Review: Jabberjaw – A Goat On Fire In The Garden Of Eden

Review: Jabberjaw – A Goat On Fire In The Garden Of Eden

Artist: Jabberjaw
Title: A Goat On Fire In The Garden of Eden
Label: Spectral Sound
Genre: Minimal/Tech House
Format: 12″
Buy From: Juno Records

Matthew Dear comes reeling back into view with his second release using his Jabberjaw alias with the interestingly titled Goat On Fire In The Garden Of Eden.

The title track is a more paired back rhythmic sound than usual. This is definitely one for the tech house faithful, coming with all the requisite elements to get you doing that shakey wiggly pouty thing on the dancefloor. A big, skittering monster drum track of slow-burning sulphuric house complete with chopped up bongos, a wonderfully druggy synth arrangement with a cut up vocal leading to a killer repetitive hook. The sort of track that will be be caned at 2am on dance floors by all the notable minimal and techno heads from Berlin to Chicago.

The second track “Connie Shake” is another hypnotic groove aimed straight at sweaty late night discotheques. A relentlessly funky groove of the highest order with a simple bassline leaving space for the percussion to build and do the damage.

“Safety Flirt” with it’s squelchy backing, off beat kicks has a more minimal feel and would sit well in sets from the likes of Ashken and Tolfrey. Plenty of dark stabs and twisted rhythms to fire the synapses. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Review: Mark Algar

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