10 Best

Buying DJ and production equipment can be a tricky business, with the purchase of that essential keyboard, turntable or pair of headphones often becoming confused when you start to take into account the different features and price points on offer. In our 10 Best series, we look at each of the major equipment categories and pick ten items that we feel offer the best in class, with selections to fit every budget. Whether you need a new mixer for a club, or an analogue synth for your home studio, you’re bound to find the advice in here you need to help you make your decision.

DJ Equipment

10 Best: CD Decks 10 Best: DJ Bags, Boxes and Trolleys 2020 10 Best: DJ Controllers 10 Best: DJ Headphones 2020 10 Best: DJ Mixers 2020 10 Best: DJ Turntables 2020

Studio Equipment

10 Best: Analogue Synths 10 Best: Audio Interfaces For Home Studios 2020 10 Best: Drum Machines 2020 10 Best: Effects Units 2020 10 Best: MIDI Drum Controllers 10 Best: MIDI Keyboards 10 Best: Mini Synths 2020 10 Best: Mixers For Home Studios 2020 10 Best: Mono Synths 10 Best: Studio Monitors 2020 Best Synth Modules 2020