Detachments – Holiday Romance review

Detachments - Holiday Romance
Holiday Romance
12", Digital
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Having worked with some of the UKs foremost producers in Andy Weatherall, Trevor Jackson and Tim Goldworthy, there’s been an unerring sense of anticipation behind Detachments for some time. With a debut album produced entirely by SMD’s James Ford set for release next week, it looks like the band will finally deliver on this promise.

“Holiday Romance” is perhaps the most poppy track on a broody existential album that takes its musical cue from early 80s European Minimal Wave along with key UK bands such as Fad Gadget and Cabaret Voltaire, so it’s a perfect fit for lead single. Naturally ThisIsNotAnExit secure some brilliant remixes to complement the track, with Bitches Brew boss Cosmo shifting the sonic focus into an extended driving electro popper. Nice enough but it gets totally overshadowed by the colossal raw acid melt from Andy Blake. Clocking in at a monumental 17 mins 36 sec and delivered in one take, Blake’s remix is named in honour of the World Unknown parties he runs in Brixton. Remix of the year.

Tony Poland

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