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Two Weeks: Reggae

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Bridge Over Troubled Waters
Cat: DBCDD 070. Rel: 05 Jan 21
  1. Bridge Over Troubled Water
  2. Shake A Hand
  3. Just My Imagination
  4. Jamboree
  5. Hanging Up My Heart
  6. A Little Love
  7. Make The Night A Little Longer
  8. Walk With Love
  9. It's Now Or Never
  10. They Don't Know
  11. Hip Hip Hooray
  12. Jamaican Festival 72
  13. I'll Never Find Another You
  14. Sad Mood
  15. Lloyd Parks - "Stars"
  16. Dennis Brown - "Cheater"
  17. The Rocking Horse - "Change Your Ways"
  18. The Freedom Group - "Sing A Song Of Freedom"
  19. The Impact All Stars - "Down By The Riverside"
  20. Dennis Brown - "Meet Me At The Corner"
  21. The Impact All Stars - "Meet Me At The Corner" (version)
  22. Tommy McCook & Impact All Stars - "Harvest In The East"
  23. The Rocking Horse - "Hard Times"
  24. Dennis Alcapone - "Stars Version"
  25. The Ethiopians - "Free Man"
  26. Max Romeo - "Chi Chi Bud"
  27. Carl Murphy - "Lick I Pipe"
  28. Augustus Pablo - "Java"
  29. The Impact All Stars - "Java" (version)
  30. Dennis Alcapone - "Mava"
  31. The Ethiopians - "Sad News"
  32. Errol Dunkley - "Created By The Father"
  33. The Vibrators - "Go Back"
  34. Winston Prince - "Go Back" (version)
  35. The Ethiopians - "Me Want Gal"
  36. Hubert Lee - "Something On Your Mind"
  37. Val Bennett - "Something On Your Mind" (version)
  38. Alton Ellis - "Too Late To Turn Back Now"
  39. The Ethiopians - "Rim Bim Bam"
  40. Donovan Carless - "Sweet Caroline"
  41. The Impact All Stars - "Sweet Caroline" (version)
  42. Errol Dunkley - "O Lord"
  43. The Ethiopians - "Mr Tom"
  44. The Heptones - "Soul Sister"
  45. Winston Prince - "Dandy Shandy" (version)
  46. Gregory Isaacs - "Lonely Soldier"
  47. The Impact All Stars - "Lonely Soldier" (version)
Review: Doctor Bird's latest deep dive into 1970s Jamaican reggae focuses on the releases of Randy's Records, a Kingston-based imprint whose roots hits were later issued in the UK by Trojan Records. The first disc concentrates on the label's leading star of the time, Trevor Shaw AKA Billy London, offering an expanded edition of his superb 1972 debut album Bridge Over Troubled Water. It comes on disc one by various singles and B-sides performed by the effortlessly soulful singer, as well as a suite of tracks from other Randy's artists based on the 'A Little Love' riddim. Also essential is the second disc, which gathers together some of the finest Randy's-related singles released by Trojan in the UK, including sides from Augustus Pablo, Gregory Isaacs, Mac Romeo and the Heptones.
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The High Note Mento Collection
Cat: DBCDD 069. Rel: 05 Jan 21
  1. King Vupp - "Calypso Rock"
  2. King Vupp - "A Lie Dem A Tell"
  3. King Vupp - "Rucumbine"
  4. King Vupp - "Dread In A Babylon"
  5. King Vupp - "Sailor Man"
  6. King Vupp - "African Book"
  7. King Vupp - "Greenfield Hotel"
  8. King Vupp - "Bamboo Bed"
  9. King Vupp - "Funeral"
  10. King Vupp - "Up Tight Saturday Night"
  11. The Jolly Boys - "Jamaica Farewell"
  12. The Jolly Boys - "Club Caribbean"
  13. The Jolly Boys - "Big Fat Wife"
  14. The Jolly Boys - "I Know You're A Child"
  15. The Jolly Boys - "Dip And Fall Back"
  16. The Jolly Boys - "Hurry Up"
  17. The Jolly Boys - "Sarah"
  18. The Jolly Boys - "The River Has Come Down"
  19. The Jolly Boys - "Love One Another"
  20. The Jolly Boys - "The Beautiful Garden"
  21. Sugar Belly - "Easy Minto"
  22. Sugar Belly - "Rucumbine"
  23. Wisdom - "Lizard In Bed"
  24. Bobby Ellis & The Soul Syndicate - "Ali"
  25. The Prince Brothers - "Ram Jam" (LP mix)
  26. The Prince Brothers - "Hold Him Joe"
  27. The Prince Brothers - "Come Back To Me"
  28. The Prince Brothers - "Sweet Jamaica"
  29. The Prince Brothers - "There Goes The Bells Of Old"
  30. The Prince Brothers - "Fi Me Something"
  31. The Prince Brothers - "Gal & Boy"
  32. The Prince Brothers - "Everybody Wining Their Body"
  33. The Prince Brothers - "It's Too Late"
  34. The Prince Brothers - "My Heart Cries Out"
  35. The Prince Brothers - "Jeremiah" (bonus track)
  36. Prince Edwards - "Dally With A Chinaman" (bonus track)
  37. Aston & The Fugitives - "Queenie Darling" (bonus track)
  38. Count Lasher - "Ring Ding '67" (bonus track)
  39. Marva Moore - "Great '68" (bonus track)
  40. Aston & Yen - "Skilamy" (bonus track)
  41. The Dingle Brothers - "Thank De Lard" (bonus track)
  42. Patsy Todd - "Little Flea" (bonus track)
  43. Al & The Vibrators - "Move Up Calypso" (bonus track)
  44. Aston & The Fugitives - "Take You Meat Out De Rice" (bonus track)
  45. Count Lasher - "Winnie The Whip" (bonus track)
  46. Baba Brooks & His Band - "Party Time" (bonus track)
Review: Although the popularity of mento music had waned by the 1970s, a number of Jamaican artists continued to record and release music in the distinctive style, which mixed African-influenced rhythms with musical elements borrowed from both South American and European music. This excellent double disc-set gathers together three of the greatest mento albums released during the '70s on reggae producer Sonia Pottiger's High Note label: King Yupp's self-titled 1976 debut, Live at Club Caribbean by the Jolly Boys, and Prince Brothers' Ram Jam. As is the case with most Doctor Bird releases, all three albums have been expanded with the addition of bonus cuts, singles and B-sides, with the resultant set brilliantly showcasing High Note's effervescent, carnival-friendly take on the mento sound.
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Back A Yard
Cat: 005464 5706827. Rel: 13 Jan 21
  1. Down In Trench Town
  2. This Is The Time
  3. In The House Of Jah
  4. No Chalice Malice
  5. Invisible Wall
  6. Shark Attack (feat Alborosie)
  7. Stay Calm
  8. No Money No Love
  9. All About You
  10. Eyes On You
  11. Look What's Happening
Review: With history stretching right back to the late 1960s, including spells recording for both Bob Marley's Tuff Gong label and Channel 1, Wailing Souls are one of Jamaica's most stored reggae outfits. The link to Marley and his Wailers band is key, because the influence of both is obvious on new album Back a Yard, the veteran duo's first full-length for nearly four years. What's on offer is high quality roots reggae with a few subtle twists (think interesting instrumental choices and occasional forays into more dub-wise territory), with Winston "Pipe" Matthew's soulful lead vocals soaring above brilliant backing tracks produced by Alborosie with the assistance of a very impressive roll-call of guest musicians.
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Two Weeks: Reggae