Bot’ox – Blue Steel remixes review

Bot'ox - Blue Steel (remixes)
Blue Steel (remixes)
I'm A Cliche
12", Digital
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Ahead of the release of Bot’Ox’s album Babylon By Car, I’m A Cliché indulges us in one last round of appetite whetting via this handsome clutch of “Blue Steel” remixes. The original remains one of the most captivating pop songs crafted by electronic producers of recent times, but there’s plenty of ingenuity shown across the remixes present. Still Going opt for the pulsing overdramatic techno stomp, discarding with the distinctive melody and wrapping a small section of the vocals in swathes of driving synths. Versatile Records’ I:Cube delivers a typically glacial deep house version that makes smart usage of the reverberating metallic melody amidst a sea of tense string arrangements and menacing bass patterns. Para One and Tacteel retain the vocals and elements of the aforementioned melody which reverberate beneath a fizzling bass heavy post hip-hop arrangement. Recent Relish additions Hannulelauri, fresh from Aeroplane chart love, add some cavernous delay to Anna Jean’s vocals and slip them beneath a singular key stab groove augmented by a hip hugging bassline.

Tony Poland

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