Future Of Myself
7. Fundamental Superstition
8. Crystal Cult 2080
9. When The Spring Comes Again
10. Cyberspace Is Still Happenin’ For Real
11. Lighthouses & Fried Fish Disks
12. Distant Meadow In Your Soul

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