New Layo & Bushwacka! remixes

Check out the exclusive new remixes to classic Layo & Bushwacka! tune “Deep South”, by Linkwood, House of Traps and Badboe.

They will be released on December 9 on 12” and CD via Juno Records. Digital copies will be available from Juno Download.

Picking up on Layo & Bushwacka’s early acid house influences, Edinburgh-based Linkwood Family & House of Traps used a lot of tape and silver boxes to achieve an authentic Chicago acid trax sound. Keeping Bessie Smith’s sample from the original they have created a hypnotic, jacking but contemporary acid work out on their Firecracker remix and Firecracker dub.

Danish breakbeat artist Badboe provides the second remix package, with an irresistibly funky dub on the a-side and a rolling, percussion-heavy remix on the flip. Badboe has developed a style that has clear echoes of 60s and 70s funk yet still fits seamlessly into the modern musical landscape. This man has dipped his toe in almost any genre you care to name – from house to trance; hardcore to trip-hop.

Listen to the sneak previews below:

1) Linkwood & House of Traps Firecracker remix (6:21) Listen

2) Linkwood & House of Traps Firecracker dub (05:51) Listen

3) Badboe Dub remix (5:43) Listen

4) Badboe Original remix (05:46) Listen

5) Original (8:35) Listen

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