Various Artists – Field 06 review

Various Artists - Field 06
Various Artists
Field 06
Field Holland
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The latest release on Amsterdam imprint Field pulls together four wildly diverse tracks and in the process proves that fresh thinking in techno need not revolve around Berghain-style repetition. That said, Dutch producer Delta Funktionen’s contribution, “Work”, shows that there is still some life left in the dub techno sound. Tougher and more jacking than most Basic Channel-inspired releases, it’s the visceral filter, which tears its way through the arrangement that ensures “Work” is situated somewhere between Berlin austerity and Chicago jack, thereby standing out from the monochrome pack.

Rod’s contribution is also an unusual proposition. While he has made his name with dense, loopy releases on Klockworks, “MLMFKR” is rougher and more visceral, as doubled up rhythms and metal-plated, gained drums vie for the listener’s attention. It’s like Rod has temporarily ceded control and the machines are left flailing and then fighting for supremacy. Counteracting these intense peaks is Mark Du Mosch’s “L’Argeant”; like his recent release for Moustache Techno, the groove is stripped back and bassy, but suddenly Du Mosch lets loose with a flamboyant Italo melody line, breathing colour into the grayscale surroundings.

It’s left up to Roberto Auser to throw one final curveball: “Fatal Attraction” is a beatless affair, but its epic synths loom as ominously as a Resse bassline and will tingle as many spines as Derrick May’s strings. For that reason alone, it’s on a level playing field with all the other tracks.

Richard Brophy

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