Juno Plus Podcast: DarkStarr

DarkStarr is what happens when Ashley Beedle and Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy team up and do their psychedelic disco-tech thing.

The duo recently released a superb little mix compilation featuring the likes of Blackjoy, Sidwho? and Still Going, and to celebrate we’ve talked them into knocking together a podcast, which you can download for free right here.

DarkStarr’s Juno Plus podcast tracklisting:

1. Afrikanz On Marz – “The Road We Travel” [Suspension Recall Mix] (Out Here Audio)
2. Sombrero Galaxy – “Journey to the Centre of the Sun” (ESP)
3. Ray Mang – “Stealing Love” (Mangled)
4. Coyote –“Moving” [Still Going Remix] (International Feel)
5. Salvador Santana – “Don’t Do It” [DarkStarr Remix] (Bitches Brew)
6. Visitors – “Ledger”(Disques Sinthomme)
7. Bison feat Ursa– “Way to LA (Night)” (Claremont 56)

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  1. Wavatar acid.abe says:

    whoah…something tells me ashley beedle’s been around just a tiny second since before that other darkstar crap, not that its crap–but who’s cribbing whose handle here? so better do yr own googling before you flap yr trap, not to be an asshole.

  2. Wavatar wiggroe jones says:

    Super disappointing this isn’t Darkstar the Dubstep producers. Maybe people should google before choosing a name.