Bot’ox – Blue Steel review

Bot’ox – Blue Steel review

Artist: Bot’ox
Title: Blue Steel
Label: I’m A Cliche
Genre: Disco/Nu Disco
Format: 12″
Buy From: Juno Records

You could forgive Cosmo Vitelli for lapping up the applause when the nu-disco world gave him the golf clap for snapping up Toronto duo Azari & III to his I’m A Cliche label, but no, he was back in the studio with his Bot’Ox buddy Benjamin Bouget working on their fiftth release, this most excellent of two track EPs.

“Blue Steel” is that most difficult of achievements for Electronic music producers – a finely crafted slice of three minute pop music. A unique intro akin to sampling a ping pong ball slowly melds into the twisting melody that is retained throughout, upon which the quite swoonsome vocal talents of the mysterious Anna Jean sit perfectly.

In an alternate universe shorn of Simon Sauron Cowell and Kanye West, “Blue Steel” might go so far as to ripple the main stream. As it is, some BBC intern is likely to ensure it sound tracks Top Gear. Sad.

“Bearded Lady Motorcycle” is aimed sqaurely for the dancefloor. Already a favourite with disco posterboys Aeroplane, it’s the sort of live instrument disco workout you would imagine In Flagranti coming up with if they donned guitar and drum. The title even sounds like a In Flagranti song. Superb.

Review: Tony Poland

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