Planet Mu announce µ-Ziq’s Somerset Avenue Tracks (1992-1995)

Planet Mu Records will celebrate the milestone of 300 releases with a 12 track selection of unreleased productions from label boss Mike Paradinas, entitled Somerset Avenue Tracks (1992-1995).

Paradinas has been a hugely influential figure in Britain’s experimental music scene for some two decades as both a producer and label boss. In recent times he’s been praised for his tireless championing of Chicago juke, offering the offshoot of ghetto house a global stage by releasing the Bangs & Works compilations and albums from the likes of Traxman and Young Smoke, but in reality it’s just the latest chapter in a career that’s been defined by promoting esoteric electronic music. Under his stewardship, Planet Mu has amassed a wildly diverse and voluminous back catalogue that has explored everything from breakbeat and drum and bass to house, noise, electro, dubstep, trip hop, garage and breakcore.

Somerset Avenue Tracks (1992-1995) has been curated by his wife and partner in the band Heterotic, Lara Rix-Martin, and charts the early musical experiments of Paradinas under the µ-Ziq alias. A press release for the album suggests it “runs the gamut of his various styles from the placid, evocative ambient Rhodes of “Air” to the syncopated industrial techno of “Toy Gun #2”. The album will be a vinyl-only affair limited to 300 copies, with those who make the purchase rewarded with a download card for Somerset Avenue Tracks Vol 2, a 12 track digital addendum to the main release. You can stream “Green Lanes”, a remnant from an early 90s Peel Session that is set to appear on the album, below.

Planet Mu will release µ-Ziq’s Somerset Avenue Tracks (1992-1995) on limited 180gm vinyl February 23, 2012.

Tracklisting (2×12″):

A-1. Jewel Tea
A-2. Vinxel
A-3. Trail Quest
B-1. Toy Gun #2
B-2. Spooky Tooth
B-3. Air
C-1. Pollux
C-2. Str06
C-3. Diala
D-1. Airto
D-2. Johnson’s Q-Fab
D-3. Green Lanes

Bonus download release:

1. Toss Play
2. Boistron
3. Preero
4. Victor’s March
5. Ischjgt Mmp
6. Billy Bellsium
7. Boilig
8. Sinc
9. Poc
10. Ropt
11. Oh
12. Melodion

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  1. Wavatar ricardo says:

    300 copias IDOITS_Mu!

  2. Wavatar Robin says:

    Its nice to hear anything new from Mike Paradinas and Green Lanes is unmistakably his music. I wish this was a wider release so I could listen to the rest of it!